Drug Addiction Helplines in Kansas — Free Confidential KS Hotlines

Kansas addiction and rehab hotlines
24/7 Free Addiction Helpline(888)-459-5511

Battling with addiction can be incredibly challenging, and the idea of withdrawal symptoms daunting. This makes opening up to face those issues also difficult. However, when struggling with addiction in the state of Kansas, contacting a substance abuse hotline is the next step in the process. These hotlines provide vital information and support for overcoming addiction.

Delphi Health Group

The Delphi Health Group hotline is a provider of confidential support in various states in the US, including Kansas. The free helpline provides information and support on where to get treatment for addiction to both drugs and alcohol. The calls are confidential and free. Dial (888)-459-5511 to reach the caring representative.

Alcohol And Drug Abuse Helpline

This helpline is designed to support addicts to all kinds of substances. It provides a free and confidential service to guide them through the hardest parts of addiction and help them overcome it. Reach the hotline at 866-645-8216.

Covenant House Teen Hotline (NineLine)

This Kansas alcohol abuse helpline focuses particularly on alcohol disorders for runaway or homeless children and adolescents. However, it does not limit its assistance to alcohol and those without shelter and is willing to help with any substance abuse issue for anyone under 18. In case of need, the help can be found at (800) 999-9999.

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Hopeline

This substance abuse hotline aims to give people a reason to quit a substance. Named Hopeline due to the hope it tries to give people, this helpline works to give callers someone to talk to about their lives as well as their addiction. Find the help at (800) 622-2255.


AL-ANON hotline helps the family of those who are addicted to the substance. This alcohol abuse hotline aims to offer the best advice on dealing with an addict, showing different coping mechanisms and more. Call (888-425-2666) to speak about alcoholism.

When it comes to treating addiction in Kansas rehab centers, there are so many visible options. However, the hardest part is getting started. Contact a substance abuse hotline today and take the first step in getting back on track.

Drug Addiction Helplines in Kansas — Free Confidential KS Hotlines

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