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Seroquel Price: How Much Does Seroquel Cost?

Pills and dollars.

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The cost of Seroquel may differ from one vendor or pharmaceutical distributor to the next. The price to buy Seroquel online may also be significantly different due to the efficiency of purchase, third parties, and other factors. Seroquel street value also largely differs from its prescription price. The need to get a good deal on the medication is often due to the importance of the medication as an atypical antipsychotic and its use in treating bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
The medication comes in both brand and generic forms and may be covered by Medicare and other insurance plans, which invariably affect Seroquel cost.

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Seroquel Street Value

Quetiapine is known by many names in the streets, some of which include Susie Q, Q- ball, Quell, and others, depending on the concentration levels of the actual medication. In many cases, the medication is laced with other hard substances and sold in the streets; this also affects street value and availability. How much does Seroquel cost on the street? It may be challenging to determine Seroquel street price as it is not regulated. The street value of Seroquel 50 mg may be more expensive than a higher dose if it is laced with a narcotic that is highly potent.
Seroquel street value may range from $3 to $8. This price is specific for tablets of 25 mg to 100 mg. There have, however, been arguments on Seroquel 400mg street value as well as other lower doses. Those that desire to know Seroquel 300 mg street price may be disappointed to find that this dosage form has no significant value on the streets. Therefore it is hard to find unless by coincidence.

Police officer arresting for buying Serouqel on the street.
Other arguments maintain that Seroquel dosing does not exactly cause neither a feeling of euphoria nor a high and hence does not qualify as a street recreational drug, except that it has the ability to cause dependency if abused. For these reasons, the street value of Seroquel is very low.

While quetiapine street value is debatable, it should be noted that the medication is only sold under prescription, and hence, the value may fluctuate depending on its demand. Patients should avoid buying quetiapine on the streets in any case.

Seroquel and Quetiapine Price in Pharmacies

There are many stores and pharmacies where one can purchase quetiapine or its branded forms. It is also normal to have slight differences in Seroquel cost per pill. For example, Seroquel cost Walmart may differ from that of Costco based on brand offers location and other factors. Seroquel generic cost is typically lower than the brand. Here is a price list for the brand and generic quetiapine.

Seroquel Prices

Pharmacy25 mg50mg100 mg200mg
Medicine Shoppe$157$233$244$450.
Kroger Pharmacy$147$242$252$450.
Rite Aid$175$233$244$450
CVS Pharmacy$145$230$241$448
Target (CVS)$157$229$244$450
Please note, all the prices above are for Seroquel 30 tablets package.

Generic Quetiapine Prices

Pharmacy25 mg50mg100 mg200mg
Medicine Shoppe$139$237$224$414
Kroger Pharmacy$20$45$49$81
Rite Aid$114$184$206$378
CVS Pharmacy$105$156$179$289
Target (CVS)$105$156$179$288
Please note, all the prices above are for quetiapine 30 tablets package.

These prices are based on the current market value of Quetiapine on retail, without any form of discounts or Seroquel coupons. There are ways to save on the purchase of these medications. Those who require this medication on a long term basis are often in search of ways to get more for less. Here are some ways to get better deals on the drug.

Seroquel XR Coupons And Discount Options

The purpose of these methods is not to encourage any form of Seroquel addiction or dependency, but to provide viable options for consumers who need better deals on this medication.

Split The Dosage

One may be able to save money on Seroquel price by splitting a higher dose of this medication rather than purchasing more. For instance, one may purchase 100 mg (30 tablets) of the medication, which costs $49 and split this medication in two to get a double dose of 50 mg. This method is more economical than purchasing 50 mg, which costs $45 each.

It is advisable to ask a physician about ways to split the dose correctly.

The 90-day supply savings

Some suppliers offer a better deal for a 90-day supply of Quetiapine prescriptions. This method is more economical and also ensures fewer trips to get a refill at the local pharmacy.
Female pharmacist sells Serouqel.

Coupons and Discount print-cards

Seroquel Xr coupons are another great way to save on purchases. Offers may come in the forms of a Seroquel coupon, Savings card, free samples, rebate, printable coupon cards, and others.

Patient-Assistance Programs

The Patient-assistance program (PAP) is an initiative ordinarily funded by pharmaceutical organizations. They provide medications at highly subsidized rates for citizens who are eligible. Categories of eligible candidates may include individuals on the low-income stream and the under-insured citizens.

Medicaid Or Insurance

Quetiapine cost without insurance may be unsustainable for low-income families in the long run. A Medicare program or insurance can ensure lower prices at one’s preferred retail pharmacy. Some plans are flexible for more than a 30-day supply of the medication at no extra cost.

Ask For Prescription Prior To Purchasing Quetiapine

Ordinarily, Seroquel is a prescription medication that is approved by the FDA for the treatment of specific mental disorders. Due to quetiapine indications, one may ask, if Seroquel is an SSRI? The answer is negative cause it belongs to a group called atypical antipsychotics.
Seroquel OD can happen when a high dose was administered at once, or tolerance to the drug has been built. Quetiapine is also known to cause addiction. This condition can severely affect one’s health. If signs of quetiapine abuse were noticed, they should be examined at a drug rehab facility. Healthcare specialists can develop a tailored addiction treatment program to recover in the shortest terms possible.
Why should one ask for a prescription for Quetiapine? Asides the need to legally purchase the medication for health purposes, some workplaces conduct drugs and pregnancy tests and others for employees, hence Seroquel false-positive results are possible if the person is on this medication. The half-life of Seroquel may also play a role in these tests. It is illegal to possess or purchase quetiapine without prescription in most regions.

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