Mouth Swab Drug Test — What is It and How Do You Pass It?

Mouth Swab Tests

A urine test or Urinalysis has been the most common type of drug with 90% of the 55 million tests administered last year were urine tests. This, however, is changing as saliva test is replacing urine test because it’s cost-effective, easy to administer, and can be deployed anytime, anywhere.

The police, law enforcement agencies, and employers can instantly test for drugs, without having to deal with your urine.

What do saliva drug tests test for?

A 10 panel saliva drug tests test for amphetamine, methamphetamines, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine, marijuana, oxycodone, methadone, benzodiazepines, and barbiturates. A 6 panel saliva drug test will test for cannabinoids, cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, opiates, and phencyclidine. The more drugs a test has the ability to detect, the more expensive it will be.

Another thing that makes saliva test formidable is that it has a very short detection window (or the mouth swab drug test detection period). It takes drugs quite a while to metabolize and appear in urine, but they can be detected in saliva in just a matter of a couple hours.
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The Top Saliva Drug Tests

If you have a saliva drug test round the corner or want to test your employees, investing in either a drug test kit or sending the specimen to a lab and getting detailed results can be a good idea. Here are the five best drug tests, both lab, and home based that you can try:

5 Panel SalivaConfirm™ Premium Saliva Drug Test


lab-saliva-testWith high levels of accuracy, the 5 Panel SalivaConfirm Premium Saliva Drug Test is an advanced test kit used to screen the saliva for drug toxins. With this kit, users can detect traces of amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, methadone, and opiates in the saliva. The test donor must insert the sponge end of the collection stick into the mouth and allow to soak saliva for at least three minutes. After that, the stick should be placed into the tube for screening.
The 5 Panel SalivaConfirm Premium Saliva Drug Test kit is fast, reliable, and effective.
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6 Panel Oratect FDA Approved Saliva Drug Test


drug-testing-labThe 6 panel oratect FDA Approved Saliva Drug Test is an advanced test kit used for detecting six commonly used drugs, including marijuana, phencyclidine, amphetamines, cocaine, methamphetamines, and opiates in the saliva. Follow the instructions properly to ensure the test efficacy. The test donor must remove the saliva swab from the pouch, ensure a blue line is present in each window, and then place the pad underneath the tongue for 40 seconds. Results can be read within 3 minutes.
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12 Panel SalivaConfirm Saliva Drug Test + ALC


Oratec Saliva TestWith the ability to detect alcohol, amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines and a list of other substances, the 12 Panel SalivaConfirm Saliva Drug Test is an effective tool capable of providing accurate results of drug intake within 10 minutes. To get the desired results, administer the kit carefully: Insert sponge end of the stick into the mouth, and let it soak saliva for three minutes. At this stage, hold the test tube vertically with the lid closed properly.
The 12 Panel SalivaConfirm Saliva Drug Test comes with a color saliva indicator which makes it easier to differentiate results gotten from different samples.
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Mouth Swab Drug Testing: Additional Information

When to Expect a Mouth Swab Test?

Although it can be performed by law enforcement agencies, usually it’s administered by employees before hiring new employees as well as at random to test the current workers to maintain a drug-free environment. Usually, a drug test is performed after an accident or when an employee returns from a long leave.

Are saliva drug tests common?

Saliva drug tests are becoming more common among law enforcement officials and employers because they are cost-effective, easy to administer, and can be conducted anywhere, anytime. Saliva drug tests can detect drug use sooner than a urine analysis considering it takes most substances a longer time to metabolize and appear in urine.

How Saliva Test is Administered?

Performing saliva test is extremely simple, cheap, and quick. All it involves is a swab that looks pretty much like your normal toothbrush. The swab is placed between your cheek and lower gum for 2-3 minutes, saliva gets absorbed into it, and you get a positive or negative result in a matter of minutes.

What Makes It Effective?

Mouth swab drug test accuracy depends on several complex factors, but it can be extremely accurate if administered properly. In other words, the sample collection should be done within the detection window, and a good-quality swab is used. However, what really makes it lethal is randomness. Since the test can be manipulated and beaten very easily, doing it at random will not give the individual the time to play any tricks.

