Cocaine And Its Influence On A Person’s Sex Drive

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Cocaine is renowned for its addictive nature. But it also has the common side effect of being an aphrodisiac. Sex on cocaine drug is supposedly more fulfilling due to the euphoria felt when taking the drug. Users may feel more confident and free to express themselves, meaning they enjoy themselves more. Furthermore, the drug is a stimulant. This means users acquire a ‘cocaine sex drive’, where they feel energized and desire this kind of intimacy far more than usual. So what are the features of sex on cocaine?

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The Features of Sex on Cocaine

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As a stimulant, cocaine has quite a large influence on sex. It gives users a surge of awareness and increased sensory awareness. This makes sex more pleasurable.

Having sex on cocaine also has many other features that could be regarded as positive, such as:

  • Euphoric feeling
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased awareness and sensory awareness
  • Increased focus
  • Increased energy
  • Increased desire and sex drive
However, these positive feelings gradually wear off. There is a correlation between sex and cocaine with erectile dysfunction. There is also a recklessness about sex on cocaine, with many users facing the consequences of unprotected and generally dangerous sex. Due to the negatives of cocaine use during sex being long term, many users enjoy the short-term benefits without recognizing the risk they are putting themselves at.

Does Cocaine Cause Sex Male Problems?

Cocaine and the sex drive may be a pleasant mix in the short term, increasing pleasure and energizing the user. However, in the long term, they can bring a lot of side effects on the male health.

Cocaine use in the long term has been linked with erectile dysfunction and a lower sperm count. Although this will cause clear physical issues, it may also affect the user psychologically. In addition to the drug causing erection issues, it can also encourage the practice of unsafe sex. This can lead to both unwanted pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. According to Sex Info Online, the stimulant impairs immune cell function, so users are more exposed to diseases as the body can defend against them. It also promotes replication of HIV and enhances its effects.

In addition to the physical health problems the drug creates, it can also make users engage in the activity they wouldn’t normally consider. Activity such as sexual assault, theft, and rape have all been linked with cocaine use.

Does Cocaine Cause Sex Female Problems?

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Taking cocaine for sex and pleasure is also common with women. Similarly to with men, the drug creates a ‘cocaine sex drive’, which makes the act more pleasurable. Despite this, it is equally dangerous. Cocaine use can cause some sexual health problems for women. Just like with men it can impair judgment and encourage the practice of unsafe sex, which in turn spreads sexually transmitted diseases and creates an undesired pregnancy.

The stimulant can also have adverse effects on fertility. Cocaine alters the menstrual cycle of a woman and can ultimately stop ovulation. Furthermore, it damages the fallopian tubes. This can make pregnancy an impossibility. In addition to all that, the drug can also permanently affect delicate hormonal balances which can create permanent low moods, lower sex drive and make conception less likely.

Cocaine use during pregnancy can lead to more gruesomely adverse effects. According to Sex Info Online, the substance is linked with premature delivery, maternal migraines, seizures and placental abruption. This can cause the child to be stillborn or born with health issues.

Furthermore, the drug exacerbates the cardiovascular changes during pregnancy. This can lead to severe problems with the child’s delivery and in extreme circumstances, miscarriage.

The substance can also cause both physical and cognitive developmental issues in a child. They may be born smaller than average and in later life struggle with memory and recollection.

Cocaine – Dealing With Addiction

Addiction to cocaine can have severe effects on your long-term sex life, so it is important to rid yourself of the addiction before it gets any worse.

Dealing with addiction can be a challenge so you should always ensure you get the right treatment for you. However, even with the right treatment, you will need to be in a positive mindset and be ready to deal with all the withdrawal symptoms the drug will throw at you. It will always be difficult to overcome a cocaine addiction, but with the support of family, friends and the right treatment, you can prevent all the gruesome, negative health effects getting any worse.

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Treatment Is Fully Covered by Insurance In Most Cases

Getting help for cocaine abuse could be vital in helping both your physical and psychological health. It could also prevent you making any rash judgments and poor decisions. To get help for the stimulant abuse, you should visit a medical professional. For further information on where to get help or the most suitable treatment program for you, call our hotline at (888)-459-5511.

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Cocaine And Its Influence On A Person’s Sex Drive

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  • My husband is 60 days in recovery from crack and alcohol. He has absolutely no sex drive or desire. Is this common and will this get better in time? I am struggling with this and would like some answers to help.

    • He needs you. I suggest you to not think on these lines by now. Focus on your man. Be ptient the time will come!!

    • I am 60 days into quitting crack honestly my lebeedo is gone but I know in time it will come back. I just need to stay and eat healthy I know I will recover but it may take 6 months or more I hope this helps you

    • As a recovering addict and also a man it can get better but he should get his testosterone checked out by a dr a i have been in recovery for about 20 years now I wish you all the best of luck stick together and you all can make it threw

    • Yes the body/brain will have to heal itself and basically learn how to make dopamine on its own without drugs

  • My husband continually takes off for anywhere from 2 – 10 days to use cocaine or crack or whatever. I find out that this time he is away and ignoring his family he is in hotels with other women doing drugs. He swears that the drug takes away his sex drive and it is only about the drug use he is not having sex at all with these women. Am I completely stupid to think there is a possibility he is telling me the truth?

    • Sorry to say you shouldn’t trust a thing he says. Even if he can’t get hard there are plenty of sexual acts you can still engage in. Even just watching others. It’s up to you to choose where you draw the line. What’s your limit? Are you okay with him hanging out in hotels doing drugs even if there’s no sex?

    • He lying. It increases the make sex drive it act the same in women

    • yes im sorry to say this but he’s probably lying , female intuition is a real thing, and personally ive had drug sex and cocaine definitely increases lust towards others

    • Even if he isn’t sexually involved with these women, why tolerate him behaving that way? I’d tell him if he leaves again the locks will be changed. Give him the option and then he has to decide. No one can cure an unwilling addict, the addict has to do it themselves. You need to focus on your family and protect them.

  • im currently 45 minutes off of crack and let me tell you, i feel great ! my sex drive is high as if i could do specifically 12,000.1 thrusts and bust 12,000.1 nuts. crack is a sex pill, just like how you smoke alcohol, you can smoke crack.

  • My husband been gone for 4 day, hes addicted to crack, I can’t function right just wondering what he can possibly be doing in thesr 4 days, but im not stupid but it hurts so bad. I forgave him tome after time but this time im leaving him and praying for him at the same time. How do I cope with this.

  • As a recovering addict if someone is gone for more then one night the having sex with someone or looking for more dope im a 20 year sober addict and will always be a addict my advise to anyone isif possible move change locations meet new people and stay as far as possible away from where it is easy to score any drugs

  • Hi. My boyfriend is a cocaine addicted and he wants me to help him but idk how. He won’t get into a addition facility because he still needs to go to work but he wants help. So what should we do to help him? Please let me know if there is any way to help him.

  • god has all your backs

  • Why do not want to take a bath for days when he is on crack,

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