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False Positive Drug Test: What Food and Medications To Blame?

False Positive

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Strangely enough, common food items or medications might be the reason that one had a false positive drug test. Discover in detail about who are the real culprits.
Firstly, a false positive drug test can be a devastating news for patients and their families and friends. Furthermore, It can take its toll on the professional and social life as well. Therefore, learning about its causes will help to take necessary precautions before one finally goes for a drug test.
One may need to have drug abuse tests at college, workplace or to fulfill certain legal requirements. Usually, these tests analyze the urine sample. However, the doctor may ask for other specimens like saliva, hair or blood.
Drug abuse tests detect the presence of amphetamines, cannabinoids, cocaine, heroin and phencyclidine in the specimens. Regrettably, no drug test can have 100% accuracy. As a result, one might end up having a positive result for drugs they did not take.
In addition, a number of food items and some prescription or OTC medicines can also turn the test results against a patient.

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False Positive Drug Test: An Overview

A false positive drug test means that one gets a positive result for the drug but in reality, they didn’t take it.
One might be wondering how it is possible for to test positive if one haven’t taken any drugs.
However, it’s quite possible. And studies suggest false positive test results occur in 5 to 10% of the total cases.

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How Does False Positive Drug Test Occur?

Drug Test
False positives occur when the analytical drug detection method recognizes some of the molecules in the body as drugs. Due to some errors in the analysis, it fails to differentiate between the drug molecule and other structurally similar molecules. Consequently, after a positive test, a person will need other tests to confirm abuse of the drug.
A drug test commonly involves the use of Enzyme-mediated Immunoassay (EIA). Because this test offers the privilege of mass screenings, quick results and low cost. As a result, most doctors prefer EIA. However, this test is not error-free and can lead to false positive results.
EIA uses a complex of enzymes and antigens. In addition, the test results depend on whether the drug or the antigen binds to the antibody present in the body.
Even if one has a very small quantity of the drug in the body, it binds to the antibody leaving the enzyme free. Next, the free enzyme produces certain signals which are detected by an instrument called spectrometer.
If there are no drugs, the antigen binds to the antibody in the enzyme-antigen complex thus limiting the activity of the enzyme. Consequently, the limited enzyme activity means the spectrometer cannot measure the signals.
Firstly, false positive drug test can occur due to a mismatch between the antibody and the substance. This could be chemically related to the drug or its metabolites. Sometimes, people might eat something without realizing that they contain trace amounts of the drug or related substances. For example, bagels, rolls, and pastries contain certain amounts of poppy seeds that may give a false positive result for morphine.
In any case, when EIA shows positive, one’ll need to confirm it using a more advanced technique called GC-MS. (Gas chromatography Mass Spectroscopy)

What Can Cause A False Positive Drug Test?

Incidentally, certain medications, both prescription and OTC, can cause a false positive drug test. It is because many of the constituents in these medications might be chemically similar to the drugs being tested.

Here are some medications which might give a false positive result:

  • Quinolones: Antibiotics such as ofloxacin, gatifloxacin, and ciprofloxacin can give positive test results for opiates and phencyclidine.
  • Rifampin: This first line antitubercular medication might be the cause for the positive opiate test.
  • Verapamil: Verapamil is an antihypertensive medication that may cause positive methadone test in some cases.
  • Diphenhydramine: Antiallergic medication diphenhydramine may trigger positive results for methadone, opiates, and phencyclidine.
  • Antidepressants: Sertraline may show positive results for diazepam.
  • Analgesics: These include common OTC pain medications like ibuprofen and Naproxen.
  • Certain OTC products such as anti-cold tablets that contain pseudoephedrine could be the reason why you tested positive for amphetamines.

Note: This list does not contain all the medications that might cause a false positive drug test. Therefore, it’s important to tell a doctor about all the drugs (prescription or OTC), supplements, and food items.

Factors That may Cause False Positive Drug Test

  • When was the test provided?
  • If there are metabolic products of the actual drug in the body?
  • Sensitivity of the detection technique

Does Positive Drug Test Mean That One Is A Drug Abuser?

In conclusion, a false positive drug test does not mean that patient 100% abuses drugs. It means one need to recheck the diet or medication. In any case, if the test is positive, the patient should consult the doctor and take another test to confirm.
Patients can learn more about the false positive drug test, drug addiction or aspects of drug abuse or other tests. First, talk to the experts nearby or click here for more details.

