Inspire Health Center, Irvine: Detox and Holistic Rehab in CA

Last Updated: November 30, 2022

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Inspire Health Addiction Center: A Comprehensive Overview

Inspire rehab, located in Orange County, is a rehabilitation facility that caters to adolescents and adults with issues of drug and alcohol addiction as well as other co-occurring behavioral issues. The facility was founded in 2017 and has remained one of the most renowned residential clinics for drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Orange County. The culture of love, care, and empathy makes the treatment center unique. Those that seek a place for intensive detox and medication management can get all the help they need to inspire recovery.

Inspire rehab also offers intervention services, keeping in mind that most people struggling with addictions often do not seek the right help. Addiction requires a customized approach, as its results may differ from one person to another. With proper assessment and diagnosis, Inspire Health’s addiction treatment center will ensure long-term recovery. The innovation and tailored services at Inspire Health Center make it one of the most recognized facilities for addiction treatment. Their bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to healing allows for a more comprehensive program that integrates crucial factors that can change the program’s course and inspire or motivate the clients.

The residential treatment provides a supportive group in a comfortable environment, away from all the triggers and temptations. Inspire Health considers itself a home away from home, with modern facilities — a place where any individual can get physical, mental, and emotional help from all the challenges of drug dependency, alcohol abuse, and other related problems.

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Housing and Food at Inspire Health

Inspire Health recovery provides a safe, supportive, and peaceful environment in a home-like setting. It has well-furnished interiors, a garden, rooms, individual beds, a kitchen, relaxation rooms with sofas, outdoor lounges, bathrooms, and other necessities.

In addition, well-prepared meals are served daily to residents.

Treatment Options

As part of a well-organized system of service, Inspire Health Center offers intensive outpatient programs and long-term and short-term residential treatment with a focus on adult clients and those over the age of 65.

The available treatment programs include: 

Therapies at Inspire Health Center

Supportive psychotherapy and other coping mechanisms are administered to enable clients to build self-esteem and strengthen their minds, body, and soul.

The types of therapy offered to include:

Therapy opens doors to numerous co-occurring issues that the client may be struggling with or may not even be aware of. Oftentimes these problems require a clinical, holistic, or spiritual approach, depending on the severity and background.

Inspire Health Center offers transformative treatment for issues such as ADHD, anxiety, Asperger’s syndrome, bipolar disorder, chronic impulsivity, sex therapy, insomnia, racial identity, OCD, trauma and PTSD, depression, divorce, self-harm, and other problems.

Inspire Health Payment Options

There are several types of payment methods that are acceptable at the facility. Self-pay is always welcome, while those that prefer to use an insurance plan can do so. The extent of coverage is something to consider.

Here are some of the accepted insurance plans at Inspire Health:

Contact Inspire rehab to confirm if your insurance plan is supported as well as other new payment methods that may be introduced over time.

License and Accreditation

Licensing is a vital part of every organized facility. It shows that the center follows recognized standards and is allowed to operate. This detox Irvine facility is accredited by the Joint Commission.

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Inspire Health Center Advantages and Amenities

The alcohol treatment center Irvine is a place where individuals can get help for all forms of addiction and also develop themselves in every aspect. With recovery comes a higher sense of worth and self-confidence, as well as the motivation to become better. Each program is designed to strengthen communications, build bridges of trust in relationships, and establish a functional and efficient support system that becomes a beacon of hope through recovery. The detox Irvine facility also ensures that clients acquire coping skills that would play a significant role in dealing with real-life challenges, such as pressure, stress, trauma, and others, in order to turn their lives around. There is no judgment or discrimination of any kind. Any person, whether veteran, LGBTQ, or others, can easily fit in here while getting the best treatment

Inspire rehab is located in a serene space with access to nature, an outdoor lounge, and other amenities. The rooms are furnished and contain shared bathrooms.

The fun activities at the facility include:

  • Yoga
  • Aquatic therapy
  • K1 Go kart racing
  • Gym
  • Movies
  • Bowling
  • Meetings at the beach
  • Meditation
  • Adventure outings

The comfort of the sober living homes helps clients to relax and focus entirely on matters of recovery and mental health.

Staff at the Rehab

Inspire Health Center has a well-organized team of medical professionals with years of working experience and certifications to show their qualifications. The team includes psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, life coaches, nutritionists, counselors, case managers, detox specialists, physicians, and others.

Substance abuse recovery requires the best hands and recommendations from experts. This is where the team at Inspire Health excels. They work around the clock, ensuring compliance and reviewing each client’s state to ensure they get all the help they need at all times. As a result, clients can expect a compassionate team with a genuine interest in their well-being and evidence-based methodologies tailored to each individual’s condition.

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