Marijuana Withdrawal: What Are the Symptoms and Timeline?

marijuana withdrawal

Many people falsely answer the question “Is marijuana addictive?”; this belief comes from the fact that the withdrawal symptoms of marijuana are not as dramatic as other drugs.

But research over the last 15 years suggests that marijuana does have a potential for addiction, especially in teenagers. Current estimates indicate that one out of ten regular cannabis users develops a psychological addiction to the drug.

People who smoke marijuana (or “vape” it using a vaporizer) regularly for long periods of time – several months to years – often experience marijuana withdrawal symptoms when they suddenly stop. And that is a sign of physical dependence.

In a study done on nearly 500 marijuana users who attempted to quit using the drug, about 30% relapsed because the withdrawal symptoms were too much to handle. This result provides some evidence that cannabis withdrawal is a legitimate problem, and that it involves both psychological and physical addiction.
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What Causes Marijuana Withdrawal

Marijuana does have addictive potential, especially for teens and individuals who frequently use the drug. There are few legitimate studies on the physically addictive qualities of the active ingredient in marijuana – tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. But this is largely because there have been so few legitimate studies on cannabis use, period, due to repressive U.S. federal restrictions that prevented researchers from having access to the drug to test it.

What we do know is that unlike most other drugs, including alcohol, THC is stored in fat cells and therefore takes longer to fully clear the body than other common drugs. This means that some parts of the body still retain THC even after a couple of months, rather than just the couple of days or weeks required to eliminate water-soluble drugs.

Also, we know that addiction is a brain disease, which means that marijuana use chemically alters the brain to make it believe that THC is a necessary substance, one that it not only wants, but needs. These chemical changes are why a person might have uncontrollable cravings to use marijuana, and also why their body may have violent reactions when they stop using it. Such reactions are part of withdrawal, the process that occurs during detoxification or detox, the body’s natural process of removing toxic substances from the system.

Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms Prevalence

About one-third of regular marijuana users have reported withdrawal symptoms, while 50% to 95% of those in treatment have experienced withdrawal symptoms. Factors that seem to influence the severity of marijuana withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Quantity of use
  • Frequency of use
  • Presence of co-morbid mental health issues
THC is the primary psychoactive ingredient of cannabis. If it is consumed repeatedly over an extended period, the brain will develop a tolerance to the drug.

In response to this growing tolerance to THC, the user needs higher and higher doses to achieve a similar effect. The brain and the body become accustomed to regular marijuana intake, and begin to rely on the drug. This is how physical dependency becomes a reality.

From that point forward, the weed user will experience unpleasant sensations when they go too long without the drug: weed withdrawal symptoms.

Fortunately, the drug withdrawal symptoms associated with pot withdrawal are not very dangerous, although they can be unpleasant.

What Are The Symptoms Of Marijuana Withdrawal?

Symptoms of withdrawal from marijuana include:

  • Troubled sleep
  • Irritability
  • Loss of focus
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Shakiness
  • Cravings for resumed cannabis use
  • Restlessness
  • Excessive sweating
  • Chills
  • Stomach pain and/or nausea
  • Low appetite or loss of weight
  • Depressive states of mind
  • Dysphoria, a feeling of general unease or dissatisfaction
  • Tiredness during the day
  • Insomnia

These sensations are similar to the experience of breaking a tobacco addiction. They are not life-threatening, but can be disruptive enough that the user may have a difficult time being fully functional until the symptoms stop.

How Long Do Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

The marijuana withdrawal timeline begins one day after the last intake of the drug. The most difficult withdrawal symptoms will occur on the second and third days and may include headaches, cravings, sweating, chills, and gastrointestinal distress. The withdrawal timeline will continue for up to two weeks while the symptoms slowly fade.

Timeline – Day 1

The first symptoms of weed withdrawal appear immediately after the active molecules of THC have been processed. The body and the brain expect another dose, having learned to rely on a regular supply of the drug. Not receiving the expected dose of marijuana, the body’s expected chemical balance is disrupted.

At this point, the first symptoms of THC withdrawal begin to kick in, typically several hours after the last marijuana dose, or at latest the following day.

The user will begin to experience:

  • Troubled sleep. The most common symptom of marijuana withdrawal is insomnia. Insomnia can manifest itself as a complete inability to sleep, or as waking up regularly during the night. During the early THC detox process, people may experience very vivid dreams or nightmares, which can make relaxation at night very difficult.
  • Irritability. The lack of proper sleep and relaxation during weed detox can make people more likely to lose control over their emotions. Irritation is common, as people become tired, but are unable to sleep. They may experience a wide range of previously-suppressed aggressive feelings. Some may experience outbursts, others irritation, and still others episodes of rage. These negative emotions are often accompanied by a lack of humor and a decreased sex drive.
  • Loss of focus. Another byproduct of the constant fatigue is the loss of concentration, and difficulty with learning, memorization, and memory.
  • Anxiety. It is quite common for individuals at the beginning of their cannabis withdrawal to experience anxiety attacks. The soothing marijuana effects are no longer active, so some react the opposite way, and feel uneasy and anxious.

Timeline – Days 2-3

The period of peak withdrawal symptoms occurs between 48 and 72 hours after the last cannabis use.

Marijuana consumers in that early stage of detox will likely face some unpleasant consequences:

  • Headaches are common during the detoxification stage, usually during the first three days. They usually weaken over time and ultimately fade away.
  • Strong cravings. After the initial shock of withdrawal, almost every marijuana user will begin to crave the drug.
  • Sweating and chills. During detox from weed, many users suffer from night sweats and chills, which should fade after a few days. The sweating is triggered by your body attempting to rid itself of toxins.
  • Gastrointestinal distress. Over 30% of former marijuana addicts report that when detoxing from weed they have had some form of eating problem. Most often, the former marijuana users suffered from a loss of appetite, which caused mild weight loss. Others reported digestive issues such as stomach cramps and nausea.
  • Risk of relapse. The discomfort and cravings can be strong marijuana relapse triggers.