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  • Blaine Stanziana
    I have a question maybe someone can direct me where and what to do. I am on some heavy pain meds due to two horrific neck surgeries for the past 15 years. During that 15 years I was drug tested regulary with urine drug test where there was never a problem. On Wednesday September 5th my pain clinic Dr in pa did the first oral drug test I have ever done in my 60 years of life. 5 days later they call me telling me that they are discharging me because my oral drug test tested positive for cocain and suboxone, I dropped the phone because I have never done these drugs in my life .. Plus he put this false positive in my records and now no Dr will see me. In my.neck there is 3 inches of bone from my left leg, two inches of hip bone, two 10 inch bolts and 16 screws I have 5 days of medication left im lost !!!!
    • Peter black
      Primary care may help but most say go to pain clinic. Won’t the place that discharged you do another test. Yesterday I was at probation and they drug tested me and alcohol tested me and alcohol came back with a faint line. I passed however my probation officer is suspicious. The last drug test before that had a faint line for subsoxone. I passed however I’m afraid every time they will violate me due to these tests. I’m in a lot of pain due to a car accident and on disability and no one will give me pain mess unless I have surgery. I was discharged from a subsoxone clinic a few years ago due to a positive test. They should know these tests aren’t a 100% accurate. They drug tested me in hospital and came back positive for pop which I’ve never touched. We did research and I was on a anti depressant called Effexor which caused the positive reading for pop. I know what your going through if that any consultation. I hope something happens for you. I know it’s a tough spot. Don’t know if I was any help.
      • Christine
        I don’t know if you have had your situation fixed. But, I would suggest you have them do a blood test, and isolate the D and I isomers. That will give them a better idea as to why you tested positive. False positives happen in about 10% of drug tests.
        • Fabian
          Any idea on why a test that is not 100% trustworthy are made a “legal” method for drug testing??it gambles with livelihoods and lifes of families dont u think??
          • Julie hartzell
            U r soooo right on there. I think u should b given the benifit of doubt. Do another test. Im in a methadone clinic and good behavior has earned me what we call take homes. Im up to 6 bottle count now. Well i started takin over the counter sleep aides. Sure enough it caused me several un happy times with this clinic. It showed up as a benzo, as we call it. I fought many rounds with them. Anyway like i said in the beginning i should be given the benifit over those cheap dern urine test. A trustworthy track record has to account for something – u think…….JH
      • Abby
        That’s aweful, I started crying when they told me I would need to start attending daily to get my meds or I could be discharged immediately. I have not a single idea why except my other medications there aware of are causing false positives.
      • Chris
        Suboxone is used for recovering opiate addicts. Clearly you have an opiate addiction…. Opiates aren’t for everyday use because of pain from an accident years ago. This is the excuse addicts use to get their fix. We all live in the same world as you do you’re not fooling anyone. Physical therapy and other healthy options are out their for pain management. Putting someone on opiates for the rest of their life for an accident that happened years ago is simply abuse. You’ll live longer and be much happier off pharmaceuticals trust me. Opiates destroy people’s lives in every sort of way.
        • Ronnie’sGal
          I have never heard of such a huge load of bull in my life!! I can count 5 people in my close and small circle who are prescribed opioids for long term pain! In fact, two of those people receive more than 240, OXY 10mg per month! You don’t know the pain care team for that person! You have NO right to call them an addict. Even if they are addicted to the opioids, you aren’t the judge and jury. Opioids do help for temporary pain management. Unfortunately, when Doctors first started prescribing them, they didn’t know how the drug would “trick” or “change” the pain receptors into sending messages to the brain that make the user want more. If someone was prescribed the medication, and it was helping, there would be no reason for the Dr to change the prescription. So, even if you think long term use of prescribed opioid pain medication means the person is an addict, their Doctor didn’t.
          • Kim Therrien
            I agree that the above rely seems harsh but at the very least the gentleman is dependant. So few doctors are actually familiar with addiction. I told the doctor not to give me anything addictive but he gave me vicodin ES and Soma. No, the doctors don’t know. A CERTIFIED addictionologist (psychiatrist) told an addict to just use the amount prescribed. Sad. Addiction isn’t something one chooses. The pain meds actually CAUSED MORE PAIN. And because some take it as prescribed they don’t think they are addicted nor can they be… Such was my case. Sadly, this poor man above probably had horrific withdrawals. And as an addict, it’s not about us being judge and jury just life experiences. Sadly many of us addicts need that harshness but I do feel this man may’ve needed.
          • Sandee
            I received 240 30mg Oxycodone, AND 90 60mg Oxycontin SR for long term treatment of incurable illness and injury . Until the recent outbreak of the opiate crisis, there weren’t any problems with my prescribing MD, but in the blink of an eye, the MD got paranoid and closed practice. Luckily, he referred me to another MD to help. The bottom line is I became an addict soon after I began opiate therapy. My drug dealer was my doctor…. And I passed every drug screen and test ever had.
        • Dania Gregory
          Suboxone is also used for pain. And prescribed by many pain manegmet clinics. I can no longer take opiates because of be been on them for thirty years and my tolerance for it is very high. I am prescribed 2 8 mlg stripps a day.
          • Kelly Allen
            Please explain,
          • Angela
            Suboxone can not be legally prescribed for pain management. However because people with chronic pain that have previously been on other opiate meds are dependent. That is how they can legally get away with using it for chronic pain management. An addiction clinic won’t prescribe it long term for pain. It’s a good medication for now until it starts to be restrocted as well.
          • Mike
            Some people need pain medication just to get out of bed in the morning I have had 56 broken bones and 14 surgeries so far I cannot live without some sort of opiate! I have tried every other way to get rid of my pain and nothing works so save your preaching for something you know about.
        • Gabby
          Chris. You are so wrong! I had a bad accident 20 years ago, I tried everything, the only thing that works is Fentanyl patch. Before that I was totally bedridden with severe pain. Now I have a life again
        • Mark Q
          I agree somewhat, I truly believe when Herr Sertürner isolated Morphine and began isolating all the “alkaloids” after 30 something (only 6 are really useful) around 1804 and Merck started producing it commercially in 1827 they never foresaw the epidemic of today. Unfortunately the most commonly prescribed Opiods “codones” happen to be synthesized from the most poisonous of the “Big 6”, Thebaine. Sorry got off on a tangent, but to your point, I took 180 OC 10’s a month for 4 yrs or more & weened myself off and LOW & BEHOLD I didn’t hurt as bad. So you are right on that part, but I find it disheartening when others look and/or talk down on people for having troubles. After all there has been only 1 man to walk on this blue marble that was perfect, we all know his name.
        • Margret
          I guess you have never been in a major amount of constant pain in your life that literally keeps you from being able to do anything unless your taking meds. Your outlook on this particular medication is very negative. Those that overdosed and died from taking opiates are usually addicts in the first place not actually needing the medication but faking an injury to get it, Ive seen this myself or not taking medication the way its prescribed. This does not mean that those that are in real pain and bad at that should be punished for others actions. Do you have any idea how many people kill themselves on a daily basis because their pain is too Mich to bare any longer? Everyone has an opinion but Ill bet you have no idea how the so called opiate crisis started in the first place. Don’t judge when you don’t know other’s stories or in other words what’s happened to them, what they’ve been through and the amount of pain their dealing with. PS theirs a difference between being being being dependant and addicted. And my Dr., prescribed my meds for legit pain from HELL.
        • Shari M Moore
          Seriously chris!! You have know idea what kind of pain she is in. Just because she is in a lot of pain, doesn’t mean she is an addict…
        • Brandi L Madrid
          Chris,Who died and made you “pain judge” you could use a class on empathy as well as pain management. Before you go around judging, try living in someone else’s mind and body for a while. You say “were not fooling anyone” and that’s right, were not. You seem to have all the answers to living a wonderful life. Well, how’s that working for you???Brandi
        • w Goewey
          Chris, You are a prime example of the ignorance of someone who has not experienced what you mouth on about. I have had sine problems since 13 years old, and have had surgery, physicial therapy, and every form of pain management there is. The only EFFECTIVE way to keep the pain under control has been opiate based medication. While I’m thinking about it, what Doctorate do you hold? My guess would be none, or at the least, dumbass, of which you are a professor. I do not wish bad things on people, in this case you have shown a lack of humanity so I truly hope you experience the pain many HUMANS do and are forced to jump through the hoops and twist thru the red tape we deal with daily. I also feel the politicians and doctors should be required to undergo DAILY screenings. This is only Right, as those who make the rules should be held to a higher standard than the one’s persocuted under those rules. You are part of the problem, step away and let the Adults find a solution.
    • Jazzie
      You have the right to insist on a more exotic screening. Blood, hair, etc. If you have nothing to hide, hold your head up high and march in there and insist upon another type of test or outside third party testing. The same thing happened to me with meth! Never in my life! I demanded another test and passed it with flying colors.
      • John Alderden
        Unfortunately im going through the same crap with my pain doctor….. I came positive for meth….. I have NEVER done meth. I tried coke a couple times over 20yrs ago. 3 of my prescriptions can make your UA positive for meth but Dr said their is a special test to confirm it…. He said that test is 100% accurate but i have read its NOT…… been going to this pain Dr for 12.5 years without a single problem. Im freaking out about getting kicked out
        • Rosie
          What is the medication you are taking
          • Sharon allen
            My son takes trazdone and drinks energy drinks at work and he tested positive for a low dose of meth in a hair follicle test
        • Roxie
          I’m going thru the same EXACT thing! Been with mine for 22-years! Never failed EVER!! I’ve never taken a med that’s not mine or added extra or run out early. I DID however take massive amounts of sinus and cough/mucus cough meds due to getting a bug from my youngest grand daughter. Also killed a 6-pack of Costco poppy seed muffins… comfort is comfort. I was told over and over when I tried before to tell the person taking my info at test time and was told only narcotics, we don’t need to know about those! Now, after my dr of 22-years has treated me like a new pt he didn’t even know I’m wrecked. My PTSD is out of control, depression is crazy and I can’t do anything! On top of that he took another pain med away as a punishment. Although he said it wasn’t penal. My ass!!! He always gave me a month to work it out. My insurance was fine with my dose. I’m just sick over being accused of cheating when I did nothing!! I feel your pain COMPLETELY
          • Adam
            Poppy seed muffins? Your so full of it, stop making up lies.
          • Jennifer
            This just happened to me. A positive for oxycodone. I didn’t take any and also got fired from the pain management center. I felt like I was in a nightmare. Hopefully someone else will take me but I really really didn’t take anything but my prescription meds. I don’t like being accused of something I didn’t do. I hope everything has worked out for you. This just happened to me a couple hours ago. I am very angry and frustrated
          • Roxie
            Adam read the studies it’s been proven
          • Richqrd
            Actually I have tested pos for opiates after eating poppy seed muffins from Village Inn before. It is kind of crazy. Thank goodness I was with my theripist at the time eating breakfast, or I would have been in deep trouble.
        • Kelly segedi
          Please. What happened in the end?
        • Girlymctx
          Evidently Chris, you are part of the group of “Scientologists” who Tom Cruise claims to Worship! Your righteous indignation comes from someplace where you’ve Never Experienced Chronic Pain. Please stop criticizing others & work on your own demons. For those on Opioids like Fentanyl, stay strong and consider Suboxone. I was on Fentanyl patches after my Nephrectomy and Chemo for my past surgeries for chronic back problems. I did all my P.T. & excercises & I eventually lost my extra weight. From 259lbs down to 155lbs . My Fentanyl patches weren’t really working anymore & I really didn’t want to go any higher than the 50mcg patches. I had to stop the patches for a full 24 hours & then I switched over to the strips of Suboxone. My life has irrevocably been changed forever. I was terrified with having to face the withdrawals. There were NON. ZERO. NADA, Withdrawals. I still have occasional sever chronic back pain, herniated discs & degeneration, plus sciatica. Plus now I suffer from stage 3 Chronic Kidney disease. Yes, I have pain and Yes , I can Only take Tylenol, but the Suboxone allows me No Highs & No Lows from the withdrawals either. I’m not exstatically happy but who should ever expect to be 100% happy? I’d say I’m “Content” & I don’t need to fear “running out early” for any pills. Also, Not that this happened with the patches, but you know what I mean, right?
          • anon
            i recently had a urinalysis because i’m on suboxone and subutex and in the office the medicine showed up in my urine but when the results came back from the lab they say it wasn’t in there anybody know how this could happen
      • Michael Lewis
        I tested positive for meth on a hair follicle test for a trucking company and I have never done any drugs in my life. I’m still confused as to why. I’m trying to request a different test from them, any ideas that will help me out.
        • Amanda
          I came positive for meth in a hair folical and I also have never used the drug
          • Rich H
            It is just plain SAD that some of these ppl think those of us w false positives are lying! The smallest amount of research shows that poppy seeds for example cause untold numbers of ppl show positive for morphine every day! YES poppy seeds!
          • Justin
