Hawaii Drug And Alcohol Abuse Hotlines Free Phone Numbers

Last Updated: February 4, 2021

Drug or alcohol addiction can be a tough thing to go through. However, it can be even harder to open up about it. When struggling with drug or alcohol addiction in the state of Hawaii, call one of these addiction help hotlines. They provide fast and helpful advice, as well as support for those suffering from addiction.

Narcotics Anonymous

With confidential support for both adults and children in the state, the national drug abuse hotline Narcotics Anonymous helps people overcome drug addictions with a 12 step process. The helpline guides people of all ages and backgrounds. The local Hawaii helpline can be reached by calling 242-6404.

Handsome Bugga

This counseling hotline is aimed at the youth of Hawaii. It gives them someone to talk to about any drug, alcohol, or socially related issues. Dial 575-9264 to get advice on substance addiction.

Castle, Alcohol and Addiction

This drug and alcohol helpline helps to guide people in the right direction. Its aim is to help as many people overcome addictions to drugs and alcohol as possible. Call 242-9733 to start a recovery process.

Adult Children of Alcoholics

This addiction recovery hotline is aimed at those who grew up with alcoholic parents and now are over the age of 18. It helps to give support to those who are struggling due to the events of their childhood. This service is operating on the 242-9733 phone number.

Treatment is Hawaii is thorough and could help get life back on track. If in need of help with addiction, do not hesitate to call a substance abuse hotline. Substance abuse rehabs in Hawaii are a good choice to start the journey to the healthier life.

Published on: October 1st, 2018

Updated on: February 4th, 2021


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  • Tatyana Smart
    I’ve become delusional, I bad mouth my fiance and his family over thier addiction , yet I’m a raging alcoholic. And I cannot seem to mind my own business. I really need help

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