Skywood Recovery, Augusta: Holistic Rehab in Michigan

Last Updated: March 21, 2023

Skywood Recovery Rehab Michigan: A Comprehensive Overview

Skywood Recovery is renowned for its unique services and enchanting environment. The rehab is considered one of the finest retreat-like recovery centers in the United States. The 300-acre campus is located in the heart of nature and provides safety, comfort, and a breath of fresh air for clients. This rehab in Michigan is surrounded by woodlands, beautiful fields, and vegetation that provides a clear therapeutic air.

The medical experts at Skywood Recovery Michigan utilize an approach that treats the body, mind, and spirit with holistic, evidence-based treatment programs that enable them to unveil the root cause of the addiction to choose the best treatment tailored to the individual.

The first step to treatment is an assessment-based plan at the rehab center in Michigan, where clients are evaluated based on their addiction history, habits, relationship with people, and other criteria. This culminates in a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan. Family programs are incorporated into the treatment session for loved ones to build effective communication, support one another, and heal along the way. The environment has various outdoor settings that are leveraged to put the mind at ease, such as ponds, campfires, camping in the heart of birch tree forests, and more.

Skywood Recovery offers hope where there is none and psychoeducation that informs and educates the clients on the dynamics of addiction, co-occurring mental health issues, and how to live a substance-free life. The levels of care include residential, detox, and aftercare.

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Housing and Food at Skywood Recovery

This rehab in Michigan is built on a 300-acre former golf resort with miles of green woodlands and a tranquil wildlife environment. The luxury resort is a place of peace and serenity, far from the noise of the city. It is a safe location where clients can enjoy privacy, a clean atmosphere, and daily walks through the woods at any time of the day. The cottage-like accommodation is absolute comfort and a major attraction, with live-in chefs who handle daily diets.

The meals are nutritious and cooked with consideration for the health conditions of clients. The culinary chefs take the time to get personal with every client in order to integrate their needs into the meals prepared. The housing-keeping staff ensures maximum hygiene and attends to the needs of clients.

Treatment options

When it comes to mental health and addiction, every case is unique. There is no one-shoe-fits-all method to addiction, so clients are assessed upon admission and placed on a treatment plan. The treatment approach is evidence-based and holistic.

The substances and conditions treated in this rehab in Michigan include:

The treatment options include:

  • Medication-assisted detox
  • Residential treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • In-person follow-up sessions
  • Online aftercare

Therapies at Skywood Recovery

Therapy is an essential aspect of mental health and recovery from substance addiction. The Michigan rehab offers a variety of therapy types, such as:

Skywood Recovery Payment Options

Skywood Recovery understands the need for flexible payment methods to allow more people to get help for substance use disorder. This is why the facility supports a wide variety of payment plans.

Self-pay methods are always welcome, as well as insurance plans. Here are some of the plans accepted:

The admission staff at this rehab in Michigan can provide more information on all the accepted insurance plans.

License and Accreditation

Skywood Recovery Augusta, MI, is a verified facility, and all the information provided by them is accurate. This luxury rehab is licensed by the licensing and Regulatory Affairs and accredited by the Joint Commission.

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Skywood Recovery Advantages and Amenities

Clients relish the fresh, natural air at the facility and the wide expanse of land with heavy vegetation. The surroundings play a significant role in restorative healing. It is a private place where persons dealing with mental health issues and co-occurring disorders can come to have a transformative experience that will restore hope and sound health of mind, body, and spirit. Aside from the tranquil luxury environment and magnificent accommodation, other things set this place apart, such as their research-proven methodologies, gourmet dining, private or shared rooms, access to nature, air-conditioned rooms, outdoor lounge, excellent staff, and amenities. Activities to look forward to at the facility include hiking, physical fitness, yoga, a rope course, and adventure outings.

Staff at the Skywood Rehab in Michigan

The Skywood Recovery Augusta, MI staff team, are well-trained professionals with a high educational background, numerous certifications, and years of experience in managing cases of substance use disorder. They are passionate about recovery and always ready to help clients develop themselves while in recovery.

Here are a few prominent staff at Skywood Recovery:

Chad Koller, MHA, MS

Chad Koller is the CEO of the facility in Michigan. He joined the institution in 2019 and brings a pool of knowledge in leadership, operations, business development, and experience in the health sector. He has a Bachelor’s degree in community and public health from Middle Tennessee State University, a master’s degree in Mental Health from Nova Southeastern University, and another executive master’s degree in healthcare admin from Florida Atlantic University.

Adam Miller, MD

Adam Miller is a Medical Director at the facility and joined the rehab in 2017. He acquired an undergraduate degree from Hope College in Holland, Michigan, and a medical degree at Wayne State University school of medicine. He puts his years of experience to practice by providing necessary and satisfactory treatment with compassion and optimism. He finds satisfaction in helping struggling clients through their most difficult times.

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