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  • How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System?

    How Long Do Illegal Substances Stay in Your Body__

    Factors That Determine How Long Drugs Stay In Your System

    Many factors can affect how long drugs stays in one’s system. Some of these factors are:

    • The type of drug that was in use
    • The amount of the drug that was in use
    • The frequency of drug use
    • The person’s age
    • The person’s physical condition, height, weight, percentage of body fat
    • Metabolism rate
    • Chronic illness

    How Long Do Certain Drugs Stay In One’s Body?

    DrugMiscellaneous NamesUrineBloodSalivaHair
    MarijuanaPot, Weed, Mary Jane, MJ2-80 days2 days1-10 days90 days
    OpiatesHeroin, Opium, Morphine2-4 days6-24 hours1-2 days90 days
    AlcoholBooze, beer, liquor, wine3-5 days12 hours1-5 days90 days
    AmphetaminesObetrol, Reds, Meth2-5 days12 hours1-5 days90 days
    CocaineCoke, Snow, Crack2-30 days24 hours1-10 days90 days
    BarbituratesBlack Beauties, Seconal, Barbs14-21 days1-2 days1-10 days90 days
    BenzodiazepinesLibrium, Tranks7-40 days1-2 days1-10 days90 days
    CodeineCodephos syrup, Schoolboy2-4 days1 day1-4 days90 days
    LSDAcid8-24 days3 hours1-2 days90 days
    EcstasyXTC, MDMA2-5 days24 hours1-3 days90 days
    MethadoneMethadose, Dolophine6-12 days24 hours1-10 days90 days
    MethamphetamineSpeed, Crystal, Ice1-4 days1-3 days1-4 days90 days
    OxycodoneOxies, O.C., Orange City, Orange County3-4 days24 hours1-4 days90 days
    Anabolic SteroidsJuice, Roids10 days24 hours10 days90 days
    PCPAngel Dust, Love Boat, Ozone7-30 days24 hours1-10 days90 days
    NicotineTobacco, Cigars, Cigarettes2-4 days2-4 days1-4 days90 days
    PhentermineAdipex, Adipex-P1-2 days1-2 days90 days
    BiphematineObetrol, Reds, Meth1-2 days12 hours1-2 days90 days
    Bufotenine5-ho-dmt2-5 days1-5 days90 days
    BuprenorphineSubs, Subbies, Orange Guys1-3 days1-3 days90 days
    CactusBroken, Dead, Mesc2-3 days1-3 days90 days
    DET2-methyl-diethyltryptamine6-8 hours1-2 days90 days
    DMTBusinessman’s Trip2-5 days1-5 days90 days
    DOBAdam, XTC, Ecstasy2-5 days24 hours1-5 days90 days
    DOMSTP, XTC, Adam2-5 days24 hours1-5 days90 days
    DemerolMepergan, Pethidine6-12 days1-10 days90 days
    DiazepamBenzodiazepine7-50 days6-48 hours1-10 days90 days
    DidrexBenzphetamine Hydrochloride1-2 days1-2 days90 days
    HydrocodoneVic, Vics, Vicodin1-6 days1-10 days90 days
    HydromorphoneHospital Heroin, Hydro3-4 days1-4 days90 days
    JWF-018Spice2 days- 3 months2 days1-10 days90 days
    LudesMethaqualone14 days1-10 days90 days
    MorphineMorf, M.S., M3-4 days12 hours1-4 days90 days
    NorcoOpioid Analgesic3-4 days24 hours1-4 days90 days
    OxycontinRoxicodone, Oxyfast3-4 days24 hours1-4 days90 days
    PsilocinCubes, Shrooms2-5 days1-5 days90 days
    RitalinMethylPhenidate1-2 days1-2 days90 days
    ValiumBenzodiazepine1 week- 2 months6-48 hours1-10 days90 days
    XanaxBenzodiazepine1 week- 2 months6-48 hours1-10 days90 days

    Types of Drug Tests

    Currently, there are five different types of drug test that are in use: blood test, urine test, saliva swab test, hair, and sweat test. Each of these tests has the same function: to detect any drug in one’s organism. Thus are mostly used to discover if an individual has a substance abuse problems, or as a screening method for an employer to check their employees.

    Urine Drug Test

    The urine drug test is one of the most common tests. Overall, it’s an easy and noninvasive drug testing technique, which can detect drugs that have been in use weeks before testing. However, there is a slight possibility of false positive results.

    Saliva Drug Test

    The saliva drug test is the cheapest drug testing technique that does not require any specific laboratory equipment. As Such, conduct testing by swabbing a q-tip over someone’s inner cheek or tongue. Even though this testing method is easy to perform, it is not the most reliable one.

    Sweat Drug Test

    A small but sufficient amount of drug is in a person’s sweat. Therefore, by testing one’s sweat, we can detect the presence of most drugs, especially if the drug was in use in the last 24 hours.

    Hair Drug Test

    Drug’s metabolites tend to accumulate and remain in a person’s follicles long after drug exposure. Furthermore, this technique can be used to test a person weeks after he/she ingested drugs.

    Blood Test

    One of the most reliable drug tests is the blood test. Although it is more invasive than other tests, it can better detect drugs, and give more information about the drug that was in