            Donna just be cause certain things show up doesn’t always mean you’ve taken them. I’ve had a conformation comeback for morphine and at first was accused of taking it but after talking to the doctor he kinda believed me mostly because I had past the on site test and the comfirmation came back morphine Also the confirmation came back negative which means a pass for Ativan which is one of my prescription medications so he knew something was not right one up there the day the confirmation came back to talk to them took another drug test came back clean and my Ativan still did not show up they would show up on the dipstick but not when I sent it off drug test or not 100% accurate and if you take energy supplements or drink a lot of energy drinks there is a possibility you will get the halls posit is for methamphetamine/amphetamine to talk to them took another drug test came back cleaning and my Ativan still did not show up they would show up on the dipstick but not when I sent it off drug test or not 100% accurate and if you take energy supplements or drink a lot of energy drinks there is a possibility you will get falsepositive as for this is for you Dona if you were here to judge people and belittle them and be a ignorant uneducated b**** then at least know what you’re talking about. Ignorant people say ignorant things. I pray to God you go through what some of these other people have gone through and then when you tell a doctor I swear I swear just remember what you posted…
        • Lisa Lewellen
          What did you do? I had the same thing happened to me but I took a nail sample. I have taken Sudafed and cough medicine because I was really sick. Then I took a nail test and it came back positive how is that possible ? The first test I took was a hair follicle sample and it was negative ? You get any answers?
        • Court
          Sudafed or other OTC medications will cause a false positive. So will asthma medications. Adam yes even poppy seed bagels can cause a false positive.
        • Sharon
          Amanda, just because it “tested” positive does not mean that you came in “contact with meth”. It could mean the test is in error. None of them are 100% reliable.
      • Neva
        Did you ever find out why your test was a false positive? I know someone that purrs just came back positive and she don’t know whether someone drugged her or if it’s in the house she’s staying in or if it’s cuz she was taking antibiotics over-the-counter sinus medicine but she’s going to ask for a retest I think they could have switched the samples got a mixed up with somebody else’s.
      • Lynn
        Thank u, ur message have me hope! I tested positive for opiates and Suboxone today, I do take Suboxone and I’m 3 years sober thanks to the Suboxone. I cried because I know I didn’t take any opiates. I’ve worked hard in my recovery and it made me feel helpless. The job interview went well except for that. I asked for another test and made them aware of my prescription for suboxone, they r sending me to a clinic in the morning for another test. I have nothing to hide but the helpless feeling of taking a test and failing when you know 100 percent is awful. I asked for another test and I go tommorow. It should come up for just the subs.
        • Jeff
          Hi Lynn,I hope your follow up test came back correct. I’ve been on a stable dose of suboxone for over a decade. It’s been so long I have no care for other drugs. I just had the exact scenario. Tested positive for oxycodone, something I haven’t been around in years. Ended up dishing out 200 dollars to send it out for a CG / MS test. Supposedly it can decipher a false positive. I hope, because this is a horrible feeling. Wondering and not knowing why. I’m going to change my tune for a second, I’m usually more than polite. But screw these labs and MROs. I was blatantly told false positives aren’t possible, neither is a human error (what a joke). Wanted to tell him to f off. Somehow I’ve come across research by major universities that disclaims thier assumptions. I can only imagine how many people have suffered because of the ignorance of certain people. Nothing is prefect. Likewise I’m sure not every lab upholds to whatever protocol they have to ensure these tests are accurate. Every industry takes shortcuts, unfortunately these instances could technically ruin a life. But, in the end, I hope your follow up test cleared your name. The feeling of disbelief and frustration is horrible!
      • Frank
        Same situation with me at my work it said I was dirty for that then i went to a third party drug screen place paid myself within 1 hour time frame and I was clean but I still can work there what do I do
      • Rhonda Melvin
        My test through the pain clinic came up positive for amphetamines. I do not do meth and not all of my medications were included in my test, such as Trazadone. I was also. Positive for Kratom which I had tried but was unaware that Kratom is a banned substance. What do you recommend I do at this ]point? I am currently taking Oxycodone for seriously bad pain which I’m being told that because of the positive result they can’t prescribe my pain meds anylonger. How can I rectify this? Knowing that I do not use meth, which is wha the presumption is…
    • LovelyLexi
      It might be to late now but demand they retest. I failed a drug test for cocaine because of amoxicillin. If you’re taking tramadol, non narcotic pain meds that can test positive for suboxone. Most places normally do the cheap test, I demanded a retest for the expensive one and I was cleared. Hope you were able to fix this, good luck!
      • Angle
        What milligram was the amoxicillin that you took that showed a positive for cocaine ain and was it a urine test that they sent to a lab?
        • pete
          I tested positive for cocaine too with antibiotic is it true.. to get three teeth pulled out and they gave me antibiotics.. I have the prescription … from the doctor to show the court …. I wish I knew if there is another way .. I can get some kind of real facts ..Please help
          • Carrie
            Are you sure it wasn’t the lidocaine they used to numb you with?
          • Kevin
            Hey I just tested positive for cocain also from antibiotics. Wondering if you were on same ones as me and if they sent it to a lab afterwards…
      • Mr. Clean
        Naloxone can cause false positives for oxycintin
        • Jeff
          I did not know this. Have been trying for the life of me to figure out what could cause a false positive for oxycodone. I just hope the expense test i paid for can see and prove the difference.To everyone that might not know. After plenty of research. You can request the second sample they took be sent to a different lab, preformed with a more accurate confirmation test. You have to do this within a certain time frame, on your your money. To make it even harder, they didn’t even mention this as an option, I had to dig and discover myself, after being talked down to like a drug addict. I’ve only taken random dot testing for years without a real failure. But, if this happens to you, defend yourself, as hard as is it. That’s the only way to expose the flaws in the current system.
      • jill savini
        i am on cipro, trazadone and ventolin. i am on probation and the urine test came up positive for amphetamine, a drug i have never ever taken. they sent urine to a second lab to do a GCMS analysis. i am scared i am going to jail but i am completely innocent
        • Amber Belton
          Ventolin gives a false meth UA just as protonix and other meds of the sort.
        • LIZ
          Just stop telling people they are liars I have passed drug test for 27 years I have never even done marijuana but my last test showed meth and something else stop telling people they are liars because 10 percent or more come back positive because of other medications
        • Alana
          People metabolize s**t differently.
        • Ella
          Amanda stop being so effin negative nobody needs your negativity, grow up already!! You have no idea if these people are lying or not, I mean why would they have to come on this website where nobody knows them from Adam and lie about what is going on with them. You’re just another troll, a person so unhappy with their own life they gotta try & makes everyone else unhappy.
        • Lisa
          What is your problem? Because it hasn’t happened to you then everyone else must be lying? That’s a rather skewed ratio don’t you think? You’re right & everyone else is wrong. If justice serves, this will happen to you & you can experience the defamation of character like soooo many of us have. Learn something instead of spouting an opinion that you know nothing about.
        • Lisa
          Its the trazodone, same thing is happening to me. Google it & you can print out endless articles on it. It triggers false positives for amphetamines.
        • Stephen Pfankuch
          Why treat people that way. I am a psychiatrist and have done tons of research on immunoassay tests and the possibility for false-positives and false-negatives, there are so many different Rx, OTC medications, and some foods that have structural/chemical similarities to Controlled Substances. I have had to stand up for some of my patients that take UDS immunoassay tests for pain clinics, opiate replacement clinics, and probation/parole. Many mental health medications that I prescribe cause false positives. I tell my patients that if at preliminary screen is positive and they have not taken that drug (sometimes they have taken an illegal substance, and therefore, those results are true positives) to demand a more comprehensive GC/MS test. 95% of the time the patient is vindicated. The other 5% are truly positive and the patient can’t deny using, because, the metabolite is broken down to the molecular level. Please, don’t just assume that people are lying about not using. It is just ignorant, and shows that you can’t do basic research on this topic, and you’re here just to create controversy.
          • Kevin
            Hello Stephen. Just seen one of your posts on addiction resource.. Was hoping you could answer a question for me regarding a false positive for cocaine I just got at probation. I’m on 3 meds that could have possibly made me positive. They sent it to the lab and I’m praying the proper results come back… Please let me know if you get this message any time soon thank you
        • Bella
          All 3 of those cause a false positive for amphetamines
      • Missy
        No I’m sorry but amoxicillin nor ANY other prescription antibiotic will cause a false positive for cocaine. Unfortunately cocaine is one of those drugs that the only thing that will show up as cocaine IS COCAINE! There are a few things could imitate cocaine on a small panel urine screen but when they run the confirmation test with that gc msc test, it’s all over then because that breaks down th enzymes which are only found in cocaine. So I’m sorry but amoxicillin has not ever nor will it ever cause a false positive for cocaine. Sorry but look it up or ask any doctor and except that you probably did do cocaine but don’t want to admit it but if u really didn’t, then you’re urine became contaminated from the toilet to the nurse because those bottles are usually sealed in special bags right in front of you. So just something for u to think ABOUT
        • Jamie
          Money has cocaine on it when rolled up and used to snort it.
        • Lala
          Actually if you did your research you would see how wrong you are. There are many factors that can cause a false positive and its because the test mistakes a different enzyme that is similar for the one its looking for and it could be from a medicine or food or even an illness within the body. So before you go around twlling people they are wrong you ahould do some hard research because no drug test is 100% accurate and there are 10% false positives out of every batch of tests every day. So for every 100 tests 10 are false positive for something. And i know for a fact that people can get a false positive for cocaine because of an antibiotic. Im allergic to anyrhing derived from cocaine ie novacaine and yet 2yrs ago at my doctors i had an oral swab done that came back for cocaine and benzos and i never done benzos and im allergic to coke. Point is you have no right to
          • Cristal
            Amen to that, some people need to keep their judgements and rude opinions to themselves. Been clean for 15yrs, hundreds of drug tests, at least 10 false positives for a variety of drugs. Some I had no idea what they were even. Hang in there everyone!
        • Marnie
          Missy, get your facts straight! There are published medical articles in regard to antibiotics and false positives! Rifampin is a no brainer! Its used to treat several types of bacterial infections, including tuberculosis, Mycobacterium avium complex, leprosy, and Legionnaires’ disease. IT IS ON THE LIST TO cause FALSE POSITIVES. For crap sakes my partner is a diabetic. The drug Metformin that he uses can came up as a positive for METHAMPHETAMINE…
        • Stee
          The article right above all these comments says antibiotics can cause a fp. WTF. Do you take meds? Why are you trying to make ppl feel like crap.
        • Stephen Pfankuch
          Missy, I am an M.D. and I can confidently say that you are the lying (most likely you’re just ignorant of how an immunoassay test works and how unreliable some can be). Please, stop acting like you are above everyone else and accusing them of being dishonest.
        • Mrs. Hill
          I work in a lab Missi. you’re a percent WRONG there are a few different antibiotics that will cause a false positive drug test!!! Get your info right before you come on here and talk about something your obviously know nothing about!!!
        • Chaun
          She also could of been around a person who may have smoked cocaine like putting it in a cigarette and just to let you know a person could touch somewhere where that person’s cocaine residue was cleaned but the residue actually resides there for up to 672 hours which is 4weeks yes even after that drug user thinks they’ve cleaned up behind themself. They can scrub down the area but its not gone. It’s also detected if you have some type of dental work done or somethin dealing with your sinus.
        • Kevin
          Im sorry but your wrong about that. Antibiotics can deffinatly give a false positive for cocaine. It just happened to me on Tuesday
      • Stephanie Peaster
        Amanda, I just tested positive too for meth and marijuana on the dip test and then it was sent off to a gas chromatograph test . First it says special note that specimen # blah blah doesn’t match previous specimen under that number from that lab and then I get to read nothing else cause that’s where they didn’t send me the rest of the statement made by the testing company and on one page it says negative for cocaine and methadones and the next page says positive for cocaine & methadone and ethanol like alcohol the opiates and Xanax I take of course show up but I take my medicine right first and foremost because I’m in severe pain and am a disabled vet w ptsd . 4 of the meds I’m on bidurion quietapine, duloxetene and I can’t ecen think of the other but cause or can cause false positives as can poppy seeds and I don’t go to pain mgmt I go to my pcp and sign a contract with him he will keep treating me for other things but taking Xanax and 7.5 narco away and I’m in severe pain 24/7 I’ve never done Amphetamine methamphetamine cocaine or methadone and I don’t drink alchohol at all ever. . So sick of people trolling the internet just to cause more pain & suffering in this world maybe I wdnt need this stuff if I hadn’t signed up to serve for people like you
        • Mark Q
          I thought Trazadone popped for benzo’s everytime.
      • Roxie
        Seriously.. people with chronic pain deal with people judging then every day!! We don’t come on here to get more!!! And that’s like baby aspirin when you’re in pain 24/7 and the opioid crisis has begun to strip you of the meds you need to have any chance of a quahog life!! It isn’t gonna save any of the id**ots that try to chase the high until it kills them. I just want the edge off my pain and in 23- years I’ve NEVER cheated on my meds I respect my doc and myself too much. But these false positive tests have to be coming from cheap **s tests or something else in our bodies or environment!!! It’s not Right!!!
      • Abby
        I am on methadone for pain, I have passed all my ua drug screen for 10+years . I’m on in addition to the methadone clonazepam,ambien,adderall,gabapentine, and Ventolin. I started to have random positives for fentonal!!! I absolutely have never used it, and I was able to get a test done on a Tuesday it was positive and one done the following day and it was negative. I’ve proved that there is a screw up somewhere but they still don’t care. Since I’m not taking fentonal I have no way of k owing or preventing a positive result…its got to be a med combo or a med I’m on.sone1 please help!!