How to be Prepared?

If you’re working in a facility that often conducts random drug testing, and you go to work with drugs in your system, you can get into trouble. Your best bet is to be prepared before you get caught unaware and have to bear grave consequences.

Is there a saliva drug test that produces immediate results?

Yes, there are saliva drug tests that produce immediate results. SalivaConfirm Premium, a 6 panel instant oral cube drug test kit, requires the swab to be in the donor’s mouth for 2-3 minutes. Results are seen as soon as the sample is placed in the collection tube. Other mouth swab tests can produce results in 7-10 minutes.

Knowledge is power. The first thing you need to know is the drugs that can be detected by saliva test and the detection windows of the common drugs:

Drugs that can be Detected by Mouth Swab Test:

Marijuana, Cocaine, Alcohol, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Opiates/Heroin, Phencyclidine, and Benzodiazepines

Saliva Test Detection Windows for Common Drugs

  • Marijuana: 12 – 24 hours
  • Cocaine: 1 day
  • Opiates: Up to 2-3 days
  • Methamphetamine: Up to 2 to 4 days
  • Alcohol: 6-12 hours

If you know ahead of time that you might be tested for drugs, the best approach is to completely stop taking the drugs. If for some reason, you can’t do that, you can schedule your drug intake to make sure the detection window doesn’t overlap with your work hours.

Another thing that can improve your chances of going undetected in the test is a good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day, and also use mouthwash on a daily basis. Using a mouthwash before the test exponentially increases your chances of passing the test. But make sure don’t go too hard on your mouth, any rashes or bleeding seen on the swab can be red flags for the testers.

Lastly, there are several special mouthwash products available that guarantee a negative saliva test. We haven’t tested any, but they could be worth a shot when your bread and butter is on the line.

How to Beat a Mouth Swab Drug Test When You’ve Used Drugs?

If you know ahead of time that you’re going to be tested for drugs, you can do several things to beat it.

  • Drink a lot of water and citrusy fluids, as they can help the drug get metabolized and leave your body.
  • Eat fatty foods, especially if you’ve been smoking weed. The component of weed detected by saliva test is THC, and fat helps absorb THC metabolites from your blood and into the waste matter.
  • If you can, by all means, ignore any instructions given by the lab assistant, as it will make their work more difficult
  • You may also use certain products such as gums or mouthwash to keep your mouth clean

What to Do If You Fail a Saliva Drug Test?

In the worst case scenario, you’ve two choices: accept your fate or fight back.

Wait! We don’t want you to punch the person testing you, but it may be the time to show some acting skills and play innocent. Act surprised and confused, but not angry or aggressive, though it’s not an easy feat to achieve. If you’re busted, you can insist on a urine test as saliva tests haven’t yet been approved by the FDA or SAMHSA. If you succeed in getting a urine test approved, you’ll have enough time to clear your body of the drugs. And if all fails and there is a lot to lose, you may consider discussing the matters with your lawyer to see if they can salvage you.

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Mouth Swab Drug Test — What is It and How Do You Pass It?

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  • does suboxone show up on a swab test

    • Yes. Most Suboxone clinics actually have the swab tests now because they can tell your most recent uses. Also showing the level of the drugs. They do this so they have the most accurate results to verify if your a frequent user or just on occasion. The most they can go back I think is like 5 days which they should be out or almost out (if your a daily user), of your system then

  • I’m taking a fat burner called phena lean. It has 2-Aminoisoheptane, L-Tyrosine and 5-Hydroxytryptophan I’ve done some research and couldn’t find much other than 2-Aminoisoheptane (DMHA) is like DMAA witch I think is like meth. I know the DMAA was banned Not really sure but the DMHA isn’t illegal but could that show up on a saliva drug test?.

