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Last Updated: January 27, 2023

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Alliance Recovery Center for Addiction: A Brief Overview

Alliance Recovery Center (ARC) is a rehab facility that deals largely with opioid addiction and has been treating clients with substance addiction since 1996. The establishment is recognized by the Opioid Treatment Providers of Georgia and the American Association of the Treatment of Opioid Dependence. Alliance Treatment Center is affiliated with the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities.

Alliance Recovery has three major branches in Georgia: Decatur, Conyers, and Athens. Since its inception, Alliance Recovery has gained recognition in the medical healthcare field. It is often recommended as one of the best and most affordable places to get treatment for addiction, specifically for people suffering from opioid addiction. Opioids are typically prescribed as highly potent pain relievers, but when they are abused, they become very addictive. Whether it’s in prescription drugs or as a controlled substance, such as heroin, the chemical can lead to overdose and death.

This Georgia rehab center devised a medical model that allows professionals to manage the condition effectively, alleviating withdrawal symptoms. The therapeutic model simply involves using certain medications to counteract the negative effects of opioid withdrawal. The medications include Methadone and Buprenorphine.

  • Methadone is a synthetic opioid used specifically for the relief of pain and treatment of drug addiction. It is used in the detoxification process.
  • Buprenorphine is used to treat opioid use disorder and various degrees of pain.

The treatment approach at this Atlanta recovery center is based on reconnection through therapy and medication. The program is not solely based on the medication administered. Rather it is focused on working through the specific issues and situations that may have led to addiction in the first place. Many people suffer from the effects of prescription medications and narcotics, and one thing that is common is the huge disparities in reason, background, and the “why” of addiction.

The approach used by Alliance Recovery aims to unearth the underlying reasons for turning to drugs as a “get-away” and then re-establishing a connection between the individual and family while in recovery. The journey to normalcy starts with a single definitive step congruent with the individual’s goals. Alliance Recovery believes that addiction is a treatable disease, and it has nothing to do with the individual’s personality but rather with bodily functions. Addiction is viewed as a disease of choice. Once an individual decides to rid themselves of this disease, it becomes easier to find a sustainable recovery solution for the long term. The rehab discourages entering treatment for substance use disorder with a timeline in mind as every individual differs in recovery rate.

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Housing and Food at Alliance Recovery Center

Alliance Recovery center provides treatment for substance use disorder in an outpatient setting in Atlanta. The program’s flexibility allows individuals with opioid addiction to get treatment without missing out on their regular life activities.

ARC Treatment Options

The facility is largely outpatient and provides drug screening tests, detox, and medication-assisted therapy. Alliance recovery also offers support to groups and individuals. The substance treated at the facility is mostly opioids.

Therapies at Alliance Recovery Center

Therapy is an essential part of healing from substance use disorder. The facility offers a wide variety of counseling sessions. These sessions may be one-on-one counseling or by the group. They are of no extra charge, so it is strongly encouraged. Therapy is offered on a daily basis.

Some of the therapy offered at the facility includes:

  • Men’s group therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Addictive behavioral therapy
  • Women’s group therapy
  • Life skills
  • Open process group
  • Health awareness
  • Self-discovery
  • Self-esteem therapy
  • Stress management
  • Grief and loss
  • Methadone anonymous
  • Veteran Group

Alliance Recovery Center Payment Options

Alliance Recovery Center Conyers and other branches do not charge an admission fee. Rather, it charges clients on a per-day basis. It is also the institution’s priority to provide the most affordable rates, especially to low-income earners. Alliance recover accepts self-pay methods such as Mastercard, American Express, Cash, Discover, Visa, and others. The facility also accepts insurance plans depending on the coverage available.

The facility accepts the following:

Here is a comprehensive cost list for medication-assisted therapy:

  • Phase 1 to 5: $12 daily (Methadone)
  • Phases 6, 13, 27: $11 daily (Methadone)
  • Buprenorphine Treatment: $16 daily
  • Peak and Trough Test: $10 for doses over 120mg of Methadone
  • Admission and annual physical examination: $0
  • Additional drug screen: $15
  • Monthly Drug screen: $0
  • Pregnancy test: $10
  • Drug screen retest: $10
  • GCMS drug Screen confirmation: $40
  • Guest dosing fee: $12 daily (Methadone), $16 daily (Buprenorphine)
  • Lock Box $15
  • Rapid drug screen: $10

License and Accreditation

Every facility that provides mental healthcare services must have an operational license by governing bodies as this provides credibility and ensures the safety of the people. Alliance Recovery is licensed and highly recognized by various bodies. It is accredited by the Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

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Alliance Recovery Center Advantages and Amenities

Alliance methadone clinic holds its clients in very high esteem and prioritizes their safety and privacy. Some clients are particular about the privacy policies of the rehab facility. Alliance recovery has a strict policy that protects the identity of its clients. Another significant advantage of the Alliance recovery center is that it operates sliding scale fees, which allows people with lower incomes to afford addiction treatment.

Staff at the Facility

The facility employs the skills of licensed, master-level staff with years of significant experience in managing substance use disorder. The team at the facility is solely dedicated to assisting clients in making a positive shift from their old life of addiction into a new drug-free life.

Each client is assigned to a primary counselor during treatment. This counselor manages the case and monitors changes while availing themselves of the client’s service on a 24-hour basis. The medical team consists of physicians, pharmacists, registered nurses, counselors, therapists, and other professionals.

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