Plugging Drugs – What is it, Methods, Requirements, and Complications

A Quick Guide to Plugging Drugs

Plugging drugs is an alternative method of drug use that utilizes rectal administration of drugs. It is not the most natural route for drug administration.

Even so, inserting the drugs in the anus is a medically viable way for taking many drugs. They include aspirin, glycerin, laxatives etc.

Individuals with an addiction to opiates, cocaine, MDMA, Adderall, and MDMA often use the rectal route to get high. You can also call rectal drug use booty bumping.

How to Plug Drugs?

The choice of the plugging method depends on the physical characteristics of the drug substance. This includes water solubility, available formulations of the drug and desired intensity of high. For an intense high, the enema is the best while plugging the pill is the most convenient method. However, it offers a less intense high.

Plugging Materials

Before plugging, they make sure the required plugging materials are available:

  • A syringe without a needle: They use a disposable oral syringe to insert the drug solution into the anus. In order to avoid infections, they often use disposable syringes.
  • Glass container: They prepare the solution of the drug in a glass container.
  • Lubricant: Lubricants facilitate the insertion of the syringe into the anus thereby decreasing the risk of local injuries.
  • Water or any other suitable solvent: The choice of the solvent depends on whether the drug is water-soluble or fat-soluble. For water-soluble drugs such as MDMA, amphetamine, and opiates, they use water to dissolve. When using fat-soluble drugs such as DMT, they use a non-polar solvent like propylene glycol.
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Methods of Plugging Drugs

The common methods of plugging drugs are:

  • Pill plugging or plugging drugs without syringe: This is the simplest and the easiest way for rectal administration of a drug. That is, if it is available in the form of tablet or capsule. Nonetheless, the high sets in later and is generally unpredictable. They can simply insert the pill into the anus a few centimeters deep.
  • Solution plugging: Enema is an example of solution plugging. It involves the use of the drug powder which they first dissolve in the suitable solvent. Then, they inject into the anus with the help of a syringe without the needle. To facilitate the insertion, they use lubricants. This is the most effective method of plugging drugs and offers a rapid onset of high.
  • Capsule plugging: They crush the tablet into powder and place it inside capsule shells. Unlike the tablets, capsules offer a rapid dissolution and faster absorption.

Why People Prefer Plugging Drugs?

There are many reasons for the need for plugging drugs instead of injecting, snorting or taking them by mouth. Many addicts plug the drugs out of curiosity to experiment. Other may do it to avoid injection marks.

In addition to these, many addicts continue to use the rectal use because they have realized its benefits.

Advantages of Rectal Drug Use

Rectal administration of drugs offers various advantages over the oral route. An orally taken drug might take a long time to produce high. However, drug plugging can provide even a more intense high in a short time. It happens because orally taken drug has to cross various biological barriers. For example, it can be the unfavorable environment inside the gastrointestinal tract. But rectal administration skips many of these steps and provides a rapid drug high.

The drug inside the rectum reaches the bloodstream relatively faster. In addition, it also bypasses the first-pass metabolism occurring in the liver before the drug reaches the general circulation. The first-pass metabolism inactivates a certain portion of the orally taken drugs.

What Kind of Drug Is Used in Plugging?

There are a number of drugs they use by putting them in the butthole. For example, heroin plugging is one of the ways they use to get high. However, the euphoric effects by rectal administration of heroin have delayed onset. You can compare this to those by smoking, snorting or injecting into the vein.

In general, drugs which are soluble in water or other solvents are the best choice for rectal administration.

It is because they do not cause irritation. Some common examples include opiate plugging, cocaine plugging and MDMA plugging.

The choice of the drug they use in plugging also depends on their physical characteristics and absorption properties. For example, you would not plug a drug which has very little absorption from the colon walls.

Complications of Plugging Drugs

Plugging drugs can cause a number of complications and adverse effects in the users. The most common of all complications is the irritation of the tissues lining the interior of the colon.

Other complications that may arise due to the rectal administration of drugs include:

  • Higher risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS – Using dirty equipment for plugging can expose the addicts to a number of pathological microorganisms including the HIV virus. This is because the injury from the process leaves the user vulnerable to infections.
  • Exacerbation of the medical conditions if they are already present at the time of plugging. This includes constipation, chronic diarrhea, and any other diseases of the rectum.
  • Higher risk of a drug overdose: The high from the rectal drug use peaks and fades very quickly. In order to get a constant high, many addicts opt for plugging drugs continually. Sometimes, they don’t even know if they are having an overdose.

Want to Know More?

Do you have any queries about plugging drugs or want to know more about drugs addiction? You should talk to the experts. They can give you proper counseling and recommend the right treatment. Click here to connect with the best experts in your town.

