Niacin Flush Detox Method

Niacin Flush for Drug Detox

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With drug testing beginning to rise in popularity as a workplace standard, people are starting to look for more and more efficient ways to quickly cleanse their bodies of substances that could make them test positive.

Taking niacin has long been a known detox method, but its effectiveness has always been a topic of debate.

What is Niacin?

Niacin, otherwise known as Vitamin B3 is compound naturally found in a human body that serves the purpose of metabolizing carbohydrates. When it comes to niacin for drug testing, it is usually talked about niacin pills that can be bought in pretty much any pharmacy.

Niacin pills are usually used as a dietary supplement for people who are suffering from high cholesterol levels or low niacin levels, but it is also often used to increase the health of skin, hair and eyes. A niacin pill has around 500mg of niacin in it and the recommended daily dose is up to 2000mg, to prevent the occurrence of negative side effects.

Negative Side Effects of Niacin Pills

  1. Skin flushing
  2. Burning sensation
  3. Swelling
  4. Reddening of skin
  5. Skin lesions or hives
  6. Diarrhea
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Niacin Flush

Niacin flush is a method that has been argued to allow a person to successfully clear out traces of metabolites from their body in a shorter amount of time than usual. This is done by increasing the rate at which body breaks down fats, which is where metabolites usually tend to deposit, which in turn allows the person to pass the drug test even though just a short period of time has passed since their last drug use.

The problem with this method is that niacin pills have varying levels of effectiveness from person to person, depending on their height and weight, as well as their metabolism rate. People with higher than average body fat content have reported this method to fail more often than people with lower body fat content.

Another thing to note about this method is that it is not a miracle solution like some people claim and that it has to be done over a period of time, preferably 2 – 5 days for maximum efficiency. This is due to the fact that niacin is very hard on one’s liver and taking large amounts of it (more than 500mg) at once poses a serious health risk.

On the other hand, if the person using this method properly spaces out their dosage (500mg or one pill every 6 hours for 3 or more days) and hydrates plentifully, they pass the drug test in 80% of the reports.

By following this routine, you will be able to successfully cleanse your body from metabolites in 3 – 5 days so plan accordingly:

  1. Immediately after getting up, take 500mg of niacin and drink at least 2 large glasses of water.
  2. Wait a few minutes and try to urinate as much as possible.
  3. Eat a light breakfast, since fatty foods will reduce the effectiveness of niacin and preferably take a caffeinated drink to help you urinate more.
  4. During the day, try to drink water, fruit juice or sports drinks as often as possible, but make sure not to overhydrate yourself and get sick. Stay away from alcohol as much as possible.
  5. Take niacin pills every 5 or 6 hours with 2 large glasses of water, preferably before meals and try to urinate between niacin intake and meals.
  6. On the day of the test make sure to take at least two pills before the test itself and try to urinate as much as you can.
  7. If you notice your urine is discolored (not yellow), take a B12 pill; a discoloration of urine can be a clear sign that you have tried to dilute it and will raise suspicion.

If Taking Niacin Pills

  • Always space them out at least 5 hours to prevent overdosing.
  • Drink a lot of water, preferably two full glasses with every pill. Also drink as much water, fruit juice, sports drinks or caffeinated drinks during the day, but be careful not to overhydrate yourself.
  • Abstain from drugs and alcohol, to prevent negating the effect of niacin pills.
  • Eat light meals and stay away from fatty foods.
  • On the day of the test make sure to take at least two pills and drink 4 to 5 glasses of water.
  • If your urine starts to dilute too much from hydration, consider taking vitamin B12 pill as it turns urine yellow.
  • Try to urinate as much as possible during the process and especially before the test.
  • Bear in mind that taking niacin pills will only have an effect on a urine drug test; all other drug tests are unaffected by niacin intake.


Despite the fact that many people claim that this method does not work, it usually stems from the fact that the amount of time that the pills were taken for was not sufficient. Taking a large dose of niacin pills in a short period of time, just before a drug test, will more often cause serious health problems then help pass said test. Only by giving it time will this method have the expected effect without the negative consequences.

