Sure Jell aka Certo Drug Test Detox – Does It Really Work?

Sure Jell aka Certo Drug Test Detox - Does it Really Work?

Ever heard weed lovers talk about using Sure Jell, aka Certo Pectin, to pass a marijuana drug test? Well, it’s a real thing, and after many trials, a lot of users believe that, if used correctly, Certo Pectin can help a person beat a marijuana drug test.
It’s time that you find out what it actually is, the way it works, and how it can best be used to pass a urine or blood test.

What is Sure Jell?

Sure Jell and Certo are popular brands of fruit pectin that people use to detox in preparation for drug tests. Fruit pectin is a compound commonly found in jams and jellies, and both the Sure Jell and Certo brands are manufactured by the same company, called Sure Jell.

How does the Sure Jell method work?

The Sure Jell method works by affecting the solubility of THC metabolites. THC metabolites are stored in the body’s fat, which becomes water-soluble when bound to bile. Fruit pectin binds to bile, preventing the water-solubility of the THC metabolites. As a result, the THC metabolites are forced out of the body via defecation instead of urination.

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Many marijuana users have a misconception about the way that the Sure Jell method works. They think that pectin can coat the stomach for a certain amount of time, which blocks THC and other toxins from getting mixing into your urine. The reality is that there is not enough data to support this idea.

Experts who administer the drugs tests look for marijuana metabolites in a person’s urine. THC is the first one that gets released from your body when you defecate. What’s left in your urine is what has been absorbed from your intestines.

The main metabolites of THC then enter your bloodstream. These metabolites are soluble in fat and the majority of the THC that was stored is present inside fat cells that come from the food you ate. Your body produces bile to mix with that ingested fat and then it gets dissolved in water. The pectin mixes in the intestines. The method becomes effective because the THC is temporarily forced out of your body when you poop. This gives you enough time to take the test and pass.

Aside from that, the process requires you to chug down plenty of water that will dilute your urine and give you a better chance of passing a drug test.

The Best Approach to Using Sure Jell aka Certo Drug

  1. Drop in one packet of Certo in a bottle of Gatorade (or your favorite drink) and then shake until everything is dissolved.
  2. Keep shaking until you see the drink become thick, like jelly.
  3. Gulp it down. Finish everything even if you don’t like the taste.
  4. Drink one gallon of water before the drug test.
  5. Make sure to urinate 3 to 4 times before giving your sample, just to get rid of any contamination prior to the Certo-bound THC in your intestines.
  6. You need to take a vitamin-B pill 1 hour before you get tested so your urine has color.
  7. You can also use a marijuana drug test kit at home before the test to see if you will come clean or not.

If you’re worried about that upcoming drug test, Sure Jell could be your answer. If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you’re much more likely to pass the upcoming marijuana test. This method can come in handy for emergencies when you don’t have much time to prepare for the test.

We also recommend that you stop using cannabis at least two weeks before the test to ensure a negative test.

Sure Jell aka Certo Drug Test Detox – Does It Really Work?

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  • So will you do all of this hours before the test?

    • Yes, you should give it about 3 hours to work through your system to ensure a negative result.

    • Do I drink this and pee several times before my test or how. I don’t honestly smoke weed but I’m getting a contact from my son smokes it. I tested positive from contact. It was light

      • Theres literally no such thing as a contact. You’re mind is simply messing with you seeing someone else in that state. Please research more before consuming if you plan to.

        • There is such a thing as contact. That’s wat Second Hand Smoke is such a huge deal. If you can get a “Contact High” which is absolutely possible, you CAN test possitives from being around other people smoking,as you still inhaling some of the smoke.

          • You’re entirely incorrect. THC is absorbed by your mucus membranes almost instantly after you inhale the smoke that it is contained in. The amount of active THC left in the residual exhaled smoke is extremely minimal to none. There have been countless studies on the the effect of secondhand intake of cannabis smoke. Every study has concluded the amount of activated THC in the smoke is no where near the amount needed to get a given “secondhand inhaler” high. It only works in instances where large amounts of weed are being burnt and not inhaled immediately..for example through the consumption method of a blunt or joint in an extremely low ventilated area.

    • I’m trying to pass a drug test for weed not pills would lie still pass with no weed showing but I need the pills to show up in my system . Will it work ?

    • Would this work to pass a drug test for marijuana not prescription pills ?

