Copper Spring Rehab: Addiction Treatment in Avondale, AZ

Last Updated: November 11, 2022

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Copper Springs Rehab Facility: An Overview

Copper Springs rehab is one of the outstanding behavioral health facilities in Avondale, Arizona, part of Phoenix. The hospital provides multiple levels of care for addiction and substance use disorder patients. The approach towards mental health is unique and considers that every person has a different story and is on a different journey to recovery. The programs are therefore tailored to each individual as each case is treated as a special one. The programs cater to all age groups: adolescents and adults, as well as military veterans. The levels of care include partial hospitalization programs, inpatient mental health, and intensive outpatient programs. The hospital runs a 24-hour service and is available to provide assessments for individuals who require admission into the program. Copper Springs, Arizona, is committed to providing the best and most efficient services in mental healthcare and assisting in reintegrating patients into their normal lives while maintaining sobriety. Copper Springs employs an integrated, evidence-based approach that not only provides relief for the pains of addiction but also rejuvenates the mind, soul, and body. Unearthing the symptoms of co-occurring disorders is the foundation for a successful recovery.

The professionals at Copper Springs utilize the Hazelden Co-occurring Disorder program, which is endorsed by Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center. Copper Spring Detox is the first stage of treatment after extensive medical tests and assessment. After proper detox, other treatment programs are introduced for more holistic recovery to revitalize and stabilize the system.

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Housing and Food at Copper Springs

Patients that registered for Inpatient and partial hospitalization are provided with accommodation in the residential facility. The campus is well furnished for individuals and groups. There are relaxation rooms and facilities for various activities such as Yoga, art, music, mindfulness classes, and others. As patients develop new skills and adjust to treatment, their treatment plan may change to suit their new advancement. The facility, in general, is welcoming, comfortable, and a great place to feel at home. There are semi-private rooms with bathrooms for convenience. The immediate environment is a well-maintained space with recreational areas.

As for meals, the daily diet is handled by the in-house chef. Patients are entitled to three hot meals prepared onsite and served in the cafeteria.

Treatment Options

The issues treated at the hospital may include addictions, alcohol use disorder, anxiety, codependency, bipolar disorder, depression, drug abuse, self-esteem, suicidal ideation, emotional disturbance, self-harming, psychosis, Trauma, and PTSD.

The treatment options offered include:

Therapies at Copper Springs

Therapy treatment can be individualized or grouped. It largely provides clarity of mind and improves one’s decision-making ability. It also opens up various aspects of a patient’s life experiences and allows them to heal from within.

The types of therapy offered at the drug rehab in Phoenix include:

Another therapy form that is gaining major recognition is Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT). This form of therapy stimulates the human brain by passing small electrical currents to the head through electrodes. It is said that ECT is very effective in correcting the functionality and chemistry of the brain.

During the pandemic, the facility had to devise a means to ensure maximum efficiency by introducing Covid-19 protocols such as tele-visitation, teletherapy, and others. Teletherapy is especially helpful in connecting patients with visitors and family members for a virtual meeting.

Copper Springs Payment Options

Clients at the rehab Phoenix, Arizona, should be able to focus on their health and achieve full recovery without worrying about the financial processes. For this reason, the hospital has an expert financial adviser that provides counseling on payment options and insurance coverage. Clients can call the facility for comprehensive detail on the cost of treatment and verify coverage and benefits. Self-sponsored payments can be made with cash or American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. In addition, Copper Spring accepts a wide variety of insurance plans.

The accepted insurance plans include:

License and Accreditation

Every mental healthcare facility is registered under a governing body that provides certification for operation. Copper Springs is approved and Licensed by the Joint Commission.

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Copper Springs Advantages and Amenities

Copper Spring has a robust treatment plan that cuts across various forms of addiction. It serves people of all ages, backgrounds, orientations, and especially veterans. The facility is well-equipped with standard amenities such as well-furnished accommodation with comfortable rooms for residential patients. It has a serene, tranquil, and spacious environment with social rooms. There is also a 24-hour gym facility to keep fit. Mental health treatment is a top priority, and patients are treated with respect and compassion. There are also specialized programs such as Electroconvulsive therapy, veteran programs, and Virtual adolescent programs that narrow down the path to recovery and focus on significant life-changing experiences.

Staff at Copper Springs Arizona

One of the essential aspects of Copper Springs rehab is its staff. The professional rehab staff team consists of physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, administrative workers, certified counselors, therapists, and other persons. Each of the staff is well-trained and specially hand-picked to provide services daily at the facility. The staff has extensive experience in the field, and most have held managerial positions before getting employed at Copper Springs. The goal is that no patient is left behind. Each patient is followed up with motivation and a patient-centric approach that builds trust and encourages the patient to give their best. The professional staff at Copper Spring are initiators of innovation and are dedicated to addiction recovery.

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