Timeline – Days 4-14

Symptoms start to fade gradually, but some may persist, such as:

  • Depressive states. The brain’s chemistry is undergoing changes trying to adapt and function without THC. Mood swings and emotional issues are not uncommon and are a sign of the brain trying to reestablish a healthy chemical balance.
  • Cravings. Cravings to use cannabis again will persist in almost all former marijuana users on a detox program. Cravings are a natural consequence of the body adapting to the absence of THC.

Timeline – After Day 15

After two weeks, most of the withdrawal symptoms should disappear.

However, some symptoms may continue for several months until they fully dissipate. That is especially the case for severe addicts. They can expect:

  • Coughing. After two weeks, people may begin coughing up phlegm. This is a result of the body attempting to clear the lungs after extended abuse.
  • Insomnia usually stops after two weeks to a month. But it can take up to two months until you are able return to a regular sleep cycle.
  • Depression and anxiety can go on for several months. If so, this may be an indication that the user has an underlying mental issue, and should see a therapist. Do not hesitate to get help.

So the answer to the question “How long does it take to detox from weed?” has to be “It varies, depending on many factors.

Factors That Affect Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

Many factors can impact the duration and the intensity of the withdrawal phase. Not every person will necessary experience all the same symptoms as others.

Factors that affect marijuana withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Frequency and length of use. The longer you use marijuana, the more it builds up in your body.
  • Consumption rate. The amount of cannabis that the person typically consumes in one intake session. People who have developed a greater physical dependency on marijuana will need to expect more intense withdrawals from weed. The strain of the weed consumed can also affect the withdrawal – for example, Charlotte’s web marijuana strain is low in THC; hence, the withdrawal might be relatively mild.
  • Emotional and physical vulnerability. People who are less able to handle stress will likely experience more severe withdrawal symptoms from cannabis.
  • General health and metabolism. The healthier the person and the better their metabolism, the quicker the person will get rid of toxins and end the unpleasant withdrawal sensations.
  • Body type. Fat tissues store THC molecules; as a result, the more fat that you have in your body, the more storage space you provide for toxic cannabis molecules. Most women naturally have a higher fat content than men, and thus are likely to retain more THC in their bodies than men. As a result, their marijuana withdrawals can be more severe.

How To Reduce The Weed Withdrawal Discomfort

Fortunately, quitting marijuana is not as difficult as withdrawing from other drugs. Medical supervision is usually unnecessary because the symptoms, while unpleasant, are not dangerous. In many cases, people manage to quit on their own when properly motivated.

Depending on your situation, there is a lot you can do to ease your withdrawal period.

What You Can Do At Home

Here is what you can try at home to soothe milder detox symptoms during weed withdrawals:

  • Stay hydrated by drinking 2-3 liters of water per day. Avoid sodas and drinks with sugar or other artificial sweeteners.
  • Eliminate coffee and caffeine until your sleep cycle returns to normal.
  • Do not use other substances while you are detoxing from marijuana. That means: stop drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and consuming other drugs. If you are taking medication, talk with your doctor about your cannabis detox.
  • Eat healthy foods like bananas, lemons, green leafy vegetables, melons, and tomatoes. These will replenish potassium and other minerals you lose through sweat. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. If you have digestive problems, cut down on fats and sugars considerably. Cranberry juice has been used effectively by recovery facilities to help purify and cleanse the body.
  • Exercise every day, even if only for a short while. By exercising you will 1) boost your mental health and 2) increase the speed at which your body removes toxins through sweat.
  • Treat yourself to a nice warm bath to relax you and improve your mood
  • Surround yourself with supportive people, whether they are members of your family or friends or online forums and local support groups.

Get Professional Help

If you can’t deal with your withdrawal period alone, don’t hesitate to seek professional help.

  • Medical assistance. If you experience debilitating pain or gastrointestinal issues, ask your doctor to prescribe you specific medications. These medications can include treatments for drug abusers with digestive problems, sleeping pills to counter insomnia, or anxiolytics to reduce restlessness and anxiety.
  • Get therapy. Individual counseling is always helpful during any step of recovery. Look for psychologists specializing in behavioral therapy. There are also various support groups in every major town, such as Narcotics Anonymous or Marijuana Anonymous.
  • Go to addiction rehabilitation center. For people who find that they are really struggling to deal with withdrawal symptoms or additional substance abuse, the best option may be to go to marijuana rehab. Naturally, people who are also dealing with co-occurring mental or physical health issues should also consult medical professionals. Often such individuals will receive a referral to an inpatient rehab center. These facilities are well equipped to help users recover from marijuana dependence and addiction.

How to detox from weed? Will marijuana detox kit help?If you’re ready to give marijuana detox a try, start by contacting the people who can help you do it successfully, and with the least discomfort. Give us a call our 24-hour hotline at (888)-459-5511, and one of our knowledgeable representatives will answer your questions and provide you with referrals to the people who can help.

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Marijuana Withdrawal: What Are the Symptoms and Timeline?

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  • I’m 46 yrs old smoked weed heavily every day for 32yrs !!
    This is my second attempt at giving it up. I failed the first time
    after 5 weeks of insomnia, I am into week 2 off my second attempt first 8 days I was taking
    Alprazolam 1mg I’ve made the decision to stop taking it.Its been 3 days now and I’m hurting bad only because I havnt had any sleep. I went to the Doctor today
    And he has prescribed me Belsomra suvorexant 15mg not addictive he asurred me. Tonight will be my first night trying it.
    I just hope it works, don’t no how I’ll cope with another night of no sleep. I’m scared that if it doesn’t
    What other options do I have??
    I’m 100% committed to succeeding. 32 yrs off heavy daily smoking, how long the insomnia
    last???? I carnt even go to the gym because I’m that tiared. Any advice would so much be appreciated. MB

    • Hang in there. I am also 46, started smoking in 1987. I was off and on for many years. I have been a nightly user for the last 9 years. Never took “weed withdrawal” seriously. I tried quitting cold turkey last Wednesday, but had to go back to just a tiny amount, to stave off the nausea, and stomach cramping. By tiny, I mean a single hand pipe hit, instead of my usual 8-10 hits a night through a bubbler. The dreams (when I can sleep) are so vivid I can’t really describe them. I am committed to doing this. I am now a believer in the herb causing withdrawals. Doesn’t seem to be bad for everyone, but those who laugh it off, haven’t experienced it. Survivable, not medically dangerous, but miserable. I wish you the best, my friend. Stay strong!

