Turtle Creek Recovery Center, Dallas, Texas

Last Updated: May 9, 2022

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Turtle Creek Recovery Center Overview

Turtle Creek Recovery Center was established to ensure everyone with an addiction can gain access to the services, the support, and the medical experts that they need to heal. The aim of the programs that this facility offers its patients is to help them recover from the addictions that might have ruined their lives – up to 80% of the patients who come to Turtle Creek Recovery Center are unemployed and homeless. The idea of the treatments offered at the facility is to take these people by the hand and guide them through recovery, and then help put them on the right path in life.
The center dedicates their time and effort to help as many people as possible, while still ensuring that every patient that comes to them for treatment can be provided the attention they need for success. Different types of programs can be offered to the patient, and the center does not only focus on addictions but also on mental health disorders that the patient may be suffering from.

Turtle Creek Recovery Center Housing

When a patient comes to Turtle Creek Recovery Center, and they are homeless at the time when they seek out treatment, then they will most likely be admitted to an inpatient treatment program to ensure they can live in a safe environment during their recovery. Patients with more severe problems in terms of addictions may also be admitted to such a program to increase their likeliness of recovering and staying sober.
All patients admitted to a residential program will be housed at the local facility that the Turtle Creek Recovery Center owns. The facility can provide treatment for up to 32 patients and has two floors. One floor is dedicated to housing female patients, while the other floor provides housing for male patients. All residents are required to share rooms, as there are three beds placed in each room throughout the facility.

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Turtle Creek Recovery Center Treatment Options

There are two primary types of treatments that a patient may be provided at the Turtle Creek Recovery Center. These two categories of treatments offered include:

  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Residential treatment

The specific treatment that a patient will be undergoing during their recovery depends on their specific condition. Patients who are homeless are more likely to be admitted to a residential program. Additionally, those patients with more severe addictions, especially when their addiction is accompanied by co-occurring disorders, are also more likely to be admitted to a residential program so they can be monitored at all times while they are in recovery.

Turtle Creek Recovery Center Therapies Provided

The Turtle Creek Recovery Center does not put an emphasis on medication-assisted recovery but rather aims to take advantage of the potential healing abilities of appropriate therapeutic services. This is why every patient will be provided with therapy sessions to help the recovery from their addictions, as well as to ensure they can heal from any mental disorders they might also be suffering from.
Therapies that are offered to the patients who are being treated at the Turtle Creek Recovery Center include:

  • One-on-one therapy sessions
  • Group counseling

Turtle Creek Recovery Center Payment Options

Turtle Creek Recovery Center does not show a patient away when they are unable to pay for treatment, as they are open to welcoming homeless and unemployed addicts to their center to give them a chance to recover. Those individuals who are not in such a situation will need to pay for the services provided to them. The total cost of treatment depends on the program that the patient is admitted to.

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Turtle Creek Recovery Center Accreditations

Turtle Creek Recovery Center is committed to providing all patients with equally effective treatment services that will help them heal and recover from the conditions that they are suffering from, which is why the center is proud to present their CARF accreditation on their official website.
The company has been awarded a Seal of Excellent for two of the treatment programs that they provide to their patients, including their intensive outpatient treatment and their residential treatment programs. Additional information in regards to licenses with appropriate authorities in Dallas or Texas has not been shared on their website.

Turtle Creek Recovery Center Amenities

Apart from providing homeless patients with access to the housing during the period of their recovery, there are not a lot of amenities at the Turtle Creek Recovery Center that would be worth mentioning. The facility does have a number of cooks who prepare healthy meals for all residents who are staying at the center. Patients who are vegetarians and prefer their meals without meat can be accommodated, but they do have to specify this during their admission to the center.

Turtle Creek Recovery Center Staff

While the official website that represents the Turtle Creek Recovery Center does offer the patient valuable information regarding the programs they offer and the approaches they use to help patients recover, the website does not seem to provide any details on the staff members that are part of the center.
There might be some patients who fear a recovery center and would feel a little more comfortable when they can know more about the staff that will be taking care of them if they do opt to undergo treatment at the particular facility.
Patients who feel that they would first like to know more about the Turtle Creek Recovery Center staff members should either contact them directly or pay a visit to their center, located in Dallas, Texas.

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