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  • Madie
    So on the day of the test take 1000 ml ??
    • Molly
      No, clearly it states take 1 (500mg) every six hours before a meal with two large glasses of water.
      • Avin
        I don’t think you read the entire article lol
        • Roxanne M Pound
          Yes it did say on the day of the rest take 2 500ml yes.
          • Josh
            I took 6 pills on Monday and had a drug test Wednesday .. I have not smoked since Sunday .. and on top of that I took urine saliva blood detox on Wednesday morning .. should I pass my drug test
          • Jessica D'Ercole
            Ml nd mg are not the same…. they are 500 mg pills. Milligrams. Yes it says take two before the test.
          • Leo
            Josh,Should you pass the drug test? I think you should STOP using drugs,
          • Joe
            Josh, What happened? Did you pass?!?
          • Kim
            So do ubtake them both at the sae time? Or is it still 6 hrs apart?
      • Kaci anderson
        Wrong, it says to take 2 on the day of test
      • Karl GLOVER
        Can you pass the hair drug test using this pill
        • Lori
          No it says only a urine test
        • Bobbie
          I have heard of washing your hair w title laundry soap. But I’m not. Sure it works. I’ve take about 5 hair test and passed every one but at the time I used pills, vicodin,xanax,soma, lots of alcohol and a small amount or weed. I passed every one w flying colors. I don’t know how or why not did I ask. Some one told me because I drank a lot of alcohol. Some one else told me I didn’t use enuff for it to really show up. But I did go get about an inch cut off my hair and I dyed my whole head q 2 bottles of lorel hair dye the same color of my hair the same day of my test. So I dis that every time and always passed. I’ve heard some wild stuff people have done. I’ve heard of people putting nail polish remover in their hair and leaving in until the test but with me in the long run all that bull really wasn’t worth getting a buzz or high just for a few min. Not to mention a possibility of over dosing. Then my kids wouldn’t have a mother. That barely had one when I was getting high. Being sober is the best high in the world.
          • Tyrese
            Can its clean ur systems in 24 to 48 hours
          • Zach
            That’s exactly what I’ve been telling my friends. Being high on life Is so much better than smoking weed every day
          • Cgal218
            Yes ma’am it is…. Really seeing the world though clear eyes, and realizing your singing to the radio, and that your genuinely happy… It is one of the best highs you’ll ever feel.
          • Robert
            What is title did you mean tide
          • Anonymous
            You said title laundry detergent did you mean ride? Exactly how did yo do it?
          • Dave
            What is laundry soap?
        • Miriam
          yes Def, i took 2 pills at 6am and 2 at 12 noon and 2 by 8pm. and drinking lots of water and taking a jog with a hoddie on once a day for 5 days got me clean, also no fatty foods. ipassed my test, and im 5’5 & 210 lbs, im not skinny lol
          • Bigoledummy
            Dude. I’m 5’4 and 205, have a possible drug screen Tuesday afternoon around 1-2pm and did some dope via smoking a bowl on and off Tuesday night, and then smoking on and off Thursday night – finishing with a small line Friday around 1pm. I have around 96 hours before my possible screen..think I’ll be ok?
          • Markell
            Are yu real and did this really work
          • Keke
            I have drug screening today yersterday I took two nician pill today I took one will I pass drug test for probation only thing my urine is clear what I need do make yellow I took home drug test I see two lines one dark one faint do that mean oass
          • Skylar Robertson
            Do you smoke a lot ?
          • Abe
            Do you smoke everyday?
        • Michael
          No sorry it stays in your hair for at least a year
          • Aleshia
            Drugs stay in your hair follicles for 90 days max. I was told this by a judge. So no it doesnt stay in hair for a year.
          • Jessica
            Wrong. Only three months on hair
          • Dee
            This works if you do it over a week. But no working out during this it will mess up. A blood test is only good 10 days. Urine 30 m days. Hair 90 days . Best method is niacin and cranberry juice smoked heavy for 6 months quit for a job after 10 days and pee was clean. You will poop a lot but it’s worth it.
        • Aleshia
          No only works on Urine although when I use niacin felt like my scalp was engulfed in flames so maybe.
          • sooz
            No one mentions there’s a difference between regular niacin and “no flushing” niacin. I can’t begin to imagine how hot your scalp got. The none flushing type doesn’t do any heating up of the body. The other would be extremely difficult for your body to manage. Always buy the “no flushing” type of niacin!
      • Toby Sharp
        Say the day of the test to take 2
        • Pat
          What brand of niacin is best
          • Jessica D'Ercole
            They are all vitamin B3 so the brand will not matter. Spring Valley brand is most common you can find it in Walmart with all of the other vitamins.
          • Steve
            WARNING! It does matter which type of Niacin u take. Flush free does nothing!!! It has to be Nicotanic Acid. It does cause uncomfortable flushing. But in my case it’s better than divorce!! PS I may have not spelled Nicotanic right. But flush free will only exercise your urinary tract.
      • Proving A Point
        Really? Because it CLEARLY states in step 6 to take 2 the day of. Each pill contains 500mg, and correct me if I am wrong, but I’m fairly positive that 500mg +500mg = 1000mg. Ha
      • Frankie
        And then it said the day of test take 2 read again. Clearly.
      • Kara Penney
        Yes Molly, but CLEARLY it states that on the day of the test, take 2. I completely understand Madie ‘s confusion because CLEARLY the instructions regarding the day of the test have not been made perfectly CLEAR.
        • Kim
          So do u take both at same time on day of test or still take 6 hrs apart?
      • mike nielsen
        No it clearly says day of test take two. On the day of the test make sure to take at least two pills before the test itself and try to urinate as much as you can.
      • IronWilled
        Incorrect. Read it again.
      • Crystal Riley
        Did you pass
      • Luis
        Which is better flush free or the regular
    • Meme
      Yes but try spacing it out so it’s not too harsh on your liver
      • QueenBee
        Hello i recently just passed a urine drug test using the niacin method took them everyday for a week straight drank a lot of water and minimal exercise my only concern is does the niacin PERMANTLEY rid the THC or MASK it? The test is a very sensitive lab test for probation the cut off level is 50 ng but someone in my case i HAVE to test at 0 ng to test negative. My drug tests are random meaning once a week so thats why i need to know if im permantley thc free. There was no drugs found in me so im guessing i’m at 0 ng. Was it the niacin and like i said am i permantley thc free? I only did the niacin after being clean for 4 weeks and my levels were dropping VERY VERY slow. Also, does the brand matter? I passed using the flush free reading online they say it doesnt work but it worked for me so to be safe i bought real niacin the Nicotonic Acid that actually gives you the flush. Thank you! Please reply!!!
