Drug Abuse Hotlines in Vermont: Get Addiction Help in VT 24/7

Last Updated: June 9, 2020

Many people are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, and in most cases, they require professional help. We have listed local hotlines in VT of some of the best in this field, hoping they would be of great use.

Delphi Health Group

Delphi Health Group is one of the most reliable and successful groups that operates several networks of drug and alcohol abuse facilities. They offer a wide range of services, providing care to those who want to have a full recovery from drugs. Their free phone counseling hotline is (888)-459-5511.  All calls are strictly confidential. Treatment options available here are almost always covered by insurance.

Vermont 2-1-1

Vermont 2-1-1 database contains complete descriptions of services and programs available to all Vermonters. This quick intervention help for free to all drug and alcohol abusers are provided by local community groups, health agencies, and government organizations. Dial a toll-free help hotline number at 1-866-652-4636.

Head Rest

Head Rest is a non-profit organization that started in 1971 at Dartmouth College. It offers 24-hour counseling hotline in Vermont. The group offers addiction and abuse recovery services even to those who have no other resources and insurance. For assistance, call their drug addiction helpline at 603-448-4400.

Call an addiction recovery hotline for assistance in choosing drug rehab in Vermont. They are more than willing to help 24/7. Be treated early to avoid serious health complications.

Published on: October 1st, 2018

Updated on: June 9th, 2020


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  • John
    Hey I am John erby and i am in Milwaukee with and I am in need of some help I am a 56 year old man that is trying to get off of drugs and alcohol I’ve been on this rollercoaster like 10 years now sometime and I am really in need and I really want to stop doing drugs I got a poor health and I know I give intake if I don’t get somewhere out of the state of Wisconsin into a 90 or 60 even if it’s a 30-day drug rehab Outlet I will not OD and die on drugs and alcohol I want to start my life fresh and drug and alcohol-free but up here in Wisconsin we don’t have anything but a five-day detox we don’t have 30 60 to 90 day drug rehab and I’m trying to get up out of with Milwaukee Wisconsin I want to come to Vermont and be a Vermont residents I have a friend up there I haven’t seen in over 25 years I don’t know if he still living or where he’s at but he was telling me how nice and beautiful were mine love and so I’m I want to see some help up here in Vermont I got some insurance United Healthcare AARP but I do not have a sisters of getting up to bromine but anyway if you could be some help I would appreciate it deeply I happy if if I can get some kind of help out of the state of Wisconsin so if you have some kind of agency or you know some kind of organization that help people get to where they need to be going and seeking some help for their addiction I would deeply appreciate it you can give me a call back.

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