      • It only works for THC, I’m on probation and use this method. I have a prescription for pain pills and those still show up. For me it’s good because they’re supposed to. It has masked benzos before though

    • How long does it take the sure gel in the Gatorade to turn into jel

      • It has to be heated to a boil to activate it.
        Van Zandit County, TX probation officers use a hot plate and disposable aluminum pans to test for sure-jell. If the UA sample jells up they go right to the hair follicle test.

    • I would but my test is litterly on Wednesday

    • the how to mentions the need for a vitamin b in order to make he urine yellow, it does not however mention the need to take creatine pills or powder. The creatine is very important!!!! When a sample is sent to the lab it will atuomatically be red flagged if there is a problem with your creatine. Also this method is obviously not meant for any other toxins besides THC however if you drink enough water it’s possible that you can “flush” your system out.
      For example I am prescribed adderall and suboxone so they need to be on the results any usually they are but there has been occasions where they did not and my sample was flagged.

      • How much creatine powder should I mix in my drink to make my piss not dialuted? I’ve used the b12 pills and even drank 2 monster energy drinks 2 hours before the test and my piss is still dialuted.

    • How many oz do you drink the mix.if my appoint ment at 9 am when I drink the mix .I have appointment Friday morning at 9

    • I did mine about 3 hours but I took 2 packets of sure jell and instead of having to mix it with anything and it tasting like hell the entire time your trying to swallow down all these liquids , I just cut the packet open squeeze it into my mouth swallow it and then drank about a half gallon of gatoraid then I repeated those same steps about 30 minutes later and made sure I pee’d 3 times before the test and I was good I passed it but don’t forget to take the vitiam b pill a hour before your scheduled to test.
      I didn’t feel any different afterwords either just continue to drink Gatorade for the rest of the day or plenty of water to flush it out!
      I believe it is the best thing to use for a drug screen if ya can’t just pass it the right way! Unlucky some of us just aren’t ready to!

    • I passed!!!! For a job. Drank sure jel 2 1/2 hours b4 I went and drank a half gallon of Water plus a Gatorade. Also took a vitiman b complex pill an hour b4 I went to piss

      • When was the last time you smoked?

      • Hey man just wondering how often you smoked.

      • How much time was there between you last time smoking tho and doing this I have a piss test tomorrow at 3:30 and have not smoked for 9 days but prior to that smoked 2–3 bowls a day I just trued this method took Sure-Gel at 3:30pm drank a gallon give or take of water Took home piss test for marijuana At 5:30 and it barley had the second line but it was there don’t think they would let that slide tho prob coincided it a fail. So my question is how soon after taking it and drinking a gallon of water will it work to make the test show a strong result and not a weakened one like I had ?


  • How many oz of Gatorade should I mix with sure.jell

  • Does the certo gelletin help block suboxone?

  • How long does it take to gel up?

    • It doesn’t gel up, you put it in the gatorade and drink it. Then you drink 64 ounces of water and pee 4-5 times. Then you can get tested, just be sure to give the lab tech mid stream pee.

    • Don’t let it gel up. If use 1 gal water then pour packet & stir it up. It’ll be ready to drink as a water of a kind lol. Make sure u pee 3-4 times b4 going. Takes roughly 3 hrs to clean system

      • Quick question.. (but first…)

        yes sure gel works I’ve done it for every job I’ve ever had.. and it doesn’t just clear up THC, I also had opiates and benzos In my system- and I passed with flying colors.

        I went to the suboxen dr last week and I have to return to him after 7 days for another pee test and script- I’m prescribed adderoll & kpins but he told me I needed to be off of everything.. in order to get another script.. I’ve been smoking still and took half an adderoll here and there over the past couple days for work.. so I need to pee clean.. but I need suboxen to show up.. do you know if I was to do the whole 3 hour ordeal and pee a couple times—- and then right before I go see my dr, take my suboxen.. do u think it would show up on there because all the other toxins have already gone through my system and my stomach is already “coated”—- you would think that suboxen would just show up?? Right??

  • Does it work on meth use? And how long should I do it before I test?

  • Will this help block opiates?

  • Can I take sure jel a week before my test and not smoke and still pass the test??

  • I have a test at 1:30-2pm today i accidentally got drunk and hit the blunt one time last night at the bar. I have all the Certo, Gatorade, b12, and gallon of water. Will i be good? When should i start drinking it

  • I have a drug test tomorrow at 11am. The last time I smoked was 4 days ago and it was from a vape. I only took like 2 hits. Would this method give me a negative result for THC or THC metabolites?

