What Are The Marijuana Use Signs and Symptoms?

Marijuana Use Signs and Symptoms

What are Marijuana use signs?

Although everyone reacts to Marijuana differently, most Marijuana use signs follow a pattern beginning with relaxation followed by sedation. Judgment and coordination will be impaired as well as one’s sense of time. Long-term Marijuana use, especially when starting in adolescence, can lead to tolerance, addiction, and considerable risk of mental and cognitive disabilities, learning and memory impairment and psychological problems.

Marijuana Overview

All Marijuana comes from the cannabis plant with concentrations of THC varying based on the types of plants and the time of harvest. THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive compound found in the plant’s resin that produces the effects. The percentages of THC in a Marijuana plant can range from 1% to 20%, with an average in the 10% range. Marijuana is typically smoked either in cigarette form, pipe form or through a vaporizer or water pipe.

The smoking action gets the THC from the lungs to the brain quickly, followed by a high feeling within minutes. Much of the high wears off an hour or two after smoking, but THC remains in the body longer, impacting a person’s mental and physical functions sometimes for days.
When someone eats Marijuana, the effects come on much slower and last longer.

Medical Marijuana is legal in some states; however, pure recreational use is still illegal.
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Marijuana Use Signs

Since Marijuana continues to be the most used illicit drug following for people over age 12 in the United States, it is likely you have seen someone using Marijuana. Although everyone reacts to Marijuana differently, most Marijuana use signs follow a pattern, however, beginning with relaxation followed by sedation.

young man smoking marijuana

The following signs will are noticeable within a few minutes of using Marijuana:

  • Relaxation
  • Mood elevation
  • Some people feel anxious or fearful
  • Glassy eyes

About 30 minutes after smoking, the following signs set in and can last several hours.

  • Drowsiness
  • Sedation
  • Perception of time slowing down
  • Impaired judgment
  • Impairment of complex coordination

A distinctive smell that some report as like “burnt rope” or “burnt dirt” associated with smoking Marijuana. Some types of Marijuana will smell before burning it. A person who smokes it will have materials with them such as bags of weed, rolling papers, or pipe. Individuals who use water vaporizers tend to have large “bongs” in their place of residence or wherever they smoke.

Long-Term Marijuana Use Signs

Contrary to popular belief, Marijuana can be addictive, and for those who start during teenage years, the risk is higher. Tolerance occurs as one needs more Marijuana to achieve the same effects. There is little risk of dependence, and hardly any withdrawal effects.

After enough long-term use, people experience deficits in mental and cognitive functions. They can’t remember as they used to and can’t process information like they used to. Some long-time users have other problems as well including relationship problems, poor physical and mental health. Long-term Marijuana use leads to health difficulties including a compromise immune system and lung damage.

Evidence suggests repeated Marijuana use in adolescence results in long-term effects including THC-induced learning, memory, and psychological difficulties later in life with risks of becoming addicted to other substances.

Regarding lifestyle and behavior, people who abuse Marijuana regularly tend to hang out with other individuals who abuse Marijuana regularly. They usually have few goals in life and few other activities they enjoy. Much of life centers around Marijuana use. Because Marijuana impairs judgment, it is known as the “gateway drug.” Once inhibitions are relaxed, other drugs are likely to be used.

What Are The Marijuana Use Signs and Symptoms?

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