        • Steven Wilson
          Dude it does work huh? Imma have to use this method again over probably a span of a week or less time so I wont have to overdose and flush ya kno?.. But will you experience the flush every time Or; is there a more subtle way to take 100mg every 2 hours for 24 hours? Should probably be less harsh on the bladder system. Idk I go for mine in 72 hours so I have a jump start on the hydration regiment.
          • Aleshia
            Niacin is magic I use it cause I get regularly drug tested and I had smoked the night before one of my tests took 1000 mg of niacin afterwards and 500 mg the next day and passed.
        • Mosh Juldoon
          If your average weight and a regular smoker, youd be clean after 4 weeks even without the niacin.
          • DJ
            This may be true for some people but not all. I’m 5’4 139lbs. I smoked regularly for 1 month and stopped. I haven’t smoked in 2 months and 2 weeks now. Was tested at work and failed test bc there is still THC in system. I knew that it couldn’t be true bc of the length of time I’ve been clean so I took 3 at home tests and all were positive. Time needed for THC removal varies by person.
          • e
            nope. im average weight and its been 5 weeks and im still not clean
          • Arrow
            I think your wrong there. I’m still dirty after 50 days and I’m skinny.
        • marcelle
          Hi! Did you use anything in addition to the Niacin to cleanse your body of TCH?
        • Tyler Hermes
          Yes only nicotinic acid works
        • Shee
          Does it permanently remove the thc or mask it??
        • Rtui
          Hi there wat niacin did u use
        • Crystal Riley
          Did you take any thing on the testing date or day before the test. How often did you take the pills. I take three a day drank plenty of water for two weeks straight and taken two on the day before the test. Am I clean I haven’t smoked anything in six weeks.
    • Sayitaintso
      Yes, nevermind Molly because she can clearly not read. Lol
      • Mikel
        Your a rude person. People come here for help and you treat them like a piece of dirt u should be ashamed of yourself
      • Nette
        I been sober from percs for 3 days tomorrow is my urine test u think this would work for me
        • Jen
          If it’s a Ten panel test you will fail give it a week
    • Sonjai
      Could I pass a test in 2 days if I take 500 every 6 days while drinking water, coffee and cranberry juice?
    • Keif
      Did you pass your test ?
    • Clementine Divers
      I’m to take UDS , I smoke pot daily, I’ve not smoked since 3-24-2019, will niacin help Me pass if I start now?
      • Avion Keys
        Did it work for you?
  • josh morales
    this does work take for thee days i do it all the time
    • Jennifer
      I have test Tuesday if I take 4 pills a day till tues it’s Sunday now can I be clean useally smoke like 2 Lil bowls a day
      • Sydney White
        HI You take 4 a day?
    • Kate
      Are you a regular smoker? How mant days do you abstain before the test?
    • Abby
      Hey does it work for extascy too
    • Lavell Campbell
      Josh I agree the key is once you start taking the vitamin continue everyday I have random drops all the time i have not failed a test yet over 20 years.
      • Jones
        What brand do you prefer
      • Bri
        What brand do you use?
      • Sarah
        Lavell, have you been a heavy user? I’m a bigger girl and curious if applicable! Thank you!
  • paris
    I have to do a test on 12 October please help me pass this test you guys I am trying to flush the THC out of my system do I have time I have niacin pills and I am starting to drink a lot of water now
    • Jessica
      How did your test go?
    • Brenda Turner-Bey
      Everyone needs to know that THC stays in your system at least 30 days so if your looking for niacin flush to help stop right here cause u will still test negatively. Anyone that needs help to clean themselves from opium and cocaine can usually get clean in 3-4 days
      • LJ
        Message to ALL; Flushing Niact will Permanently remove a variety of Drugs on top of THC such as Cocaine, Crystal, Heroin, Opioids, Molly Etc.(Foreign Toxins) from Urine *Have yet to take any other kind of drug test-Can’t speak for saliva blood or hair.I know from experience (Trust Me!) I’ve had multiple drugs at one time and have never failed a urine test If done right (practice with head shops test kits) a person can eliminate any sign of Drugs in Urine (Only). I’ve been Passing Urine Drug Screens since 1995 (over 30 urine screenings)
        • Mike
          How long does it takes
        • MIKE BROWN
          Your wrong about it permanently removing the drugs from your system. Its only temporary and as long as the niacin and extra water is in your system. My son in law smoked dabs and oil for years and had THC in his system for over 3 months. He would pass the court ordered urine tests twice a week by hydrating and taking Niacin but was still actually dirty for over 3 months.
        • Ronald Black
          I have 5 days till my piss test. Can niacin cleanse my system by then? I’m 220lbs. And 5’10.
        • Trina
          I have a drug test tomorrow at 2p.m I took a few pills yesterday night I start the niacin today will I pass the drug screen I only weigh 94 lbs so I’m not to big ?
        • Kristina
          Hey LG. I have a 1possible 2 days to prep. I am a moderate smoker…twice three times daily. Not much, maybe a bowel or half a joint. I’m tiny as well, 5’2, 110 pounds. Can you share you regiment?
        • Melinda
          I bought the spring valley flush free niacin
      • V
        I havent smoked in 38 days i have a dot test at 10am tomorrow morning my friend said i should take 2 niacin pills and drink 2 gatorades by 6am what do you think??
      • Toby Sharp
        • Briana
          I have 100mg does that mean I have to take 5 once a day now did it work for you
    • Raychel
      When taking niacin make sure that it doesn’t say non flush. I have taken niacin before to pass a drug test and it worked for me. But I also took 8 before my test and drank about a gallon of water. I was clean in 2 hours before my test.
      • So I have a test in the morning @9 if I take 2 do you think I’ll pass
      • Melinda
        I bought the spring valley flush free niacin 500mg. I did some fentanyl on Saturday night around 7-8pm.Today is Sunday 9:30pm now. I have to pass a probation urine drug screen tomorrow (Monday) at 2:00pm. Did u buy the right Niacin to flush my system? I took 1-500mg so far and I have been drinking water to hydrate and dilute/cleanse my system for the test/drug screen since late saturday night. This is a matter of ending up in a residential rehab or worse (prison) if I do not pass and it is not just my life at risk. So please can someone help me with this and answer my question please? Thank you
  • The One
    Don’t do drugs in the first place.
    • Dizzy
      Keep your opinion to yourself Yuppie
    • ed
      Then what do you say to those who take it for medical purposes, I suffer from chronic pain for 20 years, and it has help me tremendously
  • UncleP
    Hello, I’m looking for suggestions to clean my system of Adderall. I’m on probation and the judge is Making me go cold turkey on all control substance. I bought 500mg Niacin flush-free and B12 1000mg per/tab My UA is on Tuesday. I’m 200 lbs in average shape, I drink 4-5 12oz bottles of propell a day. HELP ME PASS
