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Last Updated: May 2, 2023

Ahmed Zayed, MD Authored by Dr. Ahmed Zayed

Aloria Health Overview 

Aloria Health (AH) is a mental health rehab that offers personalized, directed care for anorexia, bulimia, and any other type of eating disorders. This Milwaukee rehab is one of the few places you can find eating disorder treatment in Wisconsin. The center opened in 2016 and has served the community with its experienced, well-trained staff for over seven years. AH offers three treatment delivery modalities through the center’s downtown Milwaukee offices. 

The Aloria Health Milwaukee rehab has intensive outpatient and inpatient residential programs that cater to an individual’s specific therapeutic needs. Patients who need only outpatient care, like daily groups and meetings with a trained therapist, can continue with their lives while receiving care for their mental health issues, ranging from eating disorders to drug and alcohol addiction

The treatment options at this Milwaukee rehab offer a balanced approach to assessing and treating men, women, young people, and families via trauma processing and group and solo therapy. Both inpatients and outpatients can avail themselves of nutrition therapy, where they learn how to create a new relationship with food that is healthy and productive while also helping them improve their overall health.

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Treatment Options 

The treatment options at Aloria Health range in scope and goals since every inpatient or outpatient receives a specialized plan to treat their particular disorder. These options also depend on whether the individual requires 24/7 clinical care or if they can continue living at home while attending outpatient therapy sessions during the day. 

People with more advanced, severe cases or who have struggled longer than others may need around-the-clock supervision. People who have already gone through rehab at another facility can receive supplemental care via the outpatient or intensive outpatient program. Mental health care requires more specialized care that is difficult to find at general health or substance abuse centers. 

Some rehabs offer dual-diagnosis care for people struggling with substance abuse and mental health problems. Still, AH has a specific mission to treat eating disorders, a need often overlooked by other drug and mental health treatment centers.

Therapies at Aloria Health 

Aloria Health Milwaukee offers several therapies to address a patient’s multifaceted needs, whether outpatients or inpatients. People registered as outpatients can benefit from one-on-one sessions with their assigned therapist but also participate in group sessions with other patients to build trust and create a community around shared experiences. 

Trauma therapy is another effective treatment option to help patients process their trauma via expressive, creative exercises (journaling, writing, or role-playing). It also provides them with a safe space to understand their experiences with a trained therapist. Evidence shows that people who have experienced trauma at some point cope via self-destructive behaviors like drug and alcohol addiction or compulsive behaviors associated with eating disorders.  

This Milwaukee rehab is one place that offers a comprehensive continuum of care for a variety of different disorders, although its specialty is people who have eating disorders. The center does have treatment options for people with substance abuse issues. Still, its main focus is on people with an unhealthy relationship with food and struggle with body issues that trigger their eating disorders or other co-occurring disorders like drug or alcohol addiction.

Aloria Health Milwaukee Payment Options 

This eating disorder treatment center in Wisconsin lets patients pay for their care differently and has a flat rate for therapy sessions. Aloria Health charges patients $100 per session with a therapist or counselor in an outpatient setting. Inpatient treatment runs $65 per day, and your stay is determined by your treatment team upon admission. You can self-pay via cash or credit card, but the center also takes most forms of private insurance

Licenses and Accreditations 

Aloria Health is fully accredited by the Joint Commission, or JCAHO, a non-profit organization in the US that is charged with regulating and overseeing the quality and care provided by rehabs across the country. The state of Wisconsin also licenses the center as a certified mental health rehab center for people with eating disorders and other mental health issues.

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Aloria Health Advantages 

What sets AH apart from all other rehabs is its focus on eating disorders. Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are legitimate co-occurring disorders like depression or anxiety and are often overlooked by other drug and substance abuse rehabilitation centers. Aloria Health’s staff is specially trained to help treat people with eating disorders by restoring their self-confidence and getting them to recognize their self-worth.

Staff at Aloria Health 

The staff at this Milwaukee rehab have many years of experience treating all kinds of mental health issues, including depression, trauma disorders, and eating disorders. Aside from the administrative and support staff, the rest of the rehab team is professional, well-trained therapists and counselors with years of experience and hospital-level medical knowledge to treat eating disorders physical and mental aspects. 

Aloria Health Promises 

The testimonies of former patients of Aloria Health attest to the center’s dedication and level of care. Many praise the caring, understanding staff that doesn’t treat people like numbers. Some users say that other eating disorder treatment centers discharged them without providing aftercare or the tools to stay healthy. 

AH patients say the opposite. They write that the staff at this Milwaukee rehab were attentive and knowledgeable while ensuring that everyone who left the facility was prepared to deal with their problems unsupervised, relying only on the coping mechanisms they learned from this eating disorder treatment center in Wisconsin. 

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Published on: May 2nd, 2023

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