        • Sarah
          Abby isn’t it dangerous to take clonazepam and methadone together? I was told by a doctor that is was dangerous and they do not get prescribed together. I just don’t want anything to happen to you.
    • Laurie
      I just had the exact thing happen to me. Go to your regular doc and tell them what happen and have them order a hair test. If that comes back positive then there is something in your body causing it. It’s your docs job to find out why. Sometimes the reason is not good news. Good luck
      • Terri
        I’m going through that exact scenario. I take trazadone, adderal, gapapentin and metformin and tested pos for meth and alcohol when I don’t drink and have never done meth, they have my entire family against me now thinking I’m a drug addict and they have my babies. I don’t know what to do
    • Lori
      I just left My pain management doctor and was in shock when my urine drug screen came back positive for cocaine, ectasy and methadone. I have never taken these drugs, even in my younger years.And now I’m in the same boat as you….. I was discharged from the practice, it goes on my record and now have no recourse to be put back on opiates. The quality of my life is night and day when not having pain relief compared to being properly and conservatively treated. Im at a loss.
      • Jamie
        When money is rolled up and used to snort drugs then put back in circulation….. I’m just saying!
      • Jody
        These labs are ran by people not to mention the immense amount of legal prescribed drugs on the market that can have trace amounts of drugs with similar chemical traits as the drugs being tested for but them is plenty of human error also. To cripple or ruin someone’s career based on one drug test by one third party who sends that to a lab that can’t even be questioned for their results because of the amount of complaints and law suits they are facing is ridiculous.
      • Dave
        Amanda…I have been going to a pain management clinic or degenerative I have been going to a pain management clinic For degenerative disc disease for the past six years. Been submitting to random drug screens that entire time. Two years ago I tested positive for alcohol on one of the urine drug screens. I don’t drink. That was a red flag. They told me there was nothing they could do about it and that it would be on my permanent record. No problems for almost 2 years. Two months ago the test came back positive for marijuana. Do you list to say I was quite alarmed by this. Found out this was due to a product I had been taking Product that contains a CBD oil from the hemp plant. They It showed up on the initial screen but when they sent the sample out for testing it showed negative. The pain clinic was OK with this because they had been testi it showed up on the initial screen but when they sent the sample out for testing it showed negative. The pain clinic was OK with this because they haVe been considering using products with CBD oil in their pain management regimen‘s. They said they would do another screening on my appointment the next month, May to confirm the same results. Dr was not worried about it. Today I had my regular monthly appointment for prescription refill and they informed me that my Urine screen for last month, they tested positive for cocaine. Cocaine. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that stuff in real life. Only in the movies and on TV. Mind you, That was on a drug screen I knew I was going to have coming into that appointment in May. I don’t drink, smoke or do illegal drugs. I haven’t for several decades. And even back in my wilder days I was never into drugs. Not even pot. The stuff just made me feel like I have a bad beer buzz. Now I am, like many people that are posted here, bewildered, angry and facing the possibility of a future with the pain and lack of mobility and quelity of life that I experience before I was put on pain management. And the pain doctor didn’t even give me the courtesy to inform me of this positive result as soon as they found out about it so I could have further testing done, which I would’ve gladly done at my own expense, to show that this was a false positive. So now I’m scrambling trying to see what recourse I have to get my wrongly tainted medical records cleared up from this false positive.
    • Heather
      I just failed an oral swab for anmephtemines and have never taking anything in my life, so I’m not sure because I would love the answer as well.
      • Janine
        I just had the same thing happen
      • Savannah. C
        I did too this week same exact thing u type …I got pissed n threw a f**kin the clinic it comes to find out since I been really heavy on weight loss pilss like hydroxycutt and some other one…they said that’s why I came out positive for achephimes or how ever u say that name. They said sent me the name of ur diet pills over counter..sure enough it had ingredients in there like medicine that people who have Add or ADHD IN THE PILLS. So now I’m in the clear….I was like wtf .no way. Bs. Because I been clean for while now.
    • E Gutierrez
      Wow! I don’t have an answer for you. Because I moved to georgia & went to see a new primary dr. For some reason they did a urine drug test. It came back positive & the dr would not fill needed medications. I told Dr I haven’t done cannibis in at least 20yrs ago. There’s no way my text could be positive. She looked at me as if I was a liar & she’s heard it all. Honestly I don’t have a clue how any urine test could be positive. Since now she put it on my records I wanted to go back another time to make sure the test came out correctly so that wouldn’t be on my medical records. I went back about 3 weeks later to prove it was impossible. To my disbelief the urine test came back positive Again. I told her it was impossible & I didn’t want that on my records. She said it should have been out of my system by now but it wasn’t. That it would remain on my records. So by saying to me “It should have been out of my system by now.” Means she didn’t believe a word I said. I told her I have absolutely nothing against smoking cannibis. That half my fds smoke it. And I just don’t do it by choice. That it’s impossible my text could be positive. I’m only told to come back another time I have researched everywhere & can’t figure out Why Twice with same dr my test came out positive. I’m totally baffled & really confused. I have no control of what she puts in my medical file. She didn’t even offer any alternative like just maybe retesting right then to see where or why my test came back positive Twice now. Honestly if I smoked cannibis I would have just done some detox stuff. But i’ve had no reason to because I don’t smoke it at all. I’ve looked up every thing I could because of medications I take due to two spinal surgeries. There’s no medication I’m taking that I found could give me a false positive. Are there any drs on this site that can even have any idea why I test positive for cannibis if I don’t use it at all???
      • Maria Steele
        Because it seeps through your pores when you are around people who smoke it
        • Claire D
          No, it does not seep through pores, and from second hand smoke from pot you can’t even get it into your system. I don’t smoke, but I read this on a medical thing once for my relative.
      • Amber Belton
        Ibuprofen can cause ir
      • Vighable
        Hi I’m no doctor but if I were you I would have them send your urine out to a lab for professional testing your insurance should cover the cost. The lab test will prove you are clean and the doctor will have to accept the results. I’m on several meds and they are known to cause false positives so I always have my urine sent out for further testing.
        • Angel
          I tested positive for Benzo which I have not done, but take Zoloft that could cause a false positive, but dr doesn’t believe me, I told them to send it out, will it give a another false positive or will it be right?
      • Tina
        Amanda you do NOT know these people and just because you are so unhappy doesn’t mean you should try and make everyone else so miserable as you are. So why don’t you stop wasting your time here & go share your negativity somewhere else because it & you are not welcome here!!! Girl BYE!!
      • Paula
        Don’t feed the trolls, they desperately seek attention. Their opinion doesn’t matter, they’re here only to insite anger.
      • Becky
        Cbd products will give false positive on drug test.
      • Cheri
        Are you taking CBD oil by chance. It’s not regulated enough yet so some of the products have THC in them. A friend of mine had breast cancer and she was going to use a CBD product but she decided against it when she researched it cause she is a nurse and didn’t want to take a chance. My husband’s pain management clinic allows you to test positive for THC now because they sell CBD products.
    • Jane
      This happens constantly even the free & confidential drug Hotlines don’t even know this. I was thrown out of pain mgmt in NY when my methadone that was prescribed was stolen, even though I filed a police report, then when I went to my primary care doc, who was only prescribing me valium & Percocet everyday 2 weeks, he told me I was abusing my drugs. I have had two neck surgeries & suffer from trigeminal neuralgia so I need medicine. Never should have had the surgeries. It’s bad enough when the TN starts to act up, but I have never abused drugs in my life. I also heard on the news once that a probation officer was just saying that people who he assumed were doing drugs, didn’t bother to give the people on probation drig tests, he just violated them. Thank the Lord he was fired & wound up in jail. I cant believe that a free & confidential Drug hotline called addiction Resource brought to my attention by the Delphi Health Group, doesn’t even know that there are foods like bagels, tools & muffins can lead to false positive for methadone, as or even any OTCmeds like benadryl can lead to false positives for amphetamines. Demand a gas chromatography test of this happens to you where they will take a few strands of your hair, & they can tell if you’re really doing the drugs they say. Good Luck.
    • Sand
      Tylenol, or any over counter ….ugh .same here.. tooth ache is the cause of this
    • Lori
      My urine drug test also showed cocaine, which I’ve never used and I also was discharged. Its mortifying when you know you haven’t used any substances that are showing up on urine drug tests and you cant explain it.
    • Paula
      Same thing happened to me, Im paralyzed from spinal cord cancer and been on heavy meds since 2003, never failed a drug test or a pill count. Last month got a letter in the mail that I was discharged immediately for Cocaine in my system, Ive never touched that stuff in my life. I told them I was on large amounts of antibiotics for my teeth and they didnt want to hear anything I had to say, so here I sit and cry in pain!!
    • Herpa
      Probably shouldn’t be doing cocaine and suboxone
      • Mindy
        You are a troll. PPM is a company who advises pain clinics. They tell what can or cant mess up a pee test.Pee tests are only 50% accurate! Benadryl tests out for speed. 1,200 mg of ibuprofen as pot. Second hand smoke and poppy seeds would only show up in more sensitive testing. Some herbs also cause false positives. If you get a false positive and know your iinocent, get a blood test or hair test. Insurance usually only cover pee test. Demand another test in 24- 48 hrs after. Call disability rep. Get a home test ( they are highly accurate and not so expensive. Fast 24-48 hrs and drink lots of water. Clinics do this because they don’t make money off pain meds! Good luck out there. I feel your frustration and pain! Educate yourself and make a stink! Have documentation and demand your records redacted. Threaten lawyers. Makes Drs very nervous. It used to be that if a Dr had you on opiods, it was their responsibility to wean you off! Opiods are big deal, now. Scream lawsuit! Find a lawyer who are suing Dr’s who prescribed opiods. Good luck. From a fellow sufferer!
    • Jason
      I study pharmacology and all sorts of legal substances cause false positives. Diphenhydramine can cause a false positive for Methadone. Ibuprofen can cause a false positive for barbituates and metformin can cause a false positive for amphetamine or methamphetamine. Maybe you should educate yourself before you go around accusing people.
    • Lori
      I work as an NP in s suboxone clinic. Many times other drugs show up on drug screens we always send them out if there is no reason for the false positive. Please most of these people are making themselves better by getting off of opiates and narcotics. Vivatrol shows up as a false positive for cocaine . Please don’t spew your hatred toward these people. Have you ever walked in their shoes. I think not. Please just stop!!! You are only showing your ignorance and intolerance.
    • Ben
      Disgusting. I had the same happen to me from an antibiotic which caused me to test positive for heroin. My uncle is a dr and gave me the pills when I was really sick, I brought in articles about this drug causing false positives but they weren’t having it. It was extremely frustrating. The suboxone is odd, I’ve never heard of a false pos for that, maybe they got samples mixed up. I would get an independent drug test done and call another dr. It’s ridiculous how it’s been proven time and time again that these tests are far from accurate. I have court on July 8th for an OWI charge at 9 am after dropping my wife and daughter off st works and school. But game to the cops , wrecking your life.
    • Vayda
      Yeah you can always have them send the test back in, false positives happen all the time, I would have never just let that go!!
    • Amber
      Ask your governor to recommend that has a little more authority or a medical board and request a new test and also requested to be sent to a lab. Just FYI they recently did an experiment to see if energy drinks would show up on drug test and not just energy drinks but even all natural herbal teas and stuff and a lot of them came up as cocaine and Suboxone so I don’t know if you drink anything like that but you might want to let somebody know that too
    • Yvette Buford
      I had dental surgery and tested positive for cocaine 7 days later. What local anethisic medicine could cause those results.
    • Jamie Eltrom
      So were you ever able to get back into a doctor for your pain medication? I know you wrote this almost a year ago but I was just wondering. I know how tough it is to get a good pain management doctor these days and to keep them! Just one little thing can get you kicked out! My name is Jamie
  • Carla W.
    My son and daughter in law have been required to random mouth swaps. Where they live their 2 children are in state custody. The organization requires then drug testing with mouth swabs. In the 10 months the children I have not tested positive for drugs or alcohol. On November 5th 2018 my son tested positive for drugs and alcohol. This 1 positive test may jeopardize their children coming home by Christmas. What advise can I give them to prove the test is a false positive?
    • Jazzie
      Insist on a retest if you feel this was an error
    • Ken
      A mouth swab is not seen by the judicial system as an accurate test. As long as the person in question knows that it will not be allowed in court. At any time the person in question can refuse any test that is not done by a laboratory. Simply put. It has to be a certified lab that uses a chain of custody in order to stand up in court as a positive test. That’s the law.
  • Cindy
