Mirror Lake Recovery Center: Evidence-Based Rehab in Tennessee

Last Updated: May 18, 2023

Mirror Lake Recovery Center TN: A Comprehensive Overview

Mirror Lake Recovery Center is a substance abuse treatment facility located in Burns, Tennessee, which is about 30 miles west of Nashville. The center was established in 1983 and has since provided evidence-based addiction treatment services to thousands of individuals from across the United States. The center is strategically located on a serene 75-acre campus, which provides a tranquil and peaceful environment that promotes healing and recovery.

Mirror Lake, Tennessee, is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), a nonprofit organization that accredits healthcare organizations and programs in the United States. The state of Tennessee also licenses the center and is in compliance with all state and federal regulations.

The center is relatively large and can accommodate well over 50 individuals at a time. The center offers a range of addiction treatment programs, including detoxification, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs. Ideally, the length of stay is 28 days. However, addictions differ with each individual, so the length of treatment always depends on the client’s condition. The treatment programs at Mirror Lake Rehab are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual, and they are based on evidence-based practices that have been shown to be effective in treating addiction.

One of the core values of Mirror Lake Recovery Center is compassion. The center strives to provide a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment that promotes healing and recovery. The center also values integrity, excellence, and teamwork and is committed to delivering high-quality addiction treatment services to individuals from all walks of life.

Mirror Lake also offers a wide range of specialized programs and services, including trauma-focused therapy, meditation and mindfulness, dual diagnosis treatment, recreational therapy, family therapy, 12-step facilitation, and aftercare planning. They also have a religion-based program called ReNew Christian Program, which guides believers through worship, Bible study, prayer, journaling, and meditation.

The center has a team of experienced and compassionate professionals, including addiction specialists, therapists, and medical professionals, who are dedicated to helping individuals achieve lasting recovery from addiction. The rehab center is one of the best choices for addiction treatment services in Tennessee.

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Housing and Food at Mirror Lake Recovery Center

The accommodation at Mirror Lake is designed to provide comfort for individuals in recovery. The facility has over 50 beds available, with shared bedrooms that accommodate up to three individuals. Each bedroom is equipped with comfortable beds, dressers, and closets. The facility also has communal areas where individuals can relax, socialize, and participate in activities such as yoga, meditation, and fitness classes.

The center provides nutritious meals for residents throughout the day. The chef considers each resident’s individual dietary needs and preferences. The meals are served in a communal dining area, which provides an opportunity for residents to connect with one another and build supportive relationships.

Treatment Options

Mirror Lake Recovery Center offers comprehensive treatment options for individuals struggling with Substance Use Disorders (SUD), Mental Health Disorders, and Co-Occurring Disorders (COD). Their treatment options include the following:

Disorders and addictions Treated at Mirror Lake Recovery Center include:

Therapies at Mirror Lake Recovery Center

Therapies at the Burns, Tennessee rehab include:

Mirror Lake Recovery Center Payment Options

The Alcohol Rehab TN accepts self-pay methods such as Checks, cash, Visa, and Mastercard.

Insurances accepted include but are not limited to:

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License and Accreditation

Mirror Lake Tennessee rehab center is accredited by CARF.

Sierra Tucson Advantages and Amenities

One of the facility’s key features is its multidisciplinary approach to addiction treatment. Mirror Lake offers a variety of evidence-based therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and trauma-focused therapy, among others. These therapies are tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs and are designed to help them address the underlying issues that contribute to their addiction.

Another advantage of Mirror Lake Recovery Center is its spiritual emphasis and the use of twelve-step programs. The facility offers a range of wellness activities, including yoga, meditation, and fitness programs designed to support patients in their physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery.

The facility also provides a range of amenities designed to make the recovery process as comfortable as possible. These include comfortable living quarters, nutritious meals, air-conditioned rooms, and a variety of recreational activities, including hiking and outdoor games.

The center also offers a range of aftercare services to help patients maintain their sobriety once they leave the facility. These services include ongoing counseling, Alumni reunion, support groups, and relapse prevention planning.

Staff at the Facility

The team of professionals at Mirror Lake is highly trained with various certifications and years of experience managing addiction.

Here are a few renowned members of the team:

Alicia Svarda (Chief Executive Officer)

Alicia has a degree in Accounting from the University of Tennessee and an MBA from Middle Tennessee State University.

Chad D. Elkin MD (Medical Director)

Chad has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a medical degree from the University of Mississippi. He completed his training at the University of South Alabama.

Mirror Lake Recovery Center Promise

Mirror Lake Recovery Center promises to use evidence-based treatment modalities, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and experiential therapy, to address all forms of addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. The center also offers family programs and aftercare support to assist clients in maintaining sobriety beyond treatment.

The testimonials of satisfied clients over the years highlight the essential role of their compassionate staff, comfortable accommodations, and an effective treatment program that has helped clients overcome addiction and achieve long-term recovery. Many former clients praise the center for its individualized approach, addressing each person’s unique needs. No one is left behind.

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Published on: May 18th, 2023

Updated on: May 18th, 2023


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