Diamond Ranch Academy: Teen Rehab Center in Utah

Last Updated: November 28, 2022

Diamond Ranch Academy: A Comprehensive Overview

Diamond Ranch Academy Utah is a residential boarding-school-style rehabilitation facility that caters to adolescents battling addictions and other related issues. Their motto, “Healing families, one youth at a time,” shows their passion for mental health treatment. The ranch for troubled teen students was founded in 1999 by Sherri Dias. The 55-acre campus for teens offers a wide variety of treatment programs that are categorized by age and tailored to suit each individual in the group. Hence, it does not use a one-shoe-fits-all approach. Instead, it takes into consideration the unique challenges and situations that every student has been in. The rehab in Utah offers 6 treatment programs, sports fields, and others.

The 6 treatment programs are arranged according to age. They are: 

  • Whisper creek – ages 16 to 17 for females
  • Crystal springs – ages 12- 13 for females
  • River Hollow – ages 14 to 15 for females
  • Sandstone – ages 12 to 13 for males
  • Stone Ridge – ages 14 to 15 for males
  • Lava falls – ages 16 to 17 for males

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Housing and Food at Diamond Ranch Academy

The campus is built on a 55-acre space. The environment is serene and has a touch of nature. The interior is well-furnished to suit teenagers. Accommodations are divided into male and female dormitories, with shared rooms according to age. The activities of teens in recovery are monitored and supervised 24/7.

In-house chef prepares the meals, which are nutritious and contain vital nutrients for individuals in recovery.

Treatment Options

The Diamond Ranch Academy offers evidence-based treatment, covering various aspects, such as medical and spiritual, while ensuring an individualized approach. The programs are gender-specific, allowing an atmosphere that makes self-expression easier.

The campus-style camp provides treatment for the following substance addiction:

Therapies at Diamond Ranch Academy

Treatments at this Utah Academy include:

Diamond Ranch Academy Payment Options

The cost for rehabilitation at Diamond Ranch Academy Utah is between $7,400 to $12,900. Payments are mostly self-pay. However, they often support other financing options. Contact the facility for further information on the cost of service.

License and Accreditation

The therapeutic boarding school in Utah is duly accredited by the Joint Commission.

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Diamond Ranch Academy Advantages and Amenities

There are numerous reasons to opt for troubled teen programs in Utah. It is one of the best facilities that engage the youth in profound education and communication of lifestyle, behavior, and a variety of extremely valuable out-of-school lessons. It also provides a lifetime experience for teens through networking with peers and understanding the consequences of certain actions. The rehab also provides a support group for teens to always reach out to when they have challenges. The facility is well-equipped, furnished to the taste, and designed to accommodate a good number of teenagers. There is an adequate number of professional medical staff and counselors to ensure that every individual gets all the attention and care that they need at this critical stage in life. Students at the Utah residential treatment center have access to academics, intensive therapy, athletics, student life, Arts, and lots more. It provides a sound foundation for the students and allows them the opportunity to thrive among their peers while healing. The curriculum also contains character-building programs anchored with workbooks, tasks, and assignments to further engage individuals after the academic sessions. Holidays are also celebrated in style.

The amenities at the rehab camp include:

  • Volleyball court
  • Basketball court
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Access to nature
  • Internet
  • Swimming pool
  • Walking trails with access to nature
  • Business centers with computers
  • Gym
  • An outdoor lounge
  • Shared rooms and bathrooms
  • Library

There are also a variety of physical activities available with professional coaches to help engage teens. These activities include:

  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • horseback riding
  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Boxing
  • Rock climbing
  • AA meetings
  • NA meetings
  • Physical fitness
  • Biking
  • Adventure outings

Staff at the Rehab Facility

The teachers at Diamond Ranch Academy are certified, experienced in handling teenagers, and all have relevant degrees such as Masters’s, Doctorate level, and professional licensing. They provide every child with the opportunity to learn and improve while helping them harness their potential. Staff at the rehab facility are passionate, empathetic, and proactive in executing their duties. Here are a few prominent staff at Diamond Ranch Academy:

Maurie Simons

Maurie Simons is a Parent Communications Director and House Parent at Diamond Ranch Academy. She is a developmental staff with years of experience in managing children and young adults. She caters to at-risk children who have been involved with substance abuse, providing the necessary support and counsel. She has a degree from Weber State University.

Ephraim Hanks PsyD, LMFT, LCSW

Ephraim Hanks is a clinical specialist/ therapist at Diamond ranch. He has managed children with addictions since 1997 and has acquired numerous certifications and educational accomplishments. He is trained in DBT, CBT, and solution-focused therapy models and is certified in SMART and AAMFT. He has a BSc from Utah Valley state college and a master of social work at the University of Louisville. He also has a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from California Southern University.

Kade Mattews MSW, LCSW

Kade Mattews is a Clinical Director and therapist at the facility. He has several years of experience and specializes in various forms of therapy such as CBT, art therapy, Emotional regulation skills, substance abuse counseling, crisis intervention, and others. He has a BSc and an Associate of Science from Utah Valley State College. He also acquired a Master’s of Social Work at the University of Utah. He is a member of the cohesive medical workforce of Diamond Ranch Academy.

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