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  • Marijuana Street Prices: How Much Should You Pay For Weed?

    How much should you pay for weed? There’s no simple answer to this question. Marijuana prices differ from the city to city, state to state, and country to country.

    Marijuana Prices on the Street

    One thing is certain: street prices are higher than dispensary costs. Read on to learn about different factors that influence the cost of purchasing weed.

    How much does marijuana cost on the street?

    In the U.S., a gram of marijuana on the street costs $20 on average. The price of marijuana varies a lot across the nation and the world, reaching as high as $110 per gram in the United Arab Emirates. Prices are affected by scarcity and demand.

    Let’s have a closer look at cost difference, before exploring the reasons for these differences in the next section.

    Cost of Marijuana Throughout The World

    The following numbers come from reports of The United Nations Office on Drugs or the Crime’s World Drug Report. These are street prices of marijuana per gram throughout the world, converted into USD.

    The absolutely lowest price in the world for marijuana is in India, at $0.08 per gram.

    The most expensive place to buy one gram of weed is the United Arab Emirates, where you have to pay $110 (USD) to obtain it.

    After the Emirates, the most expensive countries for cannabis purchase are Brunei ($74/gram), Japan ($38/gram) and Cyprus ($40/gram).

    In Norway, Singapore, Australia, Finland, Estonia, and Israel you should expect to pay between $20-30.

    Out of 71 listed countries, the United States are the 12th most expensive to obtain Marijuana.  One gram costs $20 on average, the same price as in Ecuador.

    In most countries, you would pay less than $20 USD and the list would be too long to name the all here. AS an illustration, however, you can buy one gram of weed for less than $1 USD in India, South Africa, Guatemala, Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, China, Myanmar and in the Philippines.

    Prices of Weed in the U.S.

    Prices will also vary quite a bit within the United States. The price is mainly affected by the legal status of marijuana. Let’s consider now the prices of ounces. On ounce in the United States costs on average $286.35. That is also almost the exact average price in Indiana and Nevada.

    In general, prices are lower on the West Coast and the Southeast than in the Center North and on the East Coast.

    The very lowest price are in Oregon (-33.3% below the national average), followed by Washington (-26.9%) California (-23% ) and Colorado (-23.9%).  These states have recently legalized medical and recreational marijuana.

    The very highest prices are in North and South Dakota (+26.1% and +22% above the national average). They are followed by Vermont (+16.9% ), Virginia (+13.8% ) and Iowa (+13.4%).


    Prices in Major U.S. Cities

    The cost of acquiring cannabis varies from city to city. The prices do not exactly mirror the tendencies at the state level as seen above. That is why we report the average value of one ounce in eight major cities in the USA:

    • Seattle: $212
    • Denver: $233
    • San Francisco: $272
    • Los Angeles: $284
    • Miami: $250
    • Chicago: $300
    • New York: $344
    • Washington, D.C.: $345

    What affects the price of weed?

    Several factors significantly impact the prices of marijuana. The factors include:

    • Quality of marijuana
    • Packaging, distribution, and delivery
    • Competition
    • Legal status of marijuana
    • Season
    • Reason for use
    • Amount of marijuana

    The Quality

    This one is obvious: as with anything, higher quality products cost more money. People usually prefer to pay a bit more, but have better products. Marijuana is not extremely expensive, so most users can afford an upgrade to higher-quality weed.

    Packaging and Distribution

    Marijuana needs to be packaged before it can be shipped to customers. The type of container and the manner in which distributors and dealers deliver the shipment will affect the cost of the marijuana.

    Competition Among Providers

    Scarcity will significantly increase the value of a product. In places with a steady supply of weed, the price will be lower. This is why marijuana usually costs less in the major cities; the number of dealers is much higher than in smaller towns.


    Providing illegal goods comes with high risks. And people that take those risks require compensation.  In states or countries where marijuana is legal, it is also cheaper.

    The Season

    The sativa strain of cannabis is probably the most popular among consumers. The perk is that its cultivation is dependent on climate. It grows much better outdoors, and is typically harvested in autumn.

    So in September, October and November, a larger supply of marijuana may be available, and the prices may decrease. At other times in the year, the plants will be cultivated indoors in artificial light. The cost of electricity will be passed down to the consumer, so the prices will be higher.

    The Purpose of Use

    In places where marijuana is legal to use, you can purchase marijuana for recreational or for medical applications. When you officially buy cannabis intended as medication, you will pay much less than you will for recreational use.

    The Amount

    Buying marijuana in bulk will award you a lesser per-gram cost. The numbers below are an example from Colorado (where recreational marijuana use is legal).

    Please take into account the following:

    • The costs stated below are averages for Colorado and stand for June 2016.
    • The numbers are indicative and may change over time.
    • Taken into account here are good quality types of weed. You can expect the price to be lower for fewer quality products.

    Gram (1 g). You won’t find a smaller amount of marijuana to buy. The price for one gram is about $15-20.

    An eight or 1/8 (3.5 grams). Street prices for an eight are usually between $40-60, but they get up to $70 for superior products.

    A quarter or 1/4 (7 grams). Is should cost around $80-120 when buying on the streets.

    Half an ounce or 1/2 (14 grams). The discount is noticeable here: you can pay $140-180 for a half an ounce of weed.

    One ounce (28 grams). The street price for an ounce is typically between $250-350.