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Plugging Drugs – What is it, Methods, Requirements, and Complications

what are plugging drugs

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Plugging drugs is an alternative method of drug use that utilizes the rectal administration of drugs. It is not the most natural route for drug administration. Even so, inserting the drugs in the anus is a medically viable way for taking many drugs. They include aspirin, glycerin, laxatives, etc. Individuals with an addiction to opiates, cocaine, MDMA, Adderall, and MDMA often use the rectal route to get high. One can also call rectal drug use booty bumping.

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Why People Choose Plugging Drugs?

There are many reasons for the need for plugging drugs instead of injecting, snorting, or taking them by mouth. Many addicts plug the drugs out of curiosity to experiment. Other may do it to avoid injection marks. In addition to these, many addicts continue to use rectal use because they have realized its benefits.

Rectal use of the drug is illegal unless it is a doctor’s instruction.

What Kind of Drug Is Used in Plugging?

There are several drugs they use by putting them in the butthole. For example, heroin plugging is one of the ways they use to get high. However, the euphoric effects by rectal administration of heroin have delayed onset. One can compare this to those by smoking, snorting, or injecting into the vein.
In general, drugs which are soluble in water or other solvents are the best choice for rectal administration. It is because they do not irritate. Some common examples include opiate plugging, cocaine plugging, and MDMA plugging. The choice of the drug they use in plugging also depends on their physical characteristics and absorption properties. For example, a person would not plug a drug which has very little absorption from the colon walls.

Plugging drugs, as well as smoking, snorting, or injecting them into the vein, are against the law.

Complications of Plugging Drugs

Plugging drugs can cause several complications and adverse effects on users. The most common of all complications is the irritation of the tissues lining the interior of the colon.
Other complications that may arise due to the rectal administration of drugs include:

  • Higher risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS – Using dirty equipment for plugging can expose the addicts to a number of pathological microorganisms including the HIV virus. This is because the injury from the process leaves the user vulnerable to infections.
  • Exacerbation of the medical conditions if they are already present at the time of plugging. This includes constipation, chronic diarrhea, and any other diseases of the rectum.
  • Higher risk of a drug overdose: The high from the rectal drug use peaks and fades very quickly. In order to get a constant high, many addicts opt for plugging drugs continually. Sometimes, they don’t even know if they are having an overdose.

If one has any queries about plugging drugs or want to know more about drugs addiction, it is important to talk to the experts. They can give proper counseling and recommend the right treatment. Click here to connect with the best experts in the town.

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  • Heather Dorris
    I have had gastric sleeve surgery and have had complications with tears in my stomach. Can I safely administer an antibiotic pill rectally as I cannot swallow the pill without throwing up?
  • Michael
    Ok so if I was to plug fentanyl/heroin, would I prepare it the same as if I was gonna go in a vein? Meaning put water on it and cook it up first? I’ve been wanting to try this since my veins are shot from using and snorting it isn’t the same at all.
    • christopher
      yeah go for it bro
  • Dustin
    Crazy world we live in!!
  • Brandy Unruh
    If you dissolve it in water first. It will get you high if your tolerance is low. We get roxy 15s and booty bump them
  • ExAddict
    I’m an ex driggie of 15yrs I’ve done every pill imaginable. i was using up to 250$ a day i turned against family and friends and watched my momma die while i was high i tried overdosing but i was revived to be honest i thought it was the only way to get out from the sickness until a ex druggie introduced me to suboxone and all i can say is i thank her cause she saved my life I’m 4 yrs clean and sober all except for the suboxone and the down side you don’t hear much about suboxone is you will be sicker then you’ve ever been in your life if you run out so don’t run out and there is no drug in the world that will help you if you are not ready to get help so find the want to and the rest will follow. God bless all who suffer
    • Dickey
      You have it twisted, in a big way, You, my friend, are wildly not sober.. I bet, you think, strippers like you too
      • Professor Recovery
        Hey, ExAddict is absolutely sober. Each individual chooses their own pathway to recovery. Suboxone is statistically far more effective than any 12-step program at aiding individuals from abstaining from opiates. What happened to that openmindedness?
      • Jake
        If your 4 years clean what you doing on this site lmao. Don’t try and show off saying you clean everyone on this site is 100% not clean. I’m trying to get clean but I’m not yet. I’m 20 and I work 12 hrs everyday I just need something that take my mind of the work day and all the shit I have to do. I to Mdma/X pills. And smoke weed that’s it but I’m not gonna sit here and try to blast someone else for doing something. God bless everyone be safe have fun. But remember at the end of the trip/high you gotta live in the real world eventually
        • JENNA
          I have to say that out of everyone’s comments I’ve read so far, this is the realest one. Because really if you don’t have a problem and are so good to go, then why even be on this site. I am 37 and I have been an addict since I was 28. Long time. I felt the same way about how when I’m high, I can deal with things head on. I completely understand about, no matter how high you get to get your mind away from things, the reality is, the real world and all of your problems will still be there waiting on you. I’m fighting so hard though, and if I could ask for anybody’s prayers, I’m struggling. I want my life back so bad. Thank you so much for anyone that sees this and just sends a little prayer my way.
          • Marybeth
            Maybe he was sharing his story not to show off but to give hope, or ideas to those of us looking to get sober!! He not once told anyone they shouldn’t be doing drugs Not one critical comment from him…smh!
          • Adam
            Not everyone that ends up on this site is an addict. A google search about boofing took me here. I’m sure curios sober people are in here too. I’m a recreational drug user and have yet to be physically hooked by any substance, yet. This site is a good source for education, whether youve never tried a drug before or are an experienced ex-addict, like the guy(@ExAddict) everyone is sh**ting on for no reason. It sounds to me like everyone is projecting insecurities about their own addictions onto this innocent, and quite frankly, seemingly kind person.
          • Steven
            Jenna, good luck, You dont need to be worried about not having the answers now because you may have them tomorrow, why worry about how long that is when you can just worry about one step at a time and before you know it you’ll look up and be where you need to be and wonder….jeez where did the time go. remember the process, the process respects you as much as you respect it
      • Bobby
        Dude isn’t using heroin anymore. Whether he uses suboxone, methadone, stops cold turkey or even smoked weed instead of using dope it’s still a huge step in the right direction. Personally I consider someone clean if they use methadone or suboxone. Who cares what other people think. So what if suboxone and methadone are “drugs.” At least you’re not wasting the majority of your day for heroin anymore, not spending all your money, not destroying your body, not risking getting locked up, etc. Although I do have to admit it’s a little weird for someone who’s totally clean to be on a webpage telling you how to use drugs anally and then commenting about how you’re clean. It’s definitely a little out of the ordinary
    • Swim
      I also take subs and I agree luckily if your on that your doctor is most likely the one who is prescribing it to you they know how the 90 day taper should go and there is no reason to abuse your suboxone if you have your dose and you take it you should be fine. And when the time comes to get off your doctor whom may I add had to have a specialty in prescribing that will then appropriately taper you slowly and correctly off as there manual tells them.