  • My urine was to deluted to test on the dip test. So it went to the lab. Will I still pass? I used the sure gel method but had no vitamin b.

  • I have a UA test tomorrow, I started one packet of Certo today and plan on using the other tomorrow morning will this help me pass

  • I poored my sure jell in a gallon at11pm could i drink on this gallon threw the night til i report a 9am

  • Does this work on alcohol tests? EGT?

  • What happens if you do the detox right after you smoke, like what will happen if you do the detox right after you smoke and repeat the detox like 1 or 2 times again

  • I am a bigger girl, i have a drug test for probation on Tuesday at 2pm which will make 7 day’s that I smoked almost a year before that, I got bad news about my gram and a hit a pipe 2 time’s, will the sure jell work for me?

  • Thank u thsts the info I needed much appreciated

  • Seriously…I haven’t smoked for 30 days. I followed all the instructions of the certo method, and I mean all of the instructions, and I still failed. I am not convinced this works at all. I just messed up a high paying job for some dumb shit that doesn’t work. 1 certo packet in a 32 oz bottle of Gatorade, gallon of water, two B12 tabs and 3 hours before the test. Failed. So I don’t know how this works for ya’ll.

    • U waited tooooo long

    • NO. YOU messed up a high paying job because you wanted to get high. Take responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming a product that is actually meant to make jelly. PS if you test positive after 30 days of not smoking it usually means you were a HEAVY user.

    • Your supposed to take it 1 1/2 before the product only lasts 3-4 hours

    • this is all wrong . you’re supposed to take 2 packs . 1 the night before the test & the other one 2 hours before the test . drink lots of water and pee at least 3-4 times before the test . a lot of people don’t know that certain foods triggers positive test results . so don’t eat until after your test . also , use MIDSTREAM PEE . the most THC is in the beginning and end of your pee . pee in the toilet first and then the cup . i can do without the vitamin b . but use it just in case to avoid suspicion . I’m on probation and i’ve passed every test . stop smoking for at least 3-4 days before your test . Lemon lime gatorade is the best for making your urine have that yellow tint . i use 2 20oz bottles . 1 pack in each ….. good luck
      SN: keep on mind , you will poop a lot

    • how did you wait to long i am confused by this.. he only said 3 hours before the test.. he didnt wait long enough according to another have to wait at least 3 hours for it to work…please enlighten me..

  • I did today and it works but my drugs test is on Friday i was wondering if I can do it again this Friday there is no problem if I do it 2 times in week it will work again?

  • Can i take the certo a couple days prior to the drug test and pass?

  • I have used very true to pass a weed test and have failed. I don’t get it. What anm I doing wrong

  • 10/38/18. I tried it today. I did 2 tests. One before process and one after. It does NOT work.

  • Not entirely sure why it worked but I smoked last 6-7 hours before my test drank the sure jell with 20oz of Gatorade drank about a gallon of water took some niacin B complex and a multivitamin along with my slimvance thermogenic booster and passed with no question I’m also relatively active and on a 6 week no carb cycle so that probably plays a part but for me that worked only ever did it this once

    • Your comment helped me so much!
      I was freaking out because I’m on a no card diet also and i thought that it was going to have an impact on me passing it . But the only difference is that I took 2 packs of the certo jell and threw them up lol so I took another 2 packs and luckily I was able to keep those down and took 3 b-12 pills, and took some water with pink sea salt for electolites

  • I smoked last night and hit it 3x and drank two bottles of water, then mixed one packet with the gaterade and drank it. Didn’t drink it fast but I drank it all. Then the next morning I drank another gaterade with a packet and some water and then went and peed for a test. They said it normally comes back negative in 5 minutes and gets sent straight to the place. But the place I applied for didn’t get the test results back yet. So idk whether it’s gonna say I passed or I didn’t. I did not take a vitamin pill. But I do take hair skin and nail vitamins. Idk if that’ll affect it or not. My pee was pretty clear with a little yellow. Do you think I’ll pass?

  • Do I have to do the detox a couple hours before the test? Or can I do it the night before if my test is at 8:00?

