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Oklahoma Drug Addiction Hotline Numbers: Free Abuse Counseling

Oklahoma addiction and rehab hotlines

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Drug addiction is a complex behavioral problem that affects how the brain works and productivity. People in Oklahoma suffering from substance abuse and disorders need support to break loose from this enslaving behavior. The state and some non-profit organizations have already woken up to the challenge and now provide intervention help for free to those affected. Below are the drug hotline numbers to call for assistance.

Delphi Health Group Drug Recovery Hotline

The Delphi Health Group saw the need for a drug addiction hotline in Oklahoma to support victims and caregivers affected by substance addiction. The (888)-459-5511 helpline is toll-free and links the affected to professionals in drug addiction and recovery. The good news is that every treatment program including detox is fully covered by insurance.

Reach Out Hotline

This mental health abuse hotline is managed by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health. It is a state-wide 24-hour substance abuse helpline providing referrals for the mentally ill. Callers receive loads of information on alcohol, drugs and mental health. Call 1-800-522-9054 to get assistance.

The Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline

This a free service available to people who want to quit tobacco smoking. It is toll-free and available 24/7 to provide the necessary tools and support to victims of tobacco addiction. The free phone counseling hotline is 1-800-QUIT NOW (784-8669).

Oklahoma County Crisis Intervention Center

Anyone seeking support for substance abuse or mental health in Oklahoma can use this drug hotline number. It works 24/7, and it links victims to standby support from specialists. The number to call is (405-522-8100). This service is available for adults above 18 years old only.

Substance abuse is closely related to mental issues that can lead to incapacitation. This means specialist support is needed to contain and reverse the effects of drug addiction in Oklahoma. Through the local hotlines available, children and adults alike can get the support they need in choosing the Oklahoma drug rehab.

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