      • Av been smoking cannabis for 30 years yes did have vivid dreams and dizziness and feeling sick it’s been 6 weeks now still having bad stomach cramps tho because I was a heavy smoker it’s taking longer with the withdrawal symptoms I read it could take up to 6 months I advise people to be stronger yes it’s the hardest thing to do but you can do it just try to drink plenty of water eat healthy stay away from caffeine and cut your sugar intake . A bath helps with anxiety and helps you relax.. or reading before bed . didn’t think it would be this hard but yes it is ..try to cut out fatty foods and spicy foods eat more fruit and veg I have good days and bad days I just wanna get through this rough ride and be strong . So try and stick it out we can get through this good luck to you all

    • TAke CBD oil. Helps a lot

    • for people having trouble sleeping i suggest looking into melatonin pills 10mg at least to help you sleep for the first days of withdrawal.

    I am going through the same thing!
    My story is identical to yours, I am 53 and have been smoking every day for 8 years. It has been a crutch for me, however lately I have become so depressed, and I miss feeling joy. I used to have friends and hobbies- I have made my world really small and have exhausted my family with my emotional outbursts! I made the decision to cut back my marijuana use switching from a pipe to vapeing it, my withdraws started only I did not understand what was happening to me. I started seeing a naturopath whom I felt comfortable telling I smoke; she is the one who told me what was happening to me. Now that I read this article I am quitting as of today!!!!! I am terrified, absolutely terrified!!!! I am so insecure, I feel so alone and hopeless I just need to know I will be ok in the end! I have been trying to find a good counselor to help me through this but am finding it hard to find anyone taking new patients!
    This is the scariest experience of my life- I am a shadow of who I once was!

    • Oh man I wish there was a way we could chat, I could have written this post too. I’m also 53 but I’ve been smoking for 30 years and am ready to quit. I’ve been going thru these same symptoms as you describe/as others describe on here and I’m confident that I can make it but it would help to have contact with others in this position.

      • I agree with you m.a meeting shows me I wasn’t alone . 32 years I smoked , shoot I was military and started smoking while I was in believe it or not, I had just came back from my 1st tour (Iraqi freedom) and came back with ptsd , I was left the military because the anxiety was just to hard , but when I was in I would take hot just to sleep . After I got out I never stoped smoking because I felt and was told it is great for PTSD and boy when I started dabs my world became a false sense of heaven , been smoke heavy concentrates for almost 16 years now and looked around me and realized it wasn’t helping I was secluding my self And was an addict , this is my first attempt and I have just 72 hrs in my mind is racing and my stomach feel like somebody punched me my heart seems to be off rhythm and boy the contseny thought of smoking is always there , I have found that I I didn’t even think of the affects it was having on me as I was using , today was the 1st day I felt different in the sense of reality and visual change , as I worked out my boy was sweating so bad I accully got dehydrated and passed out … never happens when I was high . I’m told weed help retain water so my body was so I sick , I took a show and laid down , and started to read all your comments , my only advice is to Just anyonone who is being told weed is not addictive to F off I pretty sure the. Never quite Hang in there everyone I have seen 40 pluse year users say after they quit there whole life changed for the better ….most the time it’s because the amount of money weed will cost you …..I don’t want to even think about the thousand I have sent smh . We all got this and remember your not alone .

    • I understand what your going through. I just recently quote on Saturday. My wife quite 17 days ago. I have been a smoker for about 8 years. I was a drunk before that. Quite one for the other. I am a veteran and have ptsd. But I am willing to work through all my issues. My wife noticed that I was mad all the time while smoking. I am angry all the time and I have noticed recently that my anger was affecting my family. My kids and wife became scared of me and I have almost lost what is the most important to me. I don’t think I can lose anyone else in my life. So Saturday morning I woke up and threw everything away, I needed to. I can lose her or my boys they complete me. So life is hard and we can do this no matter what if not for you then for your family. Stay safe and be proud. Take walks my wife says they help. I went today with her. Made me realize how much I have missed her.

  • Hey MJ have you been able to sleep normally? And have you been eating normally?

  • I’m almost at 72 hours clean. I’m quitting so i can get another job.
    I’ve wanted to quit earlier but i would get so anxious at the thought of no weed i just couldnt do it. The night hefore i quit my brain was in disarray. Back and forth, i can do it, no i cant. I had a therapy session the next day and we did EMDR for the racing thoughts.
    I went home expecting to give up again and go buy some. ( its hard when there are dispensaries on every block).
    I’ve been fine! I dont have many symptoms. I had some night sweats and a nightmare about my cat. I have thoughts that float by, wish i could smoke but they arent cravings. I guess EMDR really made a difference.
    I also found some positive quotes ive written up and put them on my bed so i see them all the time. Maybe these saying will help someone else.

    One day or day one. Its your decision.

    Remember, the reason youre doing this is to make your life better.

    Dare to begin

  • Hi , I am in the same boat too! Quit this summer after 30+ years (for 90days exactly). I am 48. First month or so was hell, ended up needing to go to dr to get something for sleep and anxiety. After about 2 months I felt great didn’t have cravings and then gave in after a bad day thinking I could do it occasionally but was wrong. Went right back to habit of daily use. I am down to one puff per night just to be able to sleep. Sweating and crazy dreams at night..I am preparing to stop again and have taken a couple days off work to get through the bad insomnia ..good luck all. It does feel good to be one th other side of this!! Kicking myself for having to go through the withdrawals again. LB you will be ok in the end PEACE

    • MJ, Kyle and MP. It is truly a Godsend, seeing this thread. I’ve done so much research on thc insomnia, but was only reading stories about kids in their 20’s and stopping. I am 39, so it did not pertain to me. I really needed to see people who were heavy/daily users for 20 plus years. It seems I was right, the insomnia is going to last for 1-2 months. It’s torture, I’m on day 10 cold turkey after 21 years of heavy use and was about to go back to it because the insomnia and anxiety is no joke, until I read this thread. I feel all of your pain. I attempted to stop 2 times before but went back, only because of the insomnia.