    • Rayray
      Adderall is our your system In 2 days
  • SWIM
    Yes this method works and you need to start 3 days before the urine test at the absolute latest. If you try to do it two days before, one day before, or the day of, it will not work. Ive done this many many times and it’s always worked for me. But one time I got cocky and tired waiting 1 day before my drug test and I failed. I’d recommend starting 7 days before if you get tested on the same day every month.
    • nelly
      i have been drinking the niacin flue free does it still work? also my drug test is 6 days away, do i have time?
    • Dina
      Would this be different you think for a over weight woman
    • No Shame Losin Ta Me
      good tip bro! thanks!
    • Rizzy
      That’s not true my boyfriend took it just 24hrs before his test taking 1000mg
      • Missy
        And did it work taking it 24 hours before and is he a smoker smoker like me
    • Aleshia
      That’s not true I detoxed less then 24 hours before my test and passed. And I’m 5’3 170 lbs.
      • yiah
        how many did you take?
    • Crystal Riley
      I start 20 days in advance. I take three pills a day drank plenty of water. The day before the test I took two pills. I haven’t smoked thing in about three to four weeks. I’m I clean
  • Dee
    Ues Madie it said take 1000 mg. the day of the test.
  • The dude man
    Niacin really works I smoked on Sunday and passed a test on Tuesday drinking lots of water and did a little bit of exercise and it probably took 9 pills of niacin spaced out overtime not all at once drinking a gallon of water before the test and urinating first don’t pee into the cup right away halfway then and then pee in the cup but I think the most important part is drinking a large amount of water but this is something I don’t recommend doing every week or month
    • Choc
      Did you really ?? Sunday was your last day smoking & you passed that Tuesday?? How much do you weigh ?
    • What brand of Niacin did you use?
  • Joe
    I use niacin a lot to pass urine drug tests. It can be hard o. Your body but if you take enough for a week to ten days it will work. I am a heavy marijuana smoker. I stopped smoking 14 days before the test and took 3000mg of niacin for ten days straight. 1500mg at a time. It works well but make sure you drink LOTS of water just to be safe.
    • Laurel Blauvelt
      What brand niacin?
  • Leo
    Will it help me pass a drug test today?
  • Missy
    Will Niacin work if I mix it with Palo Azul? I test in 11 days. Eeek
  • Its me
    This is exactly what I’m doing bro! Your making me feel so confident. I’m also taking mens multi vitamins with anti oxidants. I have a job interview/drug test on November 12th, and have not been smoking sense October 17th. I take 1500 mg a time, twice a day morning, and evening. I will continue the process until the day of my test, then will take a b12 vitamins to change my pee from highlighter greenish yellow, to normal yellow Wish me luck!
  • Bartman
    So I have a test tomorrow morning but I haven’t been smokin for 10 days I’m 6’2 and 150 y’all think I’ll be straight? I just started taking the niacin pills this am but I’ve been working out running and drinking water daily
  • Shunta
    Does it work for a nail sample drug test?
    • rocksteady
      it only works for urine tests
      • J
        Will it help for amphetamine
  • Ann
    I haven’t smoke weed sense July 31st I am still testing positive will this help me flush my system completely of weed. And if so should I take 1500 mg a day and for how long…
  • sola
    does it work for blood test
  • Sam
    Does this work for cocaine??
    • Duane
      I’m trying to find out myself
  • Terrence Ruben Davis II
    I’m 6’1 and I weigh 275 what are my odds if I have a test within 2-7 days?
  • Jesse James
    If you go to your convenient store and look on the back of the energy drinks there are some with 1000mg of Niacin in like a 24oz can. Get 4 cans and take and start taking 2 Niacin pills a day about 5 days before your test and drink the energy drinks the day before you go in and the day of. I have never failed a test. You’re welcome
    • Cookie
      Thank you so much i will let you know
  • Misty Felder
    I’m trying to pass a drug test I’m on parole I smoke cocaine I stop on November 4,2018 my test is on November 7,2018! I’ve taking 1000mg since November 5,2018 about to take another 500mg this morning, drinking alot of water & cranberry juice, can I pass this test by November 7,2018? I’m 260 pounds 5’11!
    • Joe
      Cocaine is the quickest drug to get it off your system. It will be out by the 7 th
    • Sweetpea
      5’11 260?? For a female? Wow. I’m 5’11 180lbs. Ummmm u might as well say u smoke crack. Cocaine is cut n meant for ya nose or occasionally lacing a blunt. My biggest question is why the hell u weigh 260lbs. ??? Smokin crack/cocaine. Anyways…yes niacin works. Been using it over 10 years. Just been sure to at least give urself 72hrs. N 3 gallons of water…n dont forget the the vitamin b 12 to make ur pee yellow. N dont take too much niacin at once!! Will feel like ur body is covered n fucking fire ants. Hope ya passed! Ps stop doin that s**t. Ain’t worth it.
  • Mike
    If i took a Xanax this morning but I’m usually a everyday popper will I have good results on my test if im taking the niacin as recommended and drinking the correct amount or water and plus im using certo so will my system be ok?
  • Smoky
    I just smoked a few bowls of .meth yesterday and I took 7 niacin pills right after and I’m going to take 4 more when I get out of bed how long should I take the niacin I could be tested any day from now
    • Smoky
      I need to know how many days I have to take niacin for smoking a few bowls of meth yesterday? I took 7 niacin pills right after I smoked.and I’m going to take another 4 niacin pills right after I get out of bed today I’m on phase testing for federal probation once a month don’t know when I’m going to be called for testing it could be any day
  • remmy
    I have a military drug test coming up. I smoked on the 7th and the test the 13th. I am a regular smoker but not a heavy one. if I consume 1500mg the next 3 days, drink a Qcarbo32 on the 10th, exercise everyday and take one niacin the day before. will I pass?
    • celle
      wondering if you passed your test!!! i sure hope so!
    • aFed
      did you pass? I need to know for the same reason
  • Ren
    I may have to start testing in a month. Heavy user. I. 5 foot 9 inches and roughly 182lbs. How long before my test should I start using this method? I haven’t been smoking today just cuz I am needing to start to detoxing.
  • mmjjhelpme
    so i have a test in 13 days i read the article i have alot of weed just around the house i havent smoked in 5 days do i even need the niacin i am 275lb//////what shuld i do
  • Jessie Cruz
    I’m a heavy smoker and I’ve tried all the type of detox that does not work now I’m in the court system and having to drop twice every week is niacin something that I can use I smoke a blunt in the morning I smoke a blunt in the afternoon and one at night for these pills work for me
  • Lea
    Interested in trying to clear Gabapentin from my system. This is a lab urine screen and it detects ANY amount of drugs in the system. For example: A routine drug screen only detects Gabapentin levels at 1,000 ng or above. I stopped taking Gabapentin 8 days before my last screen and my level was still 229 ng. So, anyone know if this method will work for pills?
