Banyan Treatment Centers for Addiction: Florida Detox and Rehab

Last Updated: November 11, 2022

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Banyan Treatment Centers for Addiction: A Brief Overview

Banyan rehab is a leader in providing addiction treatment such as detox, mental health, and substance use disorder in the United States. Banyan Center is well-equipped with the resources and amenities to accommodate and ensure the comfort of patients. Banyan rehab programs are extensive and follow evidence-based approaches in the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. The facilities are nationwide and have multiple levels of care.

Banyan treatment center in Florida is set in a beach community with a luxury oceanfront view, suited for relaxation, comfort, and very serene. There are other equally tranquil locations nationwide where substance use disorder is treated.

The facilities nationwide include: 

  • Pompano FL
  • Baldwinville MA
  • Wilmington MA
  • Naperville IL
  • Gilman IL
  • Langhorne PA
  • Laurel Run PA
  • Sebring FL
  • Stuart FL
  • Lake Worth FL
  • Palm Beach shores FL
  • Cathedral city CA
  • Milford DE
  • Waelder TX

The first step approach to sobriety for severe addiction is the medically monitored detox. The clinical experts administer medication in a safe and monitored space where patients can recover in comfort. The intensive inpatient program is available as a step down after the detox treatment, to enable full stabilization.

As a transitional program,  the residential addiction treatment is customized for those who prefer closer management after detox, to ensure a successful transition into normalcy and further reintegration into their regular life. Less severe cases of addictions can be managed with the intensive outpatient program. The transitory program is designed to provide support and care for those that require maximum care but do not live in the hospital. The faith-based program is available and highly effective. It is a non-denominational program designed for Christians as a belief-centered means of recovery.

In addition, the Alumni program is set up to reach those that have undergone the rehabilitation program. The system of the network allows sober patients to always stay connected for future activities, events, and nationwide support. The facility offers a full continuum of care and has vast locations where patients can get treatment and support.

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Housing and Food at Banyan Treatment Centers

The nationwide luxury rehab facilities of Banyan treatment center are sited in a very serene environment with a great atmosphere. The campus has all the essential amenities for comfort. The standard accommodation is equipped with beds, personal lockers, bathrooms, activity rooms, and all the necessary needs. The residential and inpatients have planned meals and daily activities to fill up their schedule as well as relaxation time.

Treatment Options

Banyan treatment center locations all offer individualized care for substance addiction. There are various levels of care available depending on the severity of addiction and the recommendation after full assessment by medical professionals.

The available treatment options are:

Various substances that cause addiction are managed during the detox process. The medications allow the body to readjust to a state where the individual no longer craves these substances. Detox is essential to lay the groundwork for sobriety.

Some of the substances treated at the facility include:

Therapies at Banyan Treatment Centers

After the completion of detox, the therapy sessions follow. Here are some of the therapies available at various facilities nationwide:

Banyan Treatment Centers Payment Options

Banyan treatment cost is non-exorbitant and the goal remains to ensure that treatment is made readily available and affordable to anyone who needs addiction treatment. The payment options are flexible and allow alternatives to assist patients on their way to recovery. Aside from self-sponsorship using cash, checks, Visa, Wire, Mastercard, or health savings account, a variety of major insurance plans are also accepted.

Some of the accepted plans include:

License and Accreditation

Accreditation and licensing are a show of standard and emphasize professionalism. Banyan treatment center is accredited and licensed by the Joint Commission and NAATP.

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Banyan Treatment Centers Advantages and Amenities

Banyan Treatment center is open to all gender, ages, religions, communities, and orientations. It is an inclusive space where everyone is accepted and treated with respect. There is no discrimination or judgment. The facility is built in a very spacious and conducive environment. The nature of the environment may differ depending on location. There are an extensive number of treatment programs tailored to every individual case. The recovery of patients is of utmost priority and medical staff is available 24/7 to provide care and motivation to patients. No one is left behind, as the staff ensures that every patient is well-managed and the recovery process is as comfortable as possible.

Staff at Banyan Treatment Centers Network

The staff at the Banyan medical facilities are well-trained professionals with years of experience in the treatment and management of substance use disorders and addictions.

Meet some of the specialists at the addiction facility:

Dr. Darrin Mangiacarne

Dr. Darrin is the Chief Medical officer at the facility, he is also a certified physician executive. He graduated from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and has a master’s degree in public health from the University of Southern Mississippi. He completed his residency at St. Luke’s Hospital, Bethlehem, PA. Dr. Darrin has multiple certifications such as AOBFP, ABPM, and  DFASAM. He has over 11 years of field experience in inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Ashley Moore, LCSW

Ashley Moore is Clinical Director at Banyan Pompano. She is an Alabama native who has gone through the system and is 11 years sober. She has a master’s degree in social work from Florida Atlantic University.

Richard Mayora, LCSW, MCAP

Richard Mayora is the Supervisor of outpatient and family services and a licensed clinical social worker. He has served in various degrees and capacities such as clinical coordinator, and in the medical center’s psychiatric unit. He has a passion for treatment recovery.

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