      How funny it is, I think THC is more dangerous than any other drug out there, because it’s labeled as medically safe, but what people don’t tell you is if you try to stop, you will have insomnia for up to 2 months. 1 month of insomnia is NOT worth 20 or 30 years of smoking, it really isn’t. If only we knew.

      If I knew insomnia was this bad, I would of traveled back in time and told myself never to touch this. This is our punishment, for defiling our bodies that God gave us.

      I recommend you guys take L-Tryptophan, 1000 mg. It converts it to seratonin and melatonin, and it probably won’t work if you have heavy insomnia, but it’ll help your brain produce seratonin, so it may lessen, ever so slightly, the anxiety and depressive mood.

      I’m going to the doc to get sleep meds. I’m on day 10 with no sleep and this is not healthy for the body. It really is not healthy to let this insomnia go. You will be constantly angry, depressed, moody etc, hence taking the L-Tryptophan, but still it is seriously not healthy to let insomnia keep compounding. You can get diabetes and other sicknesses if you let insomnia add up. Get a non-benzo sleep aid, but whatever you do don’t touch THC. I went on 30 days of ambien before, and the withdrawals aren’t bad for that. Use ambien for a few months then yes, you will have withdrawals.

      Go to the doc, get a sleep aid. Don’t do CBD oil either. Cut off thc from your life. Delete every person from your life who can remotely get you to use again. Taper off the sleep meds too, try not to take it everyday. If I sleep for one full day, I’m ok with insomnia the next day, because I know the sleep meds will help me the day after.
      It seems like once THC is out of your fat cells, sleep may start returning.

      None of you have collapsed yet or had severe hallucinations, so you are actually getting some sleep, probably 1-3 hours max, even though your body and mind are awake. Trust me, if you had absolutely no sleep for 5 weeks you would be dead. It is physically impossible to get 0 hours of sleep for 250 hours or more and survive. 250 hours is the most anyone has ever survived with 0 hours of sleep before they collapsed dead. The fact that all of us are alive means our bodies are fighting for us. We have insomnia, but we aren’t sleep deprived.. There is a huge difference.

      Accept God’s punishment for defiling our bodies. I fully accept. I started reading the bible… and hoooo boy… God is real, and we never needed THC.

      • Oh my I’m on day ? Nine I haven’t kept count but I’ve been smoking on and off for 20 yrs I’ve quit before not a problem with God’s help and the desire to not disappoint , but fell heavily these past two years due to family loss in death depression and using it as a crutch I’m so tired of depending on it It’s like u depressed if u smoke u depressed if u don’t , I got bad headaches every afternoon about 3pm it begins ! I want to be right w god and not rely on this drug anymore not have anxiety or this heartache of personal problems with family I’m going to talk w my church pastors and confess I feel so ashamed I want a clear conscience, I’m a functioning my user but that doesn’t make it okay , I gotta get through this hopefully have gods help so then I can also be the example for my functioning mj user husband as well , cooking from a drug addict mom I need to break this cycle these chains !! Wish me the best

      • Hi read your story and thx u.. I took cbd:thc 1:1 ratio for 9 months.

        I’m 26 days in clean but still have brain fog and nerves are shaken .

        I took it because my father died and it was a way of escape to dull my pain but it bit like a snake in the end.

        I love Jesus and I’m embarrassed to say I lost faith for a season but I’m on my way up with one day better then the next.

        I hope this breaks soon.

        Cheers friend.

  • Day 7. No let up. I cannot control my body temperature or my anxiety, pounding heart or sweating. This didn’t happen last time I quit, but I smoked homegrown heavily, now I’ve been vaping only for months and months. Detox from herb was not like this. All this has done is reinforce my determination. No long term studies on concentrated oils. More will be revealed I’m sure. I hate this. I literally cannot function

  • OMG,thanks so much everyone,im laying here wide awake at 3am. Is only been 24hrs since last use.I’m 50 and been a regular THC user for over 10 years and quitting to get my life back in order and also to find another Job. After reading everything here I believe I can and will beat this ,my partner is a light smoker and DOESN’T get any side affects apart from getting very angry which frightens me as it’s something that calms him down.he has stopped with me . Again I thank-you for sharing your posts and hope everyone does well.

  • Why is nausea so bad and when does it stop.when is it required to go to the doctor.

  • I am 50 I only been smoking for about 4 months everyday I want to quit not sure if I can do it or not I feel anxious should I just cut back or just quit all together

  • You guys are overreacting too much over nothing. You are guys over thinking. Its been 48 days off me. I was smoking 4 ounces in 5 days and dabbing 24/7 with safe equipments. First week was hard but it gets easier after that. Don’t think too much and you will be fine. The more you think, the harder it is…. Keep your mind off that herb and do something!!

    • It depends on how old are you, and how long have you been smoking, and the dose, also your weight matters, if you are overweight you will need more time, because THC stored in your body cells. I know people had the symptoms only for one week, and others for a few months.

  • im on day 4 quitting today 31/1/19 and i feel like the withdrawal symptoms are starting to peak for me.. i have had 6 attempts of quitting over the last year..
    i am 25 but have been smoking spliffs heavily for 9 years sometimes 9/10 spliffs a day or untill i have run out of supply.
    I am having a wide range of symptoms from sweats all day, insomnia, nausia, headaches, heart palputations, mood swings., increased paraniod thourghts.. the list goes on..
    I first found weed in high school and would use it as a way to fit in at the beggining, i have also been alcohol deppendant since aged 15.
    i have used alcohol and cannabis as a crutch to numb depression that stems from childhood trauma and loosing my birth family and also my adopted family after my mum passed away while i was 6 years old..
    as much as both substance have been a crutch for me in times of need they have also held me back in terms of work, education and relationships.. also having devastating consequences to my mental health..
    i might not have a great support network but i am determimed to put this harrowing time in my life to rest and move on.
    i wish the people reading this that are seriouse about quitting weed the best of luck

  • This helps.. Thanks for sharing.. day 4 very little sleep.

  • Can latuda help with the withdrawal process?

  • I’ve been off the weed for 6 weeks after smoking it for over 30 years,it’s been torture,I thought it would’ve got easier but no.

