Cocaine Purity Testing: How to Clean and Test the Drug

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The process of making cocaine is a long one, with many parties involved. This usually causes the cocaine’s purity to take a considerable hit. Dealers, traffickers, and suppliers may all add something to the drug, to get more income for themselves from it, making pure cocaine hard to come by.

But what are the differences between pure and cut cocaine, and what does cocaine do to you if it isn’t pure?

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Pure Cocaine vs. Cut

Bag of cut open cocaine with knife laid beside it.

Pure and cut cocaine can have many differences. The cut version of the drug is essentially the drug with added ingredients, which take away the purity. It is done by dealers to enhance the weight of their dosage and therefore make more cash. However, it also benefits the dealers in another way, as the cut version of the substance is even more addictive.

Unlike real cocaine, cut cocaine is not the glistening white color, but often a murky brown instead. It can often smell differently too, due to as when cut, the drug usually smells like many of its added extras, like baking soda or rat poison. However, on rare occasions, it will retain its bitter chemical cocaine smell, regardless of whether it is pure or cut.

In addition to the differences in appearance and smell, when cut, the drug can be considered even more dangerous than pure cocaine. This is partly because it is even more addictive. However, the added cut ingredients also make the drug unpredictable with side effects. Whereas real cocaine has well-known effects, cut cocaine can produce all those effects and much worse. Users could have allergic reactions, drug interactions and general side effects that they are not expecting. That is why when cut, the drug is often far more deadly than its purer version.

How to Clean Cocaine?

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Impure cocaine is incredibly dangerous. It has all the dangers of its purer counterpart but with the added effects of the user having no idea what they are putting into their system. This makes it necessary to purify cocaine.

There are a few complex, chemical procedures when it comes to washing cocaine. However, many of these the average person would struggle to accomplish. That is why we have found a simple method that explains how to clean cocaine and how to make cocaine pure.

When the substance is manufactured, at the beginning of the process, it is washed. Cleansing is done with the use of acetone, or diethyl ether. The process removes impurities from the cocaine hydrochloride crystals. However, leaving the impurities, or adding them throughout the manufacturing process adds weight to the drug, and therefore it can be sold for more.

To perform an acetone wash, you will need:

  • Pure Acetone, available from many chemical stores
  • A 3-4 inch plastic funnel
  • 16cm diameter filter papers
  • 50 ml and a 100 ml glass beaker and a 6-inch glass stir rod
  • Drinking glass, to hold the funnel

The wash itself is a relatively simple procedure.

  1. Crush around 3 grams of cocaine as finely as possible
  2. Pour the drug into 5 ml of acetone
  3. Stir the mixture for 3-5 minutes before covering it. Covering the mixture prevents any moisture escaping
  4. Let the mixture settle for up to 10 minutes. The acetone at the top of the beaker should be clear or at least appear dirty.
  5. Pour the acetone through a filter and into the drinking glass.
  6. Re-do steps 1-5 with 30ml fresh acetone to get any remaining crystals, repeating the process up to 3 times until all the crystals have been cleansed.
  7. Once all the acetone has drained through, remove the filter paper with the newly cleansed crystals. Place the filter on paper towels and wrap the drug up, firmly pressing down to remove any remaining acetone.
  8. Throw away the paper towels and place the crystal filled filter under a heat lamp for 20 minutes.
  9. Remove the crystals from the heat lamp and leave them for 24 hours to evaporate. This is necessary for the good of your health.
  10. After 24 hours have passed, heat the crystals again for 10 minutes before removing them.
  11. Open up the filter paper and reveal your pure form of the substance. Place it somewhere clean and sturdy, like a plate or dish.

Testing Cocaine Purity

Crack cocaine ready for testing in the lab.

A cocaine purity test is often vital when it comes to fully understanding the drug you are using. How do you test cocaine purity? Cocaine purity can be tested with a purity test kit. These kits provide instructions, spatulas and the test itself.

The test helps you recognize how pure the drug is, from less than 10% to over 90%. It shows this with a color-coded reaction which changes depending on the purity of the sample provided.

Another method is the spoon method. This can be done at home and is very simple. You heat the spoon with the substance on and a small amount of water, and see how much of the substance dissolves, using a filter. If a lot dissolves then the dose is impure. This is because the other substances, such as baking soda were making up the majority of the dose.

Another key to working out the purity of your dose, is how much does cocaine cost? Cheaper cut versions of the drug are usually impure, as it has been mixed with other substances. This way isn’t as surefire as the other methods, but it helps to give a general idea.

Cocaine Purity – How Does It Affect Your Health

Many are aware of how bad cocaine is. However, many are unaware of how drastically the level of purity can affect your health. Low purity levels may even slightly change the symptoms of a cocaine overdose, making it harder to identify.

When the drug is pure, it has an array of terrible and negative side effects. Despite this, it is still considered better than its impure counterpart. This is because of the other effects an impure drug can have on your health. Not only do the ingredients it is cut with changing the high, but they also change the level of addiction, as well as the symptoms.

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This is why it is so important to ensure you know what you are taking. If you are thinking of taking the drug, always check the purity. If you have any help and questions, it is essential to ask professionals. We will glad to help you, call (888)-459-5511 to speak to one of our representatives.

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Cocaine Purity Testing: How to Clean and Test the Drug

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  • I’m probably being super dumb despite being a 65 year old experienced drug user, but I thought if the cocaine dissolves in water that’s a sign it’s good and what’s left is crud. But you say if you heat the spoon what dissolves is the additive. Confused.

