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Last Updated: March 12, 2023

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The Center • A Place of HOPE Rehab: An Overview

A Place of Hope is an award-winning rehab facility for mental health treatment with over 37 years in leadership. It is one of the Top 10 facilities for depression treatment in the United States. Founded in 1984, the facility has continuously inspired people and restored hope to those who lost themselves due to trauma, addiction, depression, and anxiety. The treatment programs are centered on evidence-based methods tailored to the unique case. The whole-person care approach integrates all aspects of the client’s life. This includes emotional well-being, spiritual peace, nutritional health, intellectual growth, physical strength, and happiness in personal relationships.  

The Center provides world-class healthcare services for a variety of mental health problems. It offers residential programs focusing on intensive treatment, incorporating all the components that make up a complete being. The clinical experts at the facility are highly trained professionals with relevant licenses and years of experience managing advanced cases. Their vision is to be the number one safe haven and a place of hope for anyone suffering from mental health issues and to provide services that inspire, heal, rejuvenate, and restore balance to the mind, body, and soul.

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Housing and Food at A Place of Hope

A Place of Hope Edmonds, in Washington, is sited near the calming sound of the Pacific Northwest. The serene environment and the breathtaking view are optimal for healing and recovery. The luxury accommodation has a home-like feel with large spaces, a modern kitchen, rooms, bathrooms, and a beautiful living room. Another aesthetic is Edmond’s greenery. Each of the houses can accommodate 6 to 8 clients. There are numerous amenities and activities to enjoy on campus, and highly tasty and nutritious meals are prepared to accommodate clients’ nutritional requirements. The gourmet meals are well-suited to individuals in recovery and contain all the essential components for energy, replenishment, and a balanced diet.

Treatment Options

The mental health treatment program at the center provides treatment for conditions such as:

Other special treatment programs offered at the facility include:

  • Canadian treatment program
  • Marriage intensive program
  • High-profile private treatment program
  • Spiritual renewal program

Therapies at A Place of Hope

The facility offers holistic, evidence-based, and personalized treatment with the family’s involvement. 

The types of therapy offered at the facility include:

A Place of Hope Payment Options

Many people require a payment option that is seamless, customizable, and fast. So there is always an option for private pay methods. Clients may pay for treatment using American Express, Cash, Wire, Mastercard, Check, Paypal, and Visa. Insurance plans are also accepted. However, they are unable to use State and Federally funded insurance plans. 

Some of the insurance plans supported include:

Contact the facility directly for a comprehensive list of insurance plans supported.

License and Accreditation

This rehab in Washington is licensed under the LCPC (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors) and certified under the CDPC(Chemical Dependency Professional Certification) 

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A Place of Hope Advantages and Amenities

There are so many reasons and advantages to choosing the mental health rehab facility in Edmonds, Washington. An important aspect is that it aims to fill all the gaps in the mental health system and make treatment a mind and body experience. It takes all the missing pieces to the well-being of the individual. It puts all the pieces back with the proper treatment and support to enable the individual to achieve healing of mind, body, and spirit, retaking control of their lives. Those that thought they had reached the end of a vicious cycle found hope through the professional approach and humaneness of the clinical experts at the center. The center was voted as one of the top ten places to seek help for mental health. This is because clients are placed under the care of professionals who are fully dedicated to ensuring that the client receives all the support they need, leaving the program a complete, renewed, and different person. 

The facility is well-equipped with amenities and is packed with engaging activities to improve experiences, such as adventure outings, water activities, yoga, physical fitness, massages, swimming, beach walks, and more.

Staff at The Center • A Place of HOPE Edmonds, WA

The facility boasts a highly trained and educated staff with years of experience in the fields. They are passionate about mental health and treat every client with the greatest regard. Everyone matters, and no one is left behind. Staff at the center work around the clock, ensuring that the needs of patients are met at all times. The team of professionals consists of medical doctors, licensed counselors, nutritionists, therapists, registered nurses, social workers, and others. 

A Place of Hope Promise 

Personal stories and testimonials from clients and alumni of the facility are often the best ways to get a good idea of what kind of treatment to expect and learn about their experiences while in recovery. The mental health rehab is reputable for its unique approach to treatment as well as the skill and decorum of its staff. Many people come in with the hope of finding relief and a solution to their mental health and addiction problems, and according to reviews and testimonials, A Place of Hope really does live up to its name. The center promises a safe and serene space to heal from all traumas and co-occurring disorders and helps you learn to love yourself again. Its doors are open to anyone battling with anxiety, depression, substance use disorder, and other mental health problems without discrimination or judgment. Thousands of clients from various walks of life have attested to the effectiveness of their treatment method.

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