  • Yeya
    I have a drug test coming up I need to take before dec 17. I just started taking 2 pills of niacin 250mg each and lots of water(I smoke weed). Am I doing this right since I’m starting weeks earlier or should I be taking these pills 3-4 days before my test? please Help!! Any tips and advice is appreciated. thanks in advance.
  • Need Advice
    I was 35 days clean when I took my drug test. Oct 8th was my last hit. They says I had “high levels ” of marijuana. Test was on Nov 14th. I was a daily user mostly at night. They are going to random test with in the next 90 days, but again it will be random. I recently had surgery and have no weight barring fro 6 wks so exercising makes it hard. If I start the niacin process now taking a little each day with plenty of water, do you think I will be clean?
  • Dina
    Has anyone tried this for employment at the post office ?
  • Brody
    Question I have a drug test Thursday November 29th I smoked a couple hours ago I’m not a heavy smoker it’s like once a week. Do you think I’ll be clean by then?
    • Marcelle Whittier
      nah, not in 3 days. You should get some Sonnes 7 detoxificant and i hope you are drinking at least a gallon and a half a day!!!! Please let me know if you pass!
  • Tom
    I am a heavy smoker like maybe 3-5 times a day , about 185lb I’ve been taking flush-free niacin for two days now. Is this going to help me pass my drug test tomorrow.?? Is there anything else I should do to be sure to pass?
    • Aleshia
      Flush free niacin does nothing your skin needs to flush to burn the thc from your fat cells which is where it absorbs.
    I was smoking weed for the while then i stop smoking last month 25 October nd start to flush dagga by using flush pills for a week 3 times a day nd drink lots of water also exercise for a week about 20 minutes. I take vitamin B pil8 for 3 weeks should i test positive today since my drugs tes?
  • Shay
    Does it work on hair test?
    • Cody
      No it works only on us.
  • Cody
    Yo, I take 3 niacin every 5 hours, been a regular smoker since 15 on the, and still fail the test. I even stopped for 3 weeks and still no sign of metobolites going down. They say 90 days but I just need to pass one test. I drink tons of water and stay way from fats yet nothing. I take home test as well regularly. I weigh 175 and 6.ft 0 inch….. Any suggestions
  • Tm
    I have drug test tueaday. I took 3 500 mg niacin yeaturday. Its to continue my adderall i have 1 saved for the night before so iys in my system dr said if i fail for thc he wont prescribe anymore…so should i just take 3 a day until day before?
  • Smith
    From my experience…you have to buy the regular niacin. Not the FLUSH FREE niacin. Theres 2 kinds. You can get this at most pharmacies.
  • random dude
    So, I took the test yesterday and apparently it came back “clear” and I have been asked to take it again in the morning and not to drink anything before hand. I am I good because I took a home test yesterday morning and it came up negative but I probably drank too much water before the test?
    • Shawna
      How did it go?
      • Vicky Brown
        Hello I’ve been smoking a few bowls in the evening today is aug.14 and will be tested on the 27th If I start the niacin by this weekend do u think I could pass from thc? I weigh 100lbs. and I’m 5ft. 2in. Thank you
  • J
    I’ve been on probation for almost 6 years now and have done hours upon hours of research for passing a drug test after smoking weed; I’m here to give some insight to the ignorant. DO NOT exercise for up to 72 hours before your dt because it will burn the fat containing thc into your blood stream and your test levels will come back higher than if you were to not exercise at all. Also, drinking water does not matter up until the day before and day of drug test; all it does is dilute your piss so you’re pissing almost straight water so it’s useless to torture yourself until day before and day of by consuming gallons of water. I do recommend drinking as much water as you can and pissing at least 2-3 times before going in for your dt on the day of. I have tried niacin before and it worked once and didn’t work another time so this will be my third time trying out these methods. I believe you need to start consuming a minimum of 3 days before test for it to be able to be effective. I hope this was helpful to some people and best of luck on all your test(s).
  • Sarah
    I smoked a rello Friday night and have a urine Friday at 3pm I’m just finding out today, if I take 1 every 5 hours only twice a day will I be clean by friday at 3? I’m 5’6 120lbs
  • Dee
    My drug test is on Thursday December 13th. I haven’t used cocaine since last Thursday night/Friday morning. I’m a regular marijuana smoker cause I have the medical card, but, I obviously don’t want to come up positive for the cocaine. I just took an over the counter test and the negative line was very dim. I right away took 10 niacin and chugged water. Then, started reading these comments. Do you think I’ll be ok to pass the test if I keep up with the correct doses of niacin and water?
  • Lorenzo Rosa
    Does it work for just drugs as meth
  • Random girl
    I did coke and heroin and xanax on monday into tuesday morning my test is tomorrow what should i do
  • AlLandria Jones
    I’m 120 pounds 5’6 and I did smoke pretty often but i started taking Niacin 500mg flush and it’s said on the bottle that it takes 10 to 20 minutes for you to start feeling the side effects of the niacin but anyway about 5 minutes after taking the pill my skin instantly started to feel like it was burning itching all of the above but I’m trying to figure out why did this happen so quick is it because I’m so small and the dosage Is 500 mg
  • Aaron
    I have a drug test in 8 days, been clean my whole probation so far but smoked a few hits from a blunt yesterday, I’m terrified of jail and need to know if I get the pills tomorrow, will it work. I’m 5,9 and 166 lbs. Until recently I haven’t smoked at all for 5 months.
  • SWIM
    Using this method now. Any word on how tobacco use affects the reliability of the flush?
  • Dakum
    it work , Take two niacin and drink a Gatorade, also take a super b complex a few minutes prior to the niacin. in about an hour you’ll be clean use home test to make sure. it’s suppose to last 4 hours
  • KJ
    Thank you for mentioning the exact mg’s because I have 100mg capsules. This method works; ive used it successfully before, but I wasnt even taking enough mgs. And its another good reason to stay slim. Fat people will have less confidence with this method, theyre better off smuggling some warm piss.
  • Help With Her-oin
    I’m an approx 150-160 lbs and about 5’7 male. I might have a probation drug test on the Jan. 7th, 2019. I was a daily but not heavy smoker. I stopped smoking on the 1st but I’m a daily heroin user. I do NOT inject it though (not sure if that makes a difference). I’ve tried quitting the heroin so much so it’s been a little on and off for me but I was wondering if i stop immediately and start taking the Niacin as directed above, will I be clean for my test on Monday Jan. 7th? I’m so worried I do not want to go to jail I just can’t go through that again so I’m trying to get this figured out ASAP. Anything helps guys just please get back to me.
    • Drew
      You should be able to get clean by just drinking water and exercising in that much time. Niacin will help tho. I take pain medication regularly and I have passed w only 36 hours clean and had taken 2 60mg morphs for last dose. They’re water soluble so you should be fine
