The Meadows Wickenburg Arizona: Prominent Drug Rehab in AZ

Last Updated: May 19, 2023

The Meadows Arizona Rehab Center: A Comprehensive Overview

The Meadows is a renowned rehabilitation center located in Wickenburg, Arizona. It specializes in treating addiction and psychological trauma. Founded in 1980, the Meadows was one of the first facilities to recognize the connection between addiction and trauma and develop a treatment program that addresses both issues simultaneously.

The facility is seated on 14 acres of land in a breathtaking landscape and provides a serene environment that promotes healing and recovery. The center focuses on holistic and therapeutic methods designed to heal the entire being. Some therapies incorporated into the healing program include Tai Chi, expressive art, EMDR, and equine therapy. Its nine sister programs designed for acceptance and adaptation also offer a continuum of services. The family believes that family is an essential ingredient in the journey to healing. Therefore, family members are included in the healing process.

The values of the rehab center are essentially based on the principles of integrity, excellence, compassion, and innovation. They believe that every individual has the capacity for growth and change and that their programs are designed to help clients achieve their full potential.

In addition to its addiction and trauma treatment programs, The Meadows Arizona rehab center also offers specialty programs for individuals struggling with eating disorders, sex addiction, and other behavioral health issues. They have a team of experienced and compassionate professionals who are dedicated to providing individualized care and support to each client.

The Meadows rehab is a reputable and respected rehabilitation center that has helped many individuals overcome addiction and trauma. Their focus on holistic treatment and commitment to individualized care make them valuable resources for recovery.

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Housing and Food at The Meadows Arizona

The Meadows Arizona offers comfortable and modern living accommodations for its patients. The facility has a range of private and semi-private rooms that are designed to provide comfort and luxury for patients to rest and recover. The rooms are well-furnished with comfortable beds, ample storage space, and modern amenities. The facility offers nutritious and delicious meals tailored to its patients’ dietary needs and preferences. The rehab has a team of skilled chefs who use fresh and wholesome ingredients to prepare a variety of satisfying and healthy dishes. Additionally, the facility offers snacks and beverages throughout the day to ensure that patients have access to nourishing food and drinks at all times.

The center has a capacity of approximately 50+ patients at a time. The facility offers short-term and long-term treatment options, and patients can stay for as long as needed to fully recover and achieve lasting wellness.

Treatment Options

The Meadows Wickenburg Arizona is a leading rehab facility that offers a wide range of treatment options for individuals struggling with substance use disorders (SUD), mental health disorders, and co-occurring disorders (COD).

Treatment options available for SUD, mental health, and COD are as follows:

Substance use disorders (SUD) treated at the center Include: 

Mental health disorders Include: 

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Co-occurring disorders (COD)
  • Codependency
  • Trauma
  • Gambling
  • Anger
  • Eating disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Grief and loss

The rehab center in Arizona also provides Support meetings and relapse prevention planning as an aftercare service post-treatment.

Therapies at The Meadows Arizona

Therapies offered at the rehab facility include:

The Meadows Arizona Payment Options

Payment for services is convenient and flexible. Self-pay methods include Visa, Wire, American Express, Cash, Mastercard, and Discover. Insurance plans are also supported to ensure that clients get all the financial support they require for adequate treatment.

The insurance plans accepted include:

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License and Accreditation

The Meadows of Wickenburg is accredited by the joint commission and authorized by HIPAA.

The Meadows Arizona Advantages and Amenities

This treatment center Arizona is a renowned rehabilitation facility that offers comprehensive and personalized treatment programs for individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues. The facility is located in a peaceful desert landscape in Wickenburg, Arizona, providing a serene and supportive environment for recovery.

The facility boasts several features that set it apart from other rehab centers. These include a state-of-the-art gym, an outdoor pool, and beautiful meditation gardens. The facility also has private and semi-private rooms that are equipped with comfortable furnishings, a flat-screen TV, and high-speed internet.

One of the significant advantages of The Meadows Wickenburg Arizona is its multidisciplinary approach to treatment. The facility has a team of experienced therapists, psychiatrists, and medical professionals who work together to provide integrated care that addresses both the physical and mental aspects of addiction and mental health disorders.

In terms of amenities, The Meadows, Arizona, offers gourmet meals prepared by an in-house chef, a full-service spa, and a range of recreational activities, such as horseback riding, hiking, and golfing. These amenities make the recovery process more comfortable and promote a healthy and active lifestyle that can support long-term sobriety.

Staff at the Facility

The team of talented and compassionate staff at the facility is essentially one of the biggest reasons to seek treatment at the facility. They consist of licensed, highly educated experts with years of experience managing the most complex mental health cases.

The most prominent members of the team are as follows:


Dr. Jerry is the center’s Executive Director and has held other positions at Green Path and Willow House. He is a board-certified counselor, intervention professional, and addiction counselor, and he also specializes in relationship disorders, substance abuse disorders, co-occurring mental health problems, and sex addiction. Dr. Jerry oversees day to day activities of the programs and collaborates with other clinical professionals while advocating for excellence in service.

Breanna Mylius, LPC, CSAT

Breanna is the Clinical Director at the facility and is a well-decorated clinical professional in the field of mental healthcare. She has a degree in psychology, and a Masters degree in Counseling from Phoenix seminary, Ottawa University. She is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and EMDR certified. She also specializes in the pain recovery and sexual addiction therapy and is trained in Psychobiological treatment approaches in couples therapy programs.

The Meadows Arizona Promise

The references from previous patients of this Wickenburg Arizona center often highlight the compassionate and knowledgeable staff, the welcoming and safe environment, and the effective and life-changing treatments they received. Patients also report feeling supported and understood throughout their journey and having access to various resources and tools to maintain their sobriety and mental wellness.

The facility promises to provide a holistic approach to treatment, addressing the underlying emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues contributing to addiction and trauma.

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Published on: May 19th, 2023

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