How Long Does Mobic Stay In The System And Visible On A Drug Test?

Last Updated: July 17, 2020

Authored by Olivier George, Ph.D.

Meloxicam is known for treating pain, swelling, inflammation, and tension in joints caused by different types of arthritis. Mobic is an NSAID that stays in one’s system for some period even after discontinuing its intake. Read further and find out how long does the medication last and the half-life of meloxicam in men and women.

What is Half-Life Of Meloxicam?

According to the research on the clinical pharmacokinetics of meloxicam, its half-life in humans is about 15-20 hours. Mobic half-life period is approximately 19.5 hours for women and around 23.4 hours for men. This difference between the half-life period of Mobic tablets for men and women is because women process this drug faster. It should also be noted that NSAIDs, including meloxicam, can raise blood pressure primarily when the drug is taken for the long term. Taking meloxicam for prolonged periods can cause even more severe Mobic side effects like heart attack and stroke.

How Long Does Mobic Stay in the System?

meloxicam tablet outside the white bottle on statistic chart backgroundBased on this study about Safety and Efficacy of Meloxicam in the treatment of osteoarthritis, the time of getting this drug out of the system depends on several factors. Some of them are: the amount of meloxicam taken, the period the medication has been received, and what kind of test is carried out to check the presence of Mobic: urine, blood, hair or saliva testing.

How Long Does Meloxicam Stay in the Urine?

This medication is excreted mostly through the urinary system so the drug can show up in the urine test for three to five days after taking the last dose.

How Long Does Mobic Stay in the Blood System?

Depending on the half-life of meloxicam, its concentration reaches the maximum level in plasma between 2.5 to 7 hours after taking it. It takes about 80 hours to expel the medication from the blood completely. After stopping meloxicam medication, its concentration can still be detected. A blood test can show this medication even within three to five days.

How Long Does Meloxicam Stay in Patient Hair or Saliva?

Hair follicle testing is known to reveal the drugs that have been used by an individual for the last 90 days. Usually, illicit drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and other addictive substances are tested with this method. NSAIDs typically are not included in the list of substances that the drug testing lab will be looking for.

Will Meloxicam Show Up on a Drug Test?

Can Mobic be a cause of a false positive drug test? Yes, it could be the reason in some cases. Mobic sometimes is known to cause a false positive urine drug test for THC. So, if meloxicam was recently used for back pain or any other purpose it is known for it is recommended to inform a physician about it as well as drug testing lab.
In this case, some people may wonder can meloxicam get a person high? Medical studies said that Mobic does not cause any euphoria feelings. Don’t mix meloxicam with alcohol also because this mix may harm a patient’s health. Alcohol also may affect the time it takes for Mobic to get out of the system.

Factors That Influence How Long Mobic Stays In The System

Doctor showing meloxicam drug test results to patient Finally, how long meloxicam will stay in the patient’s system may depend on its interactions with different drugs, foods, and drinks. According to a study published in the Journal of Korean Medical Science (JKMS), some medications such as Warfarin, Benzimidazole, and Methoxyamphetamines are shown to interact with Mobic by not only increasing the severity of side effects but also affecting the metabolism of Mobic. This results in a long time for Mobic to stay in one’s system.
If overdose on meloxicam had happened, this condition also increases the overall time for Mobic to remain in the system.
How long is it safe to take meloxicam depends not only on the patient diagnosis but also on the severity of its side effects and possible interactions with other medications. Tramadol and meloxicam, for example, can be used together to provide more effective pain relief which otherwise would not be possible if using tramadol alone. These two should, however, be taken together only upon the advice of a medical doctor.
To get rid of Mobic from an individual’s system faster, there is nothing much one can do as it will take its required time of approximately 80 hours to be expelled from the system completely. Any specific medication, medical detox or anything else can’t be used to hasten this process.

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    My dad is trying to come off Mobic. How will this effect him. He is 80 yrs old. He’s complaining of his ears hurting, nausia, and heart burn. He was taking 1a day and cut down to 1/2 a pill every day. He’s been doing this for a week. Will coming off of the Mobic cause these effects he is feeling
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    No side effects on Meloxicam I still hurt all in both hands and arms what should I do and.cant feel my hands