  • My partner now been clean for 3 days but his suffering from paranoia and delusions…is this normal? I’m really concerned

  • Hello everybody and thanks for sharing, I’m 48 years old and I’ve been smoking heavy for 25 years, last smoke two days ago and experiencing all the same symptoms as I have read you are experiencing too, we can get through this if we are strong, Good luck to everyone.

    • Hi I’m 17 and I’ve been smoking weed heavy for 3 years and I’m trying to stop I’m 3 days in and I’m experiencing really bad stomach cramps how do I make it stop

  • Evening fellow detoxers ,
    I have smoked for many years and like all of you feel it’s time to get my life back . I am nearly 3 weeks in after going cold turkey smoking /vaping 1/2 oz per week .
    I care for my son who has autism so it has been my crutch it has been my best friend for as long as I can remember as being a single parent carer is stressful and lonely . I quit for a year 8 years ago but went from weed to wine . This time I have turned to the gym . Same as you I am finding it so hard to sleep , anxiety , very little patience .
    Me myself and I thoughts and feelings are overwhelming .
    It has helped reading you are all going through the same as I .
    May the force be with you all !
    Sar x

  • Hola! I am 46 years old woman from Barcelona. I’ve been smoking since I was 15 years old with some breaks because pregnancy and travelling. When I was 41 years old after the birth of my second child I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and decided to change the smoking for vaping, was good to give up nicotine. 2 years ago I decided to give up totally and experienced heavy insomnia and anxiety, after 2 months I came back to vape and it was ok for a year but this time I’ve got insomnia again even I was vaping. Last 18th of February decided to give up completely again, almost 3 weeks now and still having insomnia but not daily. Now feeling I want to vape but resisting. It’s so hard, but I have to make it for my kids. Good luck to all!!!

  • I’ve never been a user; however, my significant other is suffering just like all those who have posted here. It is so hard to watch. I’m trying to be as supportive as possible and look forward to the day his good health is fully reclaimed. To all of you brave souls fighting off this addition, I praise you for your courage and for sharing your journey. Keep fighting the good fight, reclaiming your health and your life is soooo worth!

    • This the withdrawal season or something, been daily dabbing for over a year, concentrate withdrawals, be strong mentally, a lot of it is in your head. Anti anxiety pills helped me a lot, as I’m only 18 been smoking since 16, prolly messed up my brain chemistry but nothing to worry about moderation is key glad I’m learning this early

  • Hi i’m 28 and iv been smoking for 15 years as a coping mechanism since I went into care and now my children are growing up I really want to quit and set a good example. iv tried it in the past and stuck to it for a couple of months a few times but now I want to quit for good, I’m going cold Turkey and have done 6 days. I know it wont kill Me but it doesn’t half feel like it will, I also have mental health problems some of which accourd before I started to smoke.

  • Hi im starting today to go off it even though i have a bulging disk c7 in which they wont operate on im on lyrica it helps . I have to get clean ive got to do a medical soon im scared i have a low pain tolerance . How long does it take to get out of the system im really scared because im depressed and i might get angry at my partner hes on it too but how do i stay calm

  • Hello, I am a 62 year old man who has been smoking weed since 16. One week ago I was taken to the ER after waking up at 3am with my heart pounding and a blood pressure of 200/110. My wife is a nurse who realized what was happening and quickly got me to the hospital. After blood work and an EKG showed that my heart and blood were fine they sent me home hours later with some Adovan and Lisinopril. It’s been a week now with no marijuana. I can tell you now it has been hell. Everything that has been posted is happening to me, Anxiety attacks, no appetite, no focus at all, sweats then chills, nausea, irritable, weight loss. I’ve never in my life had a medical issue. The Adovan helped with the anxiety the first 4-5 days. Today is the first day that I didn’t take it and I’m trying to control the anxiety with breathing exercises. Never had this kind of issue with normal weed. The weed they sell at the shops here in CA are very very high in THC content, and I have also been using concentrates. It’s been 7 days, and it scared me so much I have no thoughts at this time about using it again. Thank you for reading this, prayers to all

  • Hi All!

    Seeing the thread makes me feel a bit better but the struggle is unreal!

    I’m only 21 have been smoking about 2 grams weed just about everyday. I’m from the UK so technically it is illegal but trust me that doesn’t mean it’s hard to get!

    Anxiety hits me the hardest, closely followed by insomnia..

    I’ve been smoking it for around 7 years throughout my teenage years and I wonder if it effects you more at a younger age?

    I only started as I was very depressed after my grandmother died and my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I have to say emotionally I feel 10x stronger but mentally 10x weaker.

    Anyone have any good tips on stopping for a young pup like myself?

    • Hi I am 23 and recently gone cold turkey from cannabis. I am on day 7 today, and still these symptoms arnt going. My mind is constantly over thinking and I have really bad anxiety. To the point I feared something was up with me because of these symptoms. It’s harder of a night especially when the insomnia and anxiety get even worse. Just keep telling your self it’s withdrawing, and try and keep your self as busy as you can through out the day. These threads help me a lot as I don’t feel like I’m going through the process alone

    • Hey
      I’m also from UK. Am 46 n went cold Turkey 5 weeks ago this Sunday (35 days ). All I can say is if u really want 2 quit/stay clean then u hav 2 mentally accept u dnt need it. Keep thinking ‘I dnt want it and dnt need it’. Wnt help with withdrawal symptoms but u need b strong with that. Good luck my friend – u can do it

  • Thanks everybody for sharing their stories!
    I thought i was alone or just suffering a very rare and extreme case of weed-drawal until i found this message board.
    About to turn 50, chronic smoker for over 20 years, in pretty good shape and with an active life, found myself smoking about two grams a day for the last year or so to numb the pain away.
    Just like Connor above and so many others in similar situations, I used it to numb myself emotionally after a big loss in my family about a year ago, and more recently, my mother’s terminal cancer diagnose, which resulted in me becoming even more depressed, isolated and unable to handle some basic but important daily tasks like remembering (or caring about) appointments. I detoxed before and have gone through some withdrawal, but the symptoms this time around have been considerably stronger than what I’ve previously experienced.
    Today is day 14 without smoking and I feel a LOT better, hardly out of the woods but i can now see a clearing in the distance.
    Having a clearer head is definitely helping things. Still have to switch pillows, change shirts and at times place a towel under my torso due to night sweats but that is also getting better.
    My joints ache like crazy but getting better and my digestive system has become more consitent. Having wild vivid dreams here and there but no actual nightmares so far and other than the sweating, Iam sleeping well and wake up pretty rested and clear headed. Exercise is definitely helping my mind and body.
    A little irascible at times but my general mood is greatly improved, like a grey fog has been lifted.
    Way more in control of my emotions nowadays. I can now take action to change what i can, or adapt to what i can’t in my life.
    I feel better everyday!.
    I hope these lines help anyone going through the same or similar circumstances the same way reading previous posts have helped me better understand and cope with my combination of depression enhanced by withdrawal symptoms.
    Thank you all and trust yourself, you can do it!.

