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Last Updated: March 22, 2023

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Advanced Recovery Solutions Overview 

Advanced Recovery Solutions is a private, for-profit organization licensed by the state of California to treat substance use and co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The rehab center offers mostly inpatient residential treatment and has a large facility to house and treat men and women of different ages. 

The primary treatment and residential facility is located in a pristine area of Fullerton, California, and comes outfitted with many top-of-the-line amenities. Patients and residents can avail themselves of the large outdoor swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, the outdoor BBQ area, and the fully-equipped kitchen. 

The center is geared towards men and women but also accepts families and large groups for group therapy. The center provides medically-supervised detox, and an experienced, knowledgeable staff treats all patients individually. All patients are also attended to by licensed therapists and physicians well-versed in addiction treatment and medicine.

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Housing and Food at Advanced Recovery Solutions 

The Advanced Recovery Center is a private residential rehab facility offering all residents world-class amenities. The main facility is a home-like residence that offers large rooms with full-sized beds. Residents in the inpatient program are housed together in double-occupancy rooms. 

The rest of the California rehab offers meals prepared by an elite chef who considers every resident’s specific dietary needs. Residents also have unlimited access to the center’s other luxurious amenities like the pool, Jacuzzi, sports center, and the large outdoor recreational areas surrounding the property. 

Treatment Options 

This Fullerton, California drug rehab offers evidence-based therapies to treat everything from alcoholism and substance use disorder to other behavioral conditions like eating disorders and gambling problems. The center provides 24-hour care for all its residents, delivering all care in the inpatient modality. The center does not offer outpatient care. 

All patients meet with an intake coordinator and case manager to determine their best treatment plan, which consists of therapies like: 

The treatment options also vary depending on whether it is individual or group therapy. Families and other groups can receive group or individual counseling. Patients who complete the inpatient program can also wish to receive aftercare at the center that consists of skills training to prevent relapses

Therapies at Advanced Recovery Solutions 

The therapies offered at this California rehab are mostly evidence-based and do not deviate much from the traditional therapies offered at most rehabilitation centers. All treatment options are delivered via the inpatient model, so residents are cared for 24/7 by a dedicated team of specialists and addiction counselors. 

Patients are also encouraged to attend 12-step meetings while in treatment to bolster their treatment. Regularly attending 12-step meetings also gives them a support network after they leave the program to stave off relapses. Many different therapies are available at the center and are used only depending on the patient’s particular needs. 

Patients who have undergone severe trauma have access to experiential therapy and motivational interviewing that have been shown to help people process their trauma. These therapies can range from role-playing, using props and other tools to recreate the trauma in a safe space, or expressing deep-seated feelings through art, drawing, writing, or journaling.

Advanced Recovery Solutions Payment Options 

This alcohol rehab in California is a private, for-profit organization that accepts all major insurance plans. The options range from self-pay via cash, money or wire transfers, or cheque, while insurance options depend on the provider you have. The center also accepts sliding scale payments or assistance to economically-disadvantaged patients. 

Licenses and Accreditations

The California rehab center is certified and licensed by the state of California to offer inpatient residential care and has the seal of approval from the Joint Commission. The seal from the Joint Commission means that the center has been reviewed and certified by the Commission. The JCI has been reviewing and certifying drug rehabilitation centers in the US since 1951. 

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Advanced Recovery Solutions: Advantages 

Some of the main draws of the Advanced Recovery Center are its size and location. The size is small, meaning that patients accepted into the residential program receive specialized, individualized care thanks to its dedicated, professional staff. The site is another bonus since it is secluded and gives patients a comfortable setting to begin their recovery.

Staff at the Rehab in California

The staff at this California rehab consists of only the best, most-experienced addiction specialists, from licensed physicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists to addiction counselors with years of experience. The support staff at the center are all also well-trained. They support all residents with around-the-clock care and attention to detail.

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Published on: November 30th, 2022

Updated on: March 22nd, 2023


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