    • It won’t work if you do it the night before. It takes at least an hour to kick in and only lasts for about 3-5 hours. They recommend that after you do the Gatorade and sure jel combo to drink a lot of water, take a vitamin b pill, and urinate at least 3-4 times before your test. When I used this method I drank the Gatorade/sure gel mixture as fast as I could stand to drink it, drank a lot of water, after about an hour I deficated (which they say the toxins attach to your bowels instead of urine so I’m assuming that was a good thing lol) urinated about 3 times and went in to take my test and passed. Hope this helps. Good luck 🙂

    • I would drink the Gatorade and sure jel mixture at around 4:30am if your test is at’ll take about an hour to even kick in (5:30) and make sure U drink a lot of water after and pee at least 3-4 times before your only lasts for about 3-5 hours..and if you have vitamin B take that with the water so it’ll give color back to your urine.

  • What if I do this a week before? Does it clear all the thc out or does it just clear your system for a short amount of time?

    • Nope..gotta do it the day of cause it only lasts for about 3-5 hours

      • Does this method work with mouth swab ?

        • You don’t need this for a mouth swab. Thoroughly brush your teeth and chew gum before the test

          • I brushed my teeth before I walked in, put mint drops in my cheek & even mixed Mt Dew with that just to be sure. I failed for what I actually did, & things I haven’t laid eyes on in 15-16 yrs. Not sure what happened but I saw my sister & bf pass mouth swabs on xanax & who knows what else. I wasnt so lucky.

  • Does it apply for a heavy person??

  • Does the thc permentaly stay out of your system ? Or does it only work for a couple of days to pass the drug test ? I am pregnant and suffered from hyper gavadarium or how ever you spell it & im trying to detox my body out I’m due on dec 7 and last time I smoked was Monday

  • I got a test Monday I’ll be sure to tell everyone if it works or not

  • is your system clean after you use sure jell i have already passed my first drug test but have another soon and i have not smoked am I clean ?

  • I have a drug test for court tomorrow and they will be watching me. I’m prescribed 8mg Suboxone twice daily and Aderrall 30mg daily but I smoke crack on Thursday evening into the 2-3am on Friday. And I just took three.5 clonazpams. Someone said to get the cranberry azo pills but not everywhere I look it’s says that’s doesn’t work

  • I have a U.A. tomorrow for court and they will be watching while I’ll poi’s in the cup. I’m prescribed Suboxone 8mg twice daily, Adderall 30mg twice daily but I smoked crack Thursday evening around 10pm until 2-3 am on Friday and just took my last three .5mg clonzapems. Someone told me to get the cranberry azo so I did now I’m really worried cause everyone says that doesn’t work. What do I do??!?

    • Im sure youve already taken the test but for anyone else wondering, AZO of any kind does nothing for any type of drug test. Seems like it would, but it really doesnt. Trust me.

  • I have took this 5 years and it works I usually drink to packets to be safe

  • I just got done drinking two packets mixed in Gatorade T 1pm. I need to be at my test no later than 3 o’clock today. I’m drinking water as I wait for it to kick in good. I also took two B12 pills already. Should I be ok by 3?

  • if i smoke a blunt with some friends and maybe have a piss test in 2 or 3 weeks. will sure jell help for a negative. and when should i be taking it.

  • I’ve done this multiple times and so has my boyfriend who was on house arrest when he did it. We literally smoke all day, high grade, at least a quarter a day. When I had to take my test for a job at the hospital I smoked that morning. Made sure I had a full stomach and did the same exact method above. I passed. I took it 3 hours before and peed 3 times.

  • Just took a Quest pre-employment DT on Tuesday, did the Certo method. For background I was hitting a potent vape cart every day for a week prior to getting tested. (Was abstaining for a month but was a heavy smoker before that.) Stopped blazing Sunday and Monday. Drank alot of water on Monday, here is what I did Tuesday.
    8:00 am- Drank one 28oz lemon Gatoraid with one pack of Certo and popped a 1500 mcg B-12 vit. From there I drank about 3 bottles of water. Pissed like 3 times.
    9:00am – took 2 more b-12 vitamins and drank another gatoraid with NO certo. Wanted to get my specific gravity up. (Plus that certo is rough on the stomach not gonna lie)
    Drank another 3 bottles of water. Pissed like another 3 times
    9:45- by this time I was on the way to the lab, brought another bottle of water with me and got a red bull at a gas station to help with color. (Took a final piss at the gas station)
    Took test at around 10:30 am, unfortunately I was still peeing clear but I used mid stream.
    Haven’t heard from the lab but I was told on Tuesday night that i start Monday..usually no news is good news, will post update if I actually do get to work on Monday lol.

