Drug Addiction Hotline in New York: Drug Recovery Helplines

Last Updated: February 4, 2021

People living in New York and looking for assistance with substance addiction or in need of a referral can call any drug crisis hotline within the state. Victims at risk of substance abuse and want to talk to someone about it can use any free hotline number below to call in and get help.

New York State HOPEline

This 24-hour counseling hotline is for anyone seeking help with alcoholism, problem gambling, and drug abuse. 1-877-8-HOPENY. All calls are toll-free, anonymous, and confidential.


This is a private and confidential 24-hour abuse helpline for people struggling with depression, stress or drug, and alcohol misuse. Call 1-888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355).

This number is free and confidential. It links you with a counselor, and it is available in more than 200 languages.

New York State Smokers Quitline

This drug hotline number provides a variety of services amongst them FREE nicotine replacement therapy (the nicotine patch) 1-866-NY-QUITS (1-866-697-8487).

The helpline is confidential and available in Spanish and English. Hearing impaired, the deaf, and speech-disabled people can call the NY Relay Service at 7-1-1 (Voice or TTY).

Therefore, victims of substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, and drug addiction have alternative abuse hotlines to call and get help in New York addiction treatment facilities.

Published on: October 1st, 2018

Updated on: February 4th, 2021


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  • Denice Gomez
    I am a parent of a 19 year old daughter that’s is suffering from deep depression at first she started distancing herself from everything as time has passed she is now cutting herself talking about wanting to die smoking weed a lot daily now I have discovered she is using percs Xanax not prescribed she’s actually buying drugs outside She needs help I don’t know how to handle talk deal Cope with her I don’t know how to help her my daughter is drowning literally please help me we live in the Bronx we have Medicaid my 16 and 14 year old boys are seeing this living this my dad is 77 hrs been there father figure all the lives he’s in pain we all are we feel stuck we have no idea waT to do PLEASE HELP ME US HER PLEASE
  • James Cassidy
    Sadly I have walked myself into an Oxycodone drug issue with Cancer and Pain issues. What makes me such an idiot is I knew this and gambled I would die from Cancer and step into this horror. I know the Organic Chemistry of this drug and completely drove through the Red lights.

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