    I am on D.O.C. & I have to be tested for drugs & alcohol & they use a mouth swab on me. I got a false positive for methamphetamine! I also go to a methadone clinic everyday & they U.A. me randomly all the time too! When I got the false positive at D.O.C. my doctor at the clinic checked for me & then wrote a letter to my probation officer telling him that I had did a u.a. with in a couple of days of days of the one I did for D.O.C. my doctor then checked out the meds. I was on & wrote another letter to my probation officer telling him that the stomach meds. I was on (Zantac!) Can cause a false positive for amphetamines & methamphamines! I have been clean off drugs & alcohol since July 3rd. 2018!!! I am very proud of myself & so are the everyone at the clinic I go to everyday!!! I take my sobriety very seriously & love being off drugs!!! !!! I gave my probation officer the letters my doctor sent & they told me that the letters didn’t matter!!! If The test comes up positive I go to jail!!! So I went to jail!!! I feel really bad for you!!! The only thing I can tell you is to tell your kids to tell them that they will go to treatment. It’s probably the only chance they have! It’s only 28 days so I would think there kids are worth that of course!
  • Roger A. Mater Jr.
    Hello, I was recently dismissed from my primary care physician for a dip test that came back positive for PCP! Are you kidding me? I’ve never even considered doing drugs, let alone PCP for cripe sakes! The office sent me a letter stating that I tested positive for three different drugs. Two of which they prescribed to me. I demanded a retest and was denied, flat out! I offered to take a gas chromatography hair test at my cost, and was denied again. Come to your find out that two of the meds that THEY prescribed to me can cause the false positive. Needless to say I am very furious that this is a permanent scar on my medical records and I have filed an official complaint against this doctor. Their own Lab told me that that test should have been sent out to another Lab for a confirmation test. Mind you they still had the original urine sample for 7 days. This doctor is so arrogant that he doesn’t want to be proven wrong. I think that if the word got out of the circumstances that he would look bad or have to stop bragging about all the people that he dismisses from the practice for failed drug tests. I am still going to have the hair sample test done and provide the results”false or positive”! I find it ridiculous that in the eyes of the doctor that there is no way that they could have been mistaken. There are unfortunately, I have found no legal course of action for those of us who are victims of these mistaken arrogant Health care “PROFESSIONALS. This is just wrong.
    • Paulina VanBurgen
      OMGosh, PCP of all things. I have never even known a person who would purposefully put that chemical into their body. When I was 19, somebody gave me a hit of weed with PCP on it and didn’t tell me until after i knew something wasn’t right. It was 6+ hrs of hell. I cannot believe that your doctor didn’t let you do a hair strand retest. That is so messed up. I’m sorry that you had to go through that. Especially a PCP false-positive. That’s so ridiculous. Sounds like your doctor skipped a bit of his training.
      • Mindy
        15 medications that cause a false positive. Lots of ones I didn’t know, Luke Robitussin can test out for PCP. Prozac, SSRIs for depression can make you test out wrong. Sleep meds like Sominex. Fight for your rights!
  • Mom
    I havd to take tests for dss randomly.. Ive done failed three tests now.. I take two tests each time.. Only one of them are negative.. What they said i failed for I know for a fact I havent used or do.. I take several other drug test for other places my doc ect and theyve came back negative.. Ive looked at the cutoff and the tests and ive seen the second test is at the cutoff and the levels came way down from the first one.. My dss worker is only reading it stating positive not looking at the cutoff or the levels.. Seeing that they would be negative from the second test.. Idk how the tests are coming back positive and its only been a few with the exception that one is positive and one is negative.. But all thw others are negative.. Idk what to do.. My kids are at stake.. I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT I DONT USE BUT I KEEP GETTING FALSE POSITIVE SCREENS.. ANY SUGGESTIONS..
    • Carrie Badger
      I need to know that roo. I passed pee and blood test but hakr test was a issue but i have used in past years ago. T I know i havent used in tbe ladt 2 years. But my so called caseworker is counting it as a positive drug screen. Someone please tell me what i can do about it so my baby doesn’t get taken
      • Ken
        If the hair test was not done at a lab fight it. If you let them DSS will say whatever they want to in court especially if you don’t know the laws. BY LAW. If the test is not done by a certified lab that uses a chain of custody it CAN NOT be used in legal proceedings of any kind to include family court. That means you have to go to a testing advocate “middle man” that is part of the chain of custody. At no time can they legally make you test at their office, your home, or anywhere else. If they didn’t fallow the law you can stop them from bringing it up in court. I know this for a fact because I did it on multiple occasions, and yes DSS will be all over you when you do. Just make sure they have nothing else on you. Just remember DSS ONLY GETS AWAY WITH WHAT YOU ALLOW THEM TO. They have to fallow the laws to. You just have to make sure you’re all good, and not be scared to call BS good luck.
    • Ninz
      im in the same vote ,( im going though court to get care of a family freinds 3 children who ive found out is using drugs reason for cnhildren in care) had a hair drug test witch 2 out of 6 sections came back positive for cocaine and the metrobolic, after i quesioned this they sent a reply with another table showing all the below cut off (witch means contamanation) so as i noticed on the table the metrobolic is 0.05 stating positive yet i noticed *0.05 (the * states below cut off) stating negative so how is it possable to have two metrobolics with the same rasio 0.05 and ones positive and the other is negative, so i looked at the cocaine intake to see if it was that but the negative reading was 0.34 and positive was 0.31 i dont do drugs and this company could not answer my questions by saying they are not medically qullified to check my blood tests i had done at the doctors, they have yet to answer my confustion on the drug test results till june when ive called them in court .
      • Ninz
        also ive noticed on one of the childrens testing befor wash analise all 6 hair sections negative for thc, but one hair section 0.02 metrobolic,( now if im correct you need thc to brake down to produce a metrobolic, but after the analise wash one hair section came back with 0.10 for thc and all 6 hair sections negative for metrobolic so if i am correct there analise wash accually contaminates hair and leaves traces of the drug that was never there .
  • Sandy
    My drug test came back positive for meth on a mouth swab test & I haven’t done any meth. I had a cold over the holidays & taken cold medicine. I also have seizures. I take trazodone, hydroxyzine. What happened? Is this possible?
    • Lori
      Trazodone and antihistamines cn cause a false positive for MDMA, ecstasy other amphetamines and methadone
  • Lonnie
    I tested dirty for ampetamine I had used Vick’s vapor pen for my cold. Sure enough I looked it up and I became a victim I’m on federal probation a lot of cold meds will come positive
  • Casey Green
    Start off saying glad i read this gives me some kinda answers but me and my husband recently found out we were pregnant i take suboxone 8mg strip daily i went to hospital with stomach pain and admitted i had a drug screen come back positive for meth which i have not used been around or know anyone who uses, being told this i realized this wasnt the first time this has happened i have been taking cold medicine this time but last time only suboxone i drug test regularly at my suboxone dr and never have this issue other drs drug tests are coming up positive havent a clue why…
  • Shirley Kuykendall
    Can requip cause a false positive
  • Johnathan GILCHRIST
    I have taken to Hair Folicals for DFPS over the last month i am 36 and have not smoked weed since i was 15 my hair came back the first time with .5 of thc and 1.3 on the second one and did not show my hydrocodones that is persribed to me i also took a ua the same day as the first one and it came back showing the that i had hydrocodones in me but no thc how the heck is that possible i mean my doctor had moved me from 3 to 4 hydrocodones a day and add a mussle relaxer i am lost maybe someone can tell me
    • Mr. Clean
      Anything is possible
  • Jess
    I keep showing up positive for meth. I do not take any drugs, so what could be making this show up? The only thing I can think of is energy drinks but I doubt that’s the cause. It’s crazy because my doctor never says anything to me about meth being on my drug screen so she must know it’s not there but it still makes me wonder what it is.
    • KelleeJo
      Funny thing that really isn’t very funny… I just recently watched a video where someone had claimed that those 5 hour energy shots were causing positive drug test results. The guy in the video tests them with brand new sealed drug tests and sure enough, they come back positive. I believe the 2 I saw were positive for cocaine and then meth. I had a similar thing happen to me. I was drug tested and it came back positive for meth. I hadn’t done any meth. I take Adderall which I am prescribed which is an amphetamine, but was told it came back positive for methamphetamine. I knew this was impossible because I didn’t even hang out with anyone who used meth and was never even around it myself let alone using it. This happened on 3 different occasions. The only other thing I was taking at the time was a decongestant and drinking energy drinks, which I always drink. The other strange thing about the tests that were positive for meth was that I am on medical marijuana and those 3 tests all came back negative for THC which I know was in my system. Some doctors don’t realize how much these false positive can affect our livelihood, especially if you’re prescribed a controlled substance that you need to function normally or are on probation or testing for CPS. Check out the video though… I’m pretty sure it was on You Tube. Just search positive drug test from energy drinks.
      • B Bodiak
        Generic Adderall IS methamphetamine and that’s how it is shown on a SIMPLE urine screen. The best type of urine screen to eliminate false positives are the type where a split sample is taken. The person collecting your urine sample will take the container you hand them that contains your urine and in front of you they will pour it into two separate containers. The first container is tested using a type of rapid drug screen paper–it looks like litmus paper and will produce specific colored lines if for particular drugs detected. If any of the drugs that show positive are not prescribed to you, the second container of urine is sent to a lab that has the ability to determine EXACTLY what type of molecules are present in the urine. This “split” sample cannot and will not come back showing any false positives. In the instance of Adderall, the first sample will be tested using the rapid test and will return positive for “meth/methamphetamine”. However, the second, or split sample, will break down the chemical compounds and the molecules and will have a result showing that the chemical found in the urine is specifically methamphetamine and not meth as the two have similar chemical makeups but are by noeans identical. Any of those “rapid” or strip tests have a fairly high chance of reporting false positives. This is where cold medications, antibiotics, etc. will test positive for having chemical compounds similar to illicit and prescription drugs. When these false positives occur, the second sample is used to confirm or denounce theose initial results. It’s more costly for companies to do the split samples, but it is less costly than doing all samples with a chromotagraph test. I would suggest to all reading that if you are concerned about false positives to do a Google search of “Any Lab” testing facilities in your area and IMMEDIATELY after leaving your doctor’s, probation officer’s, employer’s to go and have your own test done. Ask at the lab for a test that rules out false positives. The cost will run between $50-150 depending on how many substances you want to be screened for–5, 9, 10 or 11 panel. You should, at a minimum, get tested for the same drugs you were screened for by your doctor, employer, ect. Bare in mind that your employer may do a 5 panel test, but the independent lab’s 5 panel test may not be the same 5 drugs. So, be sure to confirm drug-for-drug. I work in the airline industry and 27 years ago we were government mandated to have random screenings. Because one’s career and livelihood are on the line, US airlines opted for the more expensive split sample screening. Even with the tremendous number of cautions airlines took to ensure there were no false positives, almost every well known air carrier has had a few employees test “positive” on their screenings. However, the actual testing did not show positive drug results, BUT the employees samples were”rejected” because of various reasons with the most often being that the urine did not have a minimum amount of creatine which is present in all urine. Because they lacked the minimal creatine level these tests were considered to be “urine substitutes” and immediately tagged as failed drug screens. After $120,000 in legal fees, the 1st employee that was fired due to this went to court and with the testimony of expert witnesses was found to not have violated the airline/gov’t’s drug policy. Why? Those who consume a diet almost exclusively of fruits and vegetables AND drink 10+ eight oz glasses of water/clear liquids daily have been proven to have very low creatine levels. Becoming a commercial jet engine pikot takes a tremendous amount of classroom and inflight training hours and roughly $350,000 dollars to reach a level that large commercial airlines are looking to hire (most receive their training via the Air Force or Navy). Because of this and the strength of US pilot unions, airline and other transportation employees are afforded the split sample. If the facility that you go to be tested does not offer this, then, again, I strongly urge that you go to an independent lab IMMEDIATELY (same say) to have a second, separate test. No one should suffer from the results of a false-positive test. Most comments on here suggest 10% of tests results are false positives, BUT for specific drugs/chemicals that number reaches 28%. Do not wait until your doctor’s results are returned! Go the same day and pay for your own independent lab test. It may be a good idea to go a step further and have your specimen screened for even more types of drugs than your doctor’s, employer’s, etc. tests for. To whomever is spouting off and pointing the finger at all who’ve had false-positives: We are ignoring you! You have a narcissistic personality (aka Trumpism) and when we ignore you, it drives you bat-$**t crazy. Good! I hope you wallow in it!
    • Nikki
      Energy drinks & shots both can make you testfalse positive for different drugs from cocaine to meth to opiates. I recently watched a video on this.
  • Larry
    Hey i been clean for 8 years i don’t do any drugs and i don’t drink alcohol i just take my medicine that the Dr. give me and this Dr. said i was positive for cocaine 6 weeks in a row….
    • Cristina Jones
      2 times in a row for me. I tested positive for cocaine, and have Never used cocaine. Now they are treating me like a junkie. I rather just kill myself than be put through this.
  • Mr. Clean
    Stay clean its between,you and god
    • Robin
      Unless you lose your livelihood and all the other consequences that follow.
  • Jessie
    Hello. I recently took a urine drug test for a job and failed for thc and pcp. I do not smoke weed and dont even know what pcp is. They are going to let me re-take it but I have no idea why I failed for those. I have tried looking it up with all the medications I take and it looks like it could be the ib prophen I take. I have a bad tooth and I have been taking a large amount of those everyday. I take gabapentin, clonidine, and keflex(for the infection for my tooth). Could it really be the ib prophen or does any of my other meds have a chance at making me fail for thc and pcp?
  • Lori
