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Last Updated: May 9, 2022

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OnTrack Rogue Valley Overview

OnTrack is a recovery center with multiple facilities at different Oregon locations such as Medford, White City, Grant Pass, Ashland, and others. The recovery center focuses on providing comprehensive substance abuse treatment and cares for patients as well as their families. OnTrack was founded by Dr. Rita Sullivan over 40 years ago, and during this time it has provided individual and family-centered treatment that was specifically created to transform patients and their families into healthy and functional entities that can achieve their goals and remain substance-free.
The main mission of OnTrack is to empower clients and their family members and motivate them to overcome addiction and poverty through therapy sessions involving counseling, but also through education, life skills training, and other approaches. The treatment center provides both residential and outpatient treatment to their patients. Nobody is refused a treatment based on their sexual orientation, nationality, religion, marital status, or some other factor.

OnTrack Rogue Valley Housing

Despite the fact that OnTrack has facilities at different locations all of them have the same program. Therefore, if you’re in Medford area, you don’t have to travel to Ashland or some other location to get a specific treatment at OnTrack, which is practical especially if you also have a family. Residential treatment facilities are available to both male and female patients who are 18 or older. Men and women aren’t in the same building.
The dorm-style facilities accommodate five male and five female patients. However, a HOME program that is intended for women with children hosts about 60 patients. Pregnant women often share a room with other expectant mothers. However, women with children remain in the same room, i.e. they are not separated. Each room has bed, dressers, and nightstands, i.e. basic furniture, but they’re still comfortable and welcoming.

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OnTrack Rogue Valley Treatment Options

The treatment center provides both residential and outpatient treatment programs. Their programs are evidence-based, family-centric, and trauma-informed to allow both patient and their family to get as many resources as possible for a successful recovery. Residential and outpatient substance abuse treatments are provided to single adults, mothers with children, and fathers with children.
The last two options are of huge importance particularly if we bear in mind it’s difficult for most parents to find the right treatment program that suits their unique needs. OnTrack does not provide medication management and detox services, but if a patient’s problem requires these treatment approaches the recovery center will make it possible through close collaboration with facilities that do. It’s important to mention that OnTrack provides dual diagnosis treatment and patients who undergo it are escorted to all their appointments, just like pregnant women.
OnTrack relies greatly on 12-step recovery program and patients are expected to attend 10 meetings a week. Therapy sessions are the core of each program, and they can be held in a mixed and gender-specific setting. Treatment also involves regular exercise as physical fitness plays an important role in emotional and mental health and it can help during the recovery process.
Residential treatment options at OnTrack include:

  • Short-term residential (up to 30 days)
  • Long-term residential (longer than 30 days)
  • HOME Program for moms
  • Dad’s program
  • Grant pass residential facility
  • Second-chance housing

Outpatient treatment options are:

  • Regular outpatient treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • DUII (driving under the influence and intoxication)
  • DAAP (domestic abuse alternatives program)
  • MAT (medication-assisted treatment) counseling
  • Anger management
  • Teen program
  • Breaking free for women who have been victims, survivors, or aggressors in their relationships
  • LGBTQ + addiction
  • Family connections
  • Little Tracker’s children’s daycare
  • Alan Collins AIDS Project (HIV prevention)

It’s important to mention that residential treatment is suitable for patients with a more severe substance abuse problem who need supervision and also medical assistance when necessary. Outpatient programs are suitable for patients whose addiction isn’t severe, or they just started, but also for persons who have completed residential treatment and need extended support to their recovery. OnTrack can also treat adolescents and DUI/DWI offenders in addition to expectant mothers, fathers, and single adults with drug and alcohol addiction.

OnTrack Rogue Valley Therapies Provided

Successful recovery from a substance abuse problem requires self-knowledge and stronger mental and emotional health. Addiction is a disease meaning it has a root cause that a patient needs to discover in order to move on and recover. That’s where therapy steps in! The primary objective of therapies is to support the patient on their way to self-discovery and help them battle their demons, cope with traumatic events, and strengthen emotionally and mentally.
That way, a person changes life perspective and is more capable of handling stress, problems, traumas, and other both positive and negative situations in a healthier manner. OnTrack uses various therapies in their programs, and some of them include:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Substance abuse counseling approach
  • Trauma-related counseling
  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy

OnTrack Rogue Valley Payment Options

It is the mission of OnTrack to treat all patients who need their help regardless of their ability to pay. Nobody was refused service or much-needed treatment due to low-income or because they were unable to pay for the program. The recovery center is flexible in terms of payment options as their services are offered on a sliding-fee scale, and most major insurance plans including Oregon Health Plan are accepted. The precise costs of treatments at OnTrack aren’t revealed due to the customized approach to recovery and different needs of each patient or client. If you’re still interested in how much it would cost to get an addiction treatment at OnTrack, it’s useful to contact them, describe your problem as well as your needs and schedule an appointment to have a conversation with them at their facilities.

OnTrack Rogue Valley Licenses

The treatment center is accredited by the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP).

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OnTrack Rogue Valley Amenities

HOME and DADS residences for mothers and fathers with children are, probably, the best thing about OnTrack. Many parents struggle with addiction, but they are unable to find a program that would allow them to spend time with kids while getting treated for substance abuse.
Even outpatient programs of many recovery centers don’t really take into account the unique needs of parents and their children. Thanks to their residential treatment for parents, but also for single adults OnTrack is able to address concerns that many people have and offer them everything they need for a healthier way of life.

OnTrack Rogue Valley Staff

Led by a mission to empower patients and their families on the road to successful recovery from substance abuse, OnTrack gathered a team of experts and professionals who work closely with clients and their loved ones. The official website presents short bio of the executive director only but also lists names of team members who work at certain positions. We’ll show some of them below.

Alan Ledford

Alan Ledford is the executive director at OnTrack. He is a licensed psychologist who oversees day-to-day operations at the recovery center, but also ensures that treatment programs are evidence-based and recovery-centered.

Clinical supervisors

  • Tracy Eager
  • Marcia Sandoval
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Richard Foster


  • Theresa Bilodeau
  • Rickey Cox
  • Thomas Cox
  • Robert Lehman
  • Belinda Riggs

Outpatient programs


  • Joanne Beatty,
  • Melissa Church,
  • Cheryl Collins,
  • Joshua Sharpe,
  • Leslie Kendall

Case managers:

  • Cassie Damon,
  • Mo Waite

Residential programs


  • Lori Brock Stewart,
  • Amanda Brown,
  • Ben Petetit,
  • Lewis Day,
  • Jennifer Cohn

Case manager:

  • Jen Bransfield


  • Vicky Strasser,
  • Jessica Leonard,
  • Courtney Alvarenga

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