Fort Behavioral Health, Fort Worth, TX: Holistic Rehab for Men, Women & Teens

Last Updated: March 12, 2023

Fort Behavioral Health Rehab: A Comprehensive Overview

Fort Behavioral Health rehab was founded in 2019 with the goal of reaching as many people suffering from addiction as possible. The dual-licensed addiction treatment hospital caters to men, women, young adults, and adolescents affected by substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. There are programs explicitly designed for the needs of various categories of individuals. These include the Evergreen Path program, designed for adolescents with unique needs. The program focuses on teens who have been through traumatic experiences and require holistic rehab treatment to regain control of their lives. 

The residential program is a path that allows the patient to remove themselves from all the nuances and chaos of their daily routine by providing them with the best treatment in a safe and serene place, well-equipped with amenities. Clinical professionals manage the detox program. The process is safe and allows clients to rid their system of unhealthy substances and metabolites that affect physical and mental health. The intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization program at Fort worth rehab center provide treatment for patients who do not necessarily require medically supervised detox. The IOP and PHP program allows patients to continue their recovery treatment while maintaining their personal schedules, such as school, work, and other obligations. The mental health program provides an evidence-based treatment that addresses mental health and improves the patient’s quality of life. The mental health program consists of adult recovery, 12 step program, an adolescent treatment program, a veteran program, an autism program, and the drug & alcohol detox program. 

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Housing and Food at Fort Behavioral Health

The facility is convenient to the DFW international airport and easily accessible by road. The 100,000-square-foot space was converted into a state-of-the-art facility that houses over 50 clients. The accommodation is well designed and comfortable, with private rooms, queen-sized beds, private bathrooms, and privacy to allow self-reflection and healing. The community spaces are divided into men’s and women’s areas. A kitchenette space is also equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, and others. The kitchen team ensures that healthy and nutritious meals are provided throughout the day. There is also access to the business centers to allow clients to handle urgent business matters. There is also a full-sized gymnasium to allow clients to exercise their bodies whenever possible. The center stresses the overall wellness of the mind and the body, so it is imperative to ensure that the body is working optimally while in recovery.   

Treatment Options

The rehab in Fort Worth treats addiction with a specialized approach, with a focus on the primary causes of the addiction to achieve a lasting solution to sobriety. The treatment methods have a high success rate and are managed by master-level clinicians who have years of experience managing mental health issues on an advanced level. 

The treatment programs offered at the center include:

The conditions and substance treated include:

Therapies at Fort Behavioral Health

Fort Worth Behavioral Health center offers a wide range of therapy options, which are recommended to clients depending on their specific needs. 

Some of the therapy options available at the facility include:

Fort Behavioral Health Payment Options

Self-payment can be made by utilizing ACH Bank transfer, American Express, Discover, Health Savings Account, Mastercard, Visa, and Wire. Insurance plans are accepted as well. Some of the insurance plans supported at the center include:

License and Accreditation

Fort Worth behavioral health is accredited by the Joint Commission. 

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Fort Behavioral Health Advantages and Amenities

This Texas rehab facility is located in a serene, peaceful environment with ease of access. The medical experts specialize in trauma, substance abuse disorder, and co-occurring disorders. Their philosophy is hinged on evidence-based treatment, including therapy, Mediation assisted detox, and 12-step facilitation. There are also special considerations for gender-specific programs and youth-adult programs. The center is fully equipped with amenities for comfort. Payment methods are easy and seamless, and many insurance plans are supported.  

Staff at Fort Rehab

The facility is equipped with some of the most highly educated and skilled staff with years of experience in the field. The team comprises a multidisciplinary group of talented staff with a passion for mental healthcare. The team consists of nurses, physicians, counselors, therapists, psychologists, and others. They understand how challenging addiction treatment is, and they spend their time monitoring each client’s progress and ensuring that clients get all the attention they need. 

Here are some of the most prominent staff in the facility:

  • Stephen Mallick (Chief Executive Officer) 
  • Melvin Bennet (Director of Business Development)
  • Tricia Martinez (Director of Finance and Utilization review)

Fort Behavioral Health Promise 

The rehab in Fort Worth gives hope to those that have lost a part of themselves. The experience is one that many patients have described as amazing. The staff connects with patients in a way that is selfless and inspiring. The relationship and bond forged between the patients and staff is commendable and enables patients to communicate even better, sharing their feelings and connecting with the program on a deeper level. The center delivers on its promise to consistently provide support to those in need and ensure every patient gets the opportunity to change their life for the better. Many testimonials from alumni and clients show that the treatment approach used at Fort Behavioral Health Fort Worth, Texas, really does work.

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Published on: March 12th, 2023

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