Plugging Drugs – What is it, Methods, Requirements, and Complications

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  • I take zubsolv everyday and you are supposed to put the tablet under your tounge to dissolve. I take a lot of medications due to cancer which is doing great! BTWThese meds dry my mouth out so bad so the zubsolv doesn’t melt properly and it ends up going down my throat and causing the medication to bring on the symptoms you are trying to relieve so I thought; Why can’t I dissolve it in my rectum instead? Is that possible and safe to do? I take the medicine for pain relieve instead of opiates and it works really good but I’m tired of the side effects if it go down my throat. I hope you can answer this question for me. This medicine is the same thing. as suboxone.

    • It causes tooth decay. Big lawsuit against it because of the dry mouth. I think no its not meabt to be rectally dissolved it’ll cause rapid withdrawal like you are experiencing. That’s a tough situation ask your Dr for sure

  • You can dissolve the strip in water mix it up take a needleless syringe lubricate insert to the anus and push the plunger down. this method is more so used for people that want a buzz so I really wouldn’t recommend that especially if you were only using the medication for pain in the way it’s supposed to be used instead of the strips try asking your doctor to put you on Subutex

  • I have the same question

  • I have had gastric sleeve surgery and have had complications with tears in my stomach. Can I safely administer an antibiotic pill rectally as I cannot swallow the pill without throwing up?

  • I have incredible pain in my lower back from a injury can I plug my Roxy 10 to get a faster reliever also will I get high off it?

    • If you dissolve it in water first. It will get you high if your tolerance is low. We get roxy 15s and booty bump them

  • Ok so if I was to plug fentanyl/heroin, would I prepare it the same as if I was gonna go in a vein? Meaning put water on it and cook it up first? I’ve been wanting to try this since my veins are shot from using and snorting it isn’t the same at all.

    • Yes it will work just like a conventional shot would. I do it all the time because I’m afraid of needles and my veins are so hard to find even nurses have trouble. I would cook it up like you were using it like a normal shot, break the needle off, and find a lubricant preferably astroglide or Vaseline or something like that. Have fun!

      • How far do you insert your syringe..? I’m having issues..i typically use IV, but I had to stop a couple years ago because of a nerve disorder that causes me to shake like i have Parkinson’s. I can hit a vein but as soon as i flag, I start shaking so bad I lose it..rather than sit and dig for an hour and most likely miss anyway, I broke the tip off and inserted as described..laid on my side for a minute and a half with the thing still hanging out of me before pulling it out (sorry if it’s TMI); I was under the impression that I would achieve similar results but I’m still waiting for..well..anything.
        Did I just waste my point of ice?

        • No, you didn’t waste it. Can take up to 20 minutes but usually doesn’t. You just have to insert it past the sphinxter which you can usually feel. An inch and a half is more then sufficient

    • Yes. Thats what I do. Be careful with the fentanyl. Because you don’t have control over how much is absorbed at once like you fo with shooting you may overdose easier also it can take up to 20 minutes to feel it so you might think oh I didnt do enough and do more ans then boom it sets in a d you are feeling the first dose. Then you realize it was enough abd the second ones still on its way. I got way too much once like that. So remember you can always do more you can’t do less. Meaning be patient!

    • Its actually much much easier, I’ve doing it for over ten yrs without a problem, because it’s going into your anus it doesn’t have to be ultra sterile and filtered of lumps etc,

      Heres what I do and as I said have done for years,

      Before you do anything EMPTY YOUR BOWELS.

      first get a 5-10ml needleless syringe,

      next gext some thin silicone tubing (fish tank filter tubing is perfect)

      next get your your tablet and chew it up between your front teeth (practice makes perfect)

      next get your syringe, pop it into your mouth and draw out your chewed up liquid, get a few more ml of water and swish it arounf=d abd suck that into your needleless syringe as well,

      next get your rubber tubing and attach it to the syringe, you’ll finde its a perfect fit, just be sure to push it on fully,

      Now one last time attempt to empty your bowels as even when they are empty it can “feel” like you need to go even when you dont due to the local anisthetic properties of some drugs

      Now get some lube or a bit of spit and coat the end of the tubing, now either stand up with one leg bent and slide the tube in and gently depress the plunger, or lie down on your bed and do the same, you’ll wanna aim on laying there for a good 30mins (though it will begin to hit you in seconds) to allow it to work its way in, and contray to some belief it works MUCH faster than swallowing it and the rush is only second to injecting it.

  • Crazy world we live in!!

  • Just to be clear this method is actually harder on your liver right?

  • so for reals? You cannot take any drugs at all while taking suboxone? it would be a waste? i just can’t believe this is possible? And does it really take away the sickness and cravings? i want to hear from someone that has a opoite addiction that would have with draws ok? and started on suboxone i the meds just havent started it….not sure if its me not wanting to quit or if Im afraid of the outcome

    • I have dealt with opioid addiction for more than 10 years now. I’ve abused everything from hydros to oxys and opanas to heroin. For the past 2 years I have been back and forth with opioids, subutex and suboxone. I would get pain pills, do them till they were done, getting as high as I could. When I would get down to 1 or 2 pills and I couldn’t find any more pain pills, I would look for subs, to avoid sickness. I recently got the balls and went my ass to the doctor. Now I have my own suboxone, I don’t even want pain pills anymore. It does take the sickness away, but even more importantly it kills the desire to pill search or even get high on pills. My only desire is to get my life back, it has belonged to a drug for so long! I hope this helps you in making your decision. Good luck! Xoxo