  • I have a dip it drug test for court Tuesday how do I use sure jell with Gatorade?

  • This actually works!!! I start work tomorrow. If I had any recommendations is to follow what I did exactly and to take your b vitamins the night before to prevent it from being clear. Hope this helps anyone wondering if this works. Btw I am 5’10 190 pounds for reference.

  • Help i stopped smoking over a mth ago and taken sevaral at home test the came up postive. I have a urine test to take and have been drinking water and juice. If i double up on the certo and drink tons of water will that work for a 6 hr window.

  • Tried Mega Detoxify and it did not work. Home tests are coming up positive.

    Can Certo be used with these drinks? also the drink went right through me, will certo give diarrhea?

    Will be tough to sit in the lobby waiting for my turn to be tested.


  • Will the liquid certo work the same as powder you add to your own drink?

  • When should I use the pectin? Do I use it now or right before the drug test?

  • will this work mixing in the water?

  • Just did the method same way as Android above me. Went to quest diagnostics in Philly for a job at the hospital. I’ll post back if I pass.

  • This does damage to your liver do not use this.

  • I have a pre employment drug screen today. I started prepping for this last night. What I did was drank 1 gatorade 20oz with certo then a ton of water like 90oz as fast as I could (its very uncomfortable). I then took B12 (2000 mcg). I did not test last night but started the process again this morning and tested I passed with a home test (faint line, they say that still a negative result on the directions) fast forward to until 2 hours before my test. I am going to drink 2 more certos with more Gatorade. I have also been drinking cranberry juice and water. I have now drank well over 1 gallon of fluids. I’m going to home test again then go to the place. I will let you know how it turns out. I’m really hoping I pass due to moving across country for this job.
    For reference: I’m 5’3 and 175lbs with a slow metbolism. Also I did deficate 2 times (not sure if this has anything to do with the certo) and stopped smoking about 16 days ago.

  • Can you eat after drinking Certo? While drinking water and still work?

  • Do I take both packets or just one?

  • Do i have to drink the certo with a drink 3-4 hours before or can i do it sooner than that, like 7 hours before my test

  • I have used this method for years. Passed state probation screens using this method. It’s really important to drink at least one hour before and pee at least once, but more is better. I always put one pack into a 32oz Gatorade, and gulp it FAST, the entire thing in a minute. It makes you so full so it’s best to be hungry when you drink it. I then chase it with diuretics to dilute the urine. I use energy drinks, coffee and tea. I like to pee at least once but 2x is better. Should be good to give a sample for 2 to 3 more times. When you go, urinate a little then collect the end of the stream. I’m coming back to this method after 5 years. I once failed one because I didn’t have enough time, I only waited 15 min and I peed once and failed. The time and # of urinations is very important. Only works on THC. Nothing else. Good luck.

  • Do I have to take before the test or will it last a while??

  • Can I take this a day before my test?? Or do I only get a 3-5 hour window of being clean

  • Hi everyone. If you’re wondering if this works for herion, it does not. I followed the instructions as listed everywhere. I even used a pack the night before. I still came up positive. So if you used herion, do NOT waste your time and get your hopes up!

  • After the three hours of cleaning your system how long till you pee dirty again?

  • This will work if you do it right, You actually take the powder like I would take a headache powder with a bottle of water, It taste sour, After you finish the powder pocket you will need to drink another bottle of water, If you can handle a 3rd bottle that would be great, This will make you pee..A lot! Once you see that your urine is clear, You can pass a drug test for marijuana, You do not drink anything but water if you drink a soda it will flush it out of your system, After your drug test it is a good idea to drink a Coke, And the sure gel will come out of your system… I have passed federal probation drug test with this system

    • does it have to be sure jell or will jello brand work? or ball brand pectin?

    • How early before you test do you drink the powder? And do you do it more than once? I’m on felony probation and I tried this method but my home test came back positive. I used the certo but it was jelly not powder. Also how long after you drink it do you pee clean for?

  • This worked for me except i took 3 packets of certo and not one! try 3 in a gatorade bottle, i just passed my drug test this morning

  • How many times in 4 weeks can you take sure jell. Also if after taking sire jell a few times a month will its eventually clean the marijuana out of your system completel? If you dont smoke or anything after taking the sure jell a few times?