  • Does dmt show up in a saliva test

    • There’s absolutely nothing that can test for any of the classic “psychedelic” compounds or drugs if you will. DMT especially occurs in most living creatures and thousands of known plant species have it naturally in them. Even grass and lettuce has huge amounts of DMT in it. The only reason we don’t trip balls eating a fucking salad is, when DMT is orally ingested we have an enzyme called MAO in our stomachs that nullifys the hallucinogenic propertiesof DMT. When smokes or used intravenously DMT lasts for around 20 minutes but it’s super intense but the Amazonian people found Ayahuasca. Which is DMT and another plant which is an MAO inhibitor and that’s why the DMT is able to be absorbed by the body orally. The TRIP or JOURNEY of you will lasts up to 4-5 hours but you also throw up and shit your brains out from the research I’ve done. Everything that’s been said about psychedelics is a lie and that’s why a lot of these substances are now being looked at again after 60 years and they are being seen as a natural treatment for a variety of mental illnesses and they’re having amazing results. Look it up man. Ethnopharmacology is what the scientific field of studies is called

  • J have a swab test on 15th of Nov n I took valley yesterday but drank 4 litres water since if I keep drinking water till then should I be ok xx

  • How can i pass a mouth swab for weed within a couple hours

  • I took methadone 3 days prior to swab test. Will it show up?

  • How long does it take to get a negative mouth swab from using cocaine?

  • What’s the percent of thc from 0.9 and the cut off is 0.5 I pasted postive for thc but I don’t smoke how can this be

  • How long before an oral swab test should someone stop smoking marijuana to ensure passing the test?

  • I was told with a mo swap
    Since I suffer from dry mouth due meds I take and since the swap didn’t turn blue the swap couldnt be tested but than I got a call that it tested positive for cocaine I have never done cocaine so what could of possible happen

    • I take a lisinopril/hctz compound pill for fluid bid up in my knee. It takes me like 30 min to turn the swab blue at my sub clinic. I’ve tested positive for cocaine ttwice now and haven’t used cocaine. I feel for you but unfortunately,I also have no idea what to do our how this is happening. I offered blood,urine, hair. .. they tell me the swab is the most accurate test so

      • Everyone who is confused about drugs showing up that you didnt do… my office mentioned not to smoke pot as sometimes it can cause cocaine and other drugs to show up. (If it’s been added to the pot.) Idk, I’ve heard a lot of people say that’s ridiculous but if this is happening to people- then whatever you’re doing thats not from your doc could be contaminated. Either way that freaked me out, since I really want the help and don’t want to have it get ruined… and so I just read some research that said even eating poppy seeds 1 hour before a swab caused a false positive in some cases… lol… Sounds ridiculous but I still definitely wont be eating poppy seed bagels at all. Play it safe.

      • Do you drink energy drinks or take any 5 hour energy supplements?? I just saw a few different videos/articles about these making tests pop hot for anything from pot to cocaine. Just a thought. Good luck!

  • If u smoke meth , u have to test Monday and today is Saturday but u stop after today and if u do mouthwash and everything else Will u be good ??? And if that person has dentures ???

  • i used 3 hits only of crack yesterday at 1pm and i have a swab today at 415 will i pass? this site says 24 hours so it would be around 26 hours that ive been clean

  • I took x and smoke weed found out I have to take a mouth swap tomorrow

  • Its friday i take a swab test monday will i b clean form weed coke n other drugs?

  • I’m getting a lab swab test done soon. How long for the to be out of your saliva. Chronic smoker..

  • Don’t smoke the day of the test and eat as many altoids as possible right before taking the test.

  • Seems easier just not to do drug especially if ur liclihood depends on it.

  • What if you are taking phentermine to lose weight…how or does it affect the test?

  • I took a perc 10 last night at eight, it was a one time use, and I have a mouth swab tomorrow morning at 10, the internet says Oxycodone can be detected from 1-4 days in your saliva, so it would be a total of about 40 hours since I took it

  • I’m a heavy smoker Took a mouth swab on 02/11/2019 stop smoking for 24 hours before the test brushed my teeth gums, tounge, underneath the tounge and root of mouth gargled with Listerine and hydrogen peroxide dranked lots of water chewed as many Altoids as I could be for the test but smoked a cigarette 4 hours before my test still haven’t heard anything yet do you think I passed?

  • This seems like people are trying beat the test instead of being honest… this is a discouraging feed…..