  • MJ withdrawal only last 72 hours… just tough it out for 3 days and you are done.

  • this thread was a miracle to find, quit weed after i got a 2 hour anxiety attack from it and now experience chronic anxiety, vivid stressful dreams (that also brings on anxiety) and now laying awake at 6 in the morning after a night of tossing and turning with stress dreams in between. only 23 but have been smoking since i was 14. first started because i was suffering from depressions and anxiety due to a traumatic home life and found it helped to suppress those emotions. it truly feels like all those suppressed emotions over the years are finally starting to resurface. never thought that my one of my favorite things that has helped me through so much would be the cause of so much pain once i let it go. quit cold turkey and am now on day 8. tried using cbd oil because it has less than .1 % Thc it helped mildly with the anxiety. can’t thank everyone enough for sharing there struggle, tricks, and tips. this thread brought me a light of hope.

  • Hello to all going thru this after reading the posts from everyone it has helped me and given me strength to know I’m not in this battle alone, for me I have been a casual smoker since the age of 16 and started using every day taking a hit every couple of hours thru out the day all day long, got ptsd from my experiences in Iraq and was suffering from stress , survivors guilt and terrible nightmares and the smoking helped I smoked the best I could get with the highest concentrations of thc and it helped to make me numb and relieved some of the bad feelings and nightmares I was having and have been smoking heavy for the last 15 years . I’ve tried to quit several times over the last year and always failed and went back when the dreams , cravings and insomnia kicked in, but with the help of my wife and a new job it’s been 2 months since I’ve smoked and I’m still suffering, the cravings aren’t too bad but the nightmares and insomnia are terrible, I’m in work now after being up all night, the dreams are so vivid and horrible when I do sleep , in almost all my dreams I have paint on my face and body I keep trying to peel it off and I’m always lost trying to get home and no one can help me , there’s alway blood and violence and I wake up screaming , I’m not weak but this has been hard , every time I tell my wife I’m going to get weed she resists and reminds me not to give in, thank god I have her. To all of you fighting and struggling with this beast know there are others fighting along side you and your not alone and never give up, hopefully the end is near!

  • ive been smoking 82 years at least 5gs a day of straight fire. Im not stopping till the day I die.

  • Day 3 no cannabis. Only 20 years old and have used daily for around 18 months. I went on holiday last year abroad where there was no cannabis. Thankfully I was only away 3 nights but my body shut down. I genuinely thought something was seriously wrong. No appetite, sweating like fu*k all day, every day. When I came back I started using again. 12 months later I’ve decided to stop. Thank you so much for all your comments on this. I hope everyone succeeds in quitting as there’s so much more to life than feeling like a sack of potatoes stuck on a sofa. No matter how much you want to smoke DON’T. You can never win. You’ll be depressed if you smoke. You’ll be depressed if you don’t. So just don’t smoke. Stay at it. We will all succeed!

  • Day 7 cold turkey I’m 25 and have been using for about 12 years maybe .not my first time stopping cold, but this time is tough .the night cold sweats and mares have me on edge. But I’m getting through it I have three little children and want the best for them in life so rn ,it’s hard for me but will be worth it for them . Wishing you all best of luck in youre journeys

  • hi all, am from the middle east. i was a heavy smoker of Hashish ( hash )since i was 17yrs, now i am 32yrs.
    i stopped smoking since 17 days. i might have stronger withdraw symptoms than you because hash has a higher percentage of THC, thus i did it. so you all can do it too.
    i had the same symptoms.

    the worst of all were the 1st 4 days :
    A physically :
    1 couldn’t sleep and if i did i would wake up after 2 to 3 hours having weird detailed nightmares.
    2 heavy sweating not only at night but all day ( sweating while feeling cold + shivers ).
    3 stomachache, lack of appetite, diarrhea, and feeling that i wanna vomit.
    4 i simply felt weak, getting tired just by simply walking!
    B psychologically :
    1 kept thinking of death and how and when i will die ( continuance negative death thoughts ).
    2 i lost the interest of everything and every one. i didn’t talk to any one for 3 days not even a phone call or a text.
    3 depression ( nothing would make me happy or smile )

    after the 1st 4 days :
    A physically :
    1 muscle cramps
    2 headaches ( 3 sever headaches, stopped after a weak or so )
    3 sleeping for 5 hrs max + nightmares
    4 dizziness all day ( persisted for 8 days )
    5 feeling high again( all day ) + head numbness every morning ( persisted 11 days after the 1st 4 days )
    6 tongue rash ( started after the 1st week till Now )
    7 feeling weak ( till now )
    B psychologically :
    1 lack of motivation ( lasted 14 days )
    2 depression ( i felt a lot better but still couldn’t escape some negative thoughts – lasted 10 days )

    i just want to add that i didn’t crave for it since the 1st day, and what made me take the decision to stop it is the lonely life that i live. year after year i am loosing friends and couldn’t make new ones because all what i want is to go back at home smoke and watch tv or play games, more over the denial life that i am living.
    if i did it so you can.

  • Day 7 for me, smoked every day for 4 years. I have less cravings now, the nausea is gone, but I’m so depressed, I’m having horrible nightmares and yes sweating all night… Annoyed all the time, can’t relax. Feels like there’s nothing to look forward to without weed, I’m bored out of my mind. I just hope it gets easier soon because I’m going through hell.

