Drug Abuse Hotlines in California: Free Recovery Helplines

California addiction and rehab hotlines
24/7 Free Addiction Helpline(888)-459-5511

California residents can connect with the right treatment services and professionals for effective rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addiction by calling any of these local hotlines.

Delphi Health Group

Delphi Health Group connects people to professionals to offer free drug counseling services and treatment recommendations. Call a representative on the free phone counseling hotline (888)-459-5511 to get intervention help for free. Services offered are covered by insurance, and 100% confidentiality is assured.

California 2-11

Hotline number 2-11 provides a great resource for referrals in California. They connect individuals to community health and human services, as well as effective rehab centers in California. Dial the help hotline number 2-11 to speak with their representative 24/7.

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Hopeline

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Hopeline is available for California residents who require access to the best rehab centers. Get access to professionals who offer counseling services and advice, as well as connecting individuals and families to a wide range of treatment facilities across the state and the country. Dial the National abuse hotline 1-800-622-2255 to speak to a representative 24/7.

Families Anonymous

Families anonymous hotline provides counseling and treatment advice to families who require help for their loved ones suffering from alcohol or drug abuse. They also provide advice on treatment services most appropriate to each individual. Reach them on the rehab number 1-800-736-9805.
Do not delay any more. Get quick access to help in California drug rehab facilities by calling any of these abuse hotlines.

Drug Abuse Hotlines in California: Free Recovery Helplines

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