Elevate Wellness Pasadena: California Luxury Drug Rehab

Last Updated: January 27, 2023

Elevate Wellness Center Pasadena: an Overview

Elevate wellness center is the “Creme of the crop” when it comes to luxury rehab facilities for drugs and alcohol in Pasadena. The privately owned rehab facility is located in the scenic hills of Pasadena and is the perfect place to reconnect with nature, personality and renew the senses.

Those looking for sustainability in their recovery journey and a serene place to heal will find Elevate Wellness accommodating and life-changing. The center offers a full continuum of care, including medically supervised detox, residential treatment, stabilization, and aftercare programs.

This California luxury rehab has a robust wellness program that is managed by a team of professionals consisting of registered nurses, therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, and support staff. The center boasts a well-trained multidisciplinary team; experienced in providing holistic and individualized treatment.

At Elevate Pasadena, their philosophy is dynamism, with the goal to provide evidence-based holistic care to patients struggling with substance addiction and mental health disorders. The curriculum is designed to help clients find purpose and motivation to deal with the trials of life. The therapy program is set up to inspire and bring meaning into an otherwise drug-bound existence. Strategic treatment regimens are woven into daily routines to help clients maintain sobriety and permanently address issues that led to the addiction.

The therapy programs are categorized as the following:

  • Short-term residential therapy
  • Long-term therapy
  • Recovery housing
  • Aftercare services

The medical detox program is a process that assists in the removal of chemical toxins from the system. This process is critical and is managed by medical professionals through three stages: evaluation, stabilization, and facilitation. Clients heal at a different paces when it comes to addiction treatment. This is why an aftercare support service is essential, as it enables patients to develop coping mechanisms and tools to use in their respective daily activities in order to maintain sobriety.

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Housing and Food at Elevate Wellness Center

Elevate Pasadena provides residential care for those that require a more intensive approach. The campus is peaceful, comfortable, and spacious, surrounded by the beauty of nature and a magnificent garden. Dogs are allowed in the well-furnished space, and clients have access to amenities such as the outdoor lounge and others. The facility accommodates six patients at a time, giving clients all the space and attention they need.

Treatment Options

All clients are assessed on arrival to determine the most suitable program for them. A comprehensive diagnostic test helps to ascertain underlying conditions that may affect mental health and escalate addictions.

Some of the conditions and substances treated at the facility include:

Therapies at Elevate Wellness Center

The treatment team at Pasadena Wellness center works around the clock to ensure that the clients participate and improve. Therapies offered at the facility include:

Elevate Wellness Center Payment Options

Upon admission into the facility, the admissions team conducts a full check to review all benefits due to the client. Self-pay methods are supported as well as private insurance.

Some insurance plans supported include:

Contact the facility directly for more information on payment methods supported and confirmation of insurance plan benefits.

License and Accreditation

Elevate Wellness is accredited by the Joint Commission.

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Elevate Wellness Center Advantages and Amenities

Elevate Wellness center offers a safe place where individuals battling substance use disorder can find treatment and change their lives. This California luxury rehab provides both short-term and long-term residential programs with aftercare plans. Sensitive cases that require full-time management are first placed in the detox/stabilization program and eventually residential support for as long as 60 days, where clients will receive full support during the transition. Pasadena Wellness center offers intensive care under the supervision of a registered nurse, certified substance abuse counselor, licensed therapist, and psychologist. Physical activities are also stressed at the facility to improve bodily functions. These activities may include customized workouts, breathing exercises, meditations, and others.

During their stay, clients have access to amenities such as:

  • Access to nature
  • Outdoor lounge
  • Shared rooms and bathrooms
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Walking trails
  • Gardens

Staff at Elevate Wellness Rehab

Elevate Wellness prides itself on the quality of its medical team. The center’s multidisciplinary and highly trained professionals are dedicated to substance addiction treatment and treat every client with compassion and respect. Traditionally, the staff is categorized according to their functions, and they all contribute meaningfully as part of one functional unit. The staff devises an action plan tailored to each individual, ensuring patients’ safety and privacy during their time at the center. Every member of the team is licensed and experienced in managing extreme cases of addiction. The treatment team includes case managers, therapists, registered nurses, psychiatrists, LVNs, and other essential workers.

Here are some prominent members of the team:

  • Darryl Olivier ( Founder and Chief Executive Officer)
  • Remy Olivier, RN (Founder and Program Director)
  • Jennifer Bembry (Founder and Chief Medical Officer)
  • Eric Bembry (Founder and Chief Financial Officer)

Elevate Wellness Center Promise

Regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and economic status, anyone from anywhere can fall into addiction, and the determining factor for a life of fulfillment is choosing to go for treatment. The rehab center in Pasadena is open to everyone battling with substance addiction and seeks to meet every client at their point of need.

The numerous positive testimonials of Elevate Wellness Alumni indicate their approach’s effectiveness and the staff’s skill. Positive reviews on the helpfulness and genuine care of the team are noteworthy and reinforce their commitment to serving those in need of extended care in order to achieve sobriety.

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