  • Hi I’m a 50 yr old user for 30 years have been off cold turkey for about 6 weeks same crazy symptoms as most was about to go on meds for bi-polar but feel I am still going through withdrawal symptoms and don’t want to put more drugs into system now, I heard it could be up to 6 months so after reading this I will continue in my journey guarantees in life other than change and death…take care happy Easter Monday !

  • Hi everyone,
    I am from the Middle East too, and i have been smoking hash for 16 years now. I am 39 years old. Today i completed 23 days clean. The withdrawal symptoms is less than what i had in the first week., but i still have some dizziness between time and time. During these 23 days i changed my lifestyle, i am eating only healthy food, vegetables, and fruits, i am also practicing sports everyday, and keeping hydrated. I am also taking Omeg3 capsule it helps me. The most important thing is to tell yourself that it is a matter of time only. You will be fine. I had all the symptoms mentioned above, and all are gone except few dizziness sometimes. I wish you all healthy life. From the city of Jeddah.

  • Gabapentin (neurontin), 400 mg, 3 times per day has been shown to significantly help with the withdrawals and mirtazapine has been shown to restore sleep and appetite during CWS (Cannabis withdrawal syndrome). Ideally you would want to use these drugs strategically since daily use for weeks on end will create a whole new dependency with associated withdrawals.

  • 37 years hard at it. smoking anf vaping and eating…
    lots like non stop
    previously quit twice for a bit and went nuts for 8 days before the storm passed. thought it would be longer this time but its day 9 and i see the light
    dont take helper meds if u dont have to just prolongs it. the suffering is the work i have founf. you can do it.

  • Hi, thank you all for sharing your experiences. I’m from the uk and have never smoked weed but my husband is one month clean from being a heavy cannabis smoker of 7 years. I also have mental health issues and have used alcohol to try and block past bad experiences out so things are really tough at home. I’m so relieved to hear that the withdrawal symptoms do get easier although it may take up to 6 months because until I found this page, everything else I researched said that withdrawal symptoms only last a couple of weeks!! it’s hard to see him go through the insomnia, depression and the night sweats which are all still apparent. My thoughts are with you all on your journey to a healthier and happier life. One quote that helps me through the bad times is “when it rains look for rainbows and when it’s dark look for stars”

  • I’m 32 and began smoking Jan 2018. When I first started I only vaped flower and the occasional batter or shatter, just one session (maybe 4-8 hits) around 8pm on Friday & Saturday nights only. I didn’t want it interfering with my work during the week. I also have Ankylosing Spondylitis, and have been dealing with mild to severe back pain since my late teens, early 20s.

    Fast-forward to March 30, 2018 when I had achilles surgery and I chose to vape everyday, sometimes multiple times a day to help with pain management. This was also around the time when I began switching more towards high intensity carts. Funny how you think nothing bad can happen, I bought in to what I always heard from fellow smokers, movies and TV that it’s not addictive, you cannot overdo it and can stop anytime with no consequences. I just knew at the time that at least it was a better alternative to the giant bottle of Oxy the doctor prescribed, so I told myself you can vape as much as you want until your hearts content. It also didn’t help that I was laid up for like 4-6 weeks before I could go back to work or even begin physical therapy, so what better way to pass the time then to vape more.

    From then on it became normal to begin vaping around 6pm until bedtime each night. Often telling myself I couldn’t get a good nights sleep without it. Vaping became this thing that I just couldn’t wait to indulge in after a long day, it was my reward and my only way of relaxing. I told myself it makes everything better, pain management, the taste of food, masturbation, watching movies, listening to music, hiking, walking the dog, etc. If I knew I was about to eat something really delicious I would take at least a few hits prior, and even while eating. I would even vape while at restaurants, either discreetly at the table or in the restroom. On average I would be in possession of at least 8-15 different strains in various forms, and spent a ton on various vaporizers and bongs. I literally wanted to become a cannabis connoisseur. I would mix strains, and even mix various methods (vape flower in the morning, vape cart in afternoon, back to flower or batter at night).

    Fast-forward again to 3 weeks ago and I purchased two 100mg bottles of edible troches. My tolerance was so high by now that I was able to take 40mg Friday around 8pm while vaping prior, not feel all that much, then take the remaining 60mg a couple hours later, with just a slight ‘hangover’ the next morning. Then the following Friday around 9pm I said fuck it and took the entire 100mg bottle at once and still didn’t have that crazy of an experience! My cousin and I are very close, we grew up together until he moved out of state about 5 years ago, but we talk almost daily and he was also falling down the same rabbit hole. He told a buddy of his who’s a frequent smoker about our tolerance levels and he was shocked and said we need a detox for a while. I knew deep down that I needed to cut back somehow, but then everything changed around May 2nd or 3rd.

    I began getting these massive panic attacks, feeling severely anxious and nervous, depressed and guilty. It was like a slap in the face out of nowhere. It felt like I was having a mental breakdown! My last hit was Saturday morning around 6am and it has been absolute hell ever since. The first 3-4 days were almost unbearable, the relentless anxiety about everything, life in general, work, relationships, my future. Couple this with the depression and all the physical symptoms mentioned above and it felt like I was unraveling at the seems. One glimmer of hope was that my uncle, who now operates a Ibogaine treatment center in Cabo, called me out of the blue Sunday to catch up. When I told him what I was experiencing, he offered me the entire treatment free of charge and to stay with him, just the cost of the plane ticket. A day later and I booked my flight for May 30th. Even if I do not wind up going through the treatment, at least I’ll get a ‘free’ relaxing vacation, plus it’s just something to look forward to, which as helped. I also tried going to the doctor Monday morning for some kind of prescription relieve, he gave me some Lexapro to take home (which I never did take). I couldn’t be alone, luckily I still live with my father and have a very close relationship with him, as well as with my mom, grandma, cousin, and uncle. All whom I’ve been on the phone with daily, pretty much all day to try and cope. When my cousin heard about what happened he immediately threw away everything cannabis related and quit cold turkey. I immediately began trying everything I could to detox my body, I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and purchased a 3-day cleanse, herbal detox teas, and natural supplements like 1000mg vitamin C with rose hips and garlic. Since my appetite was shit, I was really only drinking shakes, eating fruit with potassium & magnesium, and other clean & light foods. Well under probably 1500 cals per day. And for the past 3 days in a row I’ve gone to the gym and sweated my ass off doing 35 mins of high intensity cardio. After the 4th day I began feeling better, the physical symptoms were subsiding, my appetite returned and the physiological symptoms were no longer prevalent throughout the entire day and evenings. But would rather come and go in frequent waves. 2 days ago I got so disgusted by what cannabis has done to me I threw out everything, the flower, concentrates, carts, all peripherals and even my stash box. I also threw out the Lexapro. At least $1000 in the trash, and you know what…it was the best feeling in the world!