  • Regardless of your drug choice and it words for urine and saliva test, a very important and simple thing to do to pass is a lot of B1 vitamins, don’t be shy it’s virtually impossible to do any harm to yourself by taking a whole bunch just make sure it’s only B1, then hydrate, work out, sweat, keep you mouth super clean, eat sour stuff, use biotene or some other dry mouth products the day of the saliva test and right before it, your taking a test so study and you’ll pass

  • Just keep some gum in your mouth and u will pass it or just hold the test in your mouth without getting it wet. Then tell them u have cotton mouth i promise u they will let u drink some water. Then just keep a little water in your mouth n suck on it getting it wet. You will i promise. Worked for me

    • Today I had unexpected jib offer and for this test I took a big drink of lemonaid and didnt let it touch my mouth. You think it will work?

    • Yes but what did u need to pass from I need to pass for cocain I did at 9pm last night and just had a test at 7am

  • I have a mouth swab test scheduled for March 20,2019 as soon as I found out this morning March 16, 2019 around 6am I stopped smoking meth will I be able to test clean on the 20th my appointment is at 3PM Please advise

  • hello I am prescribed alprazolam *(xanax) and adderall since my daughter passed away. I have never taken the adderall yet because I have mixed feelings some people tell me it will make me depressed others say i will be fine. I just found out that my doctors office is doing a random swab test and I am very nervous about this. can you tell me about how long before I need to take these to have them in my system to show i am taking them. I don’t want to take them both at same time.

  • Can I pass a saliva swab if I had 2 nips of vodka six hours ago

  • I have child services involved in my life. I took Percs. Does the peroxide work. If not I’m sc**wed.

    • Imam no one to talk or tell you that you shouldn’t be doing it especially if it involves your child
      I myself was a heroin addict but before that my c husband was a coke dealer and I was doing that. I stopped by lowering my opiate dosage then going to a Dr to get suboxone. They want you on it for a long time if you can’t handle the cravings. If that is the case look into the vivitrol shot. Your child deserves both parents in their lives unfortunately my x chose not to be a part of my child’s life until it was way too late. He was about 16 and realized his dad never even would call on birthdays or holidays and my son played baseball from age 5-16 and his sperm donor, my ex. Only showed up to 3 games and stayed no longer than 2 innings. It really does affect the child. I am not one to pass judgment as I did I had my own share of problems but my child was with family if I went out to party. I always made sure to spend quality time with him as well. Good luck to you. I really hope that you are able to have a healthy relationship with your child. They really need it and Dont want to hurt your feelings by saying it bothers them.

  • No I just failed but I snort cokeamd still failed

  • you should give yourself 4 days before the test and youll 100% be fine

  • I’ve Been using Heroin an I have a mouth swab drug test tomorrow at 10am how can I pass it so I can keep my job…?

    • Stop using heroin

      • Stfu this is a waste of time and space we are trying to help people. O one wants to hear u lecture people with ur b.s. no one thinks your a godsend because you dont use drugs some people habe addiction problems amd addiction is a real disease that changes the endorphins jn the brain stop bashing ppl because of there drug use some people cant help it

  • I had some “poppers” about 11 or 12 hours before hit with a saliva test. They send it to a lab. Will those show?

  • It’s simple guys. Stop doing drugs and you won’t have to stress about tricking a test or having child services in your life or losing your job. Stop smoking meth, stop snorting coke, stop doing heroin, stop smoking weed. Be an adult and stop doing things that are going to jeopardize your life and your kids lives if you have kids. It’s that simple. Stop it

    • people don’t need to hear your B’S here, this site is mainly for people helping others with there questions about what works best for them when they partake in the recreations they like to partake in…if you want to play parent or physiologist ,then perhaps this isn’t the place you need to be….

    • Yeah no s**t don’t lecture others some people have serious addiction addiction problems which are now treated as a disease such as diabetes I agree this is a site to help people not bash them because of there choices your comment was a waste of time and space.

  • I passed after smoking pot the night before. Just brushed my teeth 2x in a row and used mouth wash for a couple minutes. Drink water as you get there. Or you can get your sawb and ask for some water. Drink some, then hold some in your mouth for you to dip the swab in. Easy. Done it many times

  • Smoked yesterday at 2pm salvia test is at 3pm today brushed teeth more than twice and rinsed with mouthwash. Will I pass for new job?