  • Kara
    Other blogs say Niacin is not effective, why are you so sure?Any thoughts on Magic Detox (Ultra THC Detox pills) which claim a 7 day natural detox of THC?
  • Kev
    I have a drug test on the 17th and I stopped smoking on the 3rd and have been taking a 500mg flush free niacin pill everyday since then while drinking water every so often but not too much will taking the pill until the 17th pass me? Also should I take 2 a day will that help?
  • Mon
    Does niacin work for cocaine?
  • Brian
    All you have to do is take 100mg to 500mg of niacin for about 4 to 5 days.don’t do any drugs on those days and you should be good
    • Marc Miller
      I did them everyday 500 mg a day for 2 weeks staight and just did a piss test i smoked exaclty 2 weeks ago should my piss be clean
  • G
    I heard it makes you itchy and hot
  • Imani L Brown
    I’ve used this method over and over. Of course I am 100 lbs soaking wet. But I smoke a lot a lot a lot and I quit 24 hours before the test. Took one pill an hour before drank lots of water and passed. It deff depends on the person
  • Sherry Parish
    I smoke last night when i got home feom work an i have to call daily an if my color is called tjwn i have to go test an my color has been being called on mom so when I get up start the pills drink lots of water an juice an then get up mon mrg an take them you think I will pass my weight is about 165/169 An I’m about 5’5
  • b
    does this work for Subutex? i haven’t taken any since Thursday and have been drinking alot of water. I only take a quarter of an 8mg pill a day so it’s a small amount. I can go test tomorrow but technically anytime this week. any suggestions?
  • Ezra @NottNiice (F.B)
    Hello,Everyone..I’ve been taking niacin (500mg) for 9 or 10 days str8 the time is now 5:42 am..i have probation @1:45p i have CERTO (which is fruit pectin) by my bed side and i am wondering can i take it both together and still be safe (Just in case)? Also, at around 11.. i will be buying a DRUG TEST B4 i see my P.O today to check my SELF.. I will try to keep everyone posted..
  • SR
    I don’t understand the reasoning behind taking it day of if the point is to metabolize it faster. How do you think those metabolites are leaving your body? In your urine! So why would you want to increase the rate it’s being flushed out in your urine right before the test? That means more metabolites in it, not less.I’d go by the same recommendations as exercise – do it ahead of time but specifically not for a day or two before the test. The day of the test is when you want to hydrate only to dilute any metabolites still in there.
  • TR
    I am a medical marijuana patient and need to pass an employment drug test. I’m seeing mixed reviews on the ‘No Flush’ niacin, does this 500mg capsule still work for clearing your system of THC? ***Please respond!!!
  • TR
    Does the no flush niacin work?
  • J
    My piss was clean. I took 4 hits off a blunt 2 and a half days ago. I have a ut today. I’ve been taking the niacin and water pills. 1000 mgs a day. I’ve been drinking a lot of water. I’m 6’5 250 lbs
  • ra mier
    how long does it take to flush alcohol? I’ve drank Saturday night, and 1 beer Sunday night but took 2 niacin pills, should I be ok? I have to take the test tomorrow which is Monday morning
  • Lisi-rie
    NIACIN DEFINITELY WORKS TO RID YOUR BODY OF THC. Idk about other drugs. DO NOT take the flush free, the whole point is to flush. I’m 34 and having been using them since I was 16 and they’ve never failed me. The science is simple; THC is stored in your fat cells and Niacin is a fat burner, it literally burns the THC out of your fat meaning it’s permanent, also meaning it cannot burn the THC into your blood stream because there’s none there. Be careful tho and do not take the day of because most places test for Niacin now and high levels will automatically fail you for tampering. It has a half life of about 6 hours depending on metabolism so I wouldn’t take it more than 10 hours before testing. Also, DO NOT drink a lot of water before the test, if your urine is too clear it will also dilute the levels of protein, creatine, ect. and they will consider the sample as having with been tampered. I’ve always taken 2000-2500mg at a time and at night (it burns and makes you itch and scratching is very painful, I have very sensitive skin and it’s not fun at all so I prefer to sleep through it) that dose was chosen only because I was told to by other 16 year olds at the time and it’s always worked and my parents would do home test and send it to a lab for a gas chromatographic test. I figure I don’t drink or regularly take large amounts of pain pills and the liver naturally regenerates itself so, eh. To be safe I avoid Tylenol and use ibuprofen. I’m not in any way giving advice just sharing my experience. Depending on the amount of your bodies fat cell count and how saturated they are some may need a week, possibly more. I try one large dose a night for 4 or 5 days to be safe and do not take any the night before (if yours are radom I suggest taking them at night, if you’re in a hurry I would personally take a large dose at night and in the mornings). I’m thin but used to be a heavy smoker, better to be safe than sorry. Buy a cheap home test to be sure you’re clean. If you get random tests and continue to smoke you can take a much lower dose DAILY once you’re clean. Drink plenty of water that night and in the morning, the pills need plenty of water to work properly. You’ll want to urinate at least 6 times before testing, just don’t go in to hear with a bladder full of water. If they find elevated levels just claim you take energy pills, you can have some Niacin in your system but they do test the nanograms. Happy burning, bahaha! It fr s**ks tho.
  • bailey
    i smoked a joint every day until i stopped last saturday and have a drug test on wednesday ive been on the pill since tuesday will i pass?
  • Kali Peelins
    Stop smoking. Take two every day give atleast 3days before test. You will be clean. If your over 220 pounds..well…lose weight first
  • Manday
    I took xanax today and an oxicodone yesterday. My test is March 6 2 days away. I was told to take niacin and it will help but what do u think? I’m on probation. Had been clean for 3 1/2 years. I just messed up, got stressed. Can someone please let me know if 2 and a half days will help at all? Let me know asap
  • Unknown
    My friend snorted coke on Feb 28th from 9pm until 10am & then did some March 9th and she has a urine test on march22nd she’s been drinking lots of water and cranberry juice and started taking 2 if the vitamin b complex do u think she will pass? She’s worrying me to death
  • Concerned friend
    My friend snorted coke on Feb 28th from 9pm to 10am March 1st and then only did a little March 9th and she has a urine test on the 22nd of March do you think she’s going to pass?? Please help me she’s worrying me to death
  • Christig83
    Cocaine usually only stays in the system 2-4 days with recreational use. 14 days for chronic or binge use.
  • Chase Hunter
    It does work but u must take it for a lengthy amount of time! But if you guy need to pass a test ASAP use ready clean it will mask the thc in your urine for 6 hours pass a sensitive probation test every time with either one !
  • Keif
    Gonna try this
  • Cristina