  • If I haven’t smoke weed for 21 day and I don’t have any Gatorade can I use other juices or tea to put the certo inside

  • How about 4 or 5 hits in the last month

  • My boyfriend is a heavy smoker. He has a drug test in 3 days. We live 2+ hours away from the job he has to take the drug test so if he has to leave my house at 6am then what time should he start this and what exactly is the best steps to squeeze the travel time in? Should he start it right before he leaves then keep drinking water on the way there or what?

    • Hello all! I smoke weed on a daily basis and I’m here to help you all out! I have used certo for every pee test that I have done, and I have passed every single test because of this. Here is my method:
      -Drink a certo 2 hours before you go to take your test! I usually do the yellow Gatorade, seems to work the best!
      -MAKE SURE you poop at least twice, and urinate at least 3 times!
      -Drink about 4 glasses of water before you go in, and bring a water bottle with you to continue drinking some more!
      -Like this article said, take something that will give your urine color. They will not accept your result if it’s too diluted!
      -When urinating into the cup that they give you, DO NOT catch the start of the stream, catch around the middle portion or so! This will avoid any THC metabolites that may have gotten through!
      -Enjoy passing your test! 🙂

      Hope you guys enjoy, and let me know how it works for you! It works like a charm! 🙂

      • I have a question for you if you have to do finger prints paper work n piss also you have to be there at 10am how many hours do i have i don’t know if they going piss us first or what what should i do

  • if you take certo way before a drug test lets say like less than 24 hours that you took it will you still test positive for marijuana in your system?

  • This method only worked for me once. Ever since then I keep coming up dirty. I’m trying this again one more time tomorrow.

  • Will this still help me pass a drug test for weed if they send my pee away to another lab?

  • I’m trying this method in the morning I’m not a heavy smoker I passed a drug test on December 28th but smoked one joint 10 days ago of some mid grade took an at home test and failed this morning (February 3rd) I have a test tomorrow for a job results should be back in 2 days I’ll let you know how it goes ???

  • I need to drop a drug test tomorrow those little Walmart / walgreen ones for the AZVAB test and one like three days later At MEPS but that one is going to be sent to a lab

  • I did mine on January 30th. And have an drop today. So is the weed out my system completely or is it just to manipulate the test? Because I took an at home one and it was positive. So did I do it wrong cause I did all the steps at the top.

  • Does the powder sure-jell work? Or does it have to be the liquid one?

  • do it clean your blood

  • Im a beer drinker and pot smoker. I haven’t smoked since Sun/Mon and taking urine test Fri (tomorrow). If I do the certa and gatorade mix tonight will I surely pass?

  • I stop smoking 3weeks ago you think I’ll pass my p.o drug test in i been drinking this for like 3 days now n water so what yall think ?

  • Have not smoked in over two weeks and I got a very very very faint line took forever for the color to come back in my pee so I waited till I got some color I even took 5 B12 and pissed 4 times what should I do to get it rite before I take the real test in a few days I’m 5 10 148 lbs

  • Quest diagnostics sent mine to a lab, I suppose. Hopefully this works in a lab setting. Still a urinalysis, though. At home test was negative with a faint line but faint line is still a negative. ‍♀️

  • Help! I smoked a few hits off a wax pen, and a good like 7 hits off a bowl or 2 all together within the past week. Before that I haven’t smoked in 6 months. I have a drug test coming up any day next week either Monday thru Friday. I’ve been drinking water, cranberry juice, and pickle juice. I’m planning on trying this with the Certo and Gatorade as well. I do not have a Bank account vitamin though. What else can I do? Is this process going to help? Am I gonna pass the test? I’m freaking out. Please any advice would help. Thank you

  • My boyfriend has the certo loquid gel he drink a gallon of cranberry juice and has been drinking water he was smokin cod it only has 0.3 percent of THC he is a heavy smoker but he hasn’t smoked the real thc in like 2weeks and but he has the certo 2 big lemon lime gatorades he has to see his probation at 430 it is 1pm now ???? I really need some answers from people ASAP people who have done this for awhile and are sure he just had his first babygirl and I don’t wanna nothing bad to happen . How many times does he need to pee before he goes in at 430pm

  • Does it help get cocaine out of your urine system

  • Let me tell you that this method works! I tested clean once after using this method but had to turn myself in did 5 days, got out and tested that day and preliminary FAILED.
    I have used this method so many times.
    Doing it again today.
    Its always a little nerve racking but ive found that if you give it atleast 24 hours of no smoking you should be good.
    worked for randoms for 4 months, now im on number calling ive used it many times
    Check out creatine ethyl ester and electrolyte pills so you can beat the dilution check.
    Ive used this many times. still sketches me out everytime though hahaha
    Just smoked some diamonds from thursday night – sunday at 5pm, going in to test after class today. Ill let you guys know how it goes!