    • The substance is 100% water soluble indicating this method is totally inaccurate. The term “cream” indicates that when the substance is pinched and it dissolves into nothing – it’s a good day to go snowboarding.

      • would you say its relatively safe if it comes as a white chunk straight from the brick?

        • No, coke can be cut ten times over and then pressed back into a brick. Just because your dealer gives you a hard chunk of ” coke “, doesnt make it any more valuable or potent than baking powder.

    • .i agree, it has been my experience that it dissolves completely, then the high is better than if it has anything not dissolving.

      Does baking powder or whatever it’s cut with sometimes dissolve too?

    • the idea of washing is getting all the crap out so the disolved stuff isnt the good stuff

      • all wrong and not even reasonable..when you dissolve .”powder” in water good or bad the water is what has the pure s**t in it because pure power is water soluble the gunk is the s**t it was cut with..and if its cut with too much backing soda it will never dissolve any it turns into a foamy thick mess that will not separate even with filters. My point is I bang the coke so all of my cocaine goes into water. When you draw out the water taste the reminiscence left..definitely not any cocaine its usually very granular like sand taste like nothing…Also it’s ually not baking soda(unless you got some s**t so you might as well toot it up)‍♀️☝️So if you dissolve “powder” in water and there happens to be a little bit of reminence (gunk) the clear stuff you draw/filter out is the pure Pure, the gunk is the cut and such DEFINITELY not cocaine? That’s my lesson in trying to help you understand the substance you are doing…its kind of impact..IGuEsS…! Be safe and keep on living..only got life have a damn fun time..but be smart with your buying..

    • Thats right because cocaine does not dissolve. Same as rocking it up with bakin powder

  • How accurate r thw test kits?

  • Good coke stands out in a room. You walk in and you can smell it even if its hidden a In a drawer. It wont break up easily it will chunk. Up when being chopped. Also you wont do lines alot mainly bumps. Also fish scale like shards will be in it. Trust me on this.

  • I’m not addicted to cocaine, I just love the way it smells! The purity of coke on the street is generally tested by dropping a smidge into a shot glass of bleach: pure cocaine dissolves, while traditional adulterants either sink or color the bleach. However, the latest “supercut”, levamisole, also dissolves in bleach, making it impossible to distinguish it from cocaine using this test.

    Anhydrous acetone will wash off some cuts and contaminants, leaving the coke behind on the filter paper.

    Anhydrous (200 proof) ethanol, will dissolve coke from the filter paper, and anything left behind on the paper is junk. Allow the ethanol to evaporate at room temp, and you get nice crystals.

    As Lily mentioned, pure coke will mostly melt by body heat, when pinched between the thumb and index finger and rubbed back and forth. It will leave only an oily residue. Most cuts have a much higher melting temp, and remain a chalky powder.

    Pure coke is also hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs water / moisture from the air. Good coke is soft, and will look like it is melting when left exposed to air for 30 min or more.

    Do not begin a relationship with cocaine. It will ruin you.

    • It. May ruin you but you will have a hell of a time in the mean time!!!

      • I first tried it about 3 months ago due to curiosity. Now i use it every weekend. I wish I never tried it, wasted a lot of money on the stuff and I was warned not to try it because id love the buzz too much. Safe to say its ruined me.

  • You know it’s coke when u have a tiny amount and it tastes chemically fresh, strong smellling like petrol to the point you can smell it in someone else’s pocket, slightly moist and clumpy and hard to bash up. Just a small amount sparks massive self confidence. . Very hard to come across nowadays

    • Ain’t hard to come by just got to know what to look for and don’t let people mug you off… Take my advice stay well clear cus wen u find that real you’re hooked trust

    • Depends where you’re at.

    • Maybe nowadays that’s the crap that’s going round back in the early 80s Peruvian flake.had a yellowish color and was !like fish scales. No clumps no chemical smell chopped easy with a blade didn’t make your mouth all numb but gave you a great high. Of course you had to. know the source probably just like today…I quit the s**t because it was all crap after the early 90s

  • Well with my experience with it in last 7 years..I’ve seen it come in white yellow and dirty color..but as far as I know u can’t get pure uncut unless u know the person or the manufacturer pure uncut is deadly

  • Hi,

    Actually am taking cook every weekend and I don’t know if it’s pure or not.

    And I want to stop it I’m Almost 2 months taking every weekend.
    Can you please give some advice to stop.

  • add water, if it melts clear it’s good! suck it up and enjoy the ride!!! have a benzo handy if ya wanna sleep later… do less than u think you want till ya know whats up!

  • I have been a coke user since 13yrs. I had my taste of coke in Goa(India).. Got a freeze from a female friend and my whole mouth was numb..then I realized that was a nice feeling.. And then I snorted my first ever line..The neurons in my brain where firing on cylinders(confidence, rule the world and the likes). In Goa the purity was around max 40%.So when we binge buy a lot (i have partaked in 20-25gs, 6-10 ppl passing through but I was constant). Then I came to Dallas.. And the cheapest $60 coke has a heavy diesel smell but f**ks ur nose in the delivery burn. I had a dealer who used to charge $100/g..thats way better than $60 s**t.. Now I have become a coke connoisseur.. And I only strive to get the best.. Best is always expensive.. I have heard that there’s a coke so good that it could $300 a g in US.. So the coke i get from a different dealer and gave a few lines to apparently the biggest dealer in Dallas was better than what he has, the biggest dealer put my coke at 70% purity.(no burning during and after a binge sesh). So my dealer gives my another variant of coke but and after binge.. My nose is hurting af.. So which is the best method to test the coke’s purity.. Af course going to the farm is the only way we will know how cocaine feels like after it goes through the process.

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