    As I am typing this it’s now been a full week since my last hit. And I am happy to report that last night was the first night without waking drenched in sweat and having constant hot/cold flashes. Yesterday I felt the least overall anxiety, collectively around 8 hours, mostly in the morning. The anxiety is still there unfortunately, the mornings are always the worst part of the day. I’ve been averaging about 5 hours of sleep since day 4, and each time I awake I immediately think…”Is the anxiety still there?” And like a self fulfilling prophecy it immediately begins rearing its ugly head again and I begin getting the shivers, lose my appetite, and develop a nervous cough. I can now feel this morning’s anxiety dissipating as I write this. It was also tremendously helpful reading comments like these from various THC withdrawal sites to know that I am not alone and I’m not utterly screwed.

    I guess my biggest fear is that something permanent was altered in my brain and that now I’m stuck with these psychological symptoms forever. It doesn’t help that my mother is bipolar and also suffers from severe clinical anxiety & depression. I also suffered from a breakdown about 10 years ago when I lost my largest client at the time and didn’t know how I was going to financially support myself. And these recent psychological symptoms have felt identical to what I remember feeling all those years ago. But nothing even remotely catastrophic like that has happened, my personal and professional life have remained stable. So I keep telling myself that everything I’m currently feeling was drug induced, and that all these feelings are irrational. The silver lining to all of this is that this experience has allowed me to step back and take a hard look at my life. I had been putting off beginning regular therapy to help me stay centered, and now I have my first appointment this coming Tuesday. It’s opened me up more emotionally, I can see things clearer and have more empathy. I apologized to everyone close in my life, often coming to tears in the process, and I am now closer with my family than ever before. I’m going to the gym more regularly now, I’m more conscious about what I am putting into my body, and all the money I’m now saving having kicked the habit is great. I just feel humbled by the whole experience. I also came to a realization that whatever I want to do in life, it has to revolve around helping people and making the world a better place. Since in my opinion it was a ‘bad trip’ that ignited this whole mess, I am now terrified of ever using cannabis again. Especially since I have now internalized that I DO have an addictive personality. Now the thought of cannabis just sickens me.

    I truly hope that the end of this nightmare is in sight, I think deep down I know that it is. I mean it’s only been a week and I know that everyday has been better than the last, and my family confirms this as well. My cousin has also remained clean and reported yesterday all his symptoms have subsided, which gives me hope. I will say that the best thing for me has been to stay active, stay out of the house, and be around people (even just strangers in a store). Sorry for the long post but I needed to get this out there and off my chest. I hope that my story inspires and helps others along the way.

  • for the people having trouble sleeping try taking a melatonin pill for the first few nights, works wonders. I take a 10mg but there are lower dosages. Marijuana messes with the dopamine and melatonin levels in the body, so at night time your body isnt releasing the melatonin needed to fall asleep during withdrawal because its expecting your daily hit of THC to release it.

  • I’ve only smoked for two years everyday and probably like 3 blunts a day at every meal. It’s my 14th day off of it. I had insane anger problem and issues the first 2-5 days after quitting cold turkey. I haven’t had much problem sleeping other then I stay up to 3 and I slump. Over all after quitting I feel more whole as a person again and I feel like I can be real with myself now.

  • Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your words and testimonies.

    5 days without, and it is hell. I think the headaches are going down, since today it wasn’t as bad.

    I am truly grateful for finding this page and reading you all, knowing I am not alone in my struggle.

    I have been a heavy user since I was 16, I am now 55. I never thought I would be in this situation, I always thought it was that bad to consume, I was very wrong…

  • Hi to everyone, reading these posts are kinda reliefing. Smoking for last 6 years or so , I’m living in holand so was using only top % cannabis mostly haze and hash, went to Africa on vacation and passed out of overheating, they put me under system and after that it hit , I feel my blood cleaning really fast but also I feel like going insane , panic attacks , sweating , not talking about lack of sleep. Just wanted to ask you’re thoughts how long the withdrawals could last , cuz to be honest sometimes it feels that I can not hold anymore. Not that I want to smoke , but that I constantly feel like passing out and my head and thoughts are flying uncontrollably…

  • Hi to everyone. I’ve been a weed smoker for just over 10 years, smoking about 3 /4 joints a day everyday and I recently went cold turkey not knowing that there is withdrawals from weed which was about 3 weeks ago. I’ve been exhibiting all the major symptoms of withdrawals which were really bad the first two weeks and persisted past that point so I sought help from my gp who prescribed tranqipam 1mg which is the lowest dosage for anxiety medication. It helps a lot with the anxiety but is strong enough to get a person to sleep and keeps me really calm along with the exercising for about 30 min in the afternoon followed by hot shower helps me get a good night’s rest apart from the crazy dreams still going on.keeping constantly busy and focused on pretty much anything else gets me through the day cause for me it always goes downhill when I’m sitting and relaxing.. I will not be defeated by this substance and going back is not an option and maybe this will help I hope.. All the best cause I know it’s extremely tough but find the reason you doing this and hold on to it like you never gonna let go..

  • From Nigeria…i am 4 months clean but i still feel some changes in my body and some chest pain…i have smoked everytime for 5 years and now i am trying to substitution weed for alcohol…will get better?

  • Hi,
    I’m 90 days clean today, and still have some withdrawals symptoms like brain fog, angry mood, and depression. First month was very difficult. I am 41 years old, I’ve been smoking for 12 years, about 10 joints per day. I know i was very heavy user, but i did it and stopped cold turkey. It may take up to six months to completely clean.
    I didn’t take any medicine, i just eat healthy, and go to the gym every day.
    Good luck everyone.

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