Quetiapine Overdose: Recognizing The Signs And Taking Action

Last Updated: February 19, 2020

Authored by Dr. Ahmed Zayed

An overdose on Seroquel can be dangerous to a person. It is vital to recognize the signs of Seroquel OD. When a person experiences an overdose of Seroquel, emergency medical treatment may be needed to avoid life-threatening complications. There are steps to be taken if quetiapine overdose occurs at home, but this should never be a replacement for medical treatment at an appropriate facility.

Quetiapine Overdose: Is It Possible?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 192 people die each day due to an OD on drugs. This includes both illicit and prescription drugs. This data does not consider a specific drug, such as those who have suffered a Seroquel overdose.
Seroquel overdose amount.
The use of quetiapine yields effective results for people with certain mental disorders. When a person takes too much Seroquel drug, however, they may experience severe adverse effects.

How many Seroquel to overdose depend on the dosage per tablet. In cases of Seroquel 100mg tablets, it would take fewer pills to OD compared to a scenario where a person takes a lower dose tablet.

Seroquel Overdose Symptoms

An important question to ask here is, how does it feel to overdose on Seroquel? When a person recognizes Seroquel overdose symptoms quickly, then treatment can often be implemented before life-threatening complications may develop.
Initially, OD may seem to a person that they experience Quetiapine high. This is not all that will happen, however. Seroquel overdose death can occur if a person does not obtain the right treatment.
suffering from rapid heartbeat.
Seroquel overdose symptoms that should be recognized if someone has OD on the drug include:

  • A rapid heartbeat
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness

How much Seroquel is lethal? When a person takes a dangerous dose of quetiapine, they may experience Seroquel XR side effects, such as faint. In some cases, a Quetiapine overdose can also cause the individual to experience a seizure.
While combining this drug with other substances, Seroquel and weed, for example, is unlikely to cause more serious adverse effects, the combined effect of the drug with some other prescription medication or alcohol may worsen quetiapine overdose symptoms.

Seroquel Overdose Treatment

Urgent Seroquel overdose treatment should be provided when these symptoms are recognized. A person should be asked how much of the drug they took, if possible. This amount should be compared to the information about how many Seroquel to overdose and die.

First Aid Seroquel OD Treatment At Home

In some cases, a person may be treated initially at home if an OD occurs there. A number of Seroquel taken should be asked at this point. The data should be compared with the amount of quetiapine taken by the patient.
The first step is to call 911. An ambulance should be ordered so that the person can be rushed to an emergency room. An emergency dispatcher will ask the caller some questions about the person suffering from the OD.
It is important to have the appropriate data on hand. The dispatcher may ask about the following:

  • Age of the person who overdosed
  • Size of the person who overdosed
  • Whether the person had taken other drugs
  • Existing health problems and disorders that the person might suffer from

Professional Seroquel Overdose Treatment

Overdosing on Seroquel requires professional help to reduce the risk of potentially life-threatening complications from happening. Details about the patient will need to be taken into consideration first. One of the most important factors would be the amount of quetiapine that was taken by the individual. Despite the fact that Seroquel is not a narcotic, the drug can still be exceptionally dangerous when taken in large amounts.
In most cases, a person will find that OD on the drug is mild. It is rather rare to find a case where a person experiences a more serious level of OD symptoms. Still, people do need to realize the answer to a question like how much Seroquel to die. It is still possible, particularly with excessive doses, for a patient to die from the complications.
Quetiapine classification makes it an appropriate option for many people to use – including those who seem to be at a higher risk of suicidal attempts. This is because many people who OD on the drug do not end up dying.

Avoiding The Dangers Of Seroquel Overdose

Some people are trying to understand how much Seroquel it takes to overdose. They need to know how quetiapine can adversely affect them in high doses. When the drug is taken in potentially risky amounts, the person may face several dangers related to their heart. They may also faint, feel dizzy, and even suffer from a seizure.
In cases where people are experimenting with higher doses of the drug, it is important to take additional factors into account. Continuously relying on high doses can lead to severe withdrawals from Seroquel. These withdrawals would develop once the individual stops using the drug. They may feel like they are addicted to the drug and unable to function normally without it. When addictive behavior develops, a person also seems to be at great risk of OD on the drug. The body may become used to the current dose, requiring a higher dose of quetiapine before the drug becomes effective again. If this behavior is noted in a patient, they should look up an addiction treatment program. They should visit reputable drug rehab and have a conversation with a health professional about suitable rehabilitation programs for their case.

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Published on: February 19th, 2020

Updated on: February 19th, 2020

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