Wyoming Substance Abuse Hotlines: 24/7 Free Addiction Help

Last Updated: February 4, 2021

The rate at which people abuse drugs and alcohol is continually on the increase, and this has increased the need for the availability of healthcare professionals and substance abuse helplines. The handiness of these people are essential and they are in place to prevent self-treatment in affected individuals.

In order to maintain a proper recovery process, the availability of substance abuse helplines in all cities is quintessential.

Drug Addiction Hotline

Irrespective of the substance which a person is addicted to, calling this Wyoming drug hotline enables and creates the opportunity to interact with professionals and receive the needed help. Also, for enquiries about addiction, the professionals are always available to advise on any questions via the drug help hotline. Consult the counseling service at 307-332-2231.

Alcohol Addiction Hotline

For those who are addicted to alcohol and cannot get a hold of themselves, calling the addiction help hotline would be useful. One major step to treatment, is contacting people who can help through the available helpline. Reach the Wyoming counseling service at 307-332-2231.

Poison Control

In case of the drug and alcohol poisoning, this is a 24-hour free counseling helpline which  gives answers promptly. This emergency overdose hotline is supported by Wyoming Department of Health. Contact the representatives at (307) 777-6463.

The abuse hotlines provided above are completely free and enquiries and complaints are treated as confidential. The availability of an abuse hotline number is a huge step to enabling the recovery of individuals who are victims of drug and alcohol abuse. Wyoming drug abuse rehabs provide the necessary assistance in recovery process.

Published on: October 1st, 2018

Updated on: February 4th, 2021


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