  • Will taking two packets of certo increase my chances at passing? It’s been about 10 days since i last smoked

  • I have a urine drug screen tomorrow at the methadone clinic i go to. I need to know will the sure jell method hide the weed but not the methadone. I have to have the methadone in my system. Can someone please help

  • How much fruit pectin do I use and when do I start using it and how long will it work till it wears off ?

  • No one has really specified when you should and shouldn’t eat during this process how should I space out my eating? I’m a 5’6 weigh 125 and I smoke 2-4 times a day Would it also help if I cut out like gluten lol?

  • Can I use powder fruit pectin and how much would you use in the power aid drink?

  • Will this using Strawberry Jam help, being it has Certo in it? And, if so, can I clear my system out in less than 2 hours with it? It’s an emergency, I don’t have Gatorade or any of the other things that people suggest. I only have Apple Cider Viniger, White Viniger, and lots of water. Help?!

  • Hi everyone,

    So I got a job offer on 3/11 (Mon) and was asked for a drug test. Last time I smoked was on 3/10 (Sun). I usually smoke 1 or 2 times a day (3 to 4 puffs each time). My drug test was on 3/15 (Fri). Before the test date I drank lots of water and went to sauna one time to sweat out the THC. I have had take home drug test 4 times during that time and it all came negative.

    However at the test site, to be sure, I used to the Certo Method (same procedure as advised on this page) but the problem was my urine was almost clear that the physician told me there’s a 98% chance i’ll be retested. While I do have to wait for the result, I am very anxious. In the meantime, I went sauna again on 3/16 (Sat) thinking I may have to get retested. On 3/17 (Sun) morning I used another take home drug test on my first pee of the day because it is most potent around this time. Surprisingly I got a preliminary positive result. Boy I don’t what’s right and what’s wrong at this point.

    Just to point out, I’ve been drug free for 7 days now.

    Can I please get some professional help?

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Can I drink the first package tonight and then the second one the day of the test and water behind both packages

  • When do I drink it

  • will it work for court drug test if im a heavy smoker and i stop 3-4 days before the drug test?

  • Can i pass if i stoped 12 days ago but was in the same room with smokers but did not smoke .. But had smoked ot for three week before i stoped..just drank it take the test in the morning ..btinking a gallon of water

  • I just took a Mouth swab for a job and i am on Suboxone and i can honestly say that it came back Negative. Ive heard that Suboxone doesnt always come up in these test and for me that was the case. My question is does this Certo and Gatorade work for Meth? I tried it one time and i snorted it. It was a very small amount. Im hearing that in 3 days i should be good. Any thoughts? Again this was absolutely the first time ever. I bought a small 25 dollar piece and only did like a half of it. I really felt it as well. Thanks!

  • Do i put both packets of powder mix into my gateraid?

  • will your system be clean following doing this or only for the 3-5 hour window

  • Quick question will this help for a use to be heavy smoker. Slowed down for the past 3 months by 1-2 grams a week but also smoking thc cartridges for the past month daily nd then off one 1 week so technically speaking i need to b clean for 4-5 days before i test. Will it still help me?

  • Certo comes in at least two sizes. I got a box (6oz.) with two pouches. Should I use one or both pouches. I’ve previously bought a bigger box. Question is how many oz of Certo to a 32 oz gotorade?

  • Does it have to be the Certo/Sure gel brand?? Or can I get any brand of gelatin?

  • Does this method work if being sent out to a lab??

  • Does Xnox Gek work?

  • Of I take my drug test about 3 what time do I need to start drinking it

  • Can I take the sure jell the night before and then take the test the next day in the morning or take it a couple hours before my test?

  • How long does it keep your pee clean??? And how long do I hafta stop smoking before I drink it??