    For the ones asking, and wondering if it works, YES it does, however, it all depends how much fat is in your body, I’m 5’5 and 210 lbs I’m not skinny at all. LOL but I drank 2 @6am, 2 @12noon & [email protected] drink lots of water and sweat! I would jog/run at the gym for 1 hour for 5 days along with clean eating NO FATTY foods, took a test and passed. Also, I drank a smoothie with fiber in it every morning. and GOT Home drug test from the dollar store (dollar general) has them for $1, I would take one each day at night for 5 days till it showed Neg. Hope it helps someone. ALSO NO SMOKING WHILE DETOXING/FLUSHING. (Do not forget to take 1-2 pills about 1 hour prior to testing and take a b12 pill or cranberry juice.
  • Baliven
    I just started today, my test is on Monday at 12pm. I stopped smoking for about 5 days now. Do you guys think I will pass my test ??
  • Stan
    Anybody have experience with KRATOM–Also will; NON-FLUSH Niacin work
  • Stan
    I should have included that I need info on urine testing, not withdrawls., I week of 1500mg of Gabapentn works fine. Don’t take this dose for mpre than a week without a doctor’s blessing.
  • Someone
    I have a drug test on Monday, April 8th. The last time I smoked budz was on March 12th.. which would be 27 days of not smoking. Im a female, I’m 5’5 and weigh 146 pounds. I have to test negative for weed, but positive for subutex since I’m on a subutex program. What do you guys think.. should I be good if I go buy niacin tomorrow and start taking it. Will it flush the weed out of my system and will my subutex still show up?
  • Edden i
    Ok just to clarify to everyone what niacin or niacinamide actually does in hopes that it will help explain how it works. When we take toxins into our bodies they tend to stick or bind to our fatty cells. The body breaks down those cells on a daily basis and brings them back into our blood stream which essentially causes them to get filtered and expelled through sweat and urine thus the drug residues are able to be detected in tests. Niacin has a very unique property unlike other vitamins that when taken it actually dislodges those toxins from the fatty cells and and brings them back into your blood stream which enables them to get filtered and flushed out. The trick is to help the flushing process as much as possible so by the time of the test all the toxin leftovers are out of your system so no it’s not a masking technique it actually cleanses the body but only if you help expell the those toxins out once they’re dislodged from the fatty cells so if you give yourself enough time and do this niacin treatment properly but also during the prior days exercise or sweat via sauna or any other means as well as hydrate yourself as much as possible in order to pee out all those filtered toxins you just released from your fatty cells then you should be fine. Now there are a few pointers to keep in mind. The exercise/sweating part should be done prior to the testing and not the day of the testing as the result will include the toxins you’re expelling and you’d fail. Second thing is that in order for your body to let go of and break down those bad fatty cells you must give your body new clean fats to replace the old ones otherwise your body will not want to let go of the fats it stored up so taking lecithin pills or even adding extra oils like clean olive oil and such to salads or whatever will increase your results dramatically. At the same time when you sweat your body looses a lot of othe things that are important like salt potassium and many vitamins and minerals so unless you want to be feeling super weak during and after this process u must intake extra vitamins like a&d vit c vit e b-complex b1 and multi mineral pills also. I know it’s a lot but this combo works and not only that it works it does it without draining your body from everything good it needs to operate properly mentally and physically. Do all this days before the test as well as super hydrate yourself and the day of the test DO NOT SWEAT OR exercise but keep drinking and you’ll pass any urine test home or lab with flying colors. You’re welcome
    Eddin I, does it or doesn’t it matter if it’s flush free? I have seen so many yes and no answers and I’m feeling a little nervous about it now. This test is tomorrow and my career is in jeopardy. I am mostly worried about pain meds, concerta and thc. Please let me know ASAP… your help is appreciated!
  • Tanaisha
    Will it work the same for tobacco?
  • Marcus D Dillon
    Yea it really work.I’m 32 years old but back in my younger days nd even now I take Niacin to pass nd drug gotta do what they are bascilly telling U 2do.You gotta start planning on when you want to take the take 3 or 5 days to actually kick in your system drink lot of water nd urine 24/7 as much you can.on the test day take 2 Niacin pill 6 hours before you go take the test drink water nd on me U will pass.I never had no problems passing any my probation drug test so if you don’t know if it work I telling U now right now it’s work,works plenty of times for me do what it say do nd 5 days you be clean really depends on your sides if you skinny or slim not to fat den you have and good chance of passing it but if you fat then it gone be not easy but if you take 2 pills everyday till your 5 days I don’t see why you can’t pass it but slim people’s can pass it with flying colors I know I’m 6’4 187 pounds nd I pass every time it’s not no game it work
  • Robert
    For those unsure, this really does work. For me personally, i take 2 when i get up with water and drink plenty of water at work. After work i take 2 more. I’ve never jad anything happen other than the feeling of being in 100 degree heat in the dead of winter. Just be prepared to answer people’s questions about you being on pills or heroin cus it will happen. Oh and I’ve did this the day before a test and passed. Not saying you will but it’s worked for me on many occasions. Good luck!
  • Anonymous
  • Tina
    Hey. I smoke nonstop on weekends. High all day long. Been that way for as long as I can remember. I had 2 weeks to clean myself up. Took the flush free niacin 8 days, 2 500 mg tablets twice a day. I was clean on the 8th day. Passed 3 home tests, stopped talking pills 2 days b4 and passed my test. It is a permanent removal of the thc. Doesn’t just mask it. The only drug it works on tho.
  • Tina
    BTW, I am not skinny. 5’5 210 pounds.
  • Danny boy
    Well I got to go to bootcamp in 15 days so if I start now I hope I pass pray for me
  • Stacey
    Do you know what’s weird about this for me? At 1pm one day I took 3mgs of klonipin. My doctor never titrated me from 3-2 and I wasn’t doing well on 2. That night I went to the ER and brought my pill bottle with the remaining pills explained the situation with my current doctor, that I had taken 3mgs at 1pm and that I needed another prescription. They tested me for every drug there is including benzodiazepines. I tested negative. I’m on a nutrition system that involves cleansing. While this particular day wasn’t a cleanse day I do drink a lot of fluids and to be honest with you I have no idea how much niacin I’m ingesting and I’m certainly no lightweight thus the weight loss nutrition plan. I find the fact that that I tested negative fascinating because the prior two times I tested positive before the nutrition system. Wow!
  • Lisa
    Miriam, thanks for sharing your experience, it gives me hope. I have a urine drug screen on June 6, 2019 and it is extremely important that valium does not show up. Did you take Niacin the day before the test and the day of as well? Another issue that I have is the medication that I am prescribed must show up in the test. If I take no more valium but continue to take my prescribed medication will it show up. Sorry for rambling on but I panicked and desperate for something that can for sure give me a good result. Thanks for your time.