  • Your meds have benzo in it

  • get yourself a antibacterial mouthwash, if your driving take a generous swig as soon as you know your being pulled, keep it in till last minute and your good .
    p.s try brush teeth before you drive if can. (optional)

  • I did a drug test and it showed up positive for cocaine. I have never taken the stuff. What or how did I do something for this to happen?

  • Peroxide works 100% I had a swab on Thursday stopped smoking by Sunday night… I had the peroxide with me swished my mouth right before I put the swab in and I passed it… It definitely works

  • I just took a swab
    I only smoke weed for chronic pain and did about an hour in a half before test.
    I brushed teeth and tongue thoroughly, and purchased some mouthwash from a head store. I also ate and sucked on a big orange because that’s all I had. I will let you know what the outcome is

  • I have Autoimmune Hepitis can my high blood toxin levels affect the mouth swab test. I have taken several of these test and was told that it came back possitive which is immposible
    because I was in the hospital for 8 days

  • thats bs i didnt get a job because of failing a drug test and i waited 1.5 weeks it was a saliva test beware

  • I need to pass a swab for cocaine…suggestions?

  • if you don’t smoke meth but you snort it and you have a mouth swab will it show up

  • Does the weed vapor pens make you fail a swab test

  • How long does it take for crack to not show up on swab test..its been 2 days..should I do peroxide before I tomorrow??

  • How long do benzos show up in a mouthswab? Can they break down the benzos later and see which type u took? How long do they show up for?

  • Check what’s all in your meds… could contain things that show as what you are failing the test for… Google names that you’re not sure wth it is….

  • Try to avoid any saliva touching it, depending on the test and administrator it will better your chances by a lot

  • Does anyone know if you just bite down on the swab if that will work. How much saliva do they need. I barely had any at all and was able to wipe it on my pants quickly but had to pop it back in for few secs and I’m crossing my fingers that it wasn’t enough saliva!

  • If someone used say 3 lines of cocaine on friday and they have a test on monday how do they clean out there system

  • Okk.. I got on here looking for answers.. What I got out of this is 1. I will stop smoking today. My test will be on Monday and today is Friday
    2. Brush twice daily and use peroxide for mouthwash until date of test.
    3. Keep gum with me
    4. If anything goes wrong ask for water. Keep it in my mouth and use that..
    I will be bak on Monday to let you guys know the update..
    Wish me luck..

  • I had to take mouth swab tests 3 times a week for a year as part of a court program and what I concluded is if you’re dirty you are gonna test positive. If you are outside the detection window you won’t. I did about every drug there is, but mostly heroin and cocaine. I tried every trick in the book from peroxide to altoids to dipping the swab directly in water and/or having it in my mouth but not letting it touch my gums, cheek or tongue, and swigging water and letting that saturate the swab, then swallowing the water. I tested dirty most of the time. When I tested clean I was outside of the detection window. In other words, beyond about 18 to 20 hours for heroin, beyond 24 to 48 hours for cocaine, and a couple of days for weed. Benzos seemed to have the longest detection period, like 3 or 4 days. If I was within the detection window, I tested positive almost every single time. Even when I didn’t think the swab touched anything in my mouth other than the stick touching my teeth and lips, and swigging water, I still seemed to test positive. I think that people are attributing their clean tests to things like peroxide and the head shop mouthwash when they were really outside of the detection window and would have tested clean anyway. Now I do think that the window varies from person to person and frequency of use. For a daily user, you are gonna need more time to test clean than an occasional user, a heavy person may need more time than a thin person due to higher metabolic rate. That’s my opinion, someone who took a couple hundred of these tests and tried everything. I was skilled at beating urine tests Cuz I could introduce clean urine in lieu of my own 9 out of 10 times, even under close surveillance. But the swabs were tough when I was within the detection window. Just my personal experience.

  • Ok so I used coke Monday & Tuesday haven’t done anything since. I have a month swab 2morrow 4 probation do u think I will b ok?

  • I’ve been really sick for over a month. I used my daughters steroid inhaler to help my lungs and it worked so good, I’m finally feeling better. But I just had a swab today, used the inhaler yesterday…does anyone know if it will come up as amphetamines or smth else? Wicked worried.

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