  • and also for some other question it does work for other things not just weed it costs your bladder so that the bad toxins of any kind… I know for a fact I used it and it work 1 bottle of Gatorade and 1 packet of sure jell an hour before drank fast and pee 1 time before your drug test…. I used it it worked great more the. once and it covered a few things like opiates amd.weed for me… I have seen other people use it that has harder core drugs like cocaine and meth and it worked also but u have to do it right for it to work and they can’t say nothing about it being there if they send to a lab because it is used in canning foods and jello so they cant detect something like that so I dont believe anybody saying that either once again I know for fact thanks

  • I have a drug test Monday (May 13th 2019) I smoked last Weekend. I quite smoking for about 3 1/2 months. Will I for sure pass if I do this?

  • In the article, it mentions taking a B vitamin. Is there a specific one to be taken? There’s a few options. B-12, B-complex,ect..

  • I just took sure jell in 32 oz. Of Gatorade. I went and bought a cvs home drug test kit. I came out positive for thc. I smoked a week ago. Maybe I didn’t drink enough water. I think it’s the dilution that helps people pass if anything. The sure jell didn’t seem to do any good. I waited 2 hours then tried again….still positive.

  • I’m 6’0 about 140 I’m not w heavy smoker maybe 1-2 times a week if that when I took my drug test I was two weeks clean, I drank the Certo the day before my test as well as 3 hours before my test, following that I drank two bottles of water afterwards and made sure I had peed twice, I took several vitamin b12 to add color (did not help) but drank the Certo at 10:30am and took my test at 1:20pm my piss came back clear as water and later found it got sent to the lab for “further testing” I’ve never issued this method before and an anxious to see if it works I really need this job

    • I am 5’5 138lbs minimal body fat and a daily smoker I stopped smoking Thursday and have my test on Tuesday I’ve been taking papaya extract to lower my trace amount and zinc to mask THC also will be taking 2 packs of Certo one today and another before my test I’ve passed a drug screen in the past using this method hope I am clear to pass again

  • I did this method but my test came back dilute…how do I get it not diluted? Or how do I get my pee less diluted?

  • I took one hit off of a THC pen thinking it was a vape pen. I do not smoke and haven’t touched weed in nearly five years. How long will this stay in my system? I should be getting drug tested for work approximately 10 days after I hit the vape. I’m worried that I might not pass the test.

  • This method does work. If u need a pill to be in your system, all u do after u drink the sure gel is take the pill and it will show up and everything else will be masked. Trust me i have done this 100 million times and passed for opiates. It will cover them, benzo, and suboxone. I know this for 200 percent sure

  • I have passed using the certo method but iy comes back diluted making it a false negative.. how to I make it work and not be diluted or how to have the specific gravity and creatine levels correct?

  • I have a drug test next week will my pee clean up before then

  • I have to drop tommrrow will a detox ready clean work

  • Will I pass my drug test Wednesday if I start taking Sure jell today?

  • Will it work for mouth swap test ?

  • If i try it tomorrow(Wednesday) to see if it works and then take it again on Friday for my drug test will it still work on Friday? Like can i use it twice in that short of a span?

  • What if Im high while doing all the steps?

  • I have a drug test at 2pm i haven’t smoked in 4 days I’m nervous asf, but wish me luck yall

  • I have stopping ALL forms of THC for 3 wks but b/f i did i had 4 sticks of cana butter in 2 batches brownies and was smoking 94% THC oil. I have tried the certo thing 4 different times AND different ways AND b/f i did detox pills and drinks. I failed 8 home tests within a wk….all 3 wks was drinking nothing but water and cranberry juice 100% and taking too much vitamins. Hope this helps someone .

  • Where can i get sure jell from?!?

  • What kind of vitamin b pill do I need?
    B1 B6 B12?

  • My test is next week. i’ll be clean for sure before then ?

  • I just Did this method For A Drug Test this Saturday I’m Unsure if I passed or not Yet. But I Didn’t pee Til Three Or Four Hrs After I Took The Test Only Because I Thought Your Supposed To Wait Two HRs After you take it before you pee I Took My Cert Around 11:54 I Drank One Certo Pack With A Gatorade I Drank It Fast I Didn’t Take the B12 til A Few hrs later.So Around 3:00 something I Arrived at the Lab And when I Peed My Pee Was still very Clear I poured Some of it out of the cup mixed in some Synthetic Pee I had on me for color and Too Dilute it As Well

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