    • Drew
      Benzos stay in your system for a REALLY long time if u take them daily. Like months. But if u only occasionally take them u will be fine. They build up in your system similar to how weed does . I have a prescription for Xanax so I don’t have to worry about it but I’ve drank an insane amount of fluids trying to flush other things out and no matter what my benzos always showed up. Which is actually good in my situation. Not trying to worry you but don’t want you to have false confidence either. Take niacin like explained in the other articles for as long as possible and drink plenty of fluids. Good luck
  • Aj
    What happens if the niacin stops affecting you, because I’ve tried the non flush but it doesnt seem to burn anymore so idk if its working..Pls help Thx
  • Mia
    This method really does work and is a total life saver!! I am 19 years old and 5’2″ and 95 pounds, so I cannot speak for those with lower metabolisms, but I smoked concentrates <95% constantly every single day and I only had 11 days to get clean before my test. I knew that wasn't enough time to naturally detox (last time it took me 24 days) so I quit for the full 11 days and eventually decided to do a 5 day niacin detox. I bought 500mg flush-free niacin (the cheapest one I could find at Wal-Mart) and took one tablet every morning when I woke up and another each night before I went to sleep with lots of water and never on an empty stomach. Because it was flush-free, I did not experience any negative side effects, but it still worked perfectly well! Along with this, I chugged as much water and yogi brand detox tea as possible during the day and tried to exercise and stay active so I could sweat. Just 3 days into the niacin detox and 9 days after quitting smoking I passed an at home drug test, so this is definitely a very effective method! 10/10 would recommend
  • Carrie R
    I haven’t smoke in a month, I took a home drug test last Wednesday and I was not clean. I’m 5’4 185 pounds, I found this thread and gave niacin a try. I started Saturday and drank 2 pills daily , sometimes one 500mg. I drank lots of water, and Monday I started to drink B12. I took the test yesterday and I pass.
  • Zoey
    I have my last test to get off probation in 11 days. I have smoked like 3 grams and ate a 10mg edible. I have been drinking a gallon of water a day for close to a week just to stay hydrated. If I take 1000 mg non flushing and 240 mg cranberry supplements along with b12 supplements, will I be clean in time? I am 6’0 250 lbs.
  • Diva girl
    I was ask today to take a drug test in the morning I smoke weed maybe a couple times a week but. I have some suboxen in my system if I take the niacin tonight and in the morning will I pass ?
  • Kris
  • Eric F
    I have an employment test on Monday. The company is going to allow me to take the test twice, if I fail the first time. I’m 6’2, 260 pounds. I used to take niacin to pass employment tests in the past and they seemed to work. I purchased an at home test today and failed for thc and haven’t taken any edibles since May 18 2019, but I also haven’t done anything to supplement quitting cold turkey. I was an everyday user for a year, doctor prescribed. I purchased Spring Valley Flush-Free 500mg capsules and will follow these instructions, but increase the amount to two capsules at a time, due to my size. Today is 6/12/2019 and I started taking two 500mg tablets tonight, with lots of water. My first test is on 6/17/2019 and I will let you all know if I pass. Only doing this for a vote of confidence that some of you are looking for. I do not advise increasing the amount to 500mg, I am only doing it for myself. I will write back on Monday night and let you all know how it goes.
  • Sameh Wassef
    I used it for 10 days and still not working
  • Wes
    Do you have to chew it up or swallow them while?
  • Crystal
    Cranberry juice and 1000 mg niacin on empty, I use twin labs brand and buy it online. Swallow whole. NOT the no flush stuff. There are various names of Niacin, most are the no flush versions. Try to fast as much as possible and drink plenty of water and cranberry juice. For amphetamines in particular, you want acidity… but not one that the digestive tract converts to alkaline (apple cider vinegar, lemon, ect- that stuff is acid on the outside but alkaline once digested)… if you are looking to get rid of it before the test, avoid antacids… HOWEVER, if looking to pass a urine test real soon then you can load up on antacids and your body will hold onto the drug and prevent release into the urine. That only works for urine though.
  • Maria
    I smoked daily for years. Stopped 17 days ago – have not smoked at all. I am 5’6″, 122 lbs. Urine test for doctor tomorrow at 1:30p. I’ve been drinking water all month, increasingly. Took 500 mg of Niacin flush-free every 6 hours for 3 days last week. Buying Certo in an hour to take, plan on taking 1000 mg of Niacin tomorrow morning.What are my chances of passing
  • Jimmy Changa
    I was an everyday marijuana smoker and I stopped smoking for 30 days but still failed a urine test. I was allowed to take it again and coworker gave me 4 500mg niacin pills. I took 2 the night before and 2 the morning of the day of the test and this time I passed. Everyone is different, this is just what happened to me.
    • Sub
      Did you pass with the regular one or the non flush?
  • Aaron
    I have passed drug test using niacin flush but I have always taken 1000 – 1500mg the burn s**ks but if you drink lots of water all day long with a occasional soda or something for color and space it out for 2-5 days you should pass I’m 16 and I’ve been smoking for a few years and I’ve been caught multiple times and had to pass for court and have never failed and a better solution for a right then and there pass solution is a detox drink most Indian gas stations or tobacco stores sell them and they work I passed my last drug test with one by following directions on the bottle and I smoked everyday before that last test
  • Tiffany
    I stop smoking Friday and have been taken spring valley flush free Niacin pills and my drug test is Monday is that enough time to pass it?
  • Hared
    I think josh failed and got his phone taken away
  • Craig Macdonald
    Tiffany..You have to take Niacin that causes a flush, otherwise you are wasting your time. It’s the Niacin flush which clears the system of toxins…
  • Desmone
    But not together. If your going to take 2 the day of the test take1 early then the next maybe 3 hours before the test. So wake up early then take 1. Wait 5 hairs take the next wait 3 to 4 hours then drug test
  • Dave
    You can take NR, NMN or NAD to clear it faster and more efficiently without any flushes and side effects. Those are variations of Niacin in forms closer to ones used in body in cell metabolism. They cost multiple times more but are worth the try if you can afford them. On the other hand Niacin is equally effective (poor man’s remedy). But if you try both – Niacin or any of the derivatives and approach with method, you will find they are way to go.
  • Anthony Young
    How long does it take to clear if I need to get a drug test tomorrow morning at 7am what should I do
  • Gary Duncan Jr
    It doesn’t work for tramadol. But did work for marajuana adipex and hydrocodone