Renascent Toronto Rehab Center: Addiction and Eating Disorders Treatment

Last Updated: May 22, 2023

Renascent Toronto Rehab Center: A Comprehensive Overview

Renascent Toronto Rehab offers a reputable residential home for substance abuse and eating disorders. The facility is located in Canada and is known for its unique approach to treatment, employing the 12-step program and holistic rehabilitation methods. Established in 1970, Renascent has a history of success in providing comprehensive addiction treatment services to over 50,000 men and women. The facility is considered one of the leaders in addiction and mental health treatments.

Renascent is positioned in the vibrant city of Toronto. The rehab serves as a prominent institution for individuals seeking help and support in overcoming substance abuse and addiction. Its location in a metropolitan area offers accessibility and convenience for local residents and those who travel from afar to seek treatment.

The addiction rehab in Toronto is seated on a wide expanse of space encompassing a range of facilities and resources to cater to the diverse needs of its clients. The center provides residential treatment programs with various therapeutic services in a tranquil setting, allowing the patient to focus on getting the help they need without any form of distraction.

The rehab center is committed to evidence-based, holistic approaches to addiction treatment. The center recognizes that addiction can be complex and differs from individual to individual, often requiring a multifaceted approach; this is why the medical team combines medical, psychological, and social elements to renew the mind and invigorate the body. Their treatment programs incorporate a blend of individual therapy, group counseling, education, and life skills training to fully address the complexities of addiction.

At Renascent holistic treatment center, the well-being and recovery of their clients are paramount. The center emphasizes providing a supportive and compassionate environment where individuals feel safe and encouraged to embark on their journey toward long-term sobriety. The dedicated team of professionals includes physicians, psychologists, counselors, and support staff who are experienced and well-trained in addiction treatment, ensuring that clients receive top-notch care throughout their rehabilitation process.

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Housing and Food at Renascent Toronto

Renascent provides a gender-specific, well-furnished inpatient home where clients will lodge during their recovery treatment. The accommodation is a home away from home, well equipped with amenities such as shared rooms and bathrooms with air-conditioning. There are social rooms and outdoor lounges for relaxation.

Nutrition is an essential aspect of recovery, and recovering patients need healthy diets in order to improve physically and mentally. The facility chef caters to clients’ dietary requirements with attention to specific needs such as vegans, vegetarians, and gluten intolerant. The chefs accommodate any dietary requirement that clients may have.

Treatment Options

Renascent rehab offers a safe space for an intensive residential treatment program that involves around-the-clock therapeutic care.

The conditions and substances treated at the facility include:

Therapies at Renascent Toronto

The Toronto rehab offers a variety of therapy programs, including the following:

Renascent Toronto Payment Options

Alcohol Rehab Toronto supports out-of-pocket payment options such as cash, Mastercard, Wire, American Express, Visa, HealthSavings Account, and check.

The hospital also accepts insurance plans such as: 

  • Blue Cross
  • Manulife
  • SunLife
  • Canadian Life
  • Green Shield
  • Sedative Blue Cross

Contact the facility directly for a comprehensive list of supported insurance plans and a flexible payment plan.

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License and Accreditation

The Canadian Center for Accreditation accredits the facility. This means that the facility’s practices and procedures meet rigorous standards of quality, which sets them apart from many others.

Renascent Toronto Advantages and Amenities

As one of Toronto’s leading rehab facilities for substance addiction, there are many reasons to opt for Renascent Rehab. The facility has a track record of success in treating over 50,000 people, with many positive reviews. The leadership and operations are well organized. The staff are friendly and compassionate; they treat patients with respect and empathy. The center offers inpatient treatment, virtual intensive treatment, family therapy, aftercare, and alumni programs to ensure that clients can maintain sobriety when they transition back to their regular lives. The center specializes in evidence-based treatment, twelve-step, holistic, and gender-specific treatment. Clients will enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, the wonderful amenities such as gardens and outdoor lounges, and the healthy meals prepared by professional chefs. Aftercare programs and ongoing support are also available for relapse prevention and long-term sobriety. These support programs are delivered physically and virtually.

In addition to the variety of payment methods available, the facility also offers fully funded and fee-for-service programs to give clients a more affordable option to get the treatment they need.

Staff at the Facility

The team of professionals at the rehab center aims to foster a person-centric approach to sobriety. They are well-educated with years of experience managing all mental health disorders. Many have worked with the facility for years and have become household names with a track record of excellence in their performances. The staff understands the challenges that come with addiction, and they devote their time to ensuring that patients have all the tools they need to cope in the real world.

Here are some of the most prominent members of the team:

  • Laura Bhoi (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Tania Archer (Director, Business Development and Philanthropy)
  • Connie Ennis – (Director, Finance, and Administration)

Renascent Toronto Promise

Renascent has opened new and amazing chapters for numerous clients who come seeking a change in their lifestyle. Many individuals come with serious addiction problems that have caused broken homes and shattered relationships. They go through the program, and their lives change, as well as their mindset. The philosophy is that no one leaves the way they came. The programs are developed and personalized to tackle specific conditions each individual faces in their personal life.

Many shared memories speak positively about the help and care received at the rehab in Toronto. Clients highlight the professional staff’s role in their healing, defining their experience as the best thing to ever happen to them. Renascent Rehab realizes that the journey is far from over even after the program. That is why the medical team takes their time to help clients develop coping mechanisms that would be useful to them in a real-life setting.

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Published on: May 22nd, 2023

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