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Hina Mauka Overview

Hina Mauka is a treatment facility that specializes in recovery services for patients who are unable to cope with their addictions. The programs developed by the company are able to address different kinds of addictions, ranging from alcohol abuse to drug addictions. While a majority of the programs that Hina Mauka offers the patients who come to them are focused on adults, the centers also have a few youth-based programs available that can be provided to adolescents who suffer from a substance abuse disorder, as addictions among teenagers are more common than a lot of people tend to realize. The three primary goals of the company are to prevent addictions, as well as to treat addictions and to help patients fully recover after they have been treated.

Housing at Hina Mauka

A range of different services is offered by Hina Mauka to help patients successfully recover from the addiction that is causing them to experience issues in their life. Among these services is a residential treatment program, which has been implemented to provide patients with support and supervision while they are being treated. It is often found that patients who undergo residential treatments recover faster and has a lower risk of relapse due to the safer environment that is created for them to be a part of during the recovery phase.
Patients who are part of the residential program at Hina Mauka will reside at the facility during their treatment. The facility has been fitted with a total of 48 beds. Full access to clinical staff will always be available to anyone admitted to an inpatient program. This ensures that patients can gain support, as well as immediate assistance in cases where an urgent care situation may arise.

Treatment Options at Hina Mauka

Treatments that are offered by Hina Mauka can either be based on a residential program or outpatient service. Patients first need to be evaluated by a qualified staff member, who will decide what options are best for the patient. The patient will then be informed about how the facility will be able to assist them.

Treatment programs include:

  • Residential in-house treatment at the facility
  • Outpatient treatment programs
  • Co-occurring mental disease treatment programs
  • Offender programs
  • Aftercare services

Both adults and adolescents are welcomes at Hina Mauka to undergo treatment for substance abuse problems.

Payment Options at Hina Mauka

Hina Mauka does not offer a list of prices related to the services that they offer at their facilities. Patients who need to undergo any of the treatment programs that the company provides will need to get in touch with the facility that is closest to them in order to find out what the cost of treatment would be. It should be noted, however, that every patient needs to be evaluated before they can be treated. During the evaluation, a dedicated medical staff member will be able to determine the best treatment option for the patient – this would provide a more accurate overview of how much the patient would pay for the specific programs they will be treated under.
Patients can submit their health insurance policy details. The administrative staff will be able to determine if the patient’s insurance plan would pay for their treatment. Alternatively, a monthly repayment plan can be compiled for the patient.


Hina Mauka is fully accredited by CARF. All of the services offered have been evaluated by the CARF association and approved for quality and care.

Amenities at Hina Mauka

All patients who need to be enrolled in the inpatient service are provided with full access to care services that ensure they can recover in a safe environment. The residential treatment service provides the patient access to basic first aid, as well as emergency services through 9-1-1 if such cases should arise.


A team of motivated staff offers their professional services as psychiatrists, counselors, and medical staff members at Hina Mauka. These staff members work hard to ensure that every patient that comes in for treatment can obtain the care and support that they require in order to help them recover. The staff members are all experienced in dealing with addicts in recovery services.
The executive team that drives the Hina Mauka recovery centers to include:

Alan Johnson
Chief Executive Officer
Alan has served as a chair member of more than 30 agencies that provides substance abuse treatment services. He believes in providing a holistic approach to the recovery of addictions and oversees the implementation of all treatment services offered by Hina Mauka.

Toshiyuki Shibata (MD)
Medical Director

Toshiyuki has over two decades of experience in the provisioning of recovery treatment and is also a Board Certified Psychiatrist. He obtained his BS degree in psychiatry from the University of Michigan. Toshiyuki oversees the operations of the clinical and medical departments at Hina Mauka.

William Mousser (MA, CSAPA, CSAC)
Director of Adult Services

William started to work in the field of treating patients with a substance abuse disorder in 1992. He has been with Hina Mauka since 1997. William is a certified Substance Abuse Counselor and a certified Substance Abuse Program Administrator.

Colleen Fox (Ph.D., CSAC, CPS, CCS)
Director of Adolescent Services

Colleen has been serving as an active member at Hina Mauka from 1997 and oversees the programs that have been developed for teenage addictions. She is a Certified Prevention Specialist and Substance Abuse Counselor. Colleen obtained her medical degree at the University of Hawaii.

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