What Are the Best Ways to Use Kratom: Methods and Dosage

Ways of taking Kratom

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Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tree growing in Southeast Asia, where it has been used by local people for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes. Although only a few clinical studies are available, these plants are is a well-known alternative medication. There are several eatable forms of Kratom. That gives many possibilities to consume it. Here are the most frequent methods of preparation.

It is vital to notice that legal status of Kratom is under concern in the majority of states. Moreover, Kratom addiction and abuse have been spotted by medical professional across the country. With that said, it is strongly advisable to set an appointment with a doctor before using this substance in any form or dosage. 

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Different Forms Of Kratom

Forms of kratom include:

  • Fresh leaves
  • Dry leaves
  • Powder
  • Paste
  • Pellets
  • Capsules

Consumable Forms of Kratom

Users consume Kratom in many different textures.

  • Fresh leaves
  • Dry Leaves
  • Powder
  • Paste
  • Pellets
  • Capsules
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Ways Of Using Kratom

There are three main options to prepare kratom: ingest it directly, process it or mix it with food.

  • Direct Ingestion
  • Processing it
  • Mixing Kratom Into Food

What are the different ways to consume kratom?

Different ways to consume kratom include:

  • Direct ingestion
    • Chewing the leaves
    • Swallowing the powder form
    • Kratom capsules
  • Mixing it with food
    • Dissolving it in liquids
    • Adding it to food
  • Processing kratom
    • Smoking it
    • Drinking tea made from the leaves

Direct Ingestion of Kratom

Chewing Leaves
Inhabitants of Southeast Asia often enjoy Kratom by chewing fresh leaves of the plant. It is the most immediate way of consumption, as it only requires to remove the central vein from the leaf.
A dried leaf has a tougher and rough texture and is, therefore, less practical or enjoyable to chew. For that reason, most people rather crush dry leaves into powder.
Swallowing Powder
The quickest way to ingest Kratom powder is to swallow it. Scoop the desired amount of powder and put it directly to mouth. While it is still in mouth, take a big sip of water. Swirl it around inside the mouth, until that the powder mixes up with water. Then swallow the substance. That “toss and wash” method is one of the most popular ones.
Kratom Capsules
Kratom powder is also available in edible capsules, much like any other supplements. Users swallow them and drink some water or any other liquid afterward. Effects are known to appear after half an hour. This method seems to be convenient for several reasons:

  • Users don’t have to weight and measure the powder
  • Users don’t need to prepare it
  • Users will avoid the bitterish taste of Kratom powder

Mixing Kratom With Food

Dissolving In Liquids
The Kratom powder can easily be added to liquids and dissolve.It can be added it to water, juice, milk, tea, or even hot chocolate. One more possible option is to mix either powder or the paste into a smoothie. People often mix it with sweet liquids, to neutralize the naturally bitter taste of the powder.
Add It To Food
Kratom powder of paste can be mixed with food. For example

  • Spread on bread with honey
  • Mixed in with oatmeal, pudding, applesauce or yogurt
  • Baked into cookies or cakes

The powder has a slightly bitter taste,so users often add some spices or flavor modifiers to it.

Processing Kratom

If someone wants to take time or don’t want to consume Kratom directly of with food, one can also process it.
It is possible to smoke dried leaves of the plant, just like nicotine. But that has a significant disadvantage. To obtain a substantial effect, one would have to burn quite a large amount of leaves. That is both less practical and can also harm users airways.
Drinking Tea
The widely preferred method of the drug use is to drink Kratom as a tea. It can be done various ways:

  • Boiling dried leaves and drinking the infusion is very popular among experienced That method brings the strongest sensations, so it is best to try with caution.
  • Many people rather crush dried leaves into powder or buy it as such.
  • To change the taste, some users mix it with other types of tea, add lemon juice or sweeteners.
  • Produce tea extracts for later use: just evaporate the water from Kratom tea. It will end up with resin extracts in the form of small pellets. It can be stored for later, swallow them directly or dissolve them in hot water.

Kratom Dosage

How to know how much kratom to do?

How much kratom to do depends on individual body type, medical history and the type of strain or purity of the powder. To find the correct dosage it is advised to start with a lowest dose that is known as one gram. Then one should wait for 20 minutes to see the effects. Do not rely on third-parties advice, because everyone is different and will react differently to each substance. Keep in mind the many factors that can impact on reaction to Kratom:

  • Physical and mental health issues. Previous mental diseases and metabolism plays important role.
  • Diet and possibly other substances that being used (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, medicine)
  • Body type and lifestyle: people with an active or passive way of spending their days will have their bodies react very differently to any active substance, including Kratom
  • The type of Kratom strain and powder: is it a pure substance or a mix of other strains? Have other extracts been added?
  • Personal tolerance to Kratom
  • Daily hygiene, which mainly involved healthy sleep
The safest way, meanwhile, is to get the information about the safe amount of Kratom to take from a healthcare specialist. Take these variables into account while asking about the right dosage. If permission is given, for example, for opioids harm reduction purposes, be cautious and patient. It is worth spending some days or weeks to learn about the body and the interactions with Kratom, then dealing with side effects or overdose.

