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Last Updated: January 27, 2023

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New Paths Flint Rehab Center: A Comprehensive Overview

New Paths Inc is a behavioral and health recovery center located in Flint, Michigan, U.S. The facility provides treatment for substance use disorders such as drugs and alcohol in a private setting. It offers multiple levels of rehabilitation for those that seek to abandon their old habits and addiction and cling to healthy living.

Their programs include residential, day treatment and intensive outpatient, outpatient, court-referred services, and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). They also provide support services such as recovery housing, sobering facility, drug and alcohol testing, anger management, and others. The programs are designed to meet specific clinical needs. Clients are assessed for different substances and then referred to a case manager, where they receive individualized treatment.

The rehab in Michigan is committed to changing lives and utilizing evidence-based methods to assist those in dire need of recovery, helping them get through addiction, and sustain a new life in recovery. The rehab center has the vision to be an influential force in the behavioral health industry and employ new innovations to improve treatment standards while providing the best support to persons served.

The private organization has been in commission for many years, licensed and accredited to offer healthcare services, and has saved many lives over the years.

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Housing and Food at New Paths Flint

The serene environment and well-furnished facility are soothing to the mind and help with the healing process. The residential facility is equipped for short and long-term stays. Sober living homes, also known as halfway homes, are substance-free, safe spaces where those who have completed their programs and are in recovery can stay to receive continued support. These environments support sobriety and are ideal for those that need more time to properly reintegrate into their normal lives.

The residents in sober living homes are often trained in life skills and coping skills to enable them to live and thrive. It also creates a healthy space for individuals to build lasting connections and condition themselves into a new and healthy lifestyle.

Treatment Options

The rehab facility caters to people suffering from the effects of drug abuse in many ways. Residential, outpatient and intensive outpatient programs are the major treatment types, typically consisting of detox, assessments, and therapy. The types of care provided are substance abuse treatment and transitional housing for those requiring a self-paced recovery approach. New Paths also accepts clients that are on opioid medication. The programs offered at the facility are designed to cater to adults, LGBTQ, young adults, and people with HIV/Aids.

The treatment offered includes:

Medically Assisted Detox (MAT) essentially purges the body of chemicals and toxins that have, over the years, changed the physiology of the individual, causing a strong urge or need for continued use of certain harmful substances. MAT eliminates drugs and alcohol from the system. It is a process that is dangerous and must be conducted by a licensed medical professional. New paths ensure that the client is comfortable while going through this challenging process.

Therapies at New Paths Flint

Therapy is an essential aspect of healing and recovery. Therapy is highly recommended for all cases of addiction to manage co-occurring disorders and develop a coping mechanism that allows the individual to thrive without using self-harming substances and avoid relapse. The length of therapy differs from one person to the other as no two cases are the same, and people heal differently from trauma, abuse, and all other situations that may have led to the excessive use of substances. While there are a wide variety of therapy types, some people are encouraged to participate in certain or all types of therapy as it renews the mind, body, and spirit while improving the functions of the individual physically and mentally. Some of the therapy types available at this sober house Flint, MI, are:

New Paths Flint Payment Options

Payment for treatment can be made through various self-pay methods. New Paths Flint, MI, also accepts various insurance plans, such as Medicaid. There is also the opportunity to get financial help for rehabilitation through the Block Grant Funding program. Individuals can apply directly, and those who are eligible and qualify will get coverage for their treatment.

License and Accreditation

Various standard institutions recognize the Michigan alcohol rehab as one of the leaders in mental healthcare. It is certified by the Michigan Association of Recovery Residences INC (MARR) and the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR). The rehab in Michigan is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities CARF.

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New Paths Flint Advantages and Amenities

New Paths Flint, MI, is equipped with amenities for both residential and outpatients and has a team of highly-trained professionals managing every case. The facility treats all forms of mental issues, including those related to substance use disorder and co-occurring issues. It does not discriminate against any group or community. It offers specialized programs for the Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, veterans, and clients referred from the court or judicial system. Other groups are people with HIV/Aids, those that have experienced significant trauma, and others. It is pertinent to mention that the facility is open to men and women alike.

The rehab in Michigan provides aftercare support such as sober living, career counseling, and support communities such as Alcoholics Anonymous and or Narcotics Anonymous.

Staff at the Facility

The medical experts and professionals at the Michigan alcohol rehab have years of significant experience in substance use disorder and mental health management. They are highly educated and licensed to handle the most advanced cases of drug addiction.

Here are some of the popular names at New Path Inc.:

  • James Hudgens, MBA (Executive Director)
  • Erin McClelland, MA, LPC, CAAADC, CCS (Clinical Director)
  • Nicole Droomer, LMSW, CADC (Clinical Manager)
  • Julie Giza, SHRM-CP (Human Resource Manager)
  • Juanita Lightfoot (Operations Manager)

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