      • Paula,
        I am an opiate addict currently and have been for 5 years. I’ve been back and forth between getting off heroin with the help of suboxone, and then relapsing and going back to heroin for a couple years now. As far as I know, taking suboxone only renders other OPIATE drugs useless. For instance; if you took suboxone and then Vicodin later on, the Vicodin will not work as intended. This is because of the chemical inside suboxone (nakoxone/narcan) that prevents any type of opiate from triggering the “pleasure” system in our brains (feeling euphoric or high), which is what opiates usually do… UNLESS you have naloxone in your system. Naloxone is an opiate antagonist, so it blocks all other opiates from getting you high while it is active in your body. But- because suboxone contains an opiate as well as naloxone, it can supposedly also take away pain. I’ve actually heard of it being prescribed to people just for pain. Because it is an opiate that you don’t feel “high” from when you take it, so people feel much safer being prescribed something that won’t make them feel “high” in fear of getting addicted to it. BUT/ it IS an opiate. And it is extremely addictive and difficult to quit, much like methadone. although it still has other opiate affects such as (supposedly) pain relief, and definitely constipation. Hope I helped. If you have any other questions about it feel free to ask me.

    • Hey 20 year on and off addicted to opiates doctor gave me Suboxone I had zero withdrawal and because if you take any opiates with in two days if Suboxone you will get no effect from the opiates maybe even a bad headschr well I can say I have been off the opiates for over 6 years going strong I’ve also been off the Suboxone ,about 5 years I highly recommend this it works but only if you truly want to quit

    • It will help you not even think about pain pills but it has it’s downfalls like when they wean you off u still withdrawal really bad for like a month then the pp cravings come back!

    • That’s just opiates and opioid s suboxone is opiate agingst and antagonist drugs such as amphetamine’s ,LSD , pcp, mdma, our all fine and have no major interactions with suboxone, just other opiates witch nalxone in suboxone reverses the effects of because of antagonism of opioid resepters it also could be bad to mix it’s with cns downers specifically gaba a and gaba b againsts like benzodiazepines ,alcohol ‘ghb, barbiturates it has possibly deadly reaction and just because people do it’s all the time don’t mean it’s not dangerous it’s the type u could 100 times be fine or do 1 and die

    • Any drugs that affect the mu opiate receptors in ur brain and stomach WILL NOT WORK if u have suboxone in ur system…… Don’t waste time or money… And just put the suboxone under ur tongue or st**id junkies will end up getting suboxone discontinued

      P.s I am an addict but do u really need to put it in ur a*s? Works fine taken sublingual

    • Suboxone works, and the primary drug is buprenorphine which is an opioid agonist which binds to dopamine receptors stronger and faster then opiates, so you won’t feel opiates,secondary drug in it naloxone stops you from taking other opiates, or you will go into withdrawals immediately, and you will be stuck this way for a minimum of 2 days before being able to continue or stop feeling sick. If you want to quit opiates suboxone is a smart move under medical supervision. Make sure you taper slowly from the initial dose dont get sucked into taking it for years. 1 to 3 months max or you’ll b on subs forever. And suboxone only affects opiates Paula, not any other drugs like amphetamines or benzodiazepines. Quit now I was an addict for 10 years. You will regret it, I do every day and I got off heroine fairly easy. Suboxone for 3 months tapering from day 1 to minimize withdrawals

  • Will plugging make shorter detection time for metabolites on urine screen.?Compared to any other ingestion?

  • I’ve heard dissolving ibuprofen in water and Syringing it up your ass gives a high. Is this true and if so how much?

  • Do you get a rush the same way you do when you shoot in a vein? Like the instant rush feeling in the beginning? Or just the high?

    • I have the same question as Harry; is bumping supposed to have the same “rush” as slamming..? I keep being told it’s the same, that it’s the only equivalent but I just ruined a hit because I’m shaking lol, and it was a full .1 so I didn’t wanna miss the vein, 10 units of water and 1pt..ouch. So I pulled the tip off it and stuck it up my pooper, pressed the plunger and laid there for a minute and a bit before pulling it out, another minute or two before getting up, and I’m still waiting for a “rush”..tbh I’m barely feeling anything, but I know it didn’t drip out (it was full of blood, the toilet paper would have had some red on it i would assume), my only other thought was maybe I didn’t insert it deep enough? Or maybe even too deep? I really don’t know, I’ve always either smoked or poked..thanks in advance!

  • For me it depends on the dope. You put it far enough in. It can take up to 20 minutes to feel it but usually takes me 2 minutes to feel. More water is actually helpful for absorbtion. Not less.

  • How much heroin/fetanyl should men plugged? I normally snort but my I need surgery on my nose so that is not an option anymore. So was just wondering how much compared to what I normally snort would I use to plug?

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