Remember to take into account the before-mentioned factors that can influence reactions. During the testing phase for preferred dosage, stick to similar conditions. For example, try always to be similarly rested.
Users are commonly asking if it is better to use kratom after eating or on an empty stomach? That part is tricky because one can always have different ingredients in the stomach or different amounts of them. That’s why it’s hard to get a reliable reference point.
The same issue is with the question what is the best time to take Kratom? There is no scientifically proven information on this topic, so it is still an open question.

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  • Thomas Wayne Kidd
    I have mild to not mild Narcolepsy and I take Adderall plus I suffer from chronic pain. I need more information on how to take Kratom. My pain doctor has reduced my pain medication to the point that I am in pain all the time. I am trying Kratom to try and find relief from this pain. Thank you.
    • Keepo
      Kratom does work for pain id recommend red strains such as maeng da.
    • Kenneth
      I used to be on oxcodone and morphine for lower back injury I suffered with the pain for over ten years I am a 57 yr old male about a year ago I stated trying kratom I am now completely off the pills I now use the green maeng da I take 10 grams a day but now the pain is completely under control I recommend kratom over the opioids my only regret is that I don’t find kratom 10 yrs earlier
      • Tina M Herzing
        So how many grams are in a 500mg capsule
        • Aeryn
          There are 1000mg in 1g. Thus 500mg is 1/2 of a gram. (Mg= milligram)
        • Evil Genius
          500 mg is .5 gram so half a gram
      • Sall
        I too began taking Kratom to replace Oxycodone. I believe personally that sometimes the opioids exasperate our “pains” or even make us feel like something is pain when it’s entirely something else. It feels good to know I don’t have to wake up every morning anxious to get the first pill down and be in a fog or misrepresentation of what life is. I praise God I found out about this. I took pills close to 15yrs-I too wish I found it sooner
        • Robert
          Opiods exasperating pain is referred to hyperanalgesia. It is a real condition where by downregulation of your pain receptor sites, your body reducing the number of pain receptors, and by eliminating your bodies ability to produce endorphins opiates cause pain.
    • Dar
      These are great questions, I also experience debiliating chronic pain, and my pain medications have been reduced to a fraction of of what I have used for nearly 30 years. I actually started to really stress out realizing I would hurt so badly, for so long, and never know just how much more I can handle. Just sitting out outdoors for a little while is a big deal. I spent most of my life outside, for recreation, career resources, and enjoyment. I pay for it with more pain. I came to the point I just did not know what I I could do. I am trying different ways to use it, with the different, most effective strain. I also would appreciate any advise.
    • John Saffle
      Mix it with orange juice. Try 3 teaspoons, shaken into juice, that’s my mix. Go small at first to see how your body take it. For me, I was taking 10/325 120 a month, plus more… Let’s just say Keaton saved me, and got me out of pain. I also only use mang da, give the energy in need plus pain relief. Try several brands, they all work differently it seems. Good luck, and hope to see you pain free like me!!!
  • Kratom king
    Try as indicated here. Although, if you are used to opioids your tolerance will be higher. Try 4-5 grams red meang da, more will cause to much psychosis and sickness over time. If you need a stronger dose without these side effects use ethnobotanicals 20-1 concentrate, or make your own.
  • Kathy
    If I put white Borneo in a hot liquid to dissolve, does it lose effectiveness? Taking the powder with water is awful. Thank you
  • BigAl
    I could not do the Toss and wash (ICK) and in juice was not a lot better. I found that putting my three grams in a container and mixing it with honey to form a paste and tossing that and washing it down with water is fantastic. No aftertaste at all!!
  • Badger
    My preferred method is to take the measured dose of the fine powder and put into a coffee mug. I then add a small amount of hot water (if you have a hot/cold water dispenser, it’s convenient) and mix to a paste. I find cold water doesn’t dissolve the powder readily. Then I top up with cold water and add some fruit juice to improve the flavor, and drink the mixture at once.
  • Synchron D
    the toss and wash method is similar to the cinnamon challenge that was all the rage a couple years back, I do this, but often end up choking and gagging and spewing the powder across the room. I did this just now, and came on to find if there were better ways of taking it
  • Shawna
    I ordered Kratom from a company in Montreal. I didn’t realize Canada doesn’t sell Kratom capsules. I have never tried this stuff before and I am a little Leary as to the dose I should take? I know the dose is different with everyone but I live alone and don’t want to have a negative effect while alone …My brother swears by this stuff. Stuffs his own capsules and takes between 8-12 pills a day? It says “not for human consumption” on the shipment that arrived from “Madam Kratom” in Montreal Ontario? Wth🙂