No Longer Bound Cumming, GA: Christian Rehab in Georgia

Last Updated: November 28, 2022

Authored by Nena Messina, Ph.D.

No Longer Bound Georgia Rehab: A Comprehensive Overview

No Longer Bound is a Christian rehab in Georgia dedicated to the treatment of substance use disorder. It was founded in 1983 and has since become very popular for its successes in treating substance addiction and improving men’s lives. The faith-based treatment program is centered on the Christian faith and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

It is a residential care facility for men founded on the belief that genuine intimacy with God is the best form of treatment. The program is typically 12 months long and includes therapy alongside religious teachings. This Christian rehab offers Eye Movement Therapy (EMDR), family counseling, psychoeducation, and bible study. Detoxification is not offered on-site. However, recommendations can be provided. It also offers intensive vocational training to enable patients to gain sufficient skills for meaningful employment in order to properly reintegrate into society. The idea is to better equip its patients for the next stages in their lives. These vocational training vary and are designed to provide patients with employment. Training includes culinary skills, auto mechanics, marketing and networking, thrift store management, and others. After the program, clients have the opportunity to either seek employment outside the facility or continue with the current vocational training to master the craft. No Longer Bound Cummings, GA, is located in a tranquil neighborhood. It is specifically for men with addictions and accommodates well over 120 patients.

This Christian rehab does not offer detox services and therefore has specific requirements for prospective clients. These requirements are as follows:

  • Clients must have already detoxed and are required to be sober for at least three days
  • Clients who require medical attention and management will not be granted admission
  • The use of any form of pharmaceuticals, such as antidepressants, tranquilizers, or sleeping pills, is prohibited
  • Clients will be subject to random drug tests
  • Residents are required to work in at least one of No Longer Bound’s Client-run businesses.

This Christian rehab facility is focused on family recovery as it believes that the opposite of addiction is connection. The program strives to build a strong and healthy relationship with family and loved ones while learning all the essentials of communication, such as forgiveness, boundaries, self-care, and acceptance.

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Housing and Food at No Longer Bound

Accommodations and cozy rooms are provided at a well-furnished facility. There are common rooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, and others. During the year-long residential program, clients participate in the many businesses run by No Longer Bound.

In addition, food and transportation are provided on a daily basis.

Treatment Options

No Longer Bound Georgia is unique in its residential treatment approach, providing holistic, evidence-based treatment that is focused on Christian spirituality. In addition, they allow a member of the family to stay back for support. Although there is no medical treatment or detox available, the facility has been found to be efficient in treating drug and alcohol addictions with its unique approach.

The conditions treated at this Christian rehab facility include:

Therapies at No Longer Bound

This rehab in Georgia offers therapies such as:

No Longer Bound Payment Options

No Longer Bound cost remains at $15,000, a one-time fee usually paid on admittance. These fees are used to cover the cost of treatment for 12 months without any extras. Insurance plans are not accepted at the moment.

License and Accreditation

This Christian rehabilitation center is licensed by the Georgia Department of Community Health and accredited by ECFA.

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No Longer Bound Advantages and Amenities

At No Longer Bound rehab, clients can enjoy amenities such as access to nature, an outdoor lounge, walking trails, a basketball court, and private and shared air-conditioned rooms. The 12 months program maintains a significantly high success rate of about 70 percent graduation. It is one of the most sort-after religion-based rehab facilities in the state. At this rehab in Georgia, clients have the opportunity to learn new skills that improve their employability. The classes organized at the facility are designed to educate, unite families, and bring peace and healing to those who are affected by addiction. The major advantage of opting for No Longer Bound is the certainty of spiritual, physical, and emotional healing through faith-based programs that allows one to rely on a higher power rather than their own strength or effort. Also, research shows that people who can achieve long-term sobriety are dedicated to an adequate length of addiction treatment. This allows clients the time to uncover the root causes of their drug and alcohol challenges in order to find a lasting solution.

The difference between the graduates of No Longer Bound and those of other facilities is that they become employable and skilled. They can easily reintegrate into society with all the tools they need to cater to themselves. There is also an aftercare program and support groups that offer assistance when needed.

Staff at the Facility

The staff at this rehab in Georgia are friendly, passionate, and experienced in handling cases of addiction and substance use disorder. They have years of proficiency and work around the clock to ensure every client gets all the necessary attention.

There are frequent staff check-ins to motivate, assess, and advise clients on self-improvement. The staff is also instrumental in improving family bonds and relationships. The staff at No Longer Bound includes executives and administrative staff, a clinical team of nurses, physicians, therapists, recovery specialists, vocational trainers, admissions, accounting/finance, outreach professionals, and other essential persons.

Here is a list of prominent staff at the facility:

  • Ben Tison (Executive Director)
  • Carol Smith (Chief Revenue Officer)
  • Adam Bagley, LMFT (Chief Program Officer)
  • Micheal Eberhart (VP of Operations)
  • Kim Benton, LPN (Nurse)
  • Dr. Josh Uptigrove (Physician)

Published on: November 26th, 2022

Updated on: November 28th, 2022

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