Bridges of Hope: Residential Treatment Centers in Georgia

Last Updated: November 28, 2022

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Bridges of Hope Treatment Center: A Comprehensive Overview

Bridges of Hope are residential rehabilitation and recovery centers in Georgia with five different facilities strategically located in the most tranquil parts of the state. The facilities are gender-specific, with four allocated to treating male patients and one for females.

The facilities are located in the following cities:

  • Alamo, GA – rehab center for women
  • Chauncey, GA – rehab center for men
  • Homerville, GA – rehab center for men
  • Morven, GA – rehab center for men
  • Louisville, GA – rehab center for men

The treatment approach at Bridges of Hope Georgia is based on The core principles of AA. Alcoholics Anonymous proceedings are conducted using the Big Book as a foundation.

The rehab was founded in 1986 by a group of people passionate about mental health and addiction issues. They purchased a farmhouse in Argyle, Georgia, upon which the facility was founded. The facility thrives on community support and material services.

The women’s and men’s rehabilitation center has had numerous successes over the course of 80 years and a significantly high success rate in patient recovery. Its success is attributed to the passion of its professional staff, fellowship, and spiritual principles.

Even though Bridges of Hope treatment center does not offer professional counseling services, dual diagnosis, or medical services such as detoxification or mediation management, the facility remains one of the most credible for those seeking to start their recovery journey.

There are natural misconceptions about what Bridges of Hope rehabilitation center is and what services they offer, so it is pertinent to be clear on the extent of their service and what is included in the treatment plan.

Here are some exceptions to their services:

  • The recovery program does not provide medical treatment, such as psychiatry and professional counseling.
  • The facility’s expenses are covered strictly with charitable contributions and selfless donations. These contributions are tax-deductible as well. The center is a private rehab facility and is not funded by the state.
  • The facility does not take in individuals in need of detoxification. However, it can recommend a facility that offers this service.
  • Individuals with a history of violence or seeking dual diagnosis are referred to a qualified medical facility.
  • The facility caters to men, women, and teens, except for adolescents.
  • Bridges of Hope expects residents to contribute to the day-to-day on-site work activities. This means that the individual should be physically able to function without physical or mental impediments.

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Housing and Food at Bridges of Hope Treatment Center

Bridges of Hope Louisville, GA, has five facilities that are located in accessible areas in serene settings, away from all the noise of the big city. Some of the facilities have vegetable gardens, greenhouses, working farms, and a fishing pond, which provides a good view and a great place for relaxation.

Their five locations include:

  • Alamo facility, a 10-acre space with 44 beds. This facility is specifically for females seeking addiction recovery.
  • Chauncey is a male-only facility with 36 acres of space and as many as 50 beds.
  • Homerville is also a males-only facility with 72 acres of space and a 52-bed accommodation.
  • Morven is a men’s facility with 50 beds in a 70-acre land expanse.
  • Louisville rehab has the largest land space at 150 acres and 56-bed spaces.

All facilities are well-furnished with beds, bathrooms, shared dormitories, comfortable furniture, and other amenities. They have an auditorium where spiritual lectures and treatment sessions are held. Chores such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, and housekeeping are the responsibilities of residents. Their centers enforce discipline and teamwork by assigning duties and responsibilities to patients. After the preparation of meals through teamwork, residents gather at a dining table to share meals. Residents are required to participate in other activities, including woodworking, gardening, and others.

Bridges of Hope Treatment Options

There are a few treatment options available without counseling and detox. The programs are focused on the Big Book of AA.

Available treatment options include:

  • Residential drug rehabilitation
  • Residential alcohol misuse rehabilitation

The substances treated at the facility are:

It is important to note that this treatment is specific for mild cases of addiction. Severe cases that require intensive medical care are referred to qualified facilities.

Therapies at Bridges of Hope Treatment Center

The rehab provides recovery programs that target those suffering from drug and alcohol addictions. These therapies include:

  • 12-Step facilitation
  • Studies from the Big Book of AA
  • Group meetings
  • AA and NA meetings
  • Therapeutic Woodworking and Vegetable Gardening

Bridges of Hope Treatment Center Payment options

The residential cost at this center is very affordable. This is because the facility does not offer psychiatric or medical treatment, nor do its services include any form of counseling. The cost for a one-month residential program is $800. Payment methods accepted are cash and check. Donations and sponsorships are welcome.

The rehab center does not accept insurance plans at this time.

License and Accreditation

Bridges of Hope Louisville, GA, is licensed by the state of Georgia.

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Bridges of Hope Treatment Center Advantages and Amenities

Bridges of Hope is a unique residential recovery program that provides a home-like experience and educates patients on teamwork, socialization, accountability, and responsibility. Patients learn about spiritual healing and how to take control of their minds and body through rigorous therapy sessions. It employs a more traditional approach to treatment, incorporating physical activities such as gardening and woodwork in a secluded space in nature. The accommodation is well furnished and comfortable. It is most suitable for people with mild to average level addiction who just want to take a different approach to life and find themselves.

Staff at the Facility

The staff at the facility are well-trained, friendly, and devoted to helping people through recovery. They have both educational qualifications and experience. Most have contributed meaningfully in the field of addiction recovery and mental health. The foundation of every rehabilitation facility is the quality of staff, and the company considers this when recruiting long-term staff. In addition, they work around the clock to ensure that every patient is well catered to. 

Here are some of the prominent staff at the facility:

  • Winfred Murphy – Executive Director at Luthersville Georgia
  • Jennifer Fries – Chairperson at Claxton Georgia
  • William Richards – Vice-chairperson at Jacksonville Florida
  • David Morgan – Secretary/ treasurer

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