    what are the laws according to work related drug tests do they have to retest with the same urine or can you insist on a new one due to the time lapse
  • Rachael
    I took a stacker 2 pheudodrene, is that going to show up as amphetamines in a urine test?
    • Tracy
      Yes it will. I take 3 stacker 3’s a day and drink 4 monster energy drinks and my doctor said the amphetamine level in my system was crazy high and asked what all I take over the counter for energy and weight loss.
  • TT
    Will 875 amoxicillin make you fail for cocaine? I keep seeing this everywhere and I can’t afford to have a test like that come back false-positive!
  • T T
    Never did no drugs r alcohol in my entire 46years of living on this Earth .I took a urine test and hair follicle the same day came back negative for urine and positive for hair how is that possible when I never did drugs or alcohol my entire life Never am very crushed by this can some please help me out with this
    • cf
      i had the same thing happen to me smh
    • B Bodiak
      Hair follicle tests are VERY OFTEN the cause of false positives. For the majority of tests that are returned showing false positives, it is often from the continuous use of hair products. If you do an internet search/Google “Hair products that produce false positive results for alcohol and drugs” you will be amazed at how unreliable the follicle test is. Generally, the more products and/or the longer you’ve been using them on your hair, the higher the chances of showing a false positive. I believe the connection between hair products -follicle testing–& false positives was brought to light by a divorcing mother when she and their children’s father were required to have drug screenings as ordered by the judge presiding over their case. The ONLY way to avoid false positives is with a split sample urine test and the 2nd split/sample is sent out for more specialized testing when the first split shows positive results. The more specialized testing will break down every chemical compound and will positively identify which, if any, drugs are present. In this type of testing, it is impossible to get inaccurate scientific results. The ONLY way to receive a false positive is by human error:. The containers were not sealed properly or the urine was allowed to come in contact with a foreign matter such as a medical worker’s hand/skin, mucous from a sneeze, etc. However, these type of incidents are extremely rare and when they have happened, the screen testing results in a “pass” / no drugs detected. I do personally know of a sample that leaked in a box of other samples enroute to the testing lab. This resulted in none of the samples in that shipping box to be tested and all returned results marked as containing no drugs aka a pass.
  • zsuzsanna
    Hello. I was 5 panel drog test because i like to volunteering hospital (studing ,orientacio,help etc to be RN this country also) , and positive for cocaine. My primary doctor give me Naproxan 500 mg i use minimum 3 month every day for my leg pain and also havy peried (i have mioma),i take midol ,alive, ibuprophin, tylenol, Lidocain cream ( for leg pain), delslym syrum but this just sometimes. I never ever not use any kind of drog in my life. I am a Nurse. I dont like much people who use because i learn eny drog is dangeres, and for me not interested. Now i try understand what happen , i find onlyne many webside what kind of medication can cause false pozitiv drog test. I asked my doctor what happen ? He can say nothing. Am so confused,upsed,sad , who can clear my name ?? I took 2. test 2 weeks ago ,same hospital 5 panel drog test again. I was the doctor last week ,he sad the result not comming back for the lab. I ask hem please call the lab and fax it because is long time ago was the test. He toold me cant ,and he told me call me if come back the test . I call them 2 days ago ,but his too busy nurse sad. Still a waiting. I buy with my family 7 panel drog test 2 weeks ago when i was the 2.nd test and was negativ ! Yestoday i change my primary doctor because i need my medical form filling out for volunteering. I dont understand whay can give me 2.result ,i fell bad . I like to ask possible my medication make false pozitiv cocaine? How i can test again which medication make cocaine pozitiv? Thank You !
  • Jess
    I go to a methadone clinic and have been for over 13 years. I’ve been clean for 12.5 years (CONSECUTIVELY). I had 13 take home bottles which is the highest you can get, and I kept them for over ten years. In January of this year, I mysteriously tested positive for THC. I DONT SMOKE. Haven’t since I was 15! I lost all my bottles and had to start back at 1, which it takes a year to get back up to 13. I was angry, but I got over it and chalked it up to a random glitch or someone else’s test got mixed up with mine or something and believed that wouldn’t happen again. I make it 60 days with no dirty drug screens (obviously), and get my first bottle. I get a drug test the DAY BEFORE picking up my first bottle. I get my bottle the next day, have my one day off, go the next day and lo and behold there’s a hold on my dose. Come to find out I showed up positive for THC AGAIN in the test that was done the day before getting my bottle!! How does this keep happening?? Alsoi should note that last time this happened, they tested me again a week later and I was clean BUT they did urine instead of a swab for some odd reason when they only do swabs for the drug tests regularly. So they didn’t “count” the clean urine test. This time they haven’t even tested me again to confirm anything! No swabs ever after testing positive and it seems shady as hell to me. Also I told them last time I wanted to get a hair follicle test to prove I was clean and said I would pay for it out of my OWN POCKET. You know what they said? “We’ve never done that before and we’re not about to do it now”. But they did it for my friend at the clinic the next town over! I feel like they’re trying to sabotage me and idk what to do anymore. Is this even legal for them to tell me no when I try to prove that I’m clean? Even offering to pay for the test myself? And why on earth would I use the DAY BEFORE getting my first take home bottle back?!?! It’s ludicrous! Nothing I say means anything to them. I fought it last time with a grievance. They had a meeting with me and a bunch of higher ups and NOTHING I said mattered. They didn’t take anything into consideration at all. It was humiliating the way they kept ignoring my questions and just staring at me. I’m so angry and confused. Can anyone shed light on any of this?
  • Buck Harrell
    Can an asthma medication cause false reading for fenytle
  • Lu Lu
    I just saw a video that all of the energy drinks are coming out positive for drugs check YouTube for “energy drinks that give a positive drug screening result”
  • Randi Shuck
    I have come up with a reading more than once that I am on or using cocaine….I have not deliberatly done coke since August of 2017. In my day I take Ibprofuen. I take my two suboxone I take at least 8 melationin to sleep sometimes more sometimes 8 more if I wake up four hrs later and can not sleep. Im so angry ive worked so hard to stay clean its effecting my relationships my drs its effecting everything and Im about to give in if its gonna show might as well be doing it might as well be doing something everyone thinks im doing right im loosing my will with every dr visit and I dont understand why this is happening!!!!! please help me,
    • Richard
      False positives do happen. I had my quick test show negative and the lab test came back positive for meth. I wouldn’t be in any trouble in anyway if I did meth but I really didn’t so I don’t get how the test showed negative when it left for the lab and then came back positive .. puzzling
    • Jd
      Umm… no. No test is 100 percent accurate. You need to learn the facts. You and your legalistic attitude need to do some reading.
    • Cristina Jones
      2 times in a row for me. I tested positive for cocaine, and have Never used cocaine. Now they are treating me like a junkie. I rather just kill myself than be put through this. You have no idea what people are doing or not doing.
  • Nick
    So I just failed two mouth swab drug test for a company, the result was THC, now I admit I have smoked pot before, but in recent months I have not, is there any reason something could have caused a false positive for THC, while I know I havent smoked in months?
  • Matthew Thomas Reynolds
    I just took a hair follicle test for CPS and it came back positive for meth! The problem with that is that I don’t do drugs and now I’m probably gonna lose my kids be cause of my soon to be ex-wife. Its kind of funny that she keeps calling them and telling them that my kids said that they saw me shooting up meth in the bathroom!! Firts off, I have never in my life used a needle, and second, I have been drug free for almost 12 years. Can anyone tell me what to do or who to talk to about this because I’m not on drugs and I can’t lose my kids. If anyone can please help, it would be greatly appreciated!!!
    • Brittany
      What could naproxen make you fail for? I failed a DT at my Dr and prob for methamphetamine. The only meds I’ve taken that I’m prescribed are: Paxil, Wellbutrin XR, Xanax, Suboxone, Adderall, Imitrex, Phenergan, these are all I’m taking and i have popped for meth 2x and i haven’t taken any meth can anyone help me?
  • Mandy
    Has anyone ever had a false positive from an alcohol ETG test?
  • Perry kevin
    I took a drug urine test and came back dirty for buprenorphine, I guess which is suboxone I was told , I dont even know what that drug is, let alone ever even seen it before a day in my life , now I’m at steak of using my kids , can someone help me please
    • Brooke
      I saw my pain doc today and after 3 1/2 years of normal urines, I tested positive for buprenorphine. I have never in my life taken suboxone, yet it showed up in my urine and I am in danger of losing my pain medication. I have very painful chronic pancreatitis, which the only proven pain cures are either opioids or pancreas removal. Do you want your pancreas removed? I sure don’t! So I have been on oxycodone for 3 1/2 years no issues till today. Why would this happen? Again, I have never taken suboxone and wouldn’t have the 1st clue where to buy illegally. It’s just not me. I have had a quality life thanks to pain meds…work, child-rearing, travel, yoga, camping. When I was not on pain meds my life consisted of bed and couch. Bed and couch, couch and bed. I’d rather kill myself than go back to that life. Why are chronic pain patients punished? I’ll tell you why…because drug dealers and cartels are killing Americans. Why is fentanyl laced in street drugs ok? If someone was poisoning our drinking supply with cyanide or arsenic, that person would be charged with domestic terrorism. Not the case with fentanyl lacers killing 60,000 Americans a year. Pain patients are punished for this. Yes, there are actually pain patients who take their meds as prescribed and living amazing quality lives. So, back to my question…why would I test positive for suboxone when I have NEVER taken it or even know where to get it?!?!? Help! I have been a consistently compliant pain patient. I am disgusted. I did nothing wrong and risk my quality of life taken away from me. The number of pain patient suicides has increased and 90% of pain patient suicides doubled. I feel like I live in Russia as America has essentially told chronic pain patients we should die rather than have quality lives.
  • Krista
    I had surgery on April 15 and on April 20th I tested positive for Cannabinoids! I paid to have that pee retested. Waiting on the results to come back. Fingers crossed
    • Amanda
      While you got your fingers crossed make sure you don’t have a joint between them.
  • Dev Taylor
    I recently started taking Lexapro and I am on probation and I use to smoke weed but I havent in a month and a half and I had a passing test then the next I failed for THC (44) which I havent touched it or been around it! Im confused on how this happened and Im in trouble for something I havent done now!
  • Confused
    I just got results back for a urine test and it was positive for Meth. I have never in my life have done any drugs so I was shocked to hear this. I take OTC medication for teeth pain like Ibphrofan, Extra Strength Tylenol, Nighttime Cold and Flu, Sore Throat Spray, I sometimes swish listerine for like 5 minutes to numb my gums, and I take Unisom to sleep at night. I also took penicillin for an abscess. Can these create false positives?
  • Robin S. Marsh
    I failed the hair follicle test for methamphetamine. Only drug I ingested however were some name brand over the counter cold medicines and some energy drinks on a long cross country drive. This was a pre-employment test and now I’m wondering what to do? Is it true energy drinks can come in positive for drugs?
  • Sherri
    I’ve been taking Restoril (temazapam) for years for sleep. Court’s trying to say under influence of benzos one afternoon even tho level way below all random tests by agency that monitors drivers with DUI/DWI. They claimed NOT that it was Restoril but a benzo I’ve NEVER heard of – can’t remember it’s name only that it starts with an “O” what is it and how could a dirivative of it show up? And how to contest it? I passed breathalyzer 0.01 from mouthwash so NEVER should’ve been tested. Also, the machine used was 2 days away from mandatory calibration and whatever else they do. Thanks for the help
  • Jo
    I have been taking suboxone for a little while and am almost weaned off completely. I have to take monthly urine test to show I’m not in violation. I’ve never once failed and my last test showed positive for something called Gabapentin. I’ve never heard of it and they told me they’d give me the benefit of the doubt given how well I’ve been doing on weaning off suboxone and am a rare success story with suboxone. However it showed up at a high amount. It’s been keeping me up all night and I can’t atay off the internet to figure out why this happened or how. They said Gabapentin is the latest “street drug” and is seizure medication that can cause euphoria amd is now considered something that is not allowed and they started testing for it in January 2019. I passed my January,February, and March tests, but now failed April bc of something called Gabapentin?!. I’m baffled by this. I have a strict routine diet and know I have a urine analysis every month and am so close to the end w my suboxone and would never do anything to jeopardize things. I’m just really confused. If anyone knows anything, any info would help.
    • Alison
      I agree, very nasty, rude and pain patient shaming. I take gabapentin as well and seem to have a false positive situation going on. No need to to verbally abuse pain patients. We struggle as it is with stigma from doctors. o NOT right out of the gate accuse someone of lying. It takes a lot of bravery to post something like this online. Stop bullying those of us in chronic pain with REAL conditions. Your judgmental comment is unnecessary. Grow up and acquire some empathy and compassion which you clearly lack. Hating on pain patients is why chronic pain patient suicides (most are veterans of wars) are skyrocketing. What pain syndrome do you supposedly have? Please share with us. We’d love to know you judgmental monster. Do you have chronic pancreatitis? Pain worse than child labor? Have you given birth? If you have, think about labor every day with no relief. Easy to judge but if you have a valid severe pain condition, let us know about it. Unreal. You would rather see pain patients DIE than be treated properly. You make zero sense. No one abuses pain patients except people like you who clearly know zero about proper pain control with the severest of conditions. Cancer doesn’t hold a candle to most of these pain syndromes. Nope. You are beyond uneducated or knowledgeable because if you were, you’d have empathy and compassion and KNOW in some cases, pain meds are all that works for a quality of life. Do your research…chronic pancreatitis pain is twice as bad as pancreatic cancer pain…look it up on NIH research. But, clearly you have no clue how to research pain syndromes.
      • Mark Q
