Arrowhead Lodge, Prescott, AZ: A Healthy Place to Build Community

Last Updated: May 6, 2024

Arrowhead Lodge Overview

The Arrowhead Lodge in Prescott, Arizona, was created to help men of all ages recover from drug and alcohol abuse. Arrowhead is the creation of two people, husband and wife owners, Kenneth and Robyn Chance. Kenneth was in recovery, and his success inspired him and his wife to help others by creating a rehab in Prescott, Arizona, exclusively for men.

The idea came from Kenneth’s time in rehab, where he built a community of men who supported and encouraged each other during recovery. The rehab remains for men only and accepts men of all ages, young and old. Arrowhead began as a place for men with substance use disorders to get help, but it has evolved into something more comprehensive.

Arrowhead rehab offers more advanced, evidence-based treatments, aside from the 12-step model the rehab employed in its early days. Men with drug and alcohol problems and co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, or PTSD can also avail themselves of the newly adopted treatments like cognitive behavioral disorder, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner), as well as more non-traditional therapies like yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.

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Housing and Food at Arrowhead Lodge

Since Arrowhead is a residential rehab and offers inpatient treatments, it has beds, shared living spaces, kitchen facilities, and other amenities to make patients’ stays as comfortable as possible. The Arrowhead Lodge, Prescott, AZ, is located in the bucolic mountains surrounding the city and gives everyone a tranquil, peaceful place to focus on their recovery.

Many former residents have praised the center’s attention to all recovery details, like focusing on diet and exercise to help patients create healthy habits. The center employs a registered dietician and addiction-trained nutritionist to show residents how to eat healthier, backed up by nutritious meals served daily.

Treatment Options

The Arrowhead Lodge is a fully residential program that offers inpatient treatment modalities. However, the Lodge does provide aftercare and sober living facilities for men who have completed a stint in rehab but require supervision and guidance to help them stay sober and avoid relapse.

The length of residential stays varies, but men are admitted to a 90-day program that gives them a full range of treatments. An intake coordinator and treatment staff help create a specialized treatment plan for each inpatient, which can lengthen or shorten the number of days of any stay. Aside from the inpatient stay, the facility offers medically-assisted detoxification for patients with opioid abuse disorder.

Arrowhead Lodge Therapies

As mentioned, the Arrowhead Lodge began as a place for men with substance abuse issues to participate in 12-step meetings. But with time, the center has expanded its treatment options to incorporate more medicine and science-based treatments to address all the other issues surrounding addiction, like trauma and mental health.

The treatment options available at Arrowhead rehab include the following:

Additional therapies help address lifestyle changes while also providing an outlet for emotional or personal growth and are commonly offered at many high-end residential rehabs:

  • Creative arts therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Fitness and exercise therapy
  • Medical nutrition therapy

Arrowhead Lodge Payment Options

Arrowhead rehab offers many payment options for patients that range from self-pay with cash, credit, or wire transfer to private insurance or Medicaid and Medicare and military-provided insurance. The rehab only offers inpatient treatment for its residents, which can be expensive, given all the costs.

Licenses and Accreditation

This rehab in Prescott is a fully accredited and licensed facility with various levels of certification. The facility holds an accreditation from the Joint Commission, verifying its commitment to professional standards governing all medical or health care related industries, like drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

The rehab is also certified by the NAATP or the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, a trade organization that oversees different addiction treatment centers around the US. Finally, the center is listed by the SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) as a trusted provider of recovery and mental health services.

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Arrowhead Lodge Advantages

The advantages of the Arrowhead Lodge are many, but more than anything; it is ideally located, surrounded by various open spaces and picturesque views. Another advantage of the Lodge is its variety of treatment programs aimed at several conditions and issues like co-occurring disorders, grief, trauma, and abuse. The center employs various specialists and caregivers with years of experience to provide a wide range of care to many types of people.

Arrowhead Lodge Staff

The center has attracted many top talents and specialists because of its variety of treatment options. Arrowhead rehab employs a team of medical specialists since it offers detoxification services and withdrawal treatment with the opioid blocker Suboxone. It has on-site physicians and nurses to administer and supervise patients’ withdrawal, which can be severe and require medical supervision. While patients undergo residential treatment, they are attended to by licensed drug counselors, therapists, nutritional experts, spiritual advisors, and equine therapy specialists.

Arrowhead Lodge Promise

The rehab in Prescott, AZ, has many former patients and residents who have nothing but praise for the facility and its staff. Several online reviews from patients and their families speak positively of the center’s commitment to care and effective treatments. Many say that the center saved their lives and recommend the center for anyone experiencing substance use disorder or mental health problems.

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Published on: May 2nd, 2023

Updated on: May 6th, 2024


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