Sunrise Detox Brentwood Rehab Center, New York: An Overview

Last Updated: April 30, 2023

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Sunrise Detox Brentwood Rehab Center, New York: An Overview

Sunrise Detox Center is a state-of-the-art medical facility located in Long Island, New York. The award-winning facility has a 24-hour nurse availability and blends detox with therapy to improve the rate of recovery. The facility is dedicated to providing a safe and dignified substance addiction detox. The center is open to anyone struggling with substance use disorder and other underlying issues. Alcohol and drug addiction often take a toll on the user, and when they are in denial, it affects friends and families most negatively. Long Island interventions are especially very effective in coercing the individual to get the necessary treatment to take back their lives. 

Sunrise Detox Long Island caters to men, women, young adults, pregnant and midlife adults. The center specializes in individualized treatment for addictions such as opioid misuse, prescription drugs, alcohol use disorder, and heroin. The facility utilizes evidence-based medicine and involves family and friends for support. Taking the first step to recovery by seeking treatment is the most essential step, and Sunrise detox strives to make the recovery journey stress-free and comfortable. 

The staff at the facility are compassionate and understand the challenges that come with addiction. They devote their time and expertise to ensuring that the medical process is seamless and that patients have the best experience in recovery. The detox process removes the accumulated toxins in the system and decreases the afflictions of withdrawal. The next phase is therapy. This is where highly skilled and licensed counselors educate and engage clients in controlling their cravings and developing coping mechanisms to deal with cravings and withdrawals. 

The individualized treatment program aims to achieve long-term sobriety. Each treatment may be as long as five to ten days, with the possibility of extension depending on the client’s unique condition.

Other Sunrise Detox Eastern locations include: 

  • Cherry Hills, NJ
  • Toms River, NJ
  • Millbury, MA
  • Morristown, NJ

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Housing and Food at Sunrise Detox Brentwood

Sunrise detox Brentwood NY Is a modern facility built to taste with exquisite furnishing and a luxury setting. The brand-new rehab center in Long Island, New York, is about 14,000 square feet and contains over 20 beds with bathrooms, two executive suites, common rooms, a kitchen, and other amenities. 

The facility provides the convenience of daily cleaning services and an in-house chef who takes care of the diet. The meals are prepared with consideration for clients’ health conditions and are highly nutritious. There’s plenty of space for relaxation after intensive therapy sessions.

Treatment Options

Treatment at the facility is tailored to the client’s unique situations and conditions. There is no one-shoe-fit-all approach when it comes to addiction and mental health. This is why medical experts take their time assessing and diagnosing each case to understand the basis for treatment and the necessary level of care. 

The treatment options offered at the facility include the following:

Therapies at Sunrise Detox Brentwood

Therapies offered at the rehab center in Long Island include:

Sunrise Detox Brentwood Payment Options

Making payment for treatment is easy and seamless. The admissions department handles all queries on insurance plans and expedites the process to enable clients to get the help they need. Self-pay methods are also supported. 

Some of the insurance plans supported include:

Contact the facility directly for a comprehensive list of insurance plans supported.

License and Accreditation

Sunrise detox follows all medical standards and is accredited by CARF and The Joint Commission, both of which are the highest recognized governing bodies for the licensing and regulating of healthcare services.

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Sunrise Detox Brentwood Advantages and Amenities

This rehab in Long Island NY has a serene environment where clients can find peace and healing away from all the noise in the big city. The facility has flexible technology policies that allow clients to keep up with urgent work calls so that they don’t miss out on anything. 

Dietary accommodations are put in place for people who may have specific needs, specifications, allergies, and others. The meals are nutritious and prepared with particular consideration for those in recovery. 

There are other special considerations in the facility, such as Covid-19 measures, wheelchair accessibility, and others. Some of the main advantages of opting for the rehab center in Brentwood are the safe detox program and the comfort while in recovery.

Staff at the Sunrise Rehab Facility

The facility’s multidisciplinary and culturally diverse medical team is the institution’s backbone. They have skilled and licensed professionals with years of experience managing the most advanced cases of mental health disorders. They provide support in and out of the facility to those struggling with addiction. Their passion for mental health care is evident in teamwork and empathy for their clients. 

The team consists of industry professionals such as nurses, doctors, therapists, counselors, and other social workers.

Sunrise Detox Brentwood Promise 

The rehab in Long Island may be relatively new, but it has touched many’s lives and brought hope and happiness to families who thought they had lost a loved one to drug and alcohol addiction. Their medically guided detox has saved lives and has brought families together through therapy. There have been numerous testimonials on the effectiveness of the detox program as well as the skill and empathy of the staff. The family intervention program has helped to get many out of the state of denial, encouraging them to get the help they need.

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Published on: April 30th, 2023

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