        No the coke alkaloid molecular weight & specific gravity mass is so different from anything else. I’ve seen pos come up after surgery (esp nasal & eye). Unless your pharmacist had some 200 yr old laudanum that he substituted for your cough meds. LoL But if you somehow got some old paragoric which I believe (if I remember correctly) had opiate & coke in it, but was outlawed years back.
  • Lisa
    Last night I had a headache and took 600 mg of Advil. Today I had a drug test show positive for morphine, which I have NEVER touched! Can Advil be the culprit?
  • Kay
    Hi, I recently had a failed drug test for cocaine, but I did not use.. I got the test sent out but it still came back with a confirmed result for cocaine/metabolites. I live with my best friend and roommate and I know that she gets high daily on many different things, is it possible that I may have failed because I touched or absorbed some of the drug by coming in contact with objects or possibly residue that I did not know I was coming in contact with? I am just extremely blown away and I don’t know how to make this situation go away, I even bought a home drug test to make sure and sure enough I did fail that too. But like I said I have 100 percent not knowingly taken any cocaine. They said they were gonna send it and see what the levels were to see if it was low enough to show I couldn’t have used it knowingly.. anyone have any opinions about this? Thank u
    • JENNIFER Williams
      Does codeine cause a positive test for cocaine
  • Rhonda
    I was discharged from my first pain clinic because they said I wasn’t taking my meds said it was barely showing up on the screening and I wouldn’t know it till the next month then they tested me again and go back the next time and same thing I told them they were crazy they said my urine was clear in color so the 3rd time I wouldn’t pee for hours before going and then it showed up I told them the whole time could it be because I peed a lot they said no not possible but I proved it that that’s what happened .and my husband just started getting drug tested for his gabapentin and they said his drug screen showed up amphetamines he’s 66 and hasn’t taken anything of the sort now he has to wait on another test in order to get his gabapentin its all bull the drug screens are not accurate and never have been and to the one who doesn’t believe about the poppy seeds it does show up as cocaine .
  • Brittany Wallace
    im at a loss. i just last month failed for suboxone. i have never even heard of this b4 that day. im afraid im going to be kicked out of my doctor for something i didn’t do. i do take lot of different over the counter meds for sleep and allergies. could this cause a false positive?
  • Christine Billings
    I am on a variety of medications, including adderall for my severe ADHD. My psychiatrist did a drug test, and it came back positive for meth. Thankfully my doc knew me well enough, and had my blood sent to a lab. After the lab isolated the D and I isomers, they discovered that it was the 2 daily sudafed I was taking that caused the false positive.
  • Jorge mejia
    I got a question when they do a hair follicle test how far foes it goes.someons told me it goes 7 Year back is it true
  • lavonda
    I am so upset hearing all these things everyone experiencing because I am experiencing the same thing with the Cocaine and doing research and reading blogs I can’t seem to find an answer to why am I coming up positive for Cocaine in a hair follicle test for family court meanwhile 1) I haven’t touch, smelled, or even looked at cocaine in 6yrs 2) Ive r been in rehab for 7 months all of my toxicology have been negative 3) also mandated by tasc all of my toxicology there are negative I don’t know what do I don’t take medication and after begging the judge to retest my hair it still came back positive for cocaine I could be facing jail time and thats the last thing I want to be doing I’m really desperate to find out whats going on and how do I fix this without giving up I’m really trying to do the right thing I’ve never been to jail but I have a history of drugs and alcohol but I’m not doing any of these things and yet I’m coming up postive I can’t believe this is happening to me I need help this unreal for me because it’s not like I’m taking medication I’m in this whole rut because of a DWI and I come back positive for Cocaine after being sober and clean off drugs-6yrs and alcohol-7 months I’m destraut
    I was in a bad car accident, was in a coma, brain injury, have metal rods or screws in all 4 limbs & face. Was in hospital for 36 days then moved to rehabilitation hospital for 45 days & still had casts & 144 staples plus however many stitches so I was basically there to learn how to sit up on my own, then learn how to transfer myself from hospital bed to wheelchair & to toilet. (I learned how to walk again & did everything the doctors told me I’d likely never be able to do again & have been off pain meds for 5 years with the help of subutex) I was discharged & had an appointment with my new pain management doctor 10 days after returning home. Needed constant care to do basic needs for me. I went to my appointment, them having all my medical information, in a wheelchair, visibly plain screwed up, broken. The rehab hospital was plain neglectful & shouldn’t be allowed to operate. I was far worse off than every elderly patient there with broken hip,etc. I couldn’t even brush my own hair due to the surgically implanted metal into my elbow & arm. So I had a catheter. I later learned that a catheter should be changed every few days but at the very least once a week. I had mine changed ONCE in 45 days. The day i was released the aide pulled it out & the urine was already pink but the tube was covered in blood. She just threw it in the trash. Not even noted in my chart. 3 months later I had to have an outpatient procedure done to fix issues cause by this but my primary doctor immediately gave me antibiotics & prescription meds that made me pee purple. So I’m at my first appointment. 2 nurses have to help me get onto the toilet & 1 held the cup while I peed. The doctor refuses to see me until i go to a lab have a second drug screen because I tested positive for PCP. I have never used, seen, knew where to obtain, or even knew anyone who ever used PCP. When he thought I was able to abuse this PCP when I was in ICU for 3 weeks, private room with a parent or sibling 24/7 because I had a trache & could be even call for help & had to use a dry erase board to communicate. Then was left alone 24/7 except for visitors fir 48 days completely immobile. I couldn’t even wipe my own ass. Then in a hospital bed in my living room with at least 1 family member at home with me. My jaw was wired shut so my pills had to be crushed & placed in my feeding tube. I didnt even have access to my own medications because I couldn’t open the bottles or do the necessary procedures it took to get the meds in my body. A nurse had to hold the cup under my urine stream to get a sample for screening but this doctor still made me go to a lab take another drug test. Because i would have panic attacks in vehicles I’d have to be heavily sedated & didnt trust public transport that was wheelchair accessible, my dad was carrying me from wheelchair to car & car to wheelchair with a messed up shoulder & every car ride was pure hell for me emotionally but he had to be sure I wasn’t on PCP when it was 99% basically impossible for me to be on any drug besides what was being measured & prepared by my parents & nurse because his trusty 10 panel drug screen told him the impossible.
  • Janet Cryer
    I have never taken pcp, I looked up meds to give a false positive for it but unless the antibiotics I had just finished taking before the urine test or the colon clenz with probiotics creates a false positive or what if it could have been a food I ate. I am so lost. I have afib, if I took pcp, it would have killed me.
  • Natec
    Its amazing how they treat a test as God when obviously it is wrong. Im sure the government and the herion problem the government created put fear into doctors to follow whatever protocol no matter what the situation is. A blanket law that hurts the people living in pain and a living hell everyday. Instead of going case by case thwy blanket the laws.
  • Angry
    My bf is currently taking Bupropion, Buspirone and Atomoxetine. During a probation drug test (mouth swab) he tested positive for methamphetamines. He swears up and down he didn’t take any. He recently went to jail and has no desire to return. Research shows Bupropion can lead to false methamphetamine results. Of course no one believes him and they say their “tests” are able to determine the difference between the results of a medicine and someone actually doing the drug. We’re worried because one more strike means jail for 2 years. How can a medication prescribed for depression cause this? Frustrating how the system puts so much faith into their “testing” and won’t admit it’s not 100% accurate..
  • Richard
    Just throwing this in hete… Anyone working with D.H.S. Your going to come up pos no matter what if you have a bad caseworker or the county needs the federal aid from removing your children. Trust and Believe That
  • Amy Bakay
    Does he drink energy drinks? Many people don’t know this, but depending on which one you drink, almost all of them cause positive for some sort of drug. If he does, do some research and take it to his next drug test. I go to a Suboxone clinic and it’s a Christian facility where the doctor’s don’t treat you like drug addicts. I’ve had 2 false positives in 5 years and my doctor knew I wasn’t lying. They don’t even kick you out unless it happens time after time. They actually want to help you, so if you’re using, they get you counseling and try to help in any way they can.
  • Chris
    I am currently on 9 months parole. Now before I say anything an anyone can jump to conclusions. I’ve been clean and sober for 30 months now I work every day and go to meetings at night also I live in an oxford recovery house. I get tested monthly by my p.o and for the last 3 tests if tested positive for methamphetamine. I’m on claritin zantac and I drink monsters daily.. you dont have to be around the drug or even somehow ingest it to test positive. I literally make all my own food and only go to work. A.A meetings and stay at home most nights. So for those of you who say false positives cant happen.. it does.
    • Blake
      That’s a good recommendation when dealing with methamphetmine false positives in urine. Although, if it actually did test positive because of contamination, nasal spray, or another reason that included actual methamphetamine then the isomer test is just going to continue to test positive, only reporting the percentage of l and d in the specimen. Which may not be so helpful and may further prove the positive to the person or place making decisions based on the results.
  • Shawn
    I’ve been going to pain mngmt for 4-5 years. On my last monthly visit I was informed that I tested positive for herion!! I have not used herion in my life!!! I was told that I must go back in 2 weeks and retest. They gave me a script for 2 weeks also. I get 15mg of oxycodone every 6 hours. I recently got it changed from 10 to 15 and no longer take any morphine sulphate. I suffer from insomnia as well as chronic pain. After 3-4 days of not sleeping more than 1-3 hours I’ll take a amitriptyline 50mg. I only take it after days of getting little to no sleep. Would this amitriptyline cause a false positive for herion? That’s the only med I can think of that I only take once in awhile that is not among my daily meds. I’ve never tested positive for herion in my 4-5 years of going to pain mngmt. If it isn’t from taking amitriptyline, then what else could cause a false positive for herion?? Also, I do eat Pepridge Farm’s onion rolls with black colored seeds. I didn’t think they would cause a false positive, but I really don’t know. Something caused me to have a false positive for herion and I know damn well I haven’t used herion recently or ever for that matter.
  • Kelli
    I need some help I’m fighting for custody of my son I got in trouble in October for drugs had to go to jail in that time my sister started filling for full custody of my 3 year old son I am in outpatient and just paid adept to do my first ua when my results came back the guy said I passed but it tested positive for methamphines I’m on the antidepressant venalafaxine the guy said that it’s very common for someone on this medication to test positive for methamphines and because I was under the 20 percentage it was the medication and not that I was on the drug i don’t know why the guy would lie to me but an nervous about filling it with the courts just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this
  • Ayden
    Can potassium fail or misread a drug test I just recently pop a test and I’m wondering if that’s why because I’m clean I have nothing to hide in life
  • David tinker
    I have a question regarding whey protein powder I am in a program that test me three times a week for everything I have been clean and sober for 259 days the other day they tested me with a oral swab and it came up dirty for amphetamines I asked for another test they gave me another swab it came up dirty for amphetamines so I gave him a urine sample to send in to the lab could the whey isolate make that come up a dirty also ?
  • Patty land
    I took a Random test on Aug 2, 2019. Got my results on Aug22, 2019 saying I came back positive for cocaine Which I have not did any over 30 yrs! What can I do because My job my firing me and I being there 34 yrs?
  • lisa
    So I gain a CPS case back in 2018 I got drug tested in feb of this your and it came back positive for a high dosage of methamphetamine, said it was high enough to be a weekend drug! the problem is ive never did and drug outside of marijuana and none of the pills I have taken contains anything that can make me test positive. now I cant think back to everything I took in Nov- Dec but I know it has never been a drug or that sort. What can I do? please help me
  • Charity
    I am a patient at a suboxone clinic- and my doctor as well well as peer support counselor has warned all patients recently to be extra cautious on even otc meds because of the likelihood of false positives. Even meds such as naproxen and Ibuprofen can test false positives, and its now also proven the any allergy medication with “D” in it, (ex..Allegra D) with show false positive for Methamphetamines. And this is only a small fraction of the actual beginning knowledge of possible culprits.
  • anony
    thank you for our infant tested positive for opiates god as witness i would never and hope my soul is condemned would ever do anything to harm my child or any child for that matter.god bless the site!
  • Cindy Coats
    I recently tested positive for ecstasy and I haven’t taken that. What could have caused a false positive for that drug?
  • Ryan
    I failed my d Mouth swab for cocaine and its metabolites after being clean for 28 days
  • Brian
    I had a positive for amphetamines I have not taken I ate over the weekend a corned beef sandwich i ate sushi i had some seafood chimichangas and some crab ragon from a Chinese restaurant but I do drink monster energy drinks daily at least two or three a day
  • Brittany
    I took a drug test for my Dr and my probation and on both I failed for methamphetamines. I have not done any type of methamphetamines however and I’m freaking out. I’m scared they’re going to put me in jail and i haven’t done anything wrong. My prescriptions that i do take are Wellbutrin XR, Phenergan, Suboxone, Xanax, Imitrex, Paxil, and Adderall. What could be causing this false positive?
  • shawn
    Explain this one to me: How do I test positive for methamphetamine (the 3 tests of the same mouth swab sample was done) yet i dont do Methamphetamines. I am prescribed Adderall and i take it every day as prescribed but they are saying NO amphetamines even show up just methamphetamine? I work nights so when i get up around 1-2 pm i take my meds and shower and then have to be work by 3. I asked if it was common to have the test done in a factory warehouse at one of the 4 desks in the office ( when we have a onsite clinic at work)! Tried to talk to the owner and all he said was ” addiction is hard to beat for some”. I was shocked and floored to say the least.
  • Cindy
    I tested positive for estacy and I never took it. However I also had to take a UA at my pain management doctor and didn’t test positive with them so how can it be that I test positive on one UA and not the other UA?
  • Ricardo
    Yesterday I tested positive for cocaine and I don’t use it. Is there anything that might of trigger a false positive drug test.
    • Kevin
      Hey did you ever figure out what caused the false positive?
  • Tammy
    I had temazepam and pemazepam show up in a urine test and I’ve NEVER been prescribed anything like it. My soon to be ex doctor just automatically assumes it has to be right bcz urine tests don’t lie….help! She’s taking away my pain meds and my sleeping pills and this was only our 2nd visit so she hasn’t even given me the benefit of the doubt that it really could be a false positive!
  • Debra
    Can mediations from having a baby cause a false positive test
  • Louisa
    I had the same nightmare with the mouth swab drug test 9 months apart I was wrongly accused of having THC in my system I don’t smoke or eat it twice this has happen I feel wrongly accused I feel they don’t want me in there service my reputation is tarnish and I’m a bed bound 64 yr.old with lupus bad back a boat load of prolbems no pain dr.will except me don’t know what to do crying in pa.
  • Katie
    I have had a hair test done and I haven’t had cocaine since the 29th of March 2019 but there is still cocaine in my hair I’ve been told it can take up to 6 month to clear from the hair but the lab has said my results are consistent with cocaine use but I can categorically say I haven’t had any since March it’s really frustrating for me as I’m protesting my innocence with no avail. Can someone please help me and give me an answer as to why there is cocaine still in my hair when I haven’t used. Thank you.
    • Cindy
      U should bleach your hair or u can buy toxic rid shampoo
  • Shannon
    I was given a pee test and two anti depressants where found in my urine. And a 2 weeks later they are still there. I do not take any type of anti depressants and I am litterly losing my mind trying to figure out where they come from . I don’t even take my meds for lupus I’m so against medication ..please help if anyone could.
  • carrie
    i took a urinalysis in a doctors office because i’m on suboxone it showed up in the cup but when sent to the lab they say it wasn’t in my urine anybody else been in this situation
  • David Brandon Lara
    I take naproxin sodium and bronk aid pills to help my breathing and pain in my knee.i showed up positive for marijuana and that the reason why these medications if so i cant get a job for now until.i piss clean how long to pee clean.
  • Amanda
    I have a question I take suboxone because I used to be addicted to Vicodin I have been clean since March and feel great however today I went it for my monthly testing and tested positive of opiates however I haven’t taken any . I know I haven’t and am so confused as to how this is happening the doctor said he’s going to send my results out to be burned or whatever that means but I know I haven’t abused anything so my question is is there anything that could cause a false positive I do have hypothyroidism and just got back on my medication for that I take 75 mg of levothyroxine and I’ve only taken in prophen and midol for cramps nothing out of the ordinary please help
  • Dixie king
    I have NEVER done soboxin yet I had a positive test at home.. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE !!!!! I have truly NEVER taken one!!
  • Alex
    I have not used cocaine since November 24th 2018 and took a hair follicle test sept 20th 2019 and it came back positive. How is that possible ?
  • Gwen Davies
    Hello. I am a 9 year retired 68yr old male who has been on prescribed Xanax for 32 yrs, Paxil for 20 yrs, Atorvastatin and Fenofibrate for 5 yrs. Upon transferring from my Family Doctor to a U of M clinic, I was asked to take a random urine test which I did. Upon results of the test, it came back positive for: Levetiracetam, Ketamine, Verapamil and Caffeine. No Xanax, Paxil, Atorvatatin or Fenofibrate. Talk about a False Positive drug test. As of now right, I cannot get them to remove the Urine test from my records.
  • Shrae
    Can a urine drug test come back positive if you handle pills?
  • Cindy
    I have non accute pain due to double breast mastectomy I week I had stomach virus I didnt take any meds.. pain management pissed me my urine was clean 2 months went by and they discharged me instead of retesting me.. but the answer does lye in primary care.. I dont get them every month as I’m also a medical marijuana patient also but I can say I have a stashe for those very bad chronic pain days.. people think just cause others abused opiates that real patients are not in need.. all I can say is the day u have chronic pain that doesnt go away u will hate the people that abused and took this right away from us..
  • Nancy
    I had an appointment with my pain management dr. today, and she requiems all patients to take a urine based drug test. I never gave failing one a second thought because I don’t take anything that my dr. doesn’t know about, I just take what she prescribed for me that I desperately need right now because I have a severe case of chronic pain caused by a severe case of Crohn’s disease, at the moment I am having a flare up of the Crohn’s Disease, and I definitely need to be on strong opiate pain medication to be able to function without killing somebody. Even with all the medication right now I am still very uncomfortable and can barely move most of the time, and second of all the drugs I tested positive for are not cheap drugs, I am on disability which doesn’t even give me enough to live on, I need the money I get to pay rent for shelter, food, and clothing. I have no idea what’s going to happen if my repeat test is a false positive and she discharges me as a parent, I am really ready!
  • Karen Woods
    I have been a years long patient at alliance spine and pain care a few years back drug screen was clear when my meds did not show up that was verified by me when I realized that it was Not my urine since even my blood pressure meds were not there. Now 3 years later a pissed off PA at Alliance informed me I have Fentanyl in my drug screen not just hydrocodone WTF ? Retested must have been ok how do I stop this positive- negative testing ? Lab messed up the negative test now I’m thinking this test was wrong or I need to quit OC Allergy meds Sudafed PE and Sudafed nasal congestion also I used an Rx antibiotic creme ( my Rx) for my nose rash allergy by primary doctor. What happened now seriously my test use to be fine. For 10 years
  • Lynne
    My husband use to be a chronic weed smoker. He now is required to take random UAs for court. A month and 1/2 after quit using he gave a dirty UA. They said his levels were higher that day then the day of his 1st UA and he has not used anything but Aleve since he quit. What could have caused this?
  • Patricia Sedres
    I’m a volunteer in the community assisting drug addicts one of my clients who desperately wants to rehabilitate was admitted to stikland hospital for I week of detox and then transferred to Heskei King Salvation Army rehabilitation center on admission to Heskei King tested Positive for Mandrax according to Stikland hospital this is impossible client was transferred from one hospital to another with rehabilitation transport After four days in rehab was granted permission to leave to sort out problems at home was due for readmission today but denied because tested positive for heroin client swears he did not use heroin was on 2mgs Suboxone daily This information was very useful Thankyou
  • Stephen Doughty
    Can thyroxine effect a drug screening for cocain
  • Ronda Sparks
    I have been going to a Pain Clinic for 10 years . I have a perfect urine result record and had meds left over for 10 years . I was never short of my meds when counted . I was accused of taking hydrocodone Ias it was positive on my urine results for 160ng/ mg and I am prescribed Oxycodone and Morphine ER . I was kicked off my meds for 37 days , then made to have an appointment with a addictionologist. I did not have any symptoms of drug addiction in those 37 days . The addictionologist put me on Buprenorphone + noroxphine for addiction . I am very angry by the undignified way that I was treated . I had a sinus infection at the time and was on zithromycin ( z-pack ) and was taking decongestants also . I feel very resentful , the addictionologist told me , “ urine test don’t lie.” Could the pharmacy be the culprit ? Could the lab be the culprit, because I did not take any hydrocodone, nor do I have access to any !
  • Amber swaun
    Will subutext and methadone will they both show up as the same thing on a hair folical test.or will they show up subtext and methadone
  • Eric King
    Can energy drinks have false positive for alcohol
  • Kimberly
    Hi I’m currently drug testing full panel for urine and on the patch now for 6months and I have been completely sober the whole time,my urine tests have all come back totally clean but my patch has been dirty for meth but then one week it was clean.i have no idea why this is happening I’m not around any drugs or smoke or on any meds.these patch tests are ruining my life and there’s nothing I can do to change them.please help me find out why my patch tests are going up and down then clean then dirty.
  • Parker Lococo
    I need help my fiance is in the hospital with a spin infection not drug related. She has been clean and sober for 3 years. The staff has been really weird with us and we questioned it. Come to find out her test was positive for cocain. I have been around her the whole past 5 days and she has done nothing at all except her meds and some otc stuff and now the hospital stuff. There is another issue she has been on probation for a week or so over a year. She had a po meeting which I went to to explain why she couldn’t be here. She has court fri and was supposed to be to for closing her probation cause all money has been paid and all urine screenings have been no issue. We are now afraid of what’s going to happen because of this. Please shed some insight on this situation.
  • Samantha
    I had a drug test show up for Suboxone and I have never used Suboxone… But before the drug test I had took Tylenol Ibuprofen and Zofran… Is there any of these that would show up as Suboxone on drug test?
  • Chris milleson
    Recently for a custody case I had to do a hair follicle test I came up positive for meth I lost my kids And I don’t do math although I do have a prescription for Adderall but why would a meth show up in my hair follicle test I’ve never touched it in my life can anybody help
  • cheryl zachari
  • Eyo
    I have been taking Ibuprofen .Comtrx abdNyquul for my cough and colds and tested positive on a job drug test today. I do not use at all
  • Dianna Matsumoto
    My grandson tested positive, and it was confirmed by GC-MS, for oxazepam when he had taken only OTC cold and flu meds since he had the flu. (He was not taking any prescription drugs.) According to my research, these were the combined active ingredients: Acetaminophen, Diphenhydramine HCl, Dextromethorphan HBr, Doxylamine succinate, Pseudoephedrine, Phenylephrine, Guaifenesin, and Naproxen sodium.)Some of these ingredients were duplicated or, as with acetaminophen, triplicated. However, he was not allowed to report on the information sheet that accompanied his urine sample that he had taken, in December, 2015, OTCs (TYLENOL PM, NYQUIL, and SUDAFED, since it is believed that only prescription or illegal drugs will show up positive on a drug test, especially if it goes through GC-MS and still shows positive. He was dismissed from the Navy because of it. I am representing him before a Board in Washington before long and need compelling evidence to convince this Board. Can you offer suggestions or guidance?
  • Angela emeraon
    I have been taking seroquel and suboxone daily as prescribed. So I go in like I usually do except this time she was asking why I was taking benzodiazepine and I know for a fact I hadn’t taken anything but of course she deals with lying junkies everyday so I gave up on arguing and I let it go thinking an error was made and she gave me a warning. Fast forward 6 or 7 months I went in for my appt today and sure enough comes in and says I had adderal in my damn test. I was on all kind of drugs which led me to suboxone I haven’t touched any kind of medicine other than those 2 prescriptions even when I was on drugs I never took adderal and I tried one Xanax I woke not remembering the night before that was 10 years ago. I understand she doesn’t believe me so I’m trying to figure out what the Hell is really going so I can fix it if possible. All I know is it can’t be another medication.
  • Tammy ikaed
    I need help I went to my pain management today and she told me that I tested positive for meth.i have never done methamphetamines and this is my first test that has ever showed up as any kind of drugs on any test I have ever tested or taken they have come back I took another test today at my next appointment she will let me know what the results are .That goes on my record she said that if this new test comes back negative than she will give me back my meds. UNTIL then I have to have random drug testing and see her every month any time she calls witch that’s fine I have NOTHING to hide.i don’t know what I have Eaton because nothing has changed in my daily ruteen.please help
  • Chris Carroll
    I’ve taken 3 different drug test all identify diagnostic first one tested positive for meth and amphetamine second one faint lines on the same third positive again I have not been using drugs what could cause this I was a meth user for over twenty years
  • Michael
    I was recently discharged from my PCP for a failed drug test for methamphetamines! I’m gonna be 65 I’ve had 3 heart attacks why in God’s name would I even consider a drug that could/would end my life. I asked for a copy and had to threaten with a lawyer. The day this test was done I was almost to front door leaving the office. So many things I don’t understand, cause in my 60+yrs I’ve never failed a drug test I’m not around people that do drugs either Please help idk what to do or where to turn Im also on 6 meds for my heart bp and chloesterol
  • Dillon
    I have a friend that had 3 seizures about 3 weeks ago and tested positive for methamphetanie and amphetamines and opioid and just 3 days ago had another seizure resulting in another drug test testing positive again for methamphetanie and amphetamines but is saying it’s her medication causing a false positive and her medication is buprenorpnalox, seroquel and sudaphrine is this possible two times 3 weeks apart?
  • Eddie
    I been sober for 3 years I took a urine at my substance abuse doctor and came up positive for oxycodone and morphine and I take suboxen I ate everything bagel for the past few days could that cause a false positive and they sent my urine to the lab will they find out that it’s a false positive when the lab test it ? Ty
  • MEB
  • Caroline harsch
    I think if people are ask to take drug test they better be 100 percent and they should go by what people are taking at the time of the test and make the decisions on that not on their on and say yes the test is positive because of a false positive re sult they want to take my granddaughter from me and now am in hiding with her I took a drug test to prove I was not using drugs and that test came back positive so if people are taking any kinds of medicines that shows up as a drug the person doing the test should just say to who ever order the test this person is on or taking this med and it will show up as a drug instead of giving a positive result and it will save a lot of people all this nonsense
  • Rosario Rodriguez
    I was tested on the this month My urine came out positive for cocaine.and I don’t do drugs. I have been seeing Dr Phan pain mangmet for years.And I can’t believe he really thinks that I do cocaine. I was so upset. When he told me he wanted to swap my mouth.i am 69 yrs old.i take heart pills why would I be doing drugs?I’m really hurt.I tell him I don’t do drugs.and he tells me I better be clean and don’t do bad things so it can be clean when I go on my appt . I can’t believe my doctor doesn’t believe me. But when a Dr. doesn’t trust in you .I think I’m going to look for another Dr..