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Quetiapine High: Can Seroquel Get One High And How It Is Abused?

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Quetiapine (Seroquel) is primarily an antipsychotic drug that is used for specific mental disorders. Seroquel medication is also a drug that is used for off-label purposes by some patients. There is a concern regarding Seroquel recreational use too. Studies have already raised concerns regarding the rate at which people are trying to achieve a Seroquel 400 mg high, or sometimes with even higher doses. Recognizing signs of Seroquel recreational use in a patient is a critical factor in recognizing drug abuse problems in a loved one and further actions. Can one get high off Seroquel? What are the dangers associated with Quetiapine fumarate high? Can one smoke Seroquel or snort it? These are the points one should know and be ready to take action if Seroquel recreational use signs are noted in a loved one.

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Table Of Contents:

Can Quetiapine Get One High?

Quetiapine interacts with the neurotransmitters in the brain. It is considered a highly effective medication for the treatment of conditions like schizophrenia. Quetiapine is also prescribed for people with depression and related disorders.
Some people, however, are trying to achieve a Quetiapine fumarate high. This is when the drug becomes a dangerous problem. Seroquel recreational use may end up taking large doses of this medication.
How much Seroquel to get high? This is a question some patients would ask when thinking about Seroquel recreational use. When an excessive dose of the medicine is taken, the side-effects become a more serious concern.
The primary reason why people want to know more about Quetiapine recreational use comes down to its effects on the brain. Neurotransmitter activities are inhibited by the drug. This leads to a change in serotonin and dopamine levels.

Addicted to Seroquel pills.
Whether Quetiapine 50 mg or a higher dose is taken, the effects may be desirable for some people. This leads to a higher chance of taking more the next time. Essentially, this leads to people experimenting with the drug. The goal is getting high on Seroquel.

It is vital to consider that this medication should be used only as prescribed. Do not use any dose of Quetiapine off label. This medication can be harmful when administered without medical reasons and proper guidance.

Seroquel High Effects

A high feeling a person may experience when they decide to experiment with a Seroquel recreational dosage may differ from one individual to another. The primary feelings are desired are general calmness in the whole body, that patients experience when they use this medicine. Some people may also feel more relaxed than usual. These effects may also be a part of Seroquel overdose symptoms. The calmness and drowsiness may be enhanced greatly in this condition.When trying for a Seroquel 100mg high, overdose symptoms may not become present. A high dose of the medicine, however, can cause the person to not only experience a more potent level of calmness but also potentially dangerous side-effects from the chemicals in the medicine.
Some people may also combine Quetiapine with other drugs. This may cause abusers to experience an enhancement of the Seroquel high feelings that they are after.
These Seroquel high effects may cause the person to experience some of these feelings:

  • There may be a significant increase in energy
  • The person may experience elevated breathing
  • Heart rate may increase
  • There may be an increase in the person’s body temperature
Some people will also experience severe side effects of Quetiapine when they experiment with doses and combinations. When a Seroquel high dose is taken, there are factors like the risk of high blood pressure and even seizures that need to be taken into account. These may come along with Seroquel high feelings that a person experiences.

Snorting Seroquel

Some people experiment with snorting Seroquel. In this case, the tablet is crushed into a powder form. The crushed tablet is then placed in the form of a line and snorted through the nose. The idea is often to experience quetiapine high faster and achieve a more potent effect. Some people may even experience a low-dose Seroquel 25 mg high when they snort the crushed form of the drug.
man holding white Serouqel powder.
People often experience high feelings faster, with a primary focus on the calming effects that come with the recreational use of the drug.
When this drug is snorted, the powder will enter the blood circulatory system through the user’s nose. The drug is then pushed toward the lungs through the blood system. It is then transported to the patient’s heart from the lungs. Here, it will be distributed throughout the rest of the body. The effects may be similar to those who decide to inject Seroquel. This is because the drug enters the bloodstream directly and does not have to be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract.
A person who snorts Seroquel is more likely to develop a dependency on the drug faster. Seroquel snort may also yield more serious dangers since a higher potency of the drug will enter the blood circulatory system.

For these reasons, individuals should avoid snorting Seroquel. The side-effects and health dangers need to be taken into account.

Smoking Seroquel

Some people may also choose to try smoking Seroquel. This has a somewhat similar effect as snorting, due to the fact that the drug enters the blood circulatory system through the lungs.
When the drug is smoked, the person will usually crush the tablet first. The initial process works similarly to a case where the individual decides to snort the medication through their nasal cavity. With smoking, however, the powder is not ingested through the nose.
man consuming seroquel by smoking
Whether a person is looking for a Seroquel 50 mg high or experimenting with a different dose, the process will remain the following:
The powdered form of the medicine is heated and then inhaled through the mouth. The smoke will enter the lungs. Here, the chemicals in the drug will enter the body and are then distributed into the system. The effects of a Seroquel 200 mg high will generally also be experienced faster when the medication is smoked instead of digested through the gastrointestinal tract.

User Experiences With Seroquel High

Several people have shared their experiences while using Quetiapine drug. It is important that people consider these experiences. Individuals seem to find the Seroquel street value to be quite high. This is to be expected since the drug is considered to be one of the more expensive antipsychotic medications on the market at the moment.
Many people seem to experiment with a Quetiapine Fumarate 100mg high. Higher doses are sometimes also used.

Quetiapine Recreational Use For Improved Sleep

One person used a high dose of Quetiapine Fumarate to improve their sleep. This developed into a habit and caused them to feel addicted to the drug. The person had to spend some time getting off the medication – first moving down until they reached a 100mg dose.

Quetiapine And Alcohol Mix

In another case, a person experimented with different doses of Quetiapine. The person claimed to have experienced Seroquel high feelings similar to ecstasy, but with the combined effects they usually have when using alcohol. The individual experienced dizziness and describes a feeling of being off-balance.

Seroquel Recreational Use Dangers

There are several potential dangers that people need to take into consideration when looking at the recreational use of this medicine. Individuals who misuse the drug are at risk of serious side effects, regardless of the dosage they experiment with. At larger doses, as in Seroquel 300 mg high cases, abusers may yield even more dangerous effects such as overdose.

The abuse of this drug can lead to addictive behavior. This makes getting off Seroquel even more difficult. A person may experience painful adverse effects and symptoms as they go through the withdrawal process.
people holding hands at rehab therapy.
Professional treatment will often be needed to help a person get off this drug when they have developed a dependency on it. This may require a Seroquel drug test to determine if the chemical is still active in the person’s system. A detoxification period may be advised to help expel the chemical from the body. This may be followed by a treatment program in rehab to help the individual recover from the addiction that has developed.

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