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Last Updated: May 2, 2023

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Alpha Healthcare Overview 

Alpha Healthcare (AH) is a private drug rehabilitation facility that offers outpatient-only treatment modalities. People with substance abuse issues and co-occurring disorders can receive treatment in a clinical, outpatient setting. Patients who require more dedicated, around-the-clock treatment can also benefit from the center’s partial hospitalization track. This intensive outpatient program is longer and gives patients more access to licensed physicians, therapists, and drug counselors, but it stops short of admitting patients to a residential program. 

The center does not provide opioid addiction treatment, and all patients or loved ones must speak with an intake coordinator to determine the level of care. The facility does not have a residential or inpatient program, but the greater Alpha Healthcare network may have other facilities that offer more intensive and residential programs. 

This Miami Beach drug rehab provides several treatment options that revolve primarily around individual and group therapy. There are no medicated-assisted therapies since those treatments are offered at inpatient rehabs. 

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Treatment Options 

AH only treats patients in an outpatient setting. It does not have any residential facilities but offers more intensive outpatient treatment options for people with advanced substance abuse issues. The treatment center provides dual-diagnosis care and substance abuse services, but the exact types of illnesses (depression, anxiety, PTSD, schizophrenia) are not clear. 

The center has no detox therapies like other drug rehabs in Florida. The center does not treat people with opioid addiction since that would require medical staff like nurses and physicians to monitor and treat withdrawal symptoms properly. Patients are encouraged to detox in other rehab centers before entering treatment and registering at an inpatient facility for more specialized, medically-supervised care. Patients with opioid addiction can enroll in outpatient care if they require support after they have completed an inpatient residential stay.

Therapies at Alpha Healthcare Florida

This drug rehab in Florida has many different options and facilities, but no treatment plan is the same. Substance abuse is a complex, multifaceted illness. It requires various approaches to help people in need successfully. Even though substance abuse is a complex illness, some people do not always need an intensive, 24/7 program like an inpatient residential program. They can still benefit from counseling and therapy in a local clinical setting. 

The treatment options at AH are limited due to the center’s location and mission since it can only receive and treat patients in an outpatient setting. 

However, even in this environment, the staff at Alpha Healthcare Network Florida use a variety of evidence-based therapies to address substance abuse, such as:

Alpha Healthcare Network Payment Options 

This Miami Beach drug rehab has many different payment options and uses a sliding scale to help people from low-income backgrounds get treatment. Alpha Healthcare has only two treatment options, so its pay scale is lower than other luxury rehabs with residential facilities. The facility’s urban location means its core demographic does not have the resources to pay for drug rehabilitation treatment, which is why the center accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and other employer-based insurance while also accepting cash, credit cards, and private insurance.

Licenses and Accreditation 

The state fully licenses AH to provide drug rehabilitation and counseling services at all the facilities throughout the Alpha Healthcare network. It is also certified by the State Board of Mental Health and Substance Abuse to treat patients with co-occurring disorders who also present with substance use disorder. It also possesses the requisite licenses and accreditations from the JTC or the Joint Commission, which has been reviewing, certifying, and regulating drug rehabilitation centers in the United States since the 1950s. 

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Alpha Healthcare Network Advantages 

AH Florida offers specialized care in an outpatient setting, allowing its patients to live their lives while undergoing substance abuse treatment. Not all drug rehabilitation needs to take place in remote, costly residential programs with luxurious facilities and alternative therapies like yoga or equine therapy. A person can also benefit from outpatient therapies if they have other responsibilities and do not have the time or resources to attend inpatient rehabilitation. This advantage sets centers like Alpha Healthcare apart from other drug rehabs in Florida. 

Staff at Alpha Healthcare Florida

The staff at AH comprises well-trained drug counselors, behavioral therapists, and other clinicians with a background in addiction, psychology, and psychiatry. The center does not have detox facilities on-site and does not offer any medication-assisted therapies, so there are few medical staff like doctors or nurses.

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Published on: May 2nd, 2023

Updated on: May 2nd, 2023


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