Muscle Relaxers High: Can One Get High Off Muscle Relaxers?

Last Updated: November 13, 2019

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Prescription drug abuse has become a severe concern in the United States. In 2017 alone, it was found that about 18 million individuals in the country over the age of 12 abused some type of prescription medicine at least once. These individuals are abusing different types of prescription drugs. Recreational use of muscle relaxers has become one particularly vital topic to be discussed. Many people are looking for muscle relaxers to get high. They are taking large amounts of these drugs, smoking or snorting muscle relaxers to reach some pleasant feelings. Therefore, such behavior could lead to many potential adverse effects and even life-threatening complications in some cases, as well as the legal consequences.

Muscle Relaxers Recreational Use

People use a variety of muscle relaxant meds to try and achieve a high feeling today. When it comes to this particular topic, it is essential to note that not all of these drugs would yield such effects. A muscle relaxant high is achieved through several different administration methods. Some of them can be more harmful than others, exposing the body to a higher bioavailability of the active chemicals found in these medicines.

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How Drug Abusers Get High On Muscle Relaxants

While there are a number of people who would get muscle relaxant drugs over the counter or through a prescription and take a high dose of the medicines with the goal of experiencing a high, some are trying other methods of introducing the chemicals into their bodies.

Smoking muscle relaxers is one particular concern that has been noted in the past. The person would often crush the tablet and use specific methods to heat the crushed product, which allows the individual to inhale the smoke that is emitted. Such route of administration is especially harmful for lungs.
Snorting muscle relaxers is yet another way that people are exposing their bodies to these medications. Similar to how the drug is crushed when smoked, a similar procedure is usually followed in this particular case. Instead of heating and inhaling the smoke, however, the person would snort the powder or crushed tablet through their nose, harming the nasal cavities.
There are some people who would also mix substances with the idea of increasing the high effect experienced. For example, muscle relaxers and beer or other types of alcohol may be combined. This would increase the side-effects of both substances; thus yielding a more intense effect. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found that over half of those who do abuse prescription drugs are binge drinkers, making this widespread way for people to increase the high effect that they experience.

Muscle Relaxers High Feelings

There are both physiological and psychological effects caused by muscle relaxers that often cause people to experience what some may refer to as a high. This is also what necessarily leads to the addictive behavior expressed by some people who frequently use these medicines. Each drug may yield its own specific effects, which is why it is difficult to provide a broad overview of how a person might find a muscle relaxer high.

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Flexeril, one of the most commonly prescribed muscle relaxers, is known to cause a person to experience a relaxed state. As the muscles relax, pain tends to go away.
Drowsiness is another potential effect that a person may experience when they experiment with the dosage and administration method of the drug.

Dangers Of Muscle Relaxers High

In less than one decade, over 700,000 deaths in the United States were recorded as caused by a prescription drug overdose. While the death rates and even abuse statistics of muscle relaxants are not as high as some of the other prescription medications, it is still at a concerning level.

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One of the main issues when it comes to looking at the dangers of muscle relaxers high is the fact that people often need to take a significantly higher dose than what is prescribed to experience these effects. This, in turn, leads to the risk of overdosing. When it comes to looking at how long it takes muscle relaxers to work, some people may not allow enough time for the medicine to take action, which leads them to take a second dose and further increases the risk of an overdose.

Trying to achieve muscle relaxers high does not only bring up the concern about potentially life-threatening side-effects. There is also the risk of developing addictive behavior toward medicines. What this means is that the person may require medical detoxification if they stop using the drug, withdrawal symptoms may occur.
Drug abuse treatment may be needed when a person has developed a dependency on them. This would be provided through a rehab facility designed to help the person stop using drugs, while also reducing their risk of further complications, as well as a relapse.

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Published on: August 14th, 2019

Updated on: November 13th, 2019

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