Friendly House LA: Rehab for Women in Los Angeles, California

Last Updated: November 28, 2022

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Friendly House LA, Drug and Alcohol Rehab: An Overview

Friendly House LA is a unique, gender-specific rehabilitation facility that provides treatment and counseling for women seeking recovery from substance use disorder. The community-based, non-profit facility provides supportive accommodation in a safe space where women with addictions can find a community that can relate to their challenges and helps them through recovery and personal growth. The goal behind this community is to support women in addiction through their trials and help them take back their lives from drug and alcohol abuse. They also acquire personal skills necessary to thrive in the real world—giving them a life of purpose while maintaining sobriety.

Friendly House Sober living was founded in 1951 for women who were suffering from the effects of drug and alcohol addiction. It was the first women-centered facility and gained funding through grants, fundraisers, donations, and other means.

The home-like environment at Friendly House Los Angeles is designed for comfort and to improve the individual experience to impart knowledge and a new mindset in a safe and relaxing environment conducive to progress.

After a thorough assessment, patients are placed on a specialized program depending on their unique needs and personal treatment goals.

The treatment approach at the facility is typically in three phases, depending on the nature of the addiction and the type of treatment that is mandatory:

  • Phase One treatment usually focuses on stabilization and conditioning to the treatment milieu, general assessment, recovery program schedule, and community building while getting involved in skill development sessions.
  • Phase Two is aimed at addressing possible underlying issues that may act as barriers to recovery or may trigger a relapse. Followed by networking and reintegration into society. This often requires learning skills for a career, employment, business, or education.
  • Phase Three of the program focuses on the solidification of networks, lessons learned, and skills achieved, implementing them into regular life and improving the quality of one’s life, and maintaining sobriety.

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Housing and Food at Friendly House LA

Friendly House rehab Los Angeles CA is located in a tranquil residential area, away from all the noise and busy parts of the city. The bedrooms are designed to accommodate two persons per room. The room consists of a twin-sized bed, a shared bathroom, and closets for luggage. It is one of the most affordable residential programs in the city.

The facility takes about 11 to 24 patients per session. It is an all-women facility and enables privacy.

Treatment Options

Addiction treatment in LA focuses on evidence-based treatment with the involvement of family in order to expedite healing and build better relationships. Treatment types offered include inpatient, residential, inpatient detox, and inpatient addiction treatment. The 12-step facilitation program is one of the most effective in all cases.

Family house rehab offers:

  • 12-step meetings
  • Daily educational groups
  • Wellness programs
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Family program
  • Fitness program

There are a wide variety of conditions treated at the facility. These conditions include:

Therapies at Friendly House LA

A more stabilized recovery from substance use disorder is certain with the right therapy program. Friendly House offers various therapies, such as:

  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Twelve-step facilitation
  • Life skills
  • Relapse prevention
  • Recreational therapy
  • Psychoeducation
  • One-on-one counseling

Their clinical approaches to substance use disorder and other forms of addiction include:

Friendly House LA Payment Options

The accepted payment options are cash or self-payment and Private health insurance. They also offer payment assistance in the form of sliding scale fees and scholarships. Contact the facility directly to find out more about insurance plans and other sources of funding.

Licenses and Accreditations

Friendly House rehab is licensed by DHCS and accredited by the Joint Commission and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP).

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Friendly House LA Advantages and Amenities

There are many reasons to choose Friendly House Sober living. It is one of the first and most established women’s rehabilitation facilities, established since the 50s. Since then, the facility has grown and has established itself as a leader in the treatment of addictions and substance use disorders in women.

The facility is located in a quiet and peaceful environment that nurtures growth and development. The treatment approach is unique and geared towards empowering the female, with emphasis on reintegration into society and becoming purposeful and confident.

The amenities at the rehab house include outdoor lounges, shared rooms, air conditioning, walking trails, access to nature, and more. Friendly House LA also offers aftercare services such as AA and NA meetings, as well as alumni events and get-togethers.

Staff at the Facility

Friendly House Rehab boasts the finest team of medical professionals with years of experience in the field and compassion for those in recovery. They work around the clock to ensure that every patient gets all the attention that they need.

Here are a few prominent staff at the rehab facility in LA:

Mark Honzel

Dr. Mark Honzel is a medical doctor at the facility. He has a medical degree from the University of Iowa Medical school and completed his residency at Columbia University in New York City. He has been in practice for over 34 years. He co-owned several rehabilitation facilities and currently serves as an addictionologist and Medical director at Friendly House rehab.

 Nina Firooz, LMFT

Nina Firooz is a Clinical Supervisor at Friendly House and has spent over 10 years in the recovery department. She works closely with special needs patients such as LGBTQ. She has numerous certifications such as a Marriage and Family Therapist License. Nina has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology specializing in LGBT from Antioch University Los Angeles.

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