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Last Updated: July 10, 2020

Authored by Isaak Stotts, LP

Buspar, another name for Buspirone – is one of the most popular anti-anxiety drugs, commonly prescribed for treatment of anxiety and related to GAD issues. This medication is popular not only amongst physicians due to a relatively small list of side effects but also among patients as the price of Buspirone is quite affordable. This article, alongside other Buspirone names, provides information on price comparison, street value, and patient assistance programs.

Buspar Prices

Buspar is available in the form of tablets packages from 30 to 180 pills per bottle, so one can easily stock the needed amount at once. But how much does Buspar cost? The following table presents the price range among the most popular pharmacy nets.

Original Drug’s Price
Preparations and strengths Units Walmart Walgreens Kroger pharmacy (price for loyalty cardholders) Target Safeway
Buspirone HCl 5mg tablet 60 $4.00 $15.39 $7.76 $16.82 $9.64
Buspirone HCl 7.5mg tablet 60 $38.73 $46.43 $30.69 $37.66 $28.17
Buspirone HCl 10mg tablet 60 $16.63 $20.02 $7.75 $20.97 $10.05
Buspirone HCl 15mg tablet 60 $23.01 $40.80 $11.02 $27.65 S11.24
Buspirone HCl 30mg tablet 60 $33.44 $64.24 $27.03 $62.20 $22.70

Buspirone can be found not only in the listed pharmacies but also in almost any pharmacy across the country. Patients can also buy Buspar online, and after the prescription check, it can be delivered directly to the patient’s address. Such an easy purchase is explained by the fact that this drug considered to be relatively safe as typical side effects of Buspirone 10mg are only drowsiness and dizziness.

Prices Of The Generic Version

Buspirone is also available under the generic name Buspirone hydrochloride. There is no difference in price between the generic and original medicine. Also, Buspirone was available under brand names Buspar, Buspar Dividose, Vanspar, but currently, these names are discontinued by U.S. Federal Drug Administration.
Pharmacy Worker At The Checkout

The Street Value Of Buspar

Is Buspar a controlled substance? No, Buspirone does not belong to a controlled substances class. Besides, there is no recreational value for this medicine. Based on that, the street value of Buspar is close to zero. A person can’t get high from Buspirone, so abusers don’t even look at this drug. At the same time, there is a common question – are Buspirone and Xanax the same thing? No, these are two distinct medicines. Besides, unlike Buspar, Xanax has a street value and is quite popular among abusers.

Coupons And Rebates For Buspar

To receive a discount on Buspirone, one can use printable coupons, savings cards, trial offers, rebates, or even free samples. Some of the Buspar coupons can be found online or be available after registration. For some offers, which can provide a better price for Buspar, the patient will be asked to complete a questionnaire. Most of the offered coupons and rebates provide a good discount for an already low price of the medicine. Some of the offered coupons can significantly decrease the cost, even up to 70% off.

Patient Assistance Program For Buspar

A lot of pharmaceutical companies tend to sponsor patient assistance programs (PAPs). Such programs can help with providing an opportunity to low-income, uninsured or underinsured people to buy Buspar at a lower price or get it for free. Each program has its own eligibility requirements and guidelines, and the price of Vanspar can also vary from program to program.
Conversation Between Patient And A Doctor
In most of the programs, a person needs to fill the application to the pharmaceutical company online. Such an application typically includes information about the financial situation of the patient and a doctor’s note about prescribed drugs. Once the application is approved, the drug can be sent either to the patient or to the doctor’s address. As of now, Buspirone generic and original drug can be found in such patients assistance programs as RxAssist, RxOutreach, MedicineAssistanceTool, etc.

Purchase Only From The Authorized Sources

Buspirone can be found in a lot of pharmacies across the country and even bought online. The price of this drug is relatively low, yet there are coupons, rebates, and patients assistance programs available to help lower the cost of Buspar.

It is imperative to remember that Buspirone is still a drug, and it has its risks. The abuse and addiction to this medicine predispose the abuser to health complications. The best course of action is to enroll in a substance abuse treatment course. Such services are provided by drug addiction treatment centers that are specialized in treating drug addiction and recovery from dependence.

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Published on: July 10th, 2020

Updated on: July 10th, 2020

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