Methadone Dosage: How Much Methadone Can You Take At Once?

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Methadone can be very useful for opioid addicts to help get off of dangerous opioids, such as heroin. However, when this drug is used as replacement therapy, it needs to be used very carefully. The correct doses must be used. Otherwise, this drug itself can cause many problems. This article will provide information about the average Methadone doses that you should use for this drug. The information that you learn in this article can be beneficial for making sure that you are taking the correct Methadone Dose and not overdoing it.

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About Methadone Dosage in General

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Patients who are beginning to take Methadone should be given a low dosage on their first day. The first dosage should be between 10-30mg. If the patient has not used opioids recently, then the dose should not be higher than 10-20 mg. It is essential not to make the first dosage too strong to prevent the Methadone overdose. Overdoses have occurred for the first dose at 40-60mg. So, the first dose should never be more than 30 mg.

The typical Methadone dose or the average methadone dose for the first one is around 20 mg. After the first one, the dosage amount can be gradually scaled up by 5-10 mg every three days. The maintenance dose is typically between 60-120 mg.

Lowest, Average and Highest Dosage

The maximum safe maintenance dosage is between 60-120 mg. But it takes time to build up to this dose. Doses should be lower to start out with. The highest dose of Methadone that should be used for replacement therapy when treating severe opioid addiction is 160 mg. 60 mg is on the lower end for maintenance dosage. However, the lowest dose of Methadone is about 10 mg.

The average dose of Methadone is about 80-120 mg. If you go above 120 mg of Methadone, then you could be at severe risk of having an overdose. If you take an amount of Methadone above 120mg, then you could be at severe risk for having an overdose. Such an overdose can be deadly. Your chances of having a deadly overdose are greatly increased if you are also taking any other opioid narcotics such as Oxycontin or Hydrocodone.

The Dosage of Methadone by Age and Condition

The amount of Methadone that you take as a maintenance dosage is highly dependent on your age, the drug you are trying to get off of, and your doctor’s recommendations. If you are younger than 18, then you will need a smaller dose of Methadone as a maintenance dose. This could range anywhere from 5 mg to 40 mg. If you are a healthy adult, then you may need slightly more. Your maintenance dosage may be from 60-100 mg. If you are elderly or in poor health, then your dose may be similar to that of people under 18.

However, if you have developed a strong tolerance to opioids by taking heroin, Oxycontin, or other similar drugs for years, then you may need higher doses. However, your max dose of Methadone should never exceed 120 mg. Otherwise, you are risking overdose. But if you are wondering “how much Methadone should I take?” or if you are doing Methadone dosing for addiction, then you should consult your physician. The reason is that it can vary from person to person depending on factors such as opioid tolerance, age, etc.

Occasional and Preventative Use

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Methadone should never be used casually or recreationally to get high. The only cases where it should be used is it if it is prescribed by a doctor for harrowing conditions when the doctor believes that the drug is the only suitable drug, or for replacement therapy for opioid treatment. People who use Methadone recreationally and who have no idea how much Methadone to take can easily overdose form the drug. For this reason, the drug should never be taken casually.

Only a doctor should always give methadone treatment dosages. So, if you are wondering what the Methadone dosing guidelines are, the answer is that you should ask your doctor. However, if you cannot access a doctor for some reason, then your initial doses of Methadone should be very, very small. If you have little to no tolerance to opioids, then your first dose should be around 10mg. Dosing can go up from there slowly. Doses should never exceed 120 mg for anyone, regardless of tolerance.

Final Thoughts

Methadone can often be used successfully to help treat severe heroin and opioid addictions. Many other opioid drugs are far more deadly and dangerous than Methadone is, and that is why this drug is frequently used to wean people off of these other dangerous narcotics. However, if you are thinking about using this narcotic to try to cure your heroin or severe opioid addiction, then you should get help from an addiction specialist, or an addiction treatment center. It is crucially important that you get the dosing right, or else you could potentially